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It is with sadness that I have to report that Dennis McCarthy, remembered as Arthur, sadly passed away on 6th February 2018 at hospital in Manchester.
He was cook of the Watercock, and one of life's real characters. I will miss him greatly.- Tony Gregory
A couple of interesting Pics kindly sent by Mike Houckham. This first one shows Cervia towing The Bounty out of Ramsgate Harbour.
Pic courtesy Mike Houckham. Photog unknown.
Another view of Ramsgate from Mike H. Simla is against the wall with another Watkins tug astern of her. However the Watkins tug centre right is the intriguing one. I think this is in fact Rumania [1] ex Dreadful. If so this dates the pic 1920-1923. Probably 1923 when she was laid up at Ramsgate pending sale, eventually returning to the West Coast of Canada from whence she came originally. Other opinions gratefully received.
26-2-2018 Two new messages in 2018 Mess Room.
 Bernard Press [L] and Frank Boyd aboard Rumania whilst she was towing from Sydney to Genoa in 1947. Photo courtesy George Boyd.
Anyone know anything about these two  piccies.  Ship is Stricks Tangistan, looks to be aground as does tug alongside. Photos from Patsy Davis colln
Photo Patrick 'Patsy'  Davis colln.
This photo and the one below are again from the collection of 'Patsy' Davis. Patsy in centre of the above and on the left below. Anyone got any other identifications please.
24-2-2008 Re latest pictures posted showing Patrick (Patsy) Davis, the chap standing on the left is my Father - Terry Grant who was chief engineer and a great friend of Patsy, they worked together for many years. I also joined Sun tugs at Gravesend in 1964, my 1st job being boy on Sun XV where Pat was 2nd Engineer.
 Trevor Grant.
Another photo from the collection of the late Patrick 'Patsy' Davis.
12-02-2018 David Brown advises -  This was a trial single point mooring for BP in the Nore anchorage similar to the SPM on the Humber at Tetney. It wasn’t a success and ended its days at North Woolwich just above the KG entrance. The photo is probably taken from SUN XIX or SUN XX.

The late Patrick Stewart Davis on board a Sun Tug [Possibly Sun V of which he was certainly a crew member for some time]. Can anybody identify the lad on the left. The photo is from Patsy's collection and has been very kindly made available by his niece.

Can any of the old hands identify anybody in this piccie. The guy on the left is the late Patrick Stewart Davis and the photo has been very kindly made available by his niece and some more of his pics and memorabilia will appear soon.
10-2-2018  Jackie Taylor [Patsy's niece] has supplied some names; L-R Patsy; Bill Hurdle; Fred Patterson; unknown.

Photos K Haydon coll
7--2016 Thorunn Green in Iceland is asking if anyone out there can name any of these guys or even hazard a guess as to which vessel the pic was taken on. She thinks there may be a possibility that the guy second left in the white shirt may be her father, Harry Green. Any thoughts, however vague you may think, would be appreciated.
18-02-2017 - re c247 The man second left is my uncle Fred. No notation on photo, but from his age and the fact that all personnel look roughly same age it was probably taken at end of war or late 40's. Kevin Haydon.

More 1950'ish crew photo's from Kevin Haydon. C246 and C247 possibly taken on Muria or Racia. Any Identities appreciated.


 This is believed to be Captain George Lowe of the Simla. Photo K Haydon colln.

[I know of at least one person out there who should be able to confirm or deny this!]
3-10-2013 hi pete, sadly but most definitely, its not my grandfather george lowe, but a great picture nonetheless , so the question now is, who is it. maybe its georges brother arthur !, but i have never seen a photo of arthur, who died on the bridge of the muria. -  mike houckham
Come on old hands ----I need your help again!!!!!
8-10-2013 C245 2nd left = Fred Morgan i think. - Nolly Harvey
13-10-2013 - Pete, hi looks like the skipper in picture C245 and C244 are the same person??
Cheers, John Grainger.