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Built 1931  by Philip and Son, Dartmouth. YN791. Steel Screw Tug. L100'. B25.3'. D11.7'. 203grt. 850ihp 3cylTE 14.5"x24"x40" 27" stroke 200psi  steam engine by Earles, Hull. Acquired 1931. Disposed 1969. Scrapped 1969. Official No. 162531. Call sign MPYN.
25-11-1930 Launched. 1-1931 Delivered to William Watkins Ltd., London. 9-9-1939 Req by War Office, Steel and Bennie Ltd., Glasgow, appointed managers.. 12-9-1939 Working at Brest. 15-9-1939 Working at Lorient. 16-9-1939 to 30-10-1939 Working at St. Nazaire. Then to Devonport. 4-11-1939 returned to owners. 31-5-1940 Crossed to Dunkirk towing six small boats under command of H Gouge. 1-6-1940 Returned from Dunkirk with 160 troops. Also picked up 36 survivors from the RN tug St Abbs which included some crew from RN tug St. Fagan, which had also been sunk. 3-6-1940 To Dunkirk again (possibly towing s/b Pudge ) and returned with troops. Carried 367 troops in total. 18-6-1940 Arrived Falmouth. 23-9-1940 Req by War Office.[managed by Steel and Bennie Ltd., Glasgow. ] 11-10-1940 Departed Clyde in Clyde-Methil convoy WN22 enroute to Stornoway.  11-1940 Based at Reykjavik, Iceland. 17-8-1942 Departed Iceland in Reykjavik-Loch Ewe convoy RU36 for refit at Port Dinorwic. 21-8-1942 Arrived UK. 8-11-1942 Departed Loch Ewe in convoy UR46 for return to Iceland.  20-10-1943 Departed Iceland in Reykjavik-Greenock convoy RU94S for Port Dinorwic, arriving UK 25-10-1943,  repairs, then to River  Clyde. 31-7-1944 Returned to Watkins. 1-2-1950  Ship Towage [London] Ltd appointed managers. 2-1953 Attended by Ramsgate lifeboat after dragging her anchor  during snow shower and high winds and grounding on Brake Sand, off Ramsgate, whilst on passage to that port  for a refit. Sustained damage to prop, towed into Ramsgate by lifeboat and repairs and refit  carried out by Claxtons.  3-9-1958 Converted to oil fired boiler  by Tyne Dock and Engineering Co Ltd, Tyneside. 27-1-1969 Owners restyled  London Tugs Ltd. 25-2-1969 Scrapped by Scrappingco SA, Klein Willebroek, Belgium.
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Built 1882 by Edward Wales, Hull, cost £3,168. Iron Screw Tug. L80.4'. B19.1'. D11.2'. 81grt. 8nrt. 45nhp 2cyl 17"x34"x21"s compound steam engine by builder. Acquired 1882. Disposed 1897. Scrapped 1929.  Official No. 87107.
1882 Delivered to William Watkins, London. 3-1888 On charter to Gt. Yarmouth Steam Tug Co. 9-6-1891 In collision with barque Kaleva off Limehouse. Starboard rail and bulwarks damaged and mizzen mast lost. 1891 Sunk by SS Bengal. Salved and repaired. 11-10-1893 12.30 Passing Woolwich with heavy damage to stem and bow. 1894 Wooden bulwarks replaced with iron and deckhouse fitted. 6-1897 Sold to Hill and Co.,(Liverpool Screw Towing Co.), Liverpool, renamed Heathcock. 11-8-1910 Sold to James Nicholson, Leith for £850. 3-1914 Transferred to  Nicholson Steam Tug and Salvage Co. Ltd., Leith. 4-1919 Sold to Leith Salvage and Towage Co. Ltd., Leith. 1929 Broken up at Inverkeithing.
