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Message posted 30-9-2012
I am married to Capt  J  Fryer youngest daughter and i am trying to get some more info on the d day landings of the empire winnie  which was involved with the event any pics wold be very nice or of the zealandia as she renamed later  Thanks
 Brian Wakeman
Message posted 2-7-2012
Yes, Stan was my father's cousin. 100 years 1912-2012. - Kevin Haydon



Message posted 16-6-2012
This is a message for Kevin Haydon. I read your page and just wanted to drop you a line as my Granddad was Stan Merton and I noticed that you said that he was your Dad's cousin. I know that my granddad used to mention a cousin called Nobby that he was close to and I wondered if this was him?
Natasha  Young

Message posted 24-2-2012
 In answer to Rob Montgomery; rob i think it was sun xix that towed you ,she got plum jobs,, the sun 18 was a smaller tug but did do some sea work, enjoj your retirment, after 25 years i still miss the men  and work. bill
Message posted 22-2-2012
 Hi ...Like lots of ex seamen I am reseaarching my time at sea ( should have kept a diary but did,nt !!!)
Sometime during early 59 I was a crew member of the Dundee registered ( DP&L) coaster MV LOCHEE we had an engineroom breakdown northbound from the Thames loaded with cement for Dundee . I can remember the incident clearly we had the assistance of a SUN TUG the number was from memory 18 (XVIII) but not positive   we were towed into the harwich area where we tied up to buoys  and were there for a while under repair
I was just wondering would there be any record of the tow and would I be able to get information about it ????
Being retired I have time on my hands to make such enquiries !!!!!!
Great site by the way
Regards from NSW Australia
Rob Montgomery
Any old hands any knowledge of this incident please.





Message posted 11-9-2011
 Re Norman (Sam) Weller
Hi John,  I sailed with your father on the Sun XXVI.  I was also involved with him in the salvage of the Cap San Antonio.  The crew at that time were Cpt Albert Shelton, Mate Kenny Sutherand, ex. Mate Brian Biggs, Deckhand Spencer Pope, jnr Deckhand, myself.  Your dad was Chief and Lou Adler was second and I can't remember the rest of engine room staff.  Cook was Barry Brampton. 
I have fond memories of sailing with your dad on Dormouse, which I'm sure you remember.  We spent many happy hours creek crawling around Kent and Essex. 
I was always under the impression for your dad that he did his apprenticeship with AJS motorcycles before going afloat with Gaselee's.  I remember on one trip him showing me a cutting from a German newspaper saying that the funnel of the tug he was standing by was the owners specification and not theirs (it was on a modern diesel tug and it was tall and thin like an old steam tug otherwise known as a woodbine funnel).
I have some photos of your dad in Faversham Creek on Dormouse which I shall try to put on the website, or if you want to phone me I'll send you copies. 
Regards - Tony Gregory
Message posted 11-9-2011
Message for Michael Collins. Nice to hear from you, hope you can still do the knots and box the compass not with boxing gloves.  Give me a call sometime, it would be good to hear from you.
All the best.  Eddy Bridgland.
Message posted 3-9-2011
I see in the mess room that JOHN WELLER, said about the sunxxvi , was in attendance at shellhaven .
 I was skipper off the sunxxv1 at that time, we were in dry dock at SHEERNESS, and we were pulled out, for that job at SHELLHAVEN ,
we were towed by the tug WATERLOO, as our engine was stripped down for repairs,
all for now ,
Message posted 21-8-2011
Spent hours on the site found by mistyping in a search engine
Does anybody remember the name  Norman 'Sam' Weller  who worked originally for JP Knight then Gaselee, Ship Towage, London Tugs etc.
I vividly remember the days (and nights ) out when I was sneaked into work boarding at Millwall in a row boat out to the hulk where visited and stayed on different  occasions Tayra, Rana, Agama and the recent Fossa & Culex etc.
As time progressed this moved on to the Vanquisher and Sun XXV1 his last vessel and various reliefs in the Hibernia, Dhulia, Avenger etc and remember the stories of the Cap San Antonio incident.
