Although strictly not a River Thames based company, its larger  tugs being based on the River Medway, although smaller units were active in the London lighterage industry, I have now included the J P Knight fleet list for a couple of reasons. Firstly their ship handling tugs did occasionally help out on the Thames at times of shortage of vessels and perhaps more importantly for many years Captain Ray Harrison, on his Riverman website covered the fleet in great detail and from personal experience. Sadly, following his death Ray's site has now disappeared from the Internet leaving a void regarding this company.
This page is therefore dedicated to the memory of the late Captain Ray Harrison.


Built 1894 by Montrose SB&E co.  Montrose. L69'. B16.4'. D8.2'. 62grt. 55nhp steam engine by Gourlay, Dundee. ON104820.

1894 Delivered to J.P. Knight (London).1928 Sunk after collision off Timothy's Wharf, Millwall. Raised and extensively overhauled by Poplar Dry Dock and returned to service. 1946  Laid up. 1947  Dismantled at Rochester and hulked.


 Built 1894 by Montrose Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Montrose. 69.2'x16.4'x8.2'. 62grt. 150ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Gourlay, Dundee.  ON10820318

1894 Laid up at Montrose. 1897 Acquired by J P Knight, London.  1-11-1905  Sold  to The Steamship Owners Coaling Association Ltd. 19-3-1914 Sold to Wm.Cory & Sons Ltd., London.  6-4-1916  Transferred to Cory Lighterage, London. 29-12-1928 Sold to Henry Moore (barge owner) Belvedere. 1933 Scrapped.  

 Built 1966 by Thames & General Lighterage, Brentford. 12.6m x 3.4m x 1.5m. 16GRT. 110bhp Gardiner 6LX diesel, with 3:1 reverse reduction gear.

1966 Delivered to J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd., Rochester. 198? Chartered to Jubb Marine Services. 19?? Sold to  to Alan Bennett.
19?? Owner JP Knight. 1999 Acquired by SETS - South Eastern Tug Society for preservation. 2016 Still in existence as Medway Fearnought.


Built 1943 by Rowhedge Ironworks,Rowhedge. Yd 615 Wood carvel built. 54' x 13.1' x 5.6'. 11GRT. 105bhp 6cyl 120mmx142mmS AEC Ltd, Southall diesel. ON 300564

1943 To Admiralty as harbour launch at Scapa Flow as HL 306. 1946 Transferred to  Admiralty, Devonport Dockyard as C 674.   1959 Sold to  E, Gearry, Rochester. New 6 cyl Gardner engine fitted.  18-8-1960 Acquired by J. P. Knight Ltd, London and renamed Fervent. 19-1-1961 Sold to Isle of Scilly Steamship Co. Ltd. as passenger launch renamed Gugh. 8-5-1961 Registry transferred to Scilly Isles. 1991 Sold to D. Pitman,Southampton and laid up. 1995 Converted to a yacht  . No further trace.

1924 Built by Waters, Margate.  wooden clinker built fishing vessel. 20' x 7'6" x 2'6". 15hp Bourgious engine.
1924 Delivered to Bailey & Stone, Ramsgate named  Brenda. 1939 Acquired by J. P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd., and converted to a salvage launch. Renamed Fidelity. 1943 Rebuilt by J. P. Knight. 1956 Sold.  No further trace.


1940 Built at Rochester. Wooden launch tug. 24' x 9' x 3'. 44hp Kelvin J4 engine.
1940 Built by Mr. Lewis (J. P. Knight employee) for J. P. Knight (Rochester) a wooden launch tug for towing a water barge.1965  Sold to Pelican Boatyard,Strood  .


Built 1955 by ????. 40'.0" x 10'.6" x ???? 80 bhp.

1964 Acquired by J.P. Knight Ltd. 1966 Sold to ?????.  


Built 1878 by Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Co Ltd., Blackwall. Iron screw tug. L60'. B6.13'. D6.6'. 32grt. 20nhp 2cyl steam engine by J Stewart, Blackwall. ON79610

1878 Delivered to William G Allen, Greenwich, named Hawk. 1894 Reengined 160ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Plenty and Son, Newbury. 16-10-1897 Sold to Herbert Kent, London. 30-4-1901 Acquired by J P Knight Ltd., London.  1902 Transferred to J P Knight [Medway Lighterage Ltd] Rochester. 1927 Rebuilt and renamed Kenley. 1954 Scrapped.