(Chartered 1915-1918)
 Built 1904 by A. Vuijk and Zonen, Capelle a/d Ijssel, Holland.  Steel Screw Tug. L93.5'. B21.2'. D11.6'.  144grt. 31nrt.  525ihp 3cylTE 12.5"x20"x33"x24"s steam engine by Alblasserdamsche Machinefabriek.
1904 Delivered to  SA de Remorquage a Helice, Antwerp. 12-1914 At Wapping, London. 1916 On charter to William Watkins Ltd. 1918 Returned to Belgian owners? 5-1940 Lost in Dunkirk harbour during evacuation salved and repaired by German Navy.  15-6-1944 Sunk during air attack at Le Havre whilst under German control.
Built 1857 at South Shields. Wooden Paddle Tug, clench built, part Iron bolted. L81.3'. B18.8'. D9'. 80grt. 50nhp. 2cyl side lever steam engine. Acquired 1861. Disposed 1886. Scrapped 1886. ON19887 Callsign MTSQ
1857 Delivered to Mathew Brownfield et al, Gravesend.  1861 Acquired by William Watkins, London for £1050. 1864 New tubular boilers and engine overhaul. 8-5-1874 Run down on Thames by SS Emily and sank off Greenwich.. Salved and rebuilt. 1886 Scrapped at Stewarts, Blackwall.
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Built 1865 by  Gourlay Bros. and Co., Dundee. YN23. Iron Paddle Tug. L85.5'. B18.6'. D9.7'. 95grt (some sources 102grt). 300ihp 50nhp 2cyl 28"x45" side lever steam engine by builder. Two funnels. Acquired 1874. Disposed 1888. Scrapped 1936. Official No. 45829.
1865 Built as Atlas for Dundee, Perth and London Shipping Co. Ltd., Dundee.  1873 Owners David Edwards and Robert Anderson, Dundee. 1874 Acquired by William and John Watkins, London, renamed Titan. 1878 Reboilered. 9-1-1882 Towed brig Fanny Brown, with masts carried away, from off Etaples to Gravesend. 10-1888 Sold to John Batey, North Shields for £1700. 6-1906 Owner restyled as  J Batey and Son Ltd. 6-1920 Owner restyled as Lawson-Batey Tugs Ltd. 9-1936 Scrapped by Clayton and Davey, Dunston.
Built 1855 at Greenwich. Composite Paddle Tug. L80.3'. B17'. D8.7'. 73grt. 50nhp 2cyl 25"x45" side lever steam engine by J. Stewart, London. Acquired 1856. Disposed 1862. Scrapped 1904. ON16959 Callsign MDQN
1855 Completed as TOBY by unspecified builders at Greenwich for William Watkins, London.   26-8-1856 First registered, at London. 1862 Sold to Joshua Falle, George Deslandes & Francis le Sueur, Jersey.  20-12-1868 Rescued vessels Mate from the rigging of the wrecked S/V Villafranca off La Collette, Jersey. 1871 Sold to Elias A Neel, Jersey.  1876 Sold to Frederick Neel, Jersey.  1879 Sold to France and renamed PÈRE X.  1882: Sold to James Watkins & Joseph Constant, London, and reverted to TOBY.  2-1883 Sold to Thomas Gray, Hull.  1883 Thomas Gray died and interests taken by William Tulley & Thomas Newton jointly and George & John Gray.  1884  Catherine Precious became part-owner.  1885  William Tulley, Hull.
1885: William Tulley died and interests taken by Emma Tulley and Thomas Newton (George Gray appointed manager).  1886 George Gray, Hull. 6-1888  Sold to T. Gray & Company Ltd. (same manager), Hull. 1890  Sold to William Tulley, Hull. 10-1898 Sold to Woodman Hill, London. 1904 Sold for demolition.