Alas, on leaving school in the mid sixties as witnessed and  read most of the steamers were put to bed  and employment prospects long term not looking good, so I opted to go the other side of the sea wall working at Shellhaven. Occasionally through refinery demand a fire tug was used available to connect to our internal fire mains to boost supplies if ever needed, I remember as we had maintenance on our diesel fire pumps powered by a 6cyl Mirrlees  identical to that of the Sun XXV1 supplying the stand by until work completed. Now retired with the skyline gone this has provided hours of enjoyment
John Weller (yougest son).
If any of the old hands remember Norman Weller please contact the site. John has also provided several pictures which will be appearing in the crew and memorabilia sections of the lighterage site over the next few days. 
Message posted  18-8-2011
 Hi Eddy Bridgeland yes i remember you I was cook on the XXIII when you was deckhand then the II then when you went to the X? I joined you  as junior deckhand, you taught me all of the compass points and every knot there is what about skipper Stan Smith was everyone frightend of him? my brother still remembers you as well, do you remember Ted Hogg a relation of mine an engineer?. Best Wishes to you Michael Collins
Message posted 17-7-2011
 hallo eddie bridgeland i remember when you lived in plunstead you came on the v training i posted a nice photo of the sunxi  which seems to have got mislaided, i will post again. Bill Simson.
 Message posted 15-7-2011
hi micheal. when fred jaques left the tugs he got a job in a large office block in the city as a porter. he is now buried at manor park cemetery, sebert road, forest gate. micheal were you cook when fred and i were in the sun 2. eddie bridgland
Message posted 14-7-2011
Does anyone know what happened to fred jaques after he left the sun tugs ? Michael Collins.
Message posted 14-7-2011
Dear Sir,
I am working on the recruitment of interesting, historic boats for the Queens Jubilee Pageant (June 3rd 2012) and it's rehearsal, the Thames Festival Parade which will take place on Saturday 10th September at 14.30 from Batterssea Rail Bridge to Tower Bridge and beyond.
Since Tugs and lighters are central to the hoistory of the Thames we would very much like boats from your Association to take part. With respect to the September event it's drawing close so time is of the essence!
As you may suspect, places for the Diamond Jubilee Pageant will be oversubscribed and one of the ways we will be able to choose participants to that event is to give priority to vessels who have taken part in one of the rehearsal events. We will already be confident that they have the experience and skills to take part in what will be the biggest gathering of boats on the thames for many hundreds of years.
Were you already aware of the Thames Festival Parade? If so do you think your members would be interested in taking part?
As a quick pointer boats will need to be able to maintain 6knots over ground (i.e. including tide) and have an airdraft no greater than 5.5m. Tugs with air draft restrictions may still be able to take part as part of static dispalys moored along the route.
We can send you something to circulate to your members and they can contact us directly to enter.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Ian Welsh
07711 069 544
Message posted 1-7-2011
hallo all handsi remeber the days when joe hore was cook on sun12  with bert mee .i came off sun22 to join sun 12 quite a differance. times got better on sun v with dick fred  //thanks for the memiores,, bill (gypsy) hallo ted s. eric
Message posted 12-6-2011
 Off Southend Pier (HMS Leigh) 1939-45 tugs were in great demand and service particularly the Sun tugs.  I am writing about HMS Leigh and would like to learn anything about Capt. John Pelham Champion the Commodore who oversaw Naval Control Services at Southend and organised the East Coast convoys to and from the deep water channel off the Pier.  Is there anyone who remembers Capt. Champion?  He was a first war veteran of the Battle of Jutland for which he received his DSO later obtaining a CBE after the second war.  John Lee.
Message posted 12-6-2011
 hi my brother died in 1968 his name was john he was on i beleive a tug called the dhulia has anyone have any photos of him aboard please heres hoping many thanks   Don Humphrey
Message posted 12-6-2011
HI tug,
       Have recently come across some old pics of Roy Bailey the father of Alan Bailey who posted a message on your site on 3rd march 2010 asking if anybody knew or worked with his Dad Well I was with him for several years in the Napia and if you can give him my e-mail adress I will send him the pics by e-mail or give me his e-mail adress
       Hope you are keeping well 
            Colin Gardner
Message Posted 4-5-2011
 There is a nice model of a Danube Tug in No.1 smithery at Chatham Dock Yard.  Peter Sutherland.
