Listed below are details of the ships Captain Smales served in;-

 Iron Barque. Built Dumbarton by Birrel Stenhouse and Co. 753 tons. In Cape Horn - Chilean trade. Owners William Nicol and Co., Liverpool. Joined as apprentice at Swansea 15th April 1887.
 1499 tons. Owners Jas Knott & Co., (Prince Line). Joined as AB 1891.
Barque. 802 tons. Owners Messrs Walmsley & Co. Joined as AB, Liverpool 3-1892.
 Barque. 669 tons. Owners Wm. Nicol & Co. Joined as 2nd mate, Garston 14-4-1893.
 699 tons. Owners Maclay and McIntyre. Joined as 2nd Mate, Liverpool Nov. 1893. In Bay & Baltic trades. Left vessel 14-10-1894.
 Steam, single screw built Alexander Stephens and Sons, Glasgow.
1887. 1620 grt.259.8'x 36.7'. Torpedoed & Sunk - 29th April 1917 5 miles off Scarborough.
Joined as 2nd Mate Glasgow 16-1-1895. 1st Mate 19-12-1895. Left vessel 18-8-1896.
 Built by Alexander Stephen & Sons Glasgow,Yard No 360, 1895. 3530 grt. 330'x 45'. owners Maclay & McIntyre Glasgow. 1904 Danish East Asiatic 1916 L.H.Jensen, Oslo 1919 A/S Asker, Haugesund 1923 E.R.Retzlaff, Stettin 1931 Sedina Schiff., Darmstadt Scrapped - 1933
Owners Maclay and McIntyre. Joined as chief Officer, Hull 16-11-1896. Left vessel 18-8-1899.
 1046 tons. Built Stockton 1887. Owners Maclay & McIntyre. Joined as Chief Officer, Glasgow 14-12-1899. Master 11-1-1900. Left vessel 9-6-1905 after 67 voyages.
Built A Rodger & Company Port Glasgow,Yard No 342 Owners Maclay & McIntyre. Joined as Master, Glasgow 27-6-1905.
 Owners Maclay & McIntyre.Built 1897 by London & Glasgow Eng. & Iron Shipbuilding Co., Glasgow. YN290. Launched 31-8-1897. 3825grt. 370'x48.2'. 3cyl TE engine, speed 10 knots. 1927 Sold and renamed Maria S. Kastanou. 19-5-1930 Wrecked 3nm from Corcubion. Joined as Master, Glasgow.
6500 tons. 9.5 knots. Owners Maclay & McIntyre. Joined as Master, Cardiff 8-12-1907.
Owners Maclay & McIntyre. Joined 1912.
6600 dwt. Built Hartlepool. Owners Maclay & McIntyre. Joined as Master 12-1912.
Built Alexander Stephens and Sons, Glasgow 1905. 4294 grt. 385.5'x 50'.
Scrapped at Genoa- 24/07/1934
Owners Maclay & McIntyre. Joined as Master, Glasgow 1-1914. Left vessel, Cardiff 4-8-1917.
 3100 dwt. 2353grt. 12.5 knots. 285'x42' Built Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Sunderland 1918. Managed by Rennie & Watson for British Government. Joined as Master, Sunderland 10-1918. Left vessel 10-1919.
1918 Owner Shipping controller GB. 1919 Renamed MARZOCCO, Soc. di Nav. Etruria, Leghorn. 1925 Owner R. Ginoro Venturi, Leghorn. 1926 Renamed TRIPOLITANIA, Cia. Italiana Transatlantica, Genoa. 1932 Owners Tirrovia, Genoa. 1937 Owners LLoyd Triestino, Naples. 1941 Scuttled in Red Sea. 1942 Salved, Owners MoWT, Managed by British India Line, London. 1949 Owners Lloyd Triestino, Naples. 1962 Scrapped, Vado, Italy.
Built 1906 by D & W Henderson Ltd., Glasgow. YN454 Launched 16-11-1906. Owners Maclay & McIntyre. 400'x52.2'. 4814grt. 3cylTE engine, speed 12 knots. Scrapped 2-7-1932, Sunderland. Joined as 1st Mate, 3-1921. Master 5-1924. Left vessel 1-5-1929.
Captain Smales left the sea in 1929 to have health problems rectified, but when fit again was unable to find a berth due to the depression in shipping. In 1931 he 'retired' but the call of the sea proved too strong and he later went back to sea and undertook a number of delivery and scrapping voyages, several of which received mention in the press. The following are amongst the vessels he commanded during this period:-
(some sources MINNEKAHDA)
 Scrapping voyage New York to Dalmuir 1936. Built 1914-1917 by Harland and Wolff Ltd, Belfast. 17221 tons. 646'x66'. triple screw. Owners Atlantic Transport Line. Laid up New York 1931. Broken up by Arnott, Young and Co., Dalmuir, 1936. Voyage took 14 days, average of nine knots.
Scrapping voyage, London to Glasgow 1936. Built 1921, Harland and Wolff, Belfast, for P & O Lines London to Australia service. 13072 tons, 520'x64'. Twin screw, 13 knots. Broken up Dalmuir 1936.
 (sic) BARABOOL?
 Scrapping voyage. Sister ship to BARADINE. Broken up Bo'ness 1936.
Delivery voyage Glasgow to Vancouver via Panama canal, 1937. Ferry. Built 1937 by A & J Inglis, Glasgow. 199 tons. 105'x22'x7'. 220bhp diesel engine. Voyage 7-5-1937 to 11-7-1937. First diesel powered single screw vessel to cross Atlantic. 1937 renamed LADY ROSE. Vessel still in service in 2005.
 Tug. Delivery voyage Clyde to South Africa. 1938. Built Lobnitz and Co., Glasgow, for South African Railways and Harbours Board. 621 tons. 147'x33'x17'. Triple expansion steam engine, 2500hp. Sunk as a practice target by the South African Navy, March 1981.
 Tug. Delivery Voyage Clyde to East London S.A., 1938. Built Lobnitz and Co., Glasgow 1937, for South African Railways and Harbours Board. 621 tons. 146'x33'x17'. Triple expansion steam engine, 2500hp. Scrapped East London 1978. Captain Smales was 68 when he undertook this voyage.