Built 1881 by G. K. Smith, Newcastle. Iron tug. 56' x 11.2' x 7.5'. 31.03GRT. 100ihp 1cyl 16"x22"S  steam engine by R J Marshall, S. Shields. ON84431.
 8-3-1882 Registered at Rochester to Charles Taylor,  Rochester, James Taylor, Whitstable, Samuel Scrivener, Rochester and William Seager, Chatham. 1-8-1888 James Taylor dies, shares go to Agnes Taylor [widow]. 12-6-1897 Agnes Taylor dies shares go to James Barnes and William Cornish Snow. 11-7-1889 Owners Charles Taylor, Samuel Scrivener, William Seagers, James barnes and William Cornish Snow.  11-3-1902  Acquired by J. P. Knight and Rowland John Jeffries, London. 26-3-1904 Sold to Associated Portland Cement Co. Ltd. London.  1924 Sold to John B Vincent, London 1930 No Trace.


 Built 1914 by Edwards & Co. Ltd., Millwall. 42' x 9.6' x 5.2'. 13GRT. ON136685
1914 Delivered to  Medway Lighterage Co., (J. P. Knight) Rochester. for towing on Upper Medway, Allington to Tonbridge. 1914 Req for Admiralty service at Brightlingsea. 1919 Returned to owner. 1920 Sold to James Henderson, Kingston, Jamaica. 1924  Sold to Joseph Keffer, Kingston, Jamaica. 1925 No trace.


Built 1892  by  A.W. Robertson & Co., Canning Town 65.9'x15'x8.2'. 50grt. 220ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON99065

1892 Delivered to Kaiser Steam Tug Co (James Percy Knight) London. 29-9-1910 Sold to Robert E.V. James, Southampton. 12-10-1910  Lost while in tow of the tug AJAX, abandoned through stress of weather 10 miles E. of the Owers .


Built 1937 by James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd. Faversham. 65'.2"x16'.0"x6'.7". 56 GRT, 2 NRT. 300bhp 3cyl Allen diesel engine. ON164507

1937 Completed named Landay.  1937 Sold to J.P. Knight Ltd London, renamed Kara. 1944 Re-engined diesel Polar-Atlas, 450bhp 1946 Refitted by Pollocks, Faversham. 1973 Scrapped  by T.W. Ward Ltd., Grays.


Built 1892 by A W Robertson, Canning Town. Canning Town.  L75.1'. B14.4'. D6'. 38grt. 25nhp 2cyl compound steam engine steam engine. ON99095.

1892 Delivered to J.P. Knight (London). 23-11-1903 -Sunk after collision in Limehouse Reach, off Deptford whilst in tow of Kestrel. 1904 Hull completely rebuilt by Edwards & Co. Ltd. Millwall. Returned to service for J.P. Knight. 1914 On Admiralty service at Upnor Armanent Depot 1934 Scrapped.
 KATHLEEN [1936]

Built  1936 by J.S. White & Co., East Cowes . 60.3'x 15.4'x8.3 '. 47.41GRT.  260bph Two stroke SA 4cyl 250mm x 420mmS Atlas Diesel Co., Stockholm diesel. ON163251.
15-7-1936 Registered at Rochester to J.P. Knight Ltd., London. 1939 Requisitioned by UK Admiralty, based at Chatham. 28-03-1947 Returned to owners. 4-4-1962 Registry transferred to London.

KATRA [1936]

Built 1936 by J. Samuel White & Co Ltd., East Cowes, Isle of Wight. (YN 1815)  66'0"x17'6"x8'2". 528bhp 7cyl Polar-Atlas diesel engine. ON 164715

1936 Delivered to J.P. Knight Ltd., London. 24-5-1941 Req for Admiralty service at Glasgow. 16-11-1943 Returned to owners. 1982 Scrapped.
 KATRA [1961]

1961 Built by P.K. Harris & Sons Ltd.,  Appledore.  (YN 136) Girl class tug. 61'6"x17'x7'6". 38GRT. 502bhp Lister-Blackstone type ERS6MR diesel engine.
1961 Delivered to the Ministry of Defence (Port Auxiliary Service],  London, based at Portland, named Agnes [A113]. 23-7-1983 Sold to J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd., renamed Katra.
1991 Sold to Alan C. Bennett & Sons Ltd.,  Rochester, renamed Naja. 7-2003 Laid up at Strood . 4-2005 Sold to ?? at Whitstable. 200? Sold to Lavington International Ltd., Gibraltar , managers Murray Tugs (Nore Maritime Shipping Ltd),  Queenborough Kent. 2007 Sold for breaking up.

KAWARA [1934]

Built 1934 by J Pollock, Faversham. 74grt 65x17.5x8 455bhp 7cyl Polar diesel ON163531

1934 Delivered to J P Knight Ltd, London.  1973 Scrapped by T W Ward Ltd., Grays. 
KELPY [1898]

 Built 1898 by C. Napier & Son, Southampton. 65'x14'x7.9'. 45GRT. 150ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON109925
1898 Delivered to Joseph Constant, London shipowner, named  Rapid. 12-1-1899 Sold with equal shares to Charles Taylor, Samuel Scrivener, James Barnes,
William Snow and William Seagers all residing in the Medway Towns. 11-3-1902 Acquired by J.P. Knight and Rowland John Jeffries, London, , for schooner and lighter towage on the Medway. 10-4-1907 Renamed Kelpy 1914 Req for  Admiralty service. (harbour tug). 1928 Scrapped at Rochester.  

