Funnel; Black, carrying replica of houseflag.

Photog unknown
Built 1924  by     Fellows & Co. Ltd., Great Yarmouth. Steel screw tug. 31GRT. 6NRT. L57.0 ft B12.5 ft D6.2 ft. 11nhp ON147723         

10-9-1924 Owner General Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., London       1931 Sold to  Great Yarmouth Shipping Co. Ltd., Great Yarmouth; registered at Yarmouth. 1947 Same owner. No further trace.
GULL [1]
Photo in Etheredge list

Built  1898 by Dundee Shipbuilding Co., Dundee.  YN111. L69'. B16.4'. D8.5'. 55grt. 1nrt. 60nhp steam engine. ON110052.

1898 Delivered to General Steam Nav. Co., London. 1928[by] Owners Etheredge's Transport and Shipping Agency Ltd., London. Renamed Masterful. 194? Sold to Greenhithe Lighterage Co., Greenhithe. 1956 Not in register.


GULL [2]

Built 1929 by Crabtree and Co Ltd., Gt. Yarmouth. YN186. L69'. B17.1'. D8.3'. 64grt. 22hp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON161271

1929 Delivered to General Steam Navigation Co Ltd., London. Named Gull. 10-7-1940 Req for Admiralty service. 30-1-1946 Returned to owner. 195? Sold to Vokins & Co Ltd., London, renamed Voracious. 1960 Rebuilt, re-engined 500bhp diesel. 1972 Sold to Michael J. Batty, Singapore and shipped as deck cargo from Hamburg to Singapore. [Departed Thames 2-8-1972]. Renamed Gregory B. 1976 Believed sold to Persian owners.


GULL [3]

 Photo RGR colln

Built 1952 by Hepworth Shipyard Ltd., Paull. L75.5'. B18.5'. D6.5'. 75grt 400bhp 2SCSA British Polar diesel engine. Lister auxiliary diesel driving generator set.  ON184666.

1952 Delivered to G S N Co Ltd., London. 1964 Sold to M B Dredging Ltd., London renamed MB Thrush. 1980 Sold to J T Palmer and Sons Ltd., Gravesend, renamed Niparound. 19?? Sold to General Marine Services. 2005 Seen at Hoo Marina, River Medway.



ROBIN, renamed STAG in Grimsby ownership.  Photo courtesy Brian Sherratt.
Built 1904 by John Rennie, Greenwich. YN996. L62., B14.5'. D6.7'. 44grt. 11nrt. 30nhp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON120475.

 1904 Delivered to  General Steam Navigation Company, London, named Robin.  1922 Sold to Peter Foster & Company, Hull, and renamed Earl Tut. 1928 Sold to Charles F. Buxton, Grimsby, and renamed Stag, replacing a demolished vessel of the same name.  12-1944 Sold to John Henry Piggott and later Walter W. Piggott, Grimsby.  [post] 1955 Scrapped.



 Built 1925 by James Pollock Ltd.,  Faversham. YN 1199. L66.5'. B16.''. D6.4'. 37grt. 120bhp Bolinder diesel engine. ON148698.

9-1925 Launched. 1925 Delivered to General Steam Nav Co Ltd.,  London. 19?? Req by Admiralty  and based at Royal William Victualling Yard, Plymouth. 12-6- 1946  Handed over to W.D. Tamlyn & Co Ltd. 1948 Sold to Alpha Towage Co Ltd, renamed Sangay. 1952 Re-engined 280bhp 7cyl Lister diesel, renamed Alcydon. 1992 Register closed.





Built 1907 by P McGregor and Sons,  Kirkintilloch. L69'. B16.6'. D8.5'. 58grt. 60nhp 2cylinder compound steam engine by Stewart and Fulton, Glasgow.. ON124160.

1910[by] Owners John Stewart and Walter Fulton, Glasgow. [PoR Midland, Ontario]. 1923 PoR London. 1923[by] Owner Henry J Beazley, Southampton. 1924[by] Owners General Wharfage and Supply Co Ltd., Erith. 1935 Still owned. 1938[by] Owner Charles Wilson, Bexleyheath,Kent.6-3-1940 Req by Admiralty. 13-3-1940 Returned to owner as unsuitable. No further trace.



See under FRANK A STONE.



