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Wednesday 10/21/2020 03:21:07 BST
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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20 Jaime Alvarado García
Location: Antofagasta, Chile

Monday 06/01/2020 21:57:51 BST
I need to know something about two steam tug boat,owned for the Railway (The Antofagasta and Bolivia Railway english company. The tug boats were named "Katherine" and "Berta". I have a picture of one of them, if you need it to search it..
19 Tomas van Geldkoop
Location: Capetown [currently in UK}stranded]

Sunday 04/05/2020 17:36:12 BST
WOW what an informative site. So many of these kind of sites are just a collection of Photos with soetimes scant details but it is all here, Information for the serious researcher, information about local social history, all very readable and interesting.. Well done all.
18 gypsy
Location: bexley

Saturday 02/15/2020 21:44:46 GMT
the add. i.e. rolling tabacco was my wifes uncle fred ellis
17 Peter Draper
Location: Currently in Qatar

Wednesday 02/05/2020 06:49:46 GMT
what an amazing site, I am researchiing all I can find on my Grandfather Hardy George A Draper who was aboard the Clenwood and my great uncle Henry "Harry" Draper who perished aboard the Empire Wold. If anyone has any extra info on these people or vessels I would so love to hear from you
16 Mick Garvey
Location: Bexleyheath

Monday 07/15/2019 15:52:02 BST
Sitting with my father in law Tony Bullman looking at Sun tug photos and he saw him self in C151. He said that the photo saw on the Sun XXIV in the early 1960s.

Thanks for the info Mick, I will amend the caption.
15 Matthew Wood-Griffiths
Location: Swansea
IP:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; []

Saturday 06/08/2019 10:23:05 BST
Hi lovely website. I am looking for any pictures of a tug empire Belle. Thanks
14 Michael Sarling
Location: Braintree

Sunday 04/07/2019 19:38:02 BST
I’m looking to find out who owns a photo of the tug Culex. It’s in mid river with two young boys on the stern.
13 John Ritchie
Location: Portland,Dorset.

Monday 02/04/2019 10:47:40 GMT
Excellent site for

matching details with

photos !

Have photo of launch

tug Skandia,H on funnel

possible owners J.C.Higgs & Co(owners

of 'J.C.H' 1950s c.)

Any info?

MNL lists Humphrey &

Grey,not Humphery?
12 Terence Hart
Location: Cowes, Isle of Wight

Wednesday 08/22/2018 18:42:53 BST
I notice you have two pictures of my grandfather, Percy Hampsheir(Not Hampshire). After WW1, he was skipper of the Sun VI.

Great website. Thanks.
11 william cheeseman
Location: gravesend kent

Saturday 07/07/2018 11:35:52 BST
yes I think his name was david cross mate iknow patsy davis was in it and I think jock enginer
10 Trevor Sutherland
Location: Wrexham N.Wales

Thursday 07/05/2018 14:32:41 BST
I remember the advert wasn't the Sun xvii,was on of the crewe ???? Cross
9 william cheeseman
Location: gravesend kent

Saturday 06/16/2018 15:46:28 BST
does anyone remember the hand rolling tobacco advert that was on board I think the sun xv in the mid fiftys my dad jim Cheeseman also patsy davis was in it .mum would say to us kids quick your dads on tv
8 Trevor Sutherland
Location: North Wales

Tuesday 06/05/2018 11:43:13 BST
I was Gravesend born and bred and worked on Ship Towage tugs for a few years,no where as long as Barry my brother.My Grandson is showing an interest in Tugs,I have a model in our dinning room,I would like information on how to go on board ST Cercia.I was fireman for a short time.
7 Mark lloyd-evans
Location: Cambridge
IP:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; []

Wednesday 05/02/2018 09:31:44 BST
Does any one know where i could find some info on the Walbook that sank in the 60's or David Evans who i believe was Skipper?
6 william
Location: gravesend

Tuesday 04/24/2018 15:32:56 BST
hi you have a pic that was sent in by pat davis niece man with swete cloth round his neck i believe it is my dad fireman jim cheeseman certanly looks like him thanks
5 William Axon
Location: Saudi Arabia

Monday 01/01/2018 19:13:35 GMT
I found your Website by accident. Fantastic, really informative and some great photos.

4 Makanan Pemicu Kanker Mulut Berkembang
Location: Indonesia

Monday 12/25/2017 01:20:21 GMT
Excellent read, thank you.
3 ian skeats
Location: essex

Friday 12/08/2017 15:40:09 GMT
have found this very interesting as my grand mothers brother W.E.WHITE &SONS are mentioned .

ian skeats
2 ernie
Location: essex

Wednesday 11/29/2017 19:43:30 GMT
work on the river in 1966 tug boy for t&g last tug was the irande with skipper .Charlie judd
1 john waski
Location: USA
IP:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; []

Wednesday 10/11/2017 14:21:49 BST
WOW awesome amount of information. will be reading every page, may take some time. well done all invollved.