Message posted 29-4-2011
i have just seen a request in the mess room from Mark Nicholson asking for information about his father-in-law Derek Stagg.
I have worked on all the Danube tugs at one time or another and i do recall the name Derek Stagg. Did he get married in a church on Canvey island?  The last tug i was on was Danube V11. I left the firm about 1959 i hope I have helped you.
Regards Terry Morgan.
Message posted 26-4-2011
Hello, i`m doing some research on my father in law, who was aboard the Danube(not sure of the number though ) in the early 60`s as a 16 yr old boy.. i`m trying to find a picture of him on the vessel if poss, if not then a nice picture of the tug to present to him as a present..also any contact details of those aboard with him, as he does mention them fondly but i can`t recall their names.. his name is Derek Stagg..i hope that you can help as i`m doing this without his knowing as a surprise and with limited info..
Regards Mark Nicholson.
Message posted 14-2-2011
 Just read messages on web site my dad was on ionia and towed simla away for scrap the wheel hangs above my mums fire place
regards wayne russel.


Message posted 21-12-2010
I am trying to find  Family info on my uncle and my cousin both named Charlie Gwalters, and from Gravesend
Charlie Senior was lost on the Napia off Ramsgate 1939
Charlie junior was lost over board late 50 early 60 on the thames,
I have found both a picture of the Napia and a picture of the tug company dinner ( thought to contain Charlie Jn which I will try and confirm) in you archives.
I am related to Fred Brett and Alec (Sonny)Brett both tuggies, retired they are my mothers brothers
Also can anybody tell me how I can trace the service record of my dad Stephen Tree who we think spent some time on a royal navy tug out of Chatham during the war my brother thinks it was called isis or something like that.
best wishes to Eddie Bridgland whose Daughter in law put me  in touch.
                                                 Jeff Tree
Message posted 5-12-2010
Hi Pete,
I thought you and your viewers may like to have a progress update on the Steam
Tug Brent which is lying at Maldon in Essex and which many of your viewers
hopefully remember working in the London Docks and Thames area up until 1969,
after which she was rescued by Ron and Janet Hall and preserved as an example of
maritime history.
As you know I have been overseeing the restoration work to ST Cervia, but more
recently I have teamed up with Richard Seager (volunteer on the ST. Portwey) and
Mrs Janet Hall the owner of the Brent since 1970. We were brought together
through the kind efforts of Martin Stevens of the Medway Trust, who owns TID 164
and the paddle tug J. H. Amos.
We have joined  forces to form the 'Steam Tug Brent Trust' and I am very pleased
to say that we  have just had conformation from the Charities Commission that
this can be achieved. We are just waiting for the paperwork to come through.
Our web site is nearly complete and I will send you a link to it the moment we
put it online.

As you are aware the Brent has gone back a bit in terms of cosmetic condition,
but following a general survey and tidy up, we have found the hull and main
structure to be very sound. Sadly the boiler due to old age and general wear,
will require significant work to return it to a steaming condition, but we think
it is achievable assuming some funds can be raised. We intend to start removing
the old boiler tubes fairly soon.
The main engines and ancillary machinery are all in good order and have been
laid up properly since she last operated in around 1993.
Our intention is to restore the vessel back to full working order and preserve
her for future generations as a now unique example of London's  Docklands
I attach a photo of as she is now for your interest.
I will give you a full update with more detail soon, this is just a quick
newsflash to get the interest going.
Kind regards,
Richard Albanese.
Message Posted 22-10-2010
Hi All, I went to the tuggies reunion and met lots of old faces I knew ( too many to name) and some I did not know, It was nice to see such a crowd there. Had a great time swinging the lamp and sloshing about in all that old sea water and catching up with some of the lads that are still out there. I would like to thank Dick for arranging it and putting on a very good buffet as he always does. It was nice to meet  Peter the man that made this site, Although not a tug hand I think we should make him a honorary member as it is such a good site  for all us old tuggies.  Once again thanks Dick.  See you all next year. 