Photo in Cory section

Built 1932 by James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd., Faversham. YN 1410. L66.8’. B16.9’. D7.3’. 48grt. 275bhp Mirrlees Bickerton and Day diesel engine. ON163301.

6-1932 Launched. 10-1932 Completed and delivered to General Wharfage & Supply Co Ltd., London. 1945 Sold to William Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1947 Transferred to Cory Tank Lighterage Ltd., London. 1950 Reengined 330bhp Crossley diesel.  1970 Scrapped by T.W. Ward Ltd., Grays.



Built 1880 by T A Young,  Blackwall. L59.8’. B13.7’. D7.1’. 40grt. 30nhp 2cyl steam engine by Young and Co, London. ON82814.

1880 Delivered to Union Lighterage Co Ltd., London named Union.  1891[by] Sold to D Radford and Co., London, later renamed Lydford. 1896 Acquired by William Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1914 Sold to General Wharfage and Supply Co Ltd., Erith. 1933[by] Owners Thames Towing Company, Greenwich. 1934[by] Owner Samuel H Hallett, Park Place, Greenwich. 1942 Scrapped.


Built 1935 by R Dunston, Hessle. L66’. B17.6’. D7.3’. 60grt. 390bhp Atlas Polar diesel engine. ON164554.

1935 Launched by Mrs A C Adams. 1935 Delivered to General Wharfage and Supply Co Ltd., London, named Silverstone. 5-3-1941 Sunk after setting off aircraft laid mine 3 miles above Rochester bridge near Aylesford, River Medway, whilst towing barges Rockstone, Sandstone, Stonecurb and Cestone. All eight men on board lost. Later repaired and returned to service. 1945 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London renamed Mercedes. 5-3-1969 Arrived at T W Ward Ltd., Grays for scrapping.


Also owners of the Thames Spritsail sailing barge;-



Built 1875 by John & William Dudgeon, London. Iron screw tug. 47 grt. 13 nrt.     L70.2 ft B13.9 ft D7.0 ft. 30hp. C2cyl (15.25, 27.5 x 14in) steam engine by builder. ON70724          
6-6-1875 Delivered to unknown owner.  1880[by] Owner George C. Graves, London. 1885[by] Owner Phillips Graves, London. 1900[by] Owner Phillip Margetts, London later owners William & Sarah Margetts. 1917 reg. at Grimsby
1917 Owner Grimsby Steam Tug & Launch Co. Ltd., Grimsby.  1930[by] Owner Lincolnshire Towage Co. Ltd., Grimsby. No further trce.




Built 1881 by W Walker and Co., Deptford. Iron screw tug. L77.4'. B14.6'. D8.6'. 50grt. 50nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by James Watt & Co, London. ON85059

1881 Owner William Walker, London. 1881 Sold to Mark Goodwin, Southwark. 1888 Sold to Mark Mordey & John Carney, Newport Mon. 10-1889 Sold to The Alexandra Towing Co Ltd, Liverpool for £1600. 1908 Scrapped at Tranmere.



Funnel; Blue with red top separated by a black band bordered by narrow white bands.



Built 1929 by Haarlemsche Scheepsbouw Maatschappij, Haarlem. YN 235. L50.2'. B12'. D4.8'. 25grt. 200bhp 4cyl Kromhout diesel by Perman, Bermondsey. ON161376.

1929 Delivered to A.H. Green & Co Ltd.,  London. 7-6-1933 Collided with Battersea Bridge sustaining damage. 29-4-1941 Req by Admiralty as skid towing minesweeper.. 12-7-1945 Returned to owner. 1957 Still owned.



 Built 1929 by Haarlemsche Scheepsbouw Mij., Haarlem YN 236. L50.5'. B12'. D4.8'. 25grt. 200bhp Kromhout 4cyl diesel by Perman and Co., Bermondsey.  ON161375.

1929 Delivered to A.H. Green & Co Ltd., London.15-9-1940 On UK Admiralty service as minesweeper at Gravesend.10-10-1940 Returned to owner 29-4-1941 On UK Admiralty service as skid towing Minesweeper at Gravesend.18-8-1945 Returned to owner. 1957 Still owned [by Palmer].



Built 1929 by Haarlemsche Scheepsbouw Maatschappij, Haarlem YN 233. L54.6'. B14.5'. D6.3'. 38grt. 200bhp 4cyl Kromhout diesel engine by Perman and Co., Bermondsey. ON161360.

