Funnel:  Black with black diamond on broad white band.

Hull: Black with silver band and red boot-topping.

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Cory tugs towing a coaling elevator. Photo K Haydon colln
Some photos below of Cory operations etc from the collection of Herbert Cooley, an engineer/designer with Cory in the 1950's.  They have been kindly donated by his granddaughter Kirsty Winchester.
A Cory Thames-side coal facility with dust suppression equipment working. This is believed to be at Erith.
An early photo of a Cory Thames-side plant, with floating coal elevators in the background.
The Cory motor tug Revenge in original condition with canvas wheel house. 




Built 1877 by Millwall Docks & Engineering Works Ltd.,  Millwall. L60.6’. B12.3’. D6.7’. 32grt. 250ihp 1cyl steam engine by builder. ON77018.

1877 Delivered to Union Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 8-6-1885 Barge Iron Horse, under tow, struck and holed the bow of SS Swift off St Katherines Dock entrance. 20-11-1886 Beached barge Clara, holed by prop of SS Osprey, on beach at Tower of London. 1892 Sold to Francis & Richard Lambert, London. 1896 Sold to William Cory & Son Ltd., London. 1898 Sold to Richard Waters, London. 1900 Sold to Robert Forster, Scotswood-on-Tyne. 1920 Sold to Northumberland Shipbuilding Co Ltd., Howden. 1927 Sold to Robert Sword., Newcastle. 1932 Scrapped.


Built 1859 at Bristol. L54.1’. B9.8’. D6.7’. 17grt. 16nhp. 2 cyl Steam engine. ON28366.

1859 Delivered to Willliam Racster Wagstaff, London.  13-3-1860 Registered at London. 1860 Sold to Richard Cory, Lambeth. 1872  Sold to John Frogley, Robert Tough & John Weston, London. 1874  Transferred to John Frogley. 1892  Demolished.



Built 1942 by Rowhedge Ironworks Co Ltd.,  Rowhedge. YN610. Harbour Launch. L52.5’. B12’. D3.6’. 19grt. Steam engine. ON183018.

1942 Delivered to Admiralty named HL301.  1949 Sold to Gray & Thompson Salvage Co Ltd., Felixstowe, renamed Alest. 1949 Reengined 97bhp 6DLM Dorman diesel. 195x Sold to  Philip Pearce for use on Felixstowe Ferry service. 1953 Sold to J.W. Cook (Wivenhoe) Ltd., for use as yard tug at Wivenhoe. 1962 Sold to William Cory & Son Ltd.,  London, but retained as yard tug at Wivenhoe. 1964. Sold to unknown owner. 1986 Converted to a yacht. 27-10-2009 Advertised for sale as live-aboard, SouthCoast..



Built 1918 by Rowhedge Ironworks Ltd, Rowhedge, Colchester. Wood. L55.9’. B14.3’. D6.1’.  43grt. 146ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Hoskins. ON145342

1918 Launched for War Office named AS306. 1921 Sold to William J Beazley, Southampton, renamed Basing. 1937 Acquired by William Cory Ltd, London. 1934 Owner recorded as George R Meadows, London SE1. 1937-1946 Managed by R & J Rea Ltd. 195? Scrapped.


Unregistered canal tug

No details known.



Photo Rays colln.
Photo  C.C. Beazley (Kevin Blair/Andrew Wiltshire collection)

Built 1914 by Rennie Forestt Ltd., Wivenhoe. YN1232. L70.9'. B18.9'. D8.7'. 40nhp 3cyl TE steam engine by Crabtree Ltd., Gt. Yarmouth.  ON136723.
1914 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd.,
London. 195? Owner Wiles Lighterage Ltd., London. 195? Reengined 390bhp British Polar diesel. 1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London.  1962 Transferred to Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 1968 Laid up. 5-2-1971 Scrapped by T W Ward Ltd., Grays.


Unregistered canal tug. No details known.



Built 1948 by J W Cook Ltd.,  Wivenhoe. YN1001. L34.3'. B10'. D3.4'. 11grt 100bhp Ruston Horrnsby diesel engine.  ON184264.

