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Two cuttings from 1933 newspaper concerning Gamecock. Courtesy John Mason.
Calendar Headers from the collection of Ron Stanford.
Two pieces of ATC publicity material, courtesy Nolly Harvey.
Winning crew of the Tugs race at an early 1960's Gravesend Shrimpers regatta. L-R Colin Gardner, Brian Wood, Geoff Smith, Roy Smallwood. At front Keith Gardner and Miss Shrimper. [Anyone know her name??] Photo Colin Gardner.
24-6-2008. John Mason identified the young lady as Penelope Mordue, who lived in Gravesend, and went on to pursue a career in modelling. He confirms year as 1963 or 1964.
Pages from a 1937 Agreement between the TGWU and Gravesend owners. Courtesy Keith Watson
A 1944 letter from John Rogers Watkins to Captain George Lowe. Courtesy Mike Houckham.
Two more documents concerning Capt. George Lowe from the collection of Mike Houckham.
Newspaper clipping re Capt. John 'Jack' Sherritt. Courtesy Les Sherritt.
Tanga's bell, now in the possession of Bob Fleming, son of Ship Towage's superintendent Norman Fleming. Photo B Fleming.
Two photo's from the collection of Bob Fleming, son of Ship Towage's superintendent Norman Fleming.The upper pic is of the bell from Tanga, which is in his possession, The lower pics show
s a young Bob, the lad in the middle distance, aboard an unknown Gravesend tug awaiting the return of the Queen from the Coronation Tour. [See also Bob's message in Mess Room.]
Letter from Admiralty regarding Rescue Tug Service 1917-1918. Kindly donated by Harold Russell.