A copy of his reference, kindly supplied by Daniel Lane [Australia]


K Watson coll 


Photo Courtesy Paul Lamplough
Lighterman and tug owner W T Beaumont and his wife Anne about 1930. Photo courtesy Paul Lamplough.

Wally, son of W T Beaumont and family members aboard Rodney II. Photo courtesy Paul Lamplough.


a reference letter concerning Frank Roberts, kindly sent in by Craig Roberts. H Marks had a Bakers shop in Three Colt Street and was also a local Justice of the Peace.


The indentures of John Smith's Grandfather, apprenticed to his father in turn to be a lighterman. Photo John Smith.

A reference letter from Vokins Ltd., concerning John Smith's father. Photo John Smith.


A collection of letters and other memorabilia kindly donated by John Weller. These deal with the construction of Culex in Germany in 1957 and the career of his father, Norman Weller, who worked for J P Knight, Gaselee, Ship Towage Ltd and London Tugs Ltd. All items are copyright  to John Weller and may not be reproduced without his permission. 



A collection of reference letters supporting Montague W T Jones, who worked for William Cory Ltd,  in his bid to become a Pilot. Kindly donated by Monte Jones, Auckland.

 I thought you might use this in the memorabilia section. This is the ticket to the Gaselee 75th anniversary dinner/dance. All the Captains were presented with the "Directory of Wharves" which wascompiled by those who signed the ticket.

Best wishes, Keith Watson

A Vokins lighterage football team. Photo courtesy Keith Watson

A copy of a barge builders apprenticeship indentures kindly supplied by Jenny Cornelius.