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Built 1849 by C J Mare and Co., Blackwall. Wooden Paddle Tug, carvel built. L107'. B20.3'. D10.9'. 159grt. 80nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine. Acquired 1849. Disposed 1900. Scrapped 1900. ON22037. Callsign NJTC
1849 Delivered to William Watkins and John Rogers Watkins, London. 1853 Sold to John Watkins Jr,  Liverpool. 14-5-1854 Refloated Sellere, aground off Barmouth and towed into Holyhead. 11-1855 Towed mortar boat HMS Cupid from Cammell Laird, Liverpool to Portsmouth.  6-12-1856 Damaged after colliding with SS Gannet near Princes Basin. 1859 Transferred back to William Watkins, London. 3-3-1861 Captain Edward Bennett fined 10/- for carrying passengers without licence to and from SS Moultan. 8-8-1861 Assisted towing HMS Warrior from Victoria Dock to Greenhithe. 1874 Transferred to William & John Watkins. 1879 Transferred to William Watkins, London. 27-8-1880 Transferred Prime Minister William Gladstone from Terrace Pier, Gravesend to SS Grantully Castle. 1886 New steel boilers. 1900 Transferred to William Watkins and John Stewart Watkins, London. 1900 Scrapped in Holland.
Built 1857 by Charles Lungley, Deptford. Iron Paddle Tug. Clipper stemmed. L136.3'. B20.2'. D11.8'. 219grt. 100nhp 2cyl 34.5" x 54" side lever steam engine by John Stewart, Blackwall. Acquired 1859. Disposed 1894. Scrapped 1894. Official No. 20546. Callsign NBPR
1857 Delivered to John Watkins Jr, Liverpool. 1859 Transferred to  William and John Watkins, London. 1-7-1861 to 30-10-1861 Chartered to assist repairs to Dieppe to Beachy Head telegraph cable. 1862 Engine room modernised and hull overhaul. 1866 New boilers and engine overhaul. 1869 Transferred to William & John Watkins.  1880 Reboilered and repairs. 15-7-1880 Took off crew of barque Luna Nueva, on fire after lightning strike, with cargo of spirits, and later towed and beached vessel near Newhaven. 6-3-1881 Towed barque Chaudiere off East Goodwin Sands. 1-1884 Towed collision damaged City of Lucknow off Dover to East India Dock. 1-4-1885 Towed barque Rhudland Castle off Goodwin sands. 8-12-1885 Towed collision damaged brigantine Somerset, Dungeness to Newhaven. 18-11-1890 Figurehead and part of stem carried away whilst towing barque Anne. Both vessels involved in collision with SS Maggie Warrington in Lower Hope. 7-1894 Sold to Castles for £200 for scrap. 1894 Resold to Hull Central Drydock Engineering Co., Hull , cut in half, doubled with timber and converted into two lighters, E5 and E6.
Built 1894, Hull. (Afterpart) 133nrt. Official No. 109001.  1897 Owner William P English, Hull. 1920 Owned by John Deheer Ltd, Hull. 1955 Scrapped at Goxhill, Lincolnshire.
Built 1894 Hull. (Forepart). 136nrt. 80'x20.3'x11.8'. Official No. 109002. 1897 Owners Wm. English, Hull. 1900 Owners Thomas Spence, Hull. 1907 Owners Pioneer Tug & Lighter Co., Hull. 1910 Owners G & A Slingsby, Hull. 1910 Owners J. Deheer Ltd., Hull. 20-9-1943 Lost whilst chartered by MoWT.
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Built 1853 by Money, Wigram and Sons, Northam, Southampton. Wooden Paddle Tug, Oak and Teak, metal fastened, iron trussed, clipper stem. L116'. B17.1'. D10.8'. 152grt. 51nrt. 400ihp 90nhp 2cyl 34"x48" side lever steam engine by John Stewart and Son, London. Coal cap 20 tons. Two boilers, two funnels abreast. Steam windlass. Acquired 1853. Disposed 1906. Scrapped 1906. Official No. 12754. Call sign LDFH.