KELPY [1934]

Built 1934 by  J Samuel White and Co Cowes. Steel 48grt. 60.6x14.7x8.1 300bhp 4 stroke 3cyl 12.8"x14.6"S W H Allen, Bedford,  diesel. ON163247

16-10-1934 Registered at Rochester  to J.P. Knight (London) Ltd. 1940 Req for Admiralty boom defence service. 1941 Returned to owner. 1941 Refitted  by Pollocks, Faversham.  1942 Req for Admiralty service at Poole. 1945 Returned to owner. 1946 Reengined 350bhp Two stroke 6cyl 250mm x 420mmS British Auxiliaries, Glasgow,  diesel by White, Cowes. 4-4-1962 Transferred to London registry. 1971 Sold for scrap to Shipbreaking, Queenboro Ltd. Scrapped near Wouldham.


 Built 1940 by Richards Iron Works Ltd.,  Lowestoft. 60'6"x15'4"x6'4". 41GRT. 300bhp 4cyl 250mm x 420mmS British Auxiliaries, Glasgow,  diesel. ON166744
19-4-1940 Registered at Rochester  to J.P. Knight Ltd.,  London, named Keston.  1969 Renamed Kelvedon. 1-7-1975 Sold to J P Knight [Rochester] Ltd. 1979 Scrapped. 23-1-1980 Register closed.

Built 1960 by Theodor Buschmann Schiffswerft, Hamburg. (YN 77) 86'x24.9'x9.8' 119.20GRT. 1000bhp 8cyl 300mm x 450mmS MAN-Nurnberg A G., Augsburg, type G8V30/45 diesel. Variable pitch prop. ON 300563 IMO 5184980
1960 Unknown owner. 27-6-1975 Registered at Rochester to J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd., Rochester    198? Bowthruster added, bp 16t total (138 GRT). 12-6-1991 To Humber Tugs Ltd., Grimsby. 14-5-1993 Register closed Sold foreign. 1993 Sold to Jan Stepniewski S-ka, Gdynia, renamed Irbis. 2008 Sold to COMAL,  Gdansk  renamed Wojtec
KENDAL [1939]

Built 1939 by Ateliers and Chantiers Ziegler, Dunkerque. (YN 97). 110.1'x25.6'x12.2'. . 201.23GRT. 1160bhp 8cyl 390mmx260mmS Ziegler-Werkspoor diesel. ON 305827 IMO 5204845.

1939 Delivered to Soc. Dunkerquoise de Remorquage et de Sauvetage, Dunkirk named Le Robuste.   20-5-1940 Requisitioned by the French Navy. 26-5-1940 Sunk by airplane bomb at Dunkirk. 6-1940 Raised and repaired by the German Kriegsmarine. 9-1945 Returned to owner.  2-6-1964 Registered at Rochester to  J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd., Rochester, renamed Kendal.      21-6-1969 sold to Shipbreaking [Queenboro] Ltd. 14-8-1969 Register closed .  Sold to S.AR.AN - Societa Armamento Ancona SpA,  Ancona, renamed Dorico Secondo.      1988 No longer listed.
KENDAL [1972]

Built 1972 by Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co Ltd., Hong Kong. 96.6' x 29.6' x 12'. 281.99GRT. 2100bhp  6cyl 15"x20"S Mirrlees-Blackstone, Manchester, type KMR-6 diesel. ON 343832 IMO 7204253 MMSI:259303000
3-1972 Delivered to Hong Kong Salvage & Towage Co Ltd., Hong Kong, named Kau Lung. 16-2-1979 Renamed Kendal. 5-4-1979 Registered at Rochester to  to J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd., Rochester.  1995 Sold to Trond A. Kittilsen Shipping A/S, Brevik, renamed Vrangsund.       2006 Sold to Falcon Shipping FZC, Ras-al-Khaimar, renamed Sea Falcon.
KENLEY [1878]

Built 1878 by Thames Ironworks Ltd.,  Blackwall. Iron. L60.1'. B13'. D6.6'. 32grt. 30nhp 160ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON79610.
1878 Delivered to William G Allen, Greenwich named Hawk. 16-10-1897 Sold to Herbert Kent, London. 1901 Acquired by J.P. Knight (London) Ltd. 1902 Transferred to J.P. Knight (Medway Lighterage). Rebuilt and renamed Kenley. 1954 Scrapped.

