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In  April 2007 the Adsteam UK operation, with the exception of the Liverpool fleet, was taken over by Svitzer [UK] Limited, a Danish company. Those of the Adsteam Gravesend fleet which came under Svitzer control were :-
With the huge fleet resources available to this company there is much interchanging of vessels to cover refits etc. Tug details are added when they are noted serving on the Thames but the vessel may not neccesarily be part of the regular Gravesend fleet.
Built 1989 by Richards [Shipbuilders] Ltd., Lowestoft. YN583. FiFi Tug. L30.64m. B10.24m. D4.11m. 371grt. 3860bhp. 2x Ruston 6RK270M 6cyl diesel engines. 2x Aquamaster units. BP 43t. Speed 12 knots. ON714619. IMO8902266. Callsign MLVF5.
25-11-1989 Launched. 3-1990 Delivered to Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd., named Deben. 1993 Owners Howard Smith Towage Ltd., stationed Harwich. 2001 Owners Adsteam UK Ltd. Stationed Felixstowe. 7-2005 Renamed Adsteam Deben. 2006 Owners Svitzer [UK] Ltd. 2007 Renamed HT Blade. Stationed Humber. 24-6-2007 Engine room fire off Cromer while bound for Hull following refit at Lowestoft. Towed back to Lowestoft. 27-6-2008 Noted at Gravesend moorings. 5-2011 Sold to Brightwell Investments Ltd SA, Panama and renamed STS Star
Photo David Brown colln.
 Photo George Boyd. 
Built 1996 by Stocznia Polnocna SA., Gdansk.YN7910. Fi-Fi tug. L32.20m. B11.84m. D4.95m. 390grt. 5100bhp 2x6cyl Stork-Warsila 6SW28 diesel engines. 2x stern mounted azimuthing multi directional props with fixed Kort nozzles. BP66tahd. BP65tast. ON730238. IMO9144122.

24-1-1996 Keel laid. 28-9-1996 Launched and later towed to Scheepswerf Damen, Gorinchem, Holland for completion. 19-2-1997 Delivered to Cory Towage Ltd., based Milford Haven. 200 Acquired by Svitzer UK Ltd. Still based Milford Haven. 2-2010 Transferred to Thames fleet, based Gravesend. 22-6-2013 Rescued five of crew of a rowing eight after their boat had been overwhelmed by a wave and broke in half below Gravesend. Rowers had been in the water for fortyfive minutes before being spotted by the tug crew. The other four rowers rescued by a RNLI craft called to the scene. 4-2014 Transferred to Liverpool fleet. ------------------------------------------

Photo K Haydon 8-2014
Built 2003 by  Astilleros Zamakona, Viscaya. YN 514. FiFi tug. L29,50m, B11,00m, D4,00m.  366grt. 4087bhp. 2x Niigata 6L28HLX diesel engines. 2x Z-Peller units. BP58.5T. 12.3 knots. IMO 9286683 Callsign MCSV5.
2003 Delivered to Svitzer Marine Ltd., Middlesbrough.   10-2012 Transferred to Gravesend.


Photo PRB.
Built 2003 by Astilleros Zamakona, Viscay, Spain. FiFi tug.  L29.50M. B11.45M. D4.0M. 366grt. 4087bhp 2x 6cyl Niigata 6L-26HLX diesel engines. 2 x Z-Peller units. BP58.5t. IMO 9273753. MMSI235012605. Callsign MBTT2.
6-2-2003 Keel Laid. 15-6-2003 Launched named Severngarth. 16-9-2003 Delivered to AS EM.Z Svitzer, Copenhagen, managers Svitzer M arine Ltd, Middlesborough, renamed Svitzer Brunel. Based Bristol Channel. 11-2011 Transferred to Gravesend fleet.
Built 1991 by McTay Marine Ltd, Bromborough. YN93. FiFi tug. L30.58m. B11.5m. D3.4m. 364grt. 4800bhp. 2x Ruston 6RK270M diesel engines. 2x Voith units. Speed 12knots. BP53t. Acquired 2001. ON820303. IMO8919207. Callsign MNXE5.
6-1991 Delivered to Humber Tugs Ltd., Grimsby named Lady Cecilia. 1993 owners Howard Smith (UK) Ltd., Hull. 2001 Owners Adsteam (UK) Ltd, Grimsby. 2005 Transferred to Thames fleet. 4-2007 Owners Svitzer (UK) Ltd. 2009 Renamed Svitzer Cecilia.