1853 Delivered to William Watkins, London. 1859 Reboilered and patent paddles fitted. 1864 Reboilered, engine and hull repairs, £2500. 1874 Reboilered. 1876 Reboilered, engine and hull repairs, £4500. 16-3-1877 Towed barque Resource, with a cargo of ice, off sands in East Bay, Dungeness. 1885 New steel boiler. 1900 Transferred to William Watkins Jr & John Stewart Watkins. 1-1906 Scrapped  by Livingstone and Son, Millwall. (£200) 1-1906 Register closed.
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Built 1909 by Philip and Son, Dartmouth. YN348. Steel Screw Tug. L96.2'. B20.6'. D10.9'. 150grt. 500ihp 3cylTE 18.5"x21"x34" 24" stroke 165psi steam engine by builder. Acquired 1909. Disposed 1947. Scrapped 1957. Official No. 129004. Call sign MCYZ.
24-4-1909 Launched. 6-1909 Delivered to William Watkins Jr, and John S Watkins, London. 1914  Transferred to John S. & Alfred Watkins. 30-7-1914 Req by RN as Downs patrol vessel, renamed HMS Chub. 31-10-1916 Involved in salvage of SS Westmeath. 28-12-1916 Involved in salvage of SS Navigator. 23-2-1917 Involved in salvage of SS Ethelwynne. 20/21-6-1918 Involved in salvage of SS City of Manila. 1917 Owners restyled as Willaim Watkins Ltd. 15-12-1919 Returned to  Watkins, renamed Vincia. 28-8-1930 Placed dumb barge belonging to J. W. Cook, with cargo of Copra on fire, ashore at North Greenwich Gardens. 7-9-1939 Req by RN as Downs patrol vessel. 31-5-1940 Crossed to Dunkirk towing three lifeboats. 1-6-1940 14.50 Landed 24 Dunkirk evacuees at Margate. 1-6-1940 Under Master A Hoiles picked up 180 men from sinking HMS Keith during Dunkirk evacuation. 3-3-1941 Returned to Watkins. 11-7-1942 Departed Milford Haven with convoy WP185. 13-7-1942 Arrived Portsmouth. 1-1944 Assisted towing Phoenix unit from Barking Marshes to South West India Dock. 1-1944 Assisted towing Phoenix unit ex Erith Rands to Royal Albert Dock. 5-4-1944 Assisted towing Phoenix unit ex Royal Albert Dock to Tilbury landing stage. 16-4-1944 Assisted towing Phoenix unit ex Greenland Dock to Gravesend. 21-4-1944 Assisted towing Phoenix unit A1-59 ex King George V Dock to Tilbury. 25-4-1944 Assisted towing Phoenix unit A2-68 ex South West India Dock to Tilbury.  11-1947 Sold to Rimorchiatori Riuniti Genoa renamed Eolo. 1954 Renamed Peru. 1957 Scrapped.
Built 1882 by L. Smit and Zon, Kinderdijk, Holland.  YN422. Iron Single Screw Tug. L90.4'.  B20.6'.  D11.3'. 128grt. 600ihp 70nhp 2cyl 22" x 22" inverted steam engine by  Appleby Bros., East Greenwich. 2 funnels athwart. Acquired 1882. Disposed 1912. ON85094.
1882 Hull towed to Greenwich by India to have engine fitted. Delivered to William Watkins, London. 10-8-1886 Passed Deal towing dismasted vessel to London.  23-10-1886 Refloated barque Ilex aground on Goodwin Sands. 11-8-1890 Arrived Gravesend ex Havre. 29-4-1891 Arrived River Tyne ex Dunkirk towing barque Thienhila. 31-8-1891 Arrived River Tyne towing barque Allegro ex London. 27-2-1893 10.15 Passed Dover towing collision damaged barque Lake Ontario to London. 1896 Practically rebuilt and converted to single stack. 18-3-1896 At Glasgow. 1900 Transferred to William Jr. & John S. Watkins. 14-8-1900 Towed SS Eider, with leaking boiler, ex Swin to Tilbury. 1912 Sold to Shipping Federation Ltd., London. 3-1918 Sold to William Duncan, Middlesborough. 1922 Scrapped.