KENLEY [1958]

Built 1958 by Lobnitz and Co Ltd, Renfrew. YN1152. 99.1'x28.1'xx12.7'. 245.55GRT. 1500bhp 8cyl 340mm x 570mmS British Polar Engines, Glasgow. type MN18 diesel. ON 187215 IMO 5185180

21-3-1958 Launched. 22-5-1958 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., London. [operated under Caledonian Towage Co Ltd., at Invergordon.]      3-1984 Broken up by Liguria Maritime Ltd., Milton Creek, Sittingbourne. 3-7-1985 Register closed 'broken up'.
KENLEY [1985]

Built 1985 by Hanasaki Zosensho,  Yokosuka (YN 198) FiFi tug. Pollution control tug. 33.841m x 10.27m x 4.45m. 360GRT. 108NRT 3200bhp 2 x 6cyl 280mm x 320mmS Niigata type 6L28BXE diesels. 2 x FPP Z-Peller units. ON 709291 IMO 8420945 /MMSI:232003492

  3-1985 Keel laid. 1985 Registered in Japan as Yokosuko Maru and did 1 tow to become second hand. Shipped to Rotterdam and towed to Ostend. 21-1-1986 Renamed Kenley. 7-2-1986 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight [Rochester] Ltd.    1991 Taken over by Humber Tugs Ltd., Grimsby, renamed Lady Brenda. 1996 Taken over by Howard Smith Towage Ltd., London. 2001 Taken over by Adsteam (UK) Ltd., Hull, stationed at Sheerness. 2006 Taken over by Svitzer UK Ltd. 2008 Renamed Svitzer Brenda.
KENNET [1890]

Built 1890 by Willoughby Bros.,  Plymouth. L62.4'. B14.1'. D7.6'. 42grt. 35nhp steam engine. ON98183.

1890 -Delivered to  Joseph Constant, London named  Success. 9-6-1892 Sold to Co-operative Lighterage Association Ltd., London. 21-11-1896  Sold to Henry Lafone, Butlers Wharf, London. 5-12-1896 Sold to Henry Reekie, London waterman. 1898  Acquired by J.P. Knight, London 1906  Renamed Kennet. 1929  Rebuilt at Slipway Yard, Rochester. 1940 - 1941 Req for  Admiralty service (boom tender) renamed HMS Crevice. 1941 returned to owner renamed Kennet. 1954 Scrapped.
KENNET [1918]

Built 1918 by Crabtree & Co Ltd., Great Yarmouth. (YN 171) 88.5'x21.2x10.6' 132.50GRT 600ihp 2cyl 15" x 32" x 24"S compound steam engine by builder. Boiler by J Neilson and Sons, Glasgow. ON 143039

1918 Ordered by the War Office as H.S. 92. 10-1918 Delivered to the Admiralty named West Heath. 1919 Transferred to War Office renamed HS 92. 1921 To Crichton Thompson & Co Ltd., London, renamed West Heath.       1923 Sold to Remorquage A. Letzer SA., Antwerpen, renamed Astrid. 23-8-1938 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., London. 1938 Renamed Kestrel. 9-10-1940 Req by  Admiralty for boom defence duties.  11-5-1946 Returned to owners. 1955 Renamed Kennet. 1960 Scrapped by J. Lynch & Co.,  Rainham, Kent. 9-3-1961 Register closed 'broken up'.
KENNET [1965]
Built 1965 by Richards Shipbuilders Ltd, Lowestoft. 102'x30.1'x11.3'. 223.94GRT 2000bhp 6cyl 15"x20"S Mirrlees National Ltd, Stockport, Diesel, ON308447

6-7-1965 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., Rochester, 27-6-1975 Sold to J P Knight [Rochester] Ltd. 12-6-1991 Sold to Humber Tugs Ltd, Grimsby.

KENT [1903]

Built 1903 by Edwards and Co Millwall. Millwall. L59'. B14.4'. D5.9'.  35grt. 22nhp steam engine by Vauxhall Ironworks, London. ON118296

1903 Owner J P Knight Ltd., London. 1942 Scrapped at Rochester. 

KENT [1948]

Built 1948 by Richards Iron Works Ltd., Lowestoft. 81.4'x22'x9.6'. 121.06GRT. 880bhp 5cyl 340mmx570mmS British Polar Engines, Govan, type M45M No E657 diesel.

11-8-1948 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., London.  12-10-1995 To South Eastern Tug Society, Chatham for Preservation. 2016 Still in existence in full working order based Chatham Docks.


Built 1913 by Montrose Shipbuilding Co Ltd., Montrose. 400ihp T3cyl steam engine by W.V.V.Lidgerwood, Coatbridge.