Built 2014 by Ha Long Shipbuilding co Ltd, Ha Long. Damen ASD Tug 2412. 299grt. 150dwt.  BP67.5t.  IMO 9701968

10-2014 Delivered to Svitzer Marine Ltd, Middlesbrough. 26-11-2014 Arrived  Vlissingen on heavylift vessel Calypso. 12-2014 Arrived Gravesend.
 Hull built  2005 by Song Cam Shipyard, Hai Phong. Damen ASD Tug 2411. 243 GRT. L24,55m.  B11,49m. D3,50m. 5632bhp. 2x  4t 16cyl Caterpillar type 3516B-TA-HD/D diesel engines. 2 fpp Z-drive Rolls-Royce US 255. IMO 9366861. BP68.2T. [63T astern] c/s MLES7, MMSI 235032474.
91-1-2006  Arrived Rotterdam shipped on  MV Maria. 2006 Completed by Scheepswerf Damen BV.,  Gorinchem  (YN 512204).  2-2-2006 Delivered to Adsteam Ltd, mng Adsteam (Medway),  Sheerness named Adsteam Harty.   2006 Adsteam (UK) Ltd taken over by A.P. Moller. 2007 Adsteam (UK) Ltd became Svitzer Eastlands Ltd.,   Middlesbrough. 17-10-2007  renamed Svitzer Harty. 2015 Still in service

Passing Gravesend 5-6-2008. Photo Tug.
Built 1990 by McTay marine Ltd, Bromborough. YN90. FiFi tug. L30.6m. B11.5m. D3.4m. 364grt. 4730bhp. 2x 6cyl Ruston 6RK270M diesel engines. 2x Voith units. Speed 12.5 knots. BP53t. Acquired 2007. ON709339. IMO8919178. Callsign MMHH9.
12-1990 Delivered to Humber Tugs Ltd, Immingham, named Lady Anya. 199? owners Adsteam Humber Ltd. 12-2005 Renamed Adsteam Laceby. 4-2007 Owners Svitzer UK Ltd. 1-2008 Renamed Svitzer Laceby.
Being loaded for delivery in Vietnam. Photo courtesy David Brown
Photo D Brown
Built 2014 by Damen Song Cam Shipyard, Haiphong. [contract BV Scheepswerf Damen, Gorinchem (Yd 512532)]. Damen ASD3212 tug. 450grt. L32.70m x B12.85m x D 5.25m 6772bhp [total] 2xCaterpilar 3516C HD+TA/D diesel engines. 2 x Rolls Royce US255 P30FP azimuth units. 2800mm dia props. BP82.2 tons ahead. 75.4tons astern. 14 knots IMO 9695511 c/s 2HHL8.

16-1-2013 Keel laid. 4-2014 Completed for Svitzer Marine Ltd, Middlesborough named SVITZER LONDON. 4-2014 Departed Vietnam aboard heavy lift ship for delivery to Rotterdam.  6-2014 Running acceptance trials whilst temporarily attached to Rotterdam fleet. 9-2014 Transferred to Gravesend fleet.

Built [hull] 1996 by Stocznia Polnocna, Gdansk. Damen ASD Tug 3211 FiFi tug. 381GRT. 114NRT. L32.72M B11.96M. D5.00M. 4894BHP 2x Ruston Paxman 6RK.270Mk2 diesel engines. 2x Aquamaster nozzles.
BP60T ahead, 53T astern. 12.6knots. ON728962 IMO 9127368