 Peter Sutherland
Message posted 25-9-2010
I would be most grateful if anyone could tell me if my father, Joe Ward, was on one of the tugs which went to Dunkirk.  I believe he was, although he told my mother that the tug he was on, broke down and had to return.  Maybe he told her this so that she would not worry!  Joe died in 1971, he was just 59 years old.  My mother died 7 years later.  I have been researching my family history, but as always, questions were not asked when we were younger. If anyone has any photos of Joe I would love to see them.   Many thanks,
Margaret Morris
Message posted 5-9-2010
Hello John,
I saw your message regarding Empire  Wold this is the first time that I hear from someone that was related to one of the crew members , I am the daugter of Oswin Green (Harry) and I live here in Iceland and I have been sending pics. that my father left and I am so happy to see that there is a site for Empire Wold/ Iceland Tugs . If I knew that you were in Iceland I would have liked to meet you,it would be nice to hear from you,perhaps I can tell you what I have heard from my mother,she is still alive 86 years old. regards
Thorunn Green.
Message posted 24-8-2010
I have recently been doing some research into the loss of "Empire Wold", my Uncle John Harry Morris (known as Jack) was a member of the crew. The photograph TG15 was almost certainly taken on Empire Wold as the crew member standing back left is my uncle.
We have just been on a cruise which called at Reykjavik. I asked the navigation officer to let me know if we passed close to the tug's last known position and indeed we did. It was only a short distance out of Reykjavik.
I hope some of this may be of interest I have certainly found the website very intruiging, thankyou very much
Yours sincerely
John Vane
Message posted 6-7-2010
My family name is Pamplin from Woolwich and Limehouse South & East London. From 1825 this family were Lighterman and later Tug boat crew with Sun Tugs on the Thames. William Pamplin (1808-1873) was the first; apprentice in 1825 under a Mr Thomas Goddard of Woolwich.  After William the family always took a relative as apprentice as was the practice even some females.
In the 1889 London dock strike the then head of the family TJ Pamplin Sr. of Limehouse East London  was one of the principals to sign the document to end the London dock strike as a member of the work and wages committee on behalf of the Thames Lighterman at the York Minster Inn Philpot street East London on the 13 September 1889.
The Thames Lighterman where holding out for one job constituting a night’s work. Lighterman on the Thames already had the sixpence an hour the Dockers wanted.
After WW1, most Pamplin’s still on the river became Tugboat crew with Sun Tugs, T J Pamplin Jr, 1905-1915 & 1920-1945. R F Pamplin, 1910-1915. W P Pamplin, 1938-1950. All listed as Tug driver’s,  the last one retiring in 1950.
Any information on this family would be gratefully received.
Ivor Dashey
 Message posted 17-3-2010
To Ray Wood.
    Ray send me your address in an e,mail i have some photos for you.Eric......hello to John Grainger hope you are well.
Message posted 16-3-2010
 Eric and Ray
Memories.....i can also recall having a "tour of the Port of London" with bags full of stores! Think going to the Surrey Docks on the buses was the worst, a bit awkward to find the berths. Was lucky one time when the VIII had left the barge for the K.G.V and Bert, the roadsman managed to get me aboard before we reached the Woolwich ferry. Do you remember Stafford the roadsman?
Wasn`t it a Thursday when, if not afloat, we went to Leadenhall St and got our wages? Joey Hoare,great guy. Stayed at his house in Debden one night after a night out in London, good old days. Can also remember tying up in the Millwall in the evening for an early morning job and going ashore to the City Arms and other watering holes.
Regards, John  Grainger. (SUN VIII and SUN XVIII)
Message posted 16-3-2010
Hi Eric, thanks for the reply no need to apologies. I am sorry to hear the your Dad "my old Skipper" passed away a good skipper and a good man. The Thames will never be the same and the likes of SUN TUGS, WATKINS, and all the rest will forever remain just history now, good job there are still some of us who can remember the good old days afloat before the health and safety brigade came along.
 We had some real laughs aboard the X1 when Joe Hoarey joined us as junior hand, he used to frighten the life out of Les Wood and Fred Elliott when they were flashing up during the night with some of the many masks or tricks he used to buy when collecting the wages from Leadenhall Street. Great times indeed!!
 All we have now are our memories, I am lucky enough to have a model of the SUN X1 amongst a small collection of models and they can be seen sailing at Bluewater with many other model on Wednesdays and Saturdays and Sundays you will find many pictures of old Thames Tugs sailing there on The club I belong to have been asked to put on a display at the forthcoming 70th Anniversary of the relief of Dunkirk my SUN X1 and my Model of the SIMLA will be amongst the display, not enough recognition has been given to the part many Thames Tugs played at Dunkirk in the past it is good to see that that is going to be redressed.