1948 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd., London. 1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1961 Transferred to Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd., London.  1983 Sold to CBM London. 19?? Owner Mr Wilson, CherryGarden, Rotherhithe. 2010 Still in existence at CanveyIsland.


Built 1859 by Palmer Bros., and Co.,  Jarrow. YN76. L61.9’. B12.6’. D6.3’. 28grt. 12nhp 2cyl steam engine. ON27194.

1859 Delivered to Richard Cory, London. 1874 Reboilered 7’6”dia by 10’ by Victoria Docks Engine Works Ltd. 1875 Reengined 24nhp 1cyl 18”x14”s 100rpm steam engine by Hodge and Son. 16-12-1880 For sale by auction at Ransome’s Wharf, Rotherhithe. 1882 Sold to William Chambers, Rochester. 1900 Scrapped.


[Launch tug]

Built 1936 by Isaac Pimblott & Sons Ltd., Northwich. L39’. B10.9’. D3.9’. 12grt. 50bhp KMF diesel engine. [never registered].

1936 Delivered to unknown owner named Jubilee Star. 1937 Sold to William Cory & Son Ltd., London, renamed Corcreek. 1953 Reengined. 20-10-1967 Arrived at  T W Ward Ltd., Grays., for scrapping [£145].


Launch tug.

Photo Chris Brooke colln.

Built 1933 by Harland & Wolff Ltd., North Woolwich. YN 246. L49’. B13.3’. D4.6’. Air draught 5'6". 21grt. 100bhp 4cyl Petter Atomic  diesel engine. ON163344.

28-4-1933 launched. 8-5-1933 Running trials. 1933 Delivered to Cory Lighterage Ltd., London. [Built to handle barges to Hackney Power Station on River Lea]. 12-6-1942 Req by  Admiralty. 12-2-1945 Towed from Portsmouth to Gravesend by trawler. 30-8-1945 Returned to owners. 1959 Sold to Metal Recoveries (Newhaven) Ltd., Newhaven. 1963 Sold to Lowestoft Fishing Vessel Owners Association, Lowestoft. 1963 Re-engined 111bhp Ruston diesel. 1971 Sold to Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd.,  Hull. 1984[by] Owners Pentode Ltd., Hull. 198? Owners Riverway Developments Ltd.,  London. 19?? House boat, berthed at Nine Elms Reach, River Thames.


Photo B Hunt coll.

Diesel launch tug.

 19?? Delivered to W G Marriott Ltd., London named Maida II. 1973 Acquired by Cory Lighterage Ltd., London, renamed Cormaid. 1981 Owner A J Pratt, RainhamKent.


Steam launch tug.

Built 1912 by Edwards and Symes Ltd.,  Millwall. L54.9’. B12.3’. D6’. 27grt. 13nhp 2cyl steam engine. ON135173.

1912 Delivered to William Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1916 Transferred to Cory Lighterage Ltd., London. Built to tow barges to West Ham Gasworks on River Lea.  1934 Still owned. 194? Sold.


Photo Ray's colln.

Built 1932 by James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd., Faversham. YN 1410. L66.8’. B16.9’. D7.3’. 48grt. 275bhp Mirrlees Bickerton and Day diesel engine. ON163301.

6-1932 Launched. 10-1932 Completed and delivered to General Wharfage & Supply Co Ltd., London. 1945 Sold to William Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1947 Transferred to Cory Tank Lighterage Ltd., London. 1950 Reengined 330bhp Crossley diesel.  22-3-1970 Arrived T.W. Ward Ltd., Grays, for scrapping.



No details known.



Built 1907 by Jonker & Stans, Hendrik ido Ambacht. L72.1’. B18.4’. D8.6’. 64grt. 350ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Stewart, London. ON123848.

1907 Delivered to Steamship Owners Coal Association, London. 1914 Acquired by William Cory  & Son Ltd., London. 1916 Transferred to Cory Lighterage Ltd., London. 1936 Scrapped.


Photo Rays colln

 Built 1948 by Henry Scarr Ltd.,  Hessle. YN 618. L68’. B19.5’. D7.4’. 68grt. 850bhp Dorman diesel engine. BP8tons. ON182928.