8-1913 Launched for Orient Lighterage Co., London, named Viking. 1913 Delivered to Admiralty, for general dockyard duties in Chatham, renamed Terrier. 1936 Reboilered at Chatham Dockyard. 15-3-1948 Sold to J.P. Knight Ltd., London with a bent propeller shaft, shaft replaced and overhauled, renamed Kerne. 13-9-1948 Sold to Straits Steamship Co Ltd., Liverpool. 30-4-1965 To Liverpool Lighterage Co Ltd., Liverpool. 4-1971 Laid up. 10-1971 For preservation to the founders of the 1973 formed North West Steamship Co Ltd., Liverpool. 2016 Still in existence.
    KESTON [1904]
Built 1904 by Edwards & Co Ltd., Millwall. L49.4’. B13.1’. D4.6’. 22grt. 75ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Hoskins, Bermondsey. ON118467.
1904 Delivered to J P Knight Ltd., London. 1916 Sold to William Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1934 Owners Cory Lighterage Ltd., London. 1935 Scrapped.
     KESTON [1940]
See under KELVEDON.

KESTREL [1897]

Built 1897 by Lytham Shipbuilding and Engineering Co Ltd.,  Lytham.YN234. single screw steel steam tug.  L71'. B17'. D9'. 70grt 50nhp 325ihp 3cyl 11"x17.25"x29"x22"stroke triple expansion steam engine by builder. ON108252.

1897 Delivered to Kaiser Steam Tug Co.,  Blackwall for £4500. 1934[by] Owners J P Knight Ltd., London.  1938 Scrapped.
KESTREL [1918]

See under KENNET
KESTREL [1955]

Built 1955 by J. Samuel White & Co Ltd., Cowes. (YN 1981)  95.7' x 28' x 11.6'. 206.56GRT. 1150bhp 8cyl 340mmx 570mmS British Polar Engines, Glasgow diesel. ON187202
IMO 5185946

11-11-1955 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., London.  1971-1973 Chartered to Union de Remorquage et de Sauvetage SA., Antwerpen. 1983 Scrapped at Milton Creek, Sittingbourne. 3-7-1985 Registry closed 'broken up'.

KESTREL [1983]

Built 1983 by Hanasaki Zosensho KK., Yokosuka. L36,28m, B10,52m, D3,15m 360rt 108NRT 3400bhp 2x 6cyl 280mm x 320mmS Kabushii Kaisha Hawasaki, Yokosuka diesel 2 Z-peller

1983 Delivered to ?? named Kuroshio. 5-12-1985 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight [Rochester] Ltd.,  renamed Kestrel. 1991 To Howard Smith Towage Ltd., London, renamed Lady Morag. 199? To Adsteam (UK) Ltd., Hull. 2006 Renamed Adsteam Morag. 2007 To Svitzer [UK] Ltd.

KESTREL [1985]

Built 1985 by Hanasaki Zosensho KK., Yokosuka (YN 197) FiFi tug. 38Mx19.27Mx3.12M. 298GRT. 3200bhp 2 x 6cyl Niigata type 6L28BXE diesels. 2 x stern mounted azimuth units. ON 709289 IMO 8420933 MMSI:232004166
1985 Delivered Hanasaki Shosen KK named Yokosuka Maru No 1.    5-12-1985 Registered at Rochester to J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd. 1986 Chartered to Cory Towage Ltd., London. 30-4-1990 Sold to Cory Towage Ltd., London. 10-8-1990 Renamed Strongbow 1992 Renamed Dalegarth. 23-9-1992 Regn transferred to Milford Haven. 15-12-1992 Rochester regn closed. 2000 Taken over by Svitzer Marine Ltd., Milford Haven. 2006 Still in service

KEVERNE [1908]

Built 1908 by Cook Welton and Gemmell Ltd., Beverley. L95'. B19'. D10.3'. 116.07grt. 460ihp 2cyl 17"x36"x24"S.compound steam engine by Vauxhall and West Hydraulic engine Co Ltd, Luton. ON124821

22-2-1908 Launched. 18-4-1908 Delivered to Thomas Gray & Co Ltd.,Hull named Kinsman. 3-1-1917 Req for Admiralty examination service on Humber 9-5-1919 Returned to owner. 15-4-1921 To United Towing Co Ltd., Hull. 14-9-1932 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., London renamed Keverne 1938 Sunk on the moorings at Rochester, refloated and reconditioned by R.H. Green & Silley Weir Ltd., Blackwall. 27-8-1939 Req for UK Admiralty examination service. 23-3-1942 Returned to owner. 15-1-1943 Sold to the UK Ministry of War Transport (MOWT) and converted to salvage vessel by Camper & Nicholson., Southampton 3-3-1943 Rochester regn closed at request of MOWT. 9-1944 On UK Admiralty salvage service. 10-6-1946 UK Admiralty service ended 1947 Sold to Dimitri N. Vernicos, Piraeus, renamed Eleni II. 194? To Nicolas E. Vernicos Shipping Co., Piraeus. 1957 To Vassilios Mitsos, Michael Bias, Emmanuel Hasparis & Lambros Massaros, Piraeus.
1957 Converted to cargo ship, re-engined 280bhp 4cyl Burmeister & Wain diesel. 1958 Renamed Nicolaos. 1978 To G. & J. Xindaralos and E. Vezos. Piraeus. 1981 Not in registers.