1929 Delivered to  A H Green Ltd., London.25-7-1942 Req by Admiralty. 10-1942 Transferred to MoWT for port duties in Scotland, Managers Ross and Marshall Ltd.  3-12-1942 Sold to Admiralty. 1-10-1942 Sold to W E White and Sons Ltd., London. 1953 Reengined 300bhp Widdop diesel. 4-8-1953 Renamed Lily White. 1973 Sold to M Tugs Ltd., London. 1973 Reengined with second hand Gardner diesel. 1975 Converted to liveaboard at Hoo. Reengined 2x Foden MR4 diesel, twin screw.  Renamed Lilly White. 1991 Registry closed. 5-2007 At Hoo Marina.



photog unknown.  B Hunt colln
Photog unknown. B Hunt colln
Built 1929 by Haarlemsche Scheepsbouw Maatschappij, Haarlem YN 234. L54.6'. B14.6'. D6.2'. 38grt. 200bhp 4cyl Kromhout diesel engine by Perman and Co., Bermondsey. ON161361.

1929 Delivered to  A H Green Ltd., London.  1935 Re-engined at PalmersWharf with 330bhp Crossley diesel. 1938[post] renamed Premiere. 



See under WRENSTONE in William Cory lists.



Built 1930 James Pollock Ltd.,  Faversham. YN1353. L70'. B16.1'. D7.6'. 51grt. 270bhp Bolinder diesel engine. ON161386.

2-1930 Launched. 3-1930 Delivered to Tester Bros Ltd., Greenhithe. 1934 Still owned. 1939 Owner A H Green Ltd. London. 1975 Same owner.




Funnel; Yellow.


Photo Rays colln

Built 1893 by J.S. Watson (Gainsborough) Ltd., Gainsborough. L68.6'. B15.6'. D8.9'. 76grt. 60nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by Edward Young, Millwall. ON102810.

1893 Delivered to South Metropolitan Gas Co Ltd., London, named T B Heathorn. 1949 Owners became South Eastern Gas Board, London. 1956 Sold to Greenhithe Lighterage Co Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Britannia. 1957 Re-engined 360bhp National diesel. 1982 Sold to Medway Secondary Metals Ltd., Rainham Kent for further trading.  1982 Sold to Atlas Transport Ltd., London. 1983 Sold to Greenhithe Salvage Services, Greenhithe. 1987 Sold to Douglas Steven & Partners, for intended preservation at ButlersWharf. 199? Sold to Mr. Tears, Rainham. 200? Believed sunk. 2002 Salved by W  Blake and moved to Barking Creek. 2010 Still in existence in Barking Creek. 3-10-2017 Towed by tug General VIII to EMR Erith for scrapping.



 Built 1935 by T. van Duijvendijk's Scheepswerf, Lekkerkerk. YN 18. 80grt. 60bhp Bolinder diesel engine.

1935 Delivered to Greenhithe Lighterage Co Ltd., Greenhithe. 198? Privately owned. 198? Sold to General Port Services Ltd., London, renamed Rio. 19?? Sold to Union Lighterage Co Ltd., London.12-9-1998 Seen at CanaryWharf. 2007 Still in existence at Hoo Marina.



Built 1908 by Rennie Forrest Shipbuilding Co., Wivenhoe Essex. Designed by James Pollock Ltd., London, ship number 190. Screw tug. L45.27'. B11.31'. D5.44'. 18grt. 2cyl 8"x16"x10" compound steam engine by Mumford. Boiler 6'dia x 7'.  120psi. ON155179.

1908 Delivered to Thames Conservancy Board, London. 1909 Transferred to PLA. 1918 Req by Admiralty. Served Egypt. 1919 Returned to PLA. 1933 Sold to H. A. Deering [Lighterage] Ltd. London. 1938 Owners Greenhithe Lighterage Company Ltd. 1938 Re-engined 90bhp 2cyl Bolinder diesel engine. 1949 Scrapped.



Launch tug.

Wood. Gardner 6LB diesel engine

Sold as houseboat. At Putney 1980's. 2010 Reported as a hulk near Bradwell, Essex.



Built 1915 by Philip and Son, Dartmouth. YN452. Screw tug. L48.27'. B12.14'. D6'. 26grt. 70ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON145106. 

1915 Delivered to War Office as A11. 1916 Now AS11. 1919 Acquired by PLA, renamed Holebourne. 1948 Sold to Greenhithe Lighterage Co., Greenhithe. 19?? Sold and renamed Leonie. No further trace.