1996 Hull launched. 1996 Completed by Scheepswerf Damen BV., Gorinchem (YN 7908). 7-1996 Delivered to Howard Smith Towage Ltd., London named Lady Madeleine. [Regd Rochester]. 199?  Transferred to Adsteam (UK) Ltd.,  Hull. Renamed Adsteam Madeleine. 2002 Transferred to Southampton. 2006 Adsteam (UK) taken over by Svitzer. 2007 Adsteam UK Ltd became Svitzer Eastlands Ltd. 200? To Svitzer Marine Ltd., Middlesbrough. 2009 Renamed Svitzer Madeleine. 12-2016 Attached to Gravesend fleet.
Built 1990 by McTay Marine Ltd, Bromborough. YN89. FiFi Tug. L31m. B10m. D5.3m. 449grt. 3860bhp 2x6cyl Ruston 6RK270M diesel engines. 2x voith units. BP43t. Speed 12.6 knots. Acquired 1990. ON718767. Callsign MMJY5.
12-1989 Keel laid. 7-1990 Delivered to ATCL named Sun Mercia.. 20-8-1990 Arrived Gravesend. 1993 Owners Howard Smith Towage Ltd. 2001 Owners Adsteam UK ltd. 2005 Main engine replacd by MMS Ship Repair and Drydock Co Ltd., Hull. 6-2005 Renamed Adsteam Mercia. 5-2007 Owners Svitzer Marine Ltd. 2-1-2008 Assisted container ship LT Cortesia aground on Varne Bank. 18-8-2008 Renamed Svitzer Mercia following refit on River Tees. 21-5-2009. Towed HMS Cottesmore ex Portsmouth to Falmouth for re-activation. 11-2009 Departed from the Thames to assist the submarine HMS Astute from Barrow. During the trip the tug was called upon to escort the Svitzer Constance in to Portland with engine trouble. After a number of days sheltering the Mercia was told she had been stood down and departed Portland for the Thames only to be reinstated for the job as the replacement tug Lady Susan had been delayed in leaving the Humber. The Mercia resumed her voyage to Barrow encountering strong winds all the way, assisted the submarine out of Barrow with three other Svitzer tugs and escorted the vessel to the Western Isles before being relieved by the Clyde Tug Ayton Cross. The Mercia then ran to Greenock for bunkers before returning South but due to gale force winds in the Irish Sea her departure was delayed and she is working on the Clyde until the weather improves.

Built 2008 by Astilleros Armon SA,  Navia (Construcciones Navales P. Freire SA yard) (YN 655). Type RAstar 3400. 690 GRT. L33,60m, B14,50m, Dr4,70m. FiFi tug. 5998bhp. 2 x Niigata diesel engi8nes. 2 x screw. IMO 9440899. c/s 2BPD2, MMSI:235068109.

7-2009 Delivered to Bansalease SA.  Aberdeen, mng Svitzer Marine Ltd.,  Middlesbrough.        11- 2009  ToSantander de Leasing SA.,  Aberdeen. (same mng)
Photo M. Buckley colln.
Built 2000 by Oceanfast Marine Pty Ltd, Fremantle WA. Completed by Northport Engineering Ltd., Whangerei NZ.  L33m. B11.5m. D5.4m. 495grt. 4894bhp. 2x  6cyl Daihatsu 6DKM-28F diesel engines.  2x Z-peller units  +nozzle. Speed 13kn, bp 63t.  ON 907482. IMO 9193020.  Callsign MBQP9
19-5-2000 Delivered to Howard Smith Ltd, Melbourne, named Gurrong.   2002 Owners Adsteam Marine Ltd., Melbourne.  4-2003 Transferred to Adsteam Towage Ltd.,  Gravesend . 2005  Renamed Adsteam Victory.  2007 Owners Svitzer UK Ltd. 2008 Renamed Svitzer Victory. 2-1-2008 Assisted container ship LT Cortesia aground on Varne Bank.
Built 2005 by Song Cam Shipyard" at Hai Phong. Damen ASD Tug 2411.  243 GRT. L24,55m. B11,49m. D3,50.FiFi tug.  5632bhp. 2x  4t 16cyl Caterpillar type 3516B-TA-HD/D diesel engines. 2 fpp Z-drive Rolls-Royce US 255. IMO 9366859 . cs MLEG9, MMSI:235032469. BP 68,2tah-63tast.

26-1-2006 Arrived shipped on M V Lena at Rotterdam. 2006 Completed by Scheepswerf Damen BV., Gorinchem (YN 512203).  17-2- 2006  Delivered to Adsteam Ltd, mng Adsteam (Medway) UK Ltd.,  Sheerness, named Adsteam Warden.  2006 Adsteam Towage (UK) Ltd taken over by A.P. Moller. 2007 Adsteam Towage (UK) Ltd  became Svitzer Eastlands Ltd. 8-2007 To Svitzer Pty Ltd,  mng Svitzer Marine Ltd.,  Middlesbrough renamed Svitzer Warden. 2015 still in service.