KEVERNE [1960]

Built 1960 by John I. Thornycroft & Co Ltd., Southampton. (YN 4189) 111.5'x28.1'x11.5' 218.16GRT. 1650bp  8cyl 13.39"x22.44"S British-Polar Engines, Glasgow diesel. Constant pitch prop in nozzle. ON 300562

25-5-1960 Registered at Rochester to J.P. Knight Ltd., London. 1-7-1975 Sold to J P Knight [Rochester] Ltd. 11-6-1986 Rochester regn closed 'sold Irish owners'.         1986 Sold to Erin International Enterprises Ltd., Dublin, renamed Vaya Con Dios.   1995 Deleted from L.R. as private yacht. 200? To Marchand Brothers, Zeebrugge, renamed March.  No further trace.   

Built 1930 by Medway Slipway & Co (J.P. Knight), Rochester. 60'0"x16'0"x6'8". 42.51GRT, 0 NRT.  2cyl AB Atlas Diesel, Stockholm diesel. ON 160702.

4-1928 Keel laid.  7-1930  Launched. 2-9-1930 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., London. 1943 Engine rebuilt at Rochester. 1959 Re-engined diesel 5cyl (1936) Polar-Atlas type M6, 375 bhp (second hand from a Port Clyde Pilot vessel), fitted by Greenwich Marine at Rochester. 2-4-1962 Sold to J P Knight [London] Ltd., London. 4-4-1962 Regn transferred to London.   1964 Re-engined diesel Lister, 495bhp-369kW, fitted by R.H. Green & Silley Weir Ltd., Blackwall. 1982 Broken up at Grays, Essex.
KIEVE [1907]

Built 1907 by H.J. Koopman, Dordrecht. 71.0'x18.1'x9.3'. 67 GRT, 0 NRT. 375ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON 125581

1907 Delivered to Thames Steam Tug & Lighterage Co Ltd., London  named Agnes.  1936 Sold to J.P. Knight, London, renamed Kieve. 1947 Sold to John Deheer Ltd., Hull, renamed Ian. 1958 Sank in Victoria Dock, Hull, raised & declared a CTL, sold for breaking up.

KIEVE 1957

Built 1957 by Thames Launch Works, Twickenham. 40.0'x11.0'x5.0'. 15GRT. 114bhp 6cyl Gardner diesel.

1957 Delivered to Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London named Esso Tilbury. 1967 Sold to J.P. Knight Ltd., London, renamed Kieve. 19?? Sold to unknown. 1990 Seen at York. No further trace.

Built 1974 by Richards (Shipbuilders) Ltd., Great Yarmouth (YN 516) 81.9'x29.6'x11.2'. 233GRT. 2400bhp 2x 8cyl 9.5"x12"S W A Allen and Sons, Bedford, type 8PBCS12-DX diesel. Twin screw. ON362319 IMO 7341154

23-7-1974 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., Rochester. 4-10-1978 Regn transferred to Kirkwall. 1-6-1990 Re-registered at Rochester. 2006 Still in service.


Built 1953 by W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd., Northwich. (YN 879) 75'0"x19'8"x8'3.1/2". 77GRT. 550BHP 5cyl Crossley Diesel. ON 185851
2-1953 Delivered to Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London named Esso Greenwich. 1966 Sold to Silvertown Services Lighterage Ltd., London, renamed Silvergilt. 1971 Sold to J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd., Rochester, renamed Kitava. 1978  Sold to Metal Recoveries (Metrec Orkney) Ltd.,  Newhaven, renamed Metrec. 19?? Sold to Pounds Shipbreakers, Portsmouth. 1980 Sold to Pagasitikos Shipping Co., Piraeus, mng Pantelis Kovoulis, Volos, renamed Lacon. 2005 Still listed.

KITE [1902]
Built 1902 by Lytham Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd., Lytham St.Annes. 72.9'x17.6'x8.6'. 69 GRT 250ihp 3cylTE steam engine by builder. ON115949.
1902 Delivered to J.P. Knight Ltd., London. 1914 Req for  Admiralty service (Thames / Medway boom defence) 1918 Returned to owners 1938 Transferred from London to Medway for ship towage. 1939 Req for  Admiralty service (Medway Examination service) 1940 Returned to owner. 1943 Scrapped at Rochester.
KITE [1952]
 Built 1952 by Richards Iron Works Ltd.,  Lowestoft. (YN 408) 80'0"x22'0"x9'1". 118 GRT. 960bhp 5cyl 340mmX570mmS BritishPolar Engines, Govan diesel. ON 184224.