See under RTC III, River Thames Carriers.



See under GULL [1], General Steam Navigation Co.

Photo B Hunt colln

Built 1932 by by T. van Duivendijk's Scheepswerf N. V., Lekkerkerk. launch tug. 15g. 45.0 x 10.5 x 3.7 feet.4-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. petrol/paraffin 'Kelvin' engine by Bergius Company Ltd., Glasgow.

1932 delivererd to  Greenhithe Lighterage Company Ltd., Greenhithe. 1935 Re-engined4-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. engine by the Atlantic Engine Company (1920) Ltd., Wishaw. 1939 Sold to F. T. Everard & Sons Ltd, Greenhithe and renamed JOKER. 5.1942 Requisitioned by the Admiralty. 16-7-1942 Lost in heavy weather south of Bolt Head while in tow of the salvage tug Caroline Moller.

Also owners of the Thames Spritsail sailing barges;-

Britannia; Daren; Hope; McKinley; Redshank; Summertime; Wintertime;




Photo G Lane colln

Built 1890 by Edwards and Symes, Millwall. Iron. 55'x12.5'x5.8'. 24grt. 3nrt. 25nhp steam engine. ON98063.

24-3-1890 Delivered to  William Griffith, East Greenwich. 1913 Owner Ralph Lucas, London. 1923[by] Owner Griffith and Co, East Greenwich. 1925 Owner William H Millway, Milton Regis, Sittingbourne. 1927 Owner D H Lane, London. 1929 Owners K L Kallis Son and Company, London. 1934 Scrapped.



  5 Tons. Unregistered.

9-12-1888 On passage Greenwich to Gravesend, foundered Gravesend, River Thames. Two lives lost. Wind Force: E. 2. Total Loss.





Built ????. Wood. L43.7'. B11.8'. D4.0'. 17grt. ON139327.

1918 First regn PoR Hull. 1920[by] Owner Harry A Crampton, Portsmouth. 1923[by] Owner Mrs Maud Crampton, Portsmouth. 1924[by] Owner William J A Hale, Tooting, London. 1957 Owner William Hale, London.





Built 1907 by J & K Smit, Kinderdijk. YN588. L65.7'. B14.7'. D7.3'. 45grt. 200ihp 2cyl compound 9.5"x20" 14" stroke 140psi steam engine by John Stewart, London.  ON125657.

9-1907 Delivered to John Stewart and Son Ltd., London named Useful. 1913 Acquired by PLA renamed Benfleet. 1919 Req for Admiralty service. 1923 returned to owner. 1932 Owner  Mrs Emma Hallett, East Greenwich. 1935 Sold to F. Ashmead and Son, Bristol. 10-1939  Req by Admiralty. 15-12-1944 Returned to owner. 1960 Scrapped at Bristol.





Built 1915 by Philip and Son, Dartmouth. YN450. Screw tug.  L48'. B12.1'. D6.0'. 26grt. 70ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder.  ON145090

1915 Delivered to War Office as A9. 1919 now AS9. 1919 Sold to PLA, renamed Mardyke. 1937 Owner Samuel Hallett, Greenwich, renamed S. H. H. 1938 Owner Peterborough Shipping Co. Ltd., Peterborough. 1940 owners James Hargreaves and Sons [Leeds] Ltd., Leeds, renamed Audrey. 1941 registration closed.








Built 1914 by Rennie Forrest Ltd., Wivenhoe. YN1237. L70'9". B18'. D8'8". 69grt. 320ihp 3cylTE 10.75"x17"x28"x18"s 180psi steam engine by Crabtree & Co., Gt. Yarmouth. ON136727

1914 Delivered to J. G. Hammond Ltd., London, named Tenacity. 12-1914 Req for Admiralty service at Pembroke Dock. 5-1919 Returned to owner. 1919 Acquired by Port of London Authority, renamed Langbourne. 30-1-1951 Acquired by Liverpool Lighterage Co., Liverpool. 1963 Demolished by North Mersey Iron and Steel Co., Liverpool.





Photog unknown
No details known. Believed built at Ash Vale. Never registerd.



Photo RGR colln.

Built 1919 at Ash Vale. 

1919 Hull launched and towed to T. Taylor's yard at Staines to be fitted out. 1920 Entered service. [believed never registered].