 I hope your Mum can dig out some old photos it would be nice to have one of your Dad aboard the X1 for my collection.
 Kind regards and respects to your Mum
 Ray "Dimples"
Message posted 15-3-2010
 Hi tug please post this e,mail on the mess room for Ray Wood.  yes of course i remember you the old mans crew was like an extended part of our family,he used to come home and say "you,d never believe what those little buggers have been up to now" i loved it because it took the spotlight of me....we were always up to mischief ,i loved the nicknames the crews had there was Ted Lynch [keyhole kate] Les Wood [horses head] the old man was [croak] i could go on forever..yes as cooks we all travelled miles trying to get back onboard our boats with loads of grub,i got back once to find they had tied up and gone home ,going to london on wednesday was a great day out collecting the crews wages,in the pubs,round the markets,then getting back onboard could be another epic journey,the skippers always tried to send us ashore without Joe Horey as they never new when we would  get back he was such a laugh, he never changed all his life sad loss when he died.anyway sorry for the delay in replying my mum has been in hosital for a few days, all ok  now .my dad passed away about 20 yrs ago,still talking tugs to the  end ,my mum will have a look and see if she has any crews photoes ,don,t hold your breath though she didn,t keep many pictures, keep in touch  best wishes Eric Cawsey.   
Message posted 5-3-2010
Would you please post this message for Eric Cawsey please.
Hi Eric, you may not remember me I was cook on the SUN X1 with your Dad Fred back in 1960 my nick name was dimples, your mum used to come aboard from time to time a lovely lady as I remember.
Nice to see someone else say they had a great time aboard the X1, I remember you joined us as junior hand for a short spell it upset a few myself included as we all thought you had jumped the queue as some of us were senior to you "soon got over it" after your Dad spoke to me. The X1 had a great crew under your Dad, Jimmy Lakey was mate Ted Lynch was senior hand George Cuthbert was junior hand (he changed personalities when he went senior hand on the SUN X11) where I was to join him as junior hand! Malcolm Farley was Chief and Fred Elliott was leading hand and Les Wood was fireman.  I left SUN Tugs in the sixties and have regretted it to this day, I have very fond memories of my time aboard the X1 and will always cherish them. One story was when I went ashore to get stores at Charlton, when I got back to the barge the X1 was on her way to the KG to lock in. I made my way over to the KG but she was already up in the Vic dock so I walked all the way up only to miss her, so I made my way back to the KG only to be told she was on her way to Gravesend! Back across the river to Woolwhich station with four bags of shopping and take a train to Gravesend (don't forget I am only 15 years old) I arrive at Gravesend and walk down to the pier and go into the Gravesend office and ask where the SUN X1 is "running back to the KG" is the reply!! Back on a train to Woolwhich I go walk under the foot tunnel and around to the KG (it is now 16:30 and I went ashore at 07:20) into the office and ask where the **** is the SUN X1? Hanging on the pier head comes the reply, round I go and there she is, down the ladder I climb and put the stores in the galley. We then get orders to lock in to do a mail boat berth to lock and to Barking, your dad goes up to the bridge and shouts out to me "how long will dinner be cookey" my reply was this "if you come down from the bridge skip and help me peel the spuds and shell the peas a ******* sight quicker" don't forget I had been up and down to Gravesend and all over the show! I thought your Dad would sack me but he took my remarks in good sport he was a good man and a good skipper and I wished I could have stayed on the X1 under him. Can I ask if you have any photos of him or the crew aboard the X1 that you might share with me to add to my collection of TUG photos. If your Dad is Still alive please give him my regards as one of his old hands.
Kind regards
Ray Wood (Dimples)

Message posted 3-3-2010
my name is Alan Bailey, my Father Roy Bailey was on the tugs in Gravesend all his life, same as his father, we moved to Harwich when Felixstowe opened up, along with  a lot of tug crew families, my uncle Sid Ambrose was also on their all his life.
Do any of the names ring a bell with anyone ? 