16-9-1952 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., London. 1-7-1975 Sold to J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd, Rochester.  1982 Scrapped at Milton Creek, Sittingbourne. (wheelhouse used for the yard's guard dogs). 10-1-1983 Regn closed 'broken up'.

Built 1924 by Medway Ship Building and Engineering Co.,  Rochester. L47.7'. B10.6'. D5.1'. 20.57grt. 20nhp 2cyl 8"x16"x16"S compound steam engine by Mumford Ltd., Colchester. Boiler by Riley Bros., Stockton-on-Tees. ON148363.

17-9-1924 Registered at Rochester to James Percy Knight, London. 31-3-1931 Sold to J P Knight Ltd., London. 1937 Fitted with Kort nozzle. 30-10-1957 Registration cancelled 'Broken up.' [Scrapped by Pollocks, Faversham]


Built 1968 by Richards (Shipbuilders) Ltd., Lowestoft. YN 493. 102'x30'x11.3'. 275.96GRT. 2000bhp 6cyl 15"x20"S Mirrlees National Ltd., Stockport type KLSSDM-6  diesel.

15-3-1968 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., Rochester. 27-6-1975 Sold to J P Knight [Rochester] Ltd., Rochester. 12-6-1991 Sold to Humber Tugs Ltd., Grimsby. 1991 Taken over by Howard Smith Towage Ltd., London 2000 Sold to Prestação de Serviços à Navegação Lda.,  Setubal, renamed Resistente. 2005 Still in service.

Built 1953 by W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd., Northwich. (YN 886) 75'0"x19'8"x8'3.1/2". 77GRT. 550bhp 5cyl Crossley diesel. ON186011.

1-1954 Delivered to Esso Petroleum Co Ltd, London, named Esso Reading. 1966 Sold to Silvertown Services Lighterage Ltd., London, renamed Silverclad. 1971 Sold to J.P. Knight Ltd., London, renamed Kokoda. 1974 Sold to H.G. Pounds [shipbreakers] Ltd., Portsmouth. 1974 Resold to South Ocean Services Ltd., (K. Ratcliffe), Portsmouth. 1977 Sold to Christiani & Nielsen Ltd, renamed Chrianie IV. 1982 Shipped to the Far East. No further trace.


Built 1879 by Edward Hayes, Stoney Stratford. 58.6'x10'x6.4'. 24.20GRT 30nhp 2 cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON81542

1879 Regd London possibly to Robert Emerson, Brentford. 1882 Sold to Albert Horsnaill, Strood. 14-3-1884 Registered at Rochester to  Charles Sancto, Rochester; John Harding, Maidstone; William Wilson, Maidstone. 18-2-1885 John Harding [deceased] shares to Emma Harding, Maidstone. 7-5-1885 Owners Charles Sancto, Emma Harding, William Wilson. 15-7-1885 William Wilson and Emma Harding sell 7 shares each to Ann Brook, Tovil Oil Mill, maidstone. 15-7-1885 Owners Charles Sancto, Emma Harding, William Wilson and Ann Brook. 21-4-1896 Emma Taylor [nee Harding] sells 15 shares to Frederick Taylor, Maidstone. 21-4-1896 Owners Charles Sancto, Frederick Taylor, William Wilson, Ann Brook. 27-5-1896 William Wilson sells 14 shares to Ann Brook. 27-5-1896 Owners Charles Sancto, Frederick Taylor, Ann Brook. 28-3-1901 Ann Brook sells 28 shares to Thomas Watson, Rochester. 28-3-1901 Owners Charles Sancto, Frederick Taylor, Thomas Watson. 2-5-1901 Thomas Watson sells 14 shares to Charles Sancto, Rochester and 14 shares to Harry Shipley, Aylesford. 8-5-1901 Owners Charles Sancto, Frederick Taylor and Harry Shipley. 20-2-1905 Frederick Taylor [deceased] 15 shares to Julia Casswell, Maidstone. 20-2-1905 Owners Charles Sancto, Harry Shipley, Julia Casswell. 27-3-1905 Harry Shipley sells 14 shares and Julia Casswell 15 shares to Albert Hutson, Maidstone. 27-3-1905 Owners Charles Sancto and Albert Hutson. 1909 Hutson dies and 29 shares willed to Alice Hutson, Maidstone. 29-9-1909 Alice Hutson sells 29 shares to James Percy Knight, Tonbridge and Rowland John Jeffries, Merstham. 30-9-1909 Owners Charles Sancto, J P Knight and R J Jeffries. 12-11-1909 Charles Sancto sells 35 shares to James Percy Knight and Rowland John Jeffries. 12-11-1909 Owners J P Knight and R J Jeffries. 18-3-1919 Notification received at Rochester that vessel has ceased trading and is to be broken up. 1919 Scrapped at Rochester.