1949 Delivered to River Lighterage Co Ltd., London, named Stamford Brook.  1963 Sold to  United Towing Co Ltd.,  Hull, renamed Dockman. 1973 Sold to Cory Lighterage Ltd.,  London. 1982 Sold to Harold Briggs, Christopher Ward & David Humphreys, Gravesend.11-4-1983 Three teenage boys lifted from tug by helicopter during storm off Norfolk. Tug, with two men left aboard, escorted into Wells harbour by lifeboat. 1983 Sold to Michael Devlin, Gateshead. 1984 Sold to John Bailey, Driffield (Bailey & Boynton Ltd.,) Hull. 1987 Sold to Humber Tugs Ltd., Grimsby. 1988 Re-registered at Hull.  1989 Sold to Tyne Towage Ltd., Gateshead, and re-engined  520bhp British Polar M471 diesel. 1992 Sold to Survey & Supply Ltd., Grimsby. 1993 Rebuilt, re-engined 650bhp GM Detroit diesel, renamed Alkelda. 2-1998 Sold to Tyne Towage Ltd.,  Hebburn, renamed Dockman. 1999 On Thames. 2007 At Dover. 5-2009 Working at Northfleet Kent.


Photo D Brown colln.

Monte Jones inNew Zealand also has a copy of this photo and written on the reverse by his Grandfather Montague William Thomas Jones is " This was a photo of Don taken about 1909/10 at Purfleet. I was mate at the time and the skipper Jim Butler. The locality is the Steamship Owners Coal Association Jetty. The total of deck and below hands is 10 all told. Yours truly standing with back to mast. Time early flood tide".

Built 1894  by Montrose Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd. Montrose. L69.2’. B16.4’. D8.2’. 150ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Gourlay Bros., Dundee. ON108203.

1894 Completed and laid up to await buyer. 1897 Sold to J P Knight Ltd., London.  1905 Sold to The Steamship Owners' Coal Association Ltd.,  London.19-3-1914 Acquired by William  Cory & Son Ltd.,  London.6-4-1916 Transferred to Cory Lighterage Ltd.,  London.29-12-1928 Sold to Henry Moore, Belvedere,Kent. 1933 Scrapped.


Built 1868 by R J Blyth, Great Yarmouth. L60.2’. B12’. D6.8’. 31grt. 40nhp Steam engine by builder. ON58587.

 1868 Delivered to Robert John Blyth, Yarmouth. 1872 Owner Richard Cory, Lambeth 1-9-1882 Whilst transporting workmen from one of the floating coaling derricks the tug was struck on the port bow by the steamer Glencoe. Panic amongst the workmen resulted in four of them jumping overboard of whom three drowned. 1884 Owner  Francis Cory-Wright, London. 1887 Sold to George Etheredge, Stepney.  1891 Owners Arthur, Thomas & Sarah Sales, Woolwich. 1903 Scrapped.


See under General V, Thames and General Lighterage Ltd.



See under General VII, Thames and General Lighterage Ltd.



See under General VIII, Thames and General Lighterage Ltd.



Creek tug

Built 1866 by Maudsley, Greenwich. L61’. B12.2’. D6.6’. 30grt. 30nhp steam engine by builder. ON56846.

1866 Delivered to William Cory, Lambeth, London.4-11-1879 Collided with and sank tug Useful off Charlton. 1914 Scrapped.


Built 1915 by Crabtree Ltd., Great Yarmouth. L59.3’. B15.3’. D17.1’. 44grt. 240ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON139076.

1915 Delivered to William Cory & Son Ltd.,  London. 1934 Owners Cory Lighterage Co., London. 1947 Renamed Retriever. 1950 Scrapped.


Built 1876 by Harvey & Co, Hayle. L60’. B11.8’. D7’. 32grt. 30nhp steam engine by Plenty and Son Ltd. ON105892.

1876 Delivered to unknown owner. 7-9-1880 Skipper Charles Thomas Waight fined 40 shillings by Thames Conservancy for passing through the assemblage of Barnes Regatta at excessive speed whilst towing a barge laden with coke. 1902 Acquired by Cory Lighterage Ltd. 1912 Sold to John Gilford, London. 1924 Sold to Mrs Ada Grainger, Hutt St., Hull. 1927 Scrapped.