Message posted 25-2-2010
Hi Eric,  Yes I'm ok and not doing too bad, I took the money and ran about 4 years ago.  I'm  65 in November this year.   I think I got out at the right time.  The early years were the best on the tugs  the last few years in the tugs the fun was spoilt by health and safety. I can remember one time when moored at Gravesend pier and the tug you were in landed heavy on us. I asked you why you did  not put a fender in? the reply was, if I had a good skipper on the wheel  I would not need one .it's his fault we banged not mine. As for a job I  work as skipper on the Kingfisher trust charity boat on the Medway at Wateringbury made for disabled people. Its only one day a week, in the summer and unpaid yes unpaid. I have not had a good meat duff for years my good lady will not let me cook one at home because it will make her fat!!!!!!!!!!! (so she says) All the best. Peter (snorkel)

Message posted 23-2-2010
Hi Snorkey,how are you?.They were good days and not to be forgotten,funny how the older we get the more we remember from our past.are you still afloat or retired like me,i can still remember the smell of those steam tugs,hot oil,steam and a nice meat "duff" on the go in the galley,and of course the smell of tarred were lucky like me to have worked both ends of the river ,both completly different jobs,both rewarding. there  seems to be more old hands coming forward now,i,m sure they have good memories to,maybe they will do a bit of button wishes Eric Cawsey.
Message posted 22-2-2010
FAO Eric Cawsey;
Hi Eric (Tadpole), It sound like you can remember everybody, I wished I could! What I can remember is being ship out of the Sun XVI by Chunky and told I need London training and I went up into the Sun XI with Croak, your dad of course, and that was the best thing that Chunky ever done for me!  I had a whale time, but it did not last for long and I went back to Gravesend. Hope you are keeping well, all the best, Snorkel (Peter Sutherland)




Message posted 15-2-2010
In reply to Eric Cawsey: yes my dad is Bill Hardie.
Paul Hardie
Message posted 12-2-2010
Hi Paul Hardie ,is your dad "Bill" who worked on the Sunrise in the sixties,regards Eric Cawsey
Message posted 28-1-2010
The where abouts of ted lynch is correct, i do in fact have his sons email address, who i think lives there too, Ff you want to contact me and i will pass it on,    
Yours Sincerely
 Nolly Harvey
Message posted 25-1-2010.
Further to the request to know the whereabouts of Ted Lynch and Jimmy Lakey. I am told that Ted is now living in Spain Ted was senior dechand on the SUN x1 when I was cook aboard that tug and Jimmy was mate under Fred Cawsey.
I have no idea where Jimmy might be now and I would guess he would be in his early 80s now.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards
Ray Wood
Message posted 1-1-2010
Hi, my father was on the tug Empire Wold, when it got lost on 10 nov. 1944 before he was on Tanga and Gondia, he got killed when he was sent out to  rescue from the sea men from the tanker Shirvan and it was also an icelandic steamship Godafoss which was hit from the u-boat U-300 ,this was a very sad  day here in Iceland, I dont think Empire Wold got lost in bad weather, what happened? I am sure they got hit by torpedo or mine or somthing else ,not bad  weather. My fathers name was Oswin Green always called Harry, he was 25 year old. I dont know why I am writing  this now,perhaps I  was looking at a new icelandic film about this day on Tv on Xmasday and started thinking about all this. I met 3 of my fathers friends  some years ago they  were on the same tugs with him but they had left Iceland when this happend to my fathers Tug. it was Alf Dunlop ,Harry  Arnold (Captain Blood) and  Spike ,Georgs ?  I have some photos of him and some crewmembers from Tanga and I think Gondia. It would be nice to hear from someone that knows  anyone. I know it is a long time ago, but it is ok. to ask ? I was only 9 months old but I always think about this . Sorry if my  english is not so good, you know I
speak icelandic ,was born here and have lived here all  my life .Best regards to you all out there and happy new year.
Thorunn Green.
Your English is 100 percent better than my Icelandic would be Thorunn. Is there anyone out there who would like to get in touch with Thorunn?? As she says this is a long time ago and the incident will surely remain one of the unsolved mysteries of the sea but I am sure she would appreciate contact from anyone with any info at all. Thorunn hopefully is sending over the pictures she mentions soon.