Built 1892 by Edwards & Symes, Millwall. 65.6'x15'.x7.4'. 38grt. 175ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by J Cran, Leith. ON99036

 1892 Delivered to James Watkins, London. 11-10-1892 Acquired by J.P. Knight, London. 22-3-1900 Sold to Francis Holland, London. 3-1900 Sold to the Admiralty at Sheerness and renamed C.112. 22-7-1920 Sold to  Mr. M. A. Hilton. 1921 Sold to Wm. Frederick Tester, Greenhithe and renamed Marmi. 18-9-1923 Transferred to Tester Brothers Ltd. Greenhithe. 1930 Scrapped at Frog Island, Rainham, Essex.

Built 1895 by A. W. Robertson & Co., Canning Town. 56.8'x12.7'x6'. 29.60GRT. 110ihp 2cyl 9"x18"x14"S compound steam engine by builder. 120psi boiler by Lindsay Burnett, Glasgow. ON105781.

1896 First registered at London to A W Robertson, Romford  Rd, Stratford, London E. 27-4-1904 Registered at Rochester to Henry Storr and Gerard Storr, Maidstone. 5-1-1909 Sold to Joseph Constant, London. 26-7-1915 Sold to James Percy Knight and Rowland John Jeffries, London. 12-12-1928 Owner J P Knight, London. 18-5-1931 Owner J P Knight Ltd., London. 7-6-1934 Regn cancelled 'converted to houseboat'.


Built 1942 by Richards Ironworks Ltd., Lowestoft. Wood. 34'6"x12'2"x6'. 17.35GRT. 116bhp 3cyl 230mmx300mmS W H Allen and Sons Ltd., Bedford diesel.  ON166745

16-12-1942 Registered at Rochester to J P Knight Ltd., London. 4-7-1969 Regn cancelled 'sold foreign'. [Sold to Libyan Govt. for use at Tobruk.]  
[Built of oak as a wartime measure with a low air - line to work under the Hamilton Military Bridge, Aylesford. Built as FEARNOUGHT but registered as MEDWAY FEARNOUGHT.]


Built 1898 by J.S. Watson (Gainsborough) Ltd., Gainsborough. Steam towing barge. 86.8'x18.3'x7.3' 84grt 20nhp steam engine. ON95820

1890 Delivered to T.F. Wood & Co Ltd., York. 12-9-1917 Admiralty service at Oban named Ouston. 24-10-1919 Returned to owner, renamed Ouse. 1957 Sold & converted to diesel tug probably for H.W. Webster & Sons Ltd., Gravesend. 1959 Sold to Gaselee & Son Ltd., London. 1967 Owners Gaselee & Knight Ltd., London. 1973 Owners J.P. Knight Ltd., Rochester. 2006 Seen in Whitham Marine, Hoo Marina, Rochester.

Built 1927. L31'. B9'. 13grt. Diesel engine.

1927 Delivered to Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd., London, named Tommy Pratkins. 19?? Transferred to Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London.  1957 Sold to Cook & Tester, possibly renamed Stone. 1964 Sold to J.P. Knight Ltd.,  London. 1966 Scrapped at Queenborough.

  See under KENNET 1890


Built 1898 by A W Robertson ltd, Canning Town. London. 32.22grt. 58'x13.1'x6.3'. 150ihp C2cyl 9"x18"x14"S by builder. ON108504

16-7-1897 Registered at Rochester to G & H Storr, Maidstone. 4-6-1907 Sold to J Constant, London. 30-7-1907 Sold to J P Knight and R J Jeffries, London. 1914 Req by Admiralty. 1-1918 Lost  off Peterhead E coast of Scotland whilst under tow to Inverness. 11-3-1919 Registry closed 'Lost at sea'.

Built 1909 by Edwards & Co. Ltd. Millwall. Steel screw tug. 35' x 8.1' x 4.065'. 8.36grt 26ihp 2cyl 6"x10.5"x8"s compound by T & J Hoskins, London. 1x 110psi steel return tube boiler by Samuel Hodge and Sons, London ON127254

1909 Delivered to Medway Lighterage Co., High St, Tonbridge Kent. 11-3-1910 Registered at Rochester. 8-1910 Last used and laid up. 3-1911 To Edwards & Co. Millwall.[Mortgage holder] 23-3-1911 To A R Brown [brokers] New Broad St., London. 1912 Sold to Companhia de Nyassa, Bishopsgate, London. 23-3-1912 Shipped to Portuguese East Africa on SS Carisbrook Castle. [Union Castle Line.] Subsequently registered as Portuguese and renamed Antonio Centeno. 12-4-1912 Rochester Registery closed. No further trace.