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Built 1943 by Clelands [Successors] Ltd., Tyneside. YN68. Steel Screw Tug, Englishman standard class. L137.1'. B30.1'. D15.3'. 479grt. 1150ihp 3cylTE 16.5"x27"x46"x30"s  oil fired steam engine by George Clark [1938] Ltd., Sunderland. Boiler forced draught 17'dia x L11'. 215psi. area 3020 sq ft. Bunkers [oil] 340 tons. BP approx 14.5 tons. Complement 20, Master, Ch/Off, 2nd/O, Ch/Eng, 2nd/E, 3rd/E, Steward, W/O, 12 hands [plus 4 gunners wartime]. Acquired 1946. Disposed 1952. Scrapped 1974. Official No. 169177. Call sign MGRS.
2-9-1943 Launched as Empire Winnie for Ministry of War Transport, London. 31-12-1943 Completed and handed over to William Watkins Ltd., London as managers. 6-1944 In Overlord tug pool allocated to SNO Oban to escort Gooseberry units in Group 1.  7-6-1944 15.15 Arrived off Normandy beaches. 20-6-1944 Working  off Normandy coast following  D-Day landings. 11-8-1944 Departed Solent to join convoy EBC69 ex Barry. 13-8-1944 Arrived Seine Bay. 15-8-1944 Departed Solent to join convoy EBC73 ex Barry. 17-8-1944 Arrived Seine Bay. 12-1944 Towed barge from Osbourne Bay to Leith. 12-1944 Towed MoWT barge Southampton to Leith. 4-1945 Towed CB2 [with tug Justice] ex Surrey Dock to Tilbury. 4-1945 With tug Justice towed CB3 ex Tilbury to R. Blackwater. 5-1945 Towed dredger T B Taylor ex Southampton to Calais. 5-1945 Towed pontoon ex Calais to Richborough. 5-1945 Towed barge ex Dover to Gravesend. 5-1945 With Empire Larch towed SS Liseta ex London to Middlesborough. 5-1945 Towed concrete dock IWT3 ex London to Southampton. 24-6-1945 Withdrawn from Portland to handle Phoenix units in Solent. 1946 Acquired by William Watkins Ltd., London. 10-2-1947 Departed Dover to assist SS Cambrian Coast off Great  Yarmouth. 18-2-1947 Renamed Zealandia. 1947 Towed SS Empire Tana, salved from Gooseberry 5, Arromanche to Strangford Lough for scrapping. 25-4-1947 Departed Gibraltar for Falmouth. 31-7-1947 Departed Harwich for Appledore. 9-1-1948 Put into Dover to report that two landing craft in tow had foundered in North Sea. 2-1948 Departed Southampton for Madeira. 20-2-1948 Arrived Liverpool towing rudderless SS Enid ex Madeira. 16-4-1949 Arrived Dover ex Tyne. . 16-5-1949 Departed Dover towing MV Segundo to North Woolwich. 22-5-1949 Arrived Dover ex Antwerp. 1-7-1949 Arrived Dover ex Antwerp and later sailed for Newcastle. 24-7-1949 Arrived Dover ex Gravesend 1-2-1950 Ship Towage [London] Ltd appointed managers. 1951 Sold for £32,000 to Adelaide Steamship Co., Australia, renamed Yuna. 1962 Owners restyled Adelaide Steamships [Operations] Ltd. 1965 Owners restyled Swan River Shipping Co. 1971 Owners restyled Adelaide Steamship Industries Pty., Ltd. 1971 Sold to Coral R Rotondella, Australia. 1972 Sold to M C and A Michela, Australia. 1973 Stripped and reduced to a barge. 1974 Demolished by owners at Bunbury Harbour, Western Australia.
Courtesy K Haydon.