Built 1913 by Montrose S.B. Ltd.,  Montrose. L71'. B18.1'. D8.1'. 62grt.  43nhp. 2cyl compound steam engine. 1941 Reengined 385bhp diesel.  ON135236

1913 Delivered to James W. Cook & Co Ltd.,  London. 15-11-1917  Req by War Office for service at Dunkirk, managers C. Rowbotham & Sons Ltd., London14-6-1919 Returned to owner. 1941 Re-engined 385bhp diesel. 1951 Rebuilt. 1958 Sold to William Cory & Son Ltd.,  London. 1962 Transferred to Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 10-1967 Arrived at  T.W. Ward Ltd.,  Gray, for scrapping. [£225].


Built 1895 by G. Rennie & Co Ltd., Greenwich.  L68.5’. B15.1’. D8.8’. 59grt. 280ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Plenty & Son Ltd. ON105812.

1895 Delivered to  Charles W. Harrison, London. 1896 Acquired by William Cory & Son Ltd., London. 1916 Transferred to Cory Lighterage Ltd., London.2-1-1921 Collided with SS Dalton in Barking Reach while towing five barges. Engineer, Fireman and two lightermen drowned. Tug whilst out of control also collided with SS Taormina. 1924 Sold to Emmanuel Smith & Sons Ltd., Brentford. 1929 Sold to Henry D. Lane, Rotherhithe. 1930 Sold to S.F. Morris & Co Ltd., London. 1933 Owners R.G. Odell Ltd., London. 24-1-1934 Sold for scrap to T.W. Ward Ltd., Grays.


Photog unknown. A Hughes colln
Built 1893 by Newall & Co Ltd., Bristol. L69.6’. B14.4’. D8’. 51grt. 230ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON101998.

1893 Delivered to James Power, London. 1894 Sold to Charles W. Harrison, London. 1896 Acquired by William Cory & Son Ltd., London. 1907 Sold to Joseph Constant, London. 1907 Sold to Charles Kendall, CrosshouseWharf,Southampton. 1912 Sold to R.E.V. James Ltd., Portsmouth. 1912 Sold to Sydney Jenkins, Port Talbot. 12-1917 Req for Admiralty service. 3-1919 returned to owners. 1919 Sold to John Davies, Cardiff. 1932 Owners J. Davies Towage & Salvage Ltd., Cardiff. 1950 Scrapped.


Built 1894 by G Rennie & Co Ltd., Greenwich. L69'. B10'. D8.1'. 55grt. 35nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by Stewart, London. ON104800
1894 Delivered to J & C Harrison [
London] Ltd. 1896 Acquired by William Cory and Sons Ltd., London. 1929 Sold to Clements Knowling and Co Ltd., London. 1939 Scrapped.


Built 1862 by Hodge, Millwall. L60’. B12.1’. D6.1’. 25nhp steam engine by builder. ON45772.

1863 Delivered to Richard Cory, Lambeth, London. 1882 Still owned.  


Photo Ray's colln.

Built 1948 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Thorne. L70’. B17.6’. D8’. 61grt. 450bhp British Polar diesel engine. ON182925.

1948 Delivered to  Cory Tank Lighterage Ltd., London. 2-1957 Departed Regent Oil Company wharf at Holehaven with two tank craft in tow for River Medway in blizzard and high winds and disappeared. Reported overdue and later found aground in the Estuary five miles East of Southend by the Southend Lifeboat minus barges. One barge later found in Yantlet Creek and the other at Allhallows. Believed overwhelmed by weather and driven ashore. All crew of four and two lightermen lost. Salved and returned to service. 5-1976 Scrapped at Blackwall.


See under  J W Cook Ltd.



Photo Rays colln


Built 1938 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Hessle. YN396. L78.1'. B20.1'. D8.4'. 90grt. 300ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON166578.
1938 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd.,
London.29-11-1939 Req by Admiralty as boarding vessel. 1944 Transferred to Stores Dept., Sheerness. 1946 Returned to owners.  1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1969 Reengined 660bhp Sulzer diesel engine. 1983 Sold to Braithwaite and Dean Ltd., London. After 1995 Sold to Thames and Medway Towage., London.  2004 Derelict at Charlton and later Deptford Creek.

Photo A Hughes colln.
Photog unknown