Funnel; Black with diagonal black stripes on broad white band.



Built 1909 by G Rennie, Greenwich. YN1092 L70'. B16.9'. D8.8'. 65grt. ON125761.

1909 Delivered to John Harrison and Robert Tidswell, London, named Birchrock. 1912 Owner John Harrison, London. 1913 Owners Harrisons [London] Ltd.  1920 Owners Harrisons [London] Lighterage Ltd.  1927 Renamed Fenrock. 10/1931 Owners Harrisons [London] 1931 Ltd. Still in service 1955 No further trace.






Photo Rays colln

Built 1959 by P K Harris Ltd., Appledore. YN120. 37grt 560bhp diesel engine. 

1959 Delivered to Harrisons [London[ Ltd, named Birchrock. 1968 Sold to Samuel Williams Ltd., London. 1971 Sold to M J Batty, Singapore, renamed Shall B. 1971 Sunk by Indian navy whilst engaged in relief or salvage work in Bangladeshi waters.



Built 1924 by T van Duijvendijk,  Lekkerkerk. YN2. L77.2'. B20'. D9.6'. 90grt. 400ihp 3cylTE steam engine by Crabtree and Co., Gt. Yarmouth. ON147703

1924 Delivered to Harrisons (London) Ltd., London named Cairnrock. 195? Sold to W.E. White & Sons (Towage) Ltd., London, renamed Knocker White. 1960 Re-engined 600bhp 2x Petter diesels. 1972 Owner  Alfred E. White, London. 1983 Sold for scrapping to Penfold Ltd., Erith. 198? Sold to  Museum of London in Docklands for preservation. 2010 Stll in existence as exhibit at museum in West India Dock.



See Birchrock [1].



Photo RGR Colln

Built 1921 by Cochrane & Sons Ltd., Selby. YN 707. L75’. B21.2’. D9.5’. 92grt. 400nhp 3cylTE steam engine by Earles Ltd., Hull. ON146131.

1921 Delivered to Gaselee & Son Ltd., London. Named Vespa. Cost £7562. 7-1940 Req by  Admiralty. 10-1945 Returned to owners. 1946 Sold for £7000 to Harrisons (London) Ltd., London, renamed Markrock.

Built 1860 by Wardell, Shadwell, London. Iron screw tug. 16 grt. 56.0ftx 9.8ftx5.1 ft. 20hp. 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON104877.

18?? Owner Lambert Bros, London. 18?? Owner J & C Harrison Ltd, London. 1896 Owner Wm. Cory & Son Ltd., London. 1909 Owner George Dove, London. 1909 Scrapped.


Photo R Harrison colln

Built 1914 by Rennie, Forrest Ship Building Co. Ltd., Wivenhoe. L70.1'. B17.1'. D8.8'. 67grt. 42nhp steam engine. ON136758.

27-1-1915 Delivered to Harrisons [London] Ltd, named Witrock. 19?? Owner  Harrisons (London) Lighterage Co. Ltd., London. Still owned 1934. 195? Scrapped.



Funnel; White with red pyramid.


Photo B Hunt colln

Built 1929 by Steel Barrel Co Ltd.,  Uxbridge. L34.1'. B9.2'. D5.1'. 10grt. 30bhp Kromhout diesel engine. ON166431.

1929 Delivered to unknown owner, Named Hawk. 1939[by] Owner John Hawkins Ltd., London, renamed Awk. 1954 Reengined 50bhp Bolinder diesel. 196? Sold to Stour Salvage Ltd, Mistley, renamed Rascal. 196x: To "Stour Salvage Ltd" (GBR), renamed RASCAL.  19?? Sold to Crouch Barry Moore Ltd. 19?? re-engined Gardner 6 LW with Rientjes Gearbox.  1986? Sold to Thames Marine & Civil Engineering Ltd.  1990 Sold to Thames & Medway Towage Ltd. 199?  Renamed Patron. 1999? Sold to Hughes Marine,  Hull renamed OAK.  2005 Sold to Martin John Sawdon,  Hull. 2010 Sold to Dave Allon, Hull. 2012 Scrapped at Beverley, Yorks.



Built 1936 by Rowhedge Ironworks Ltd., Rowhedge. YN520. L46.5'. B13'. D5.8'. 125bhp 5cyl Crossley DR5 diesel engine. 

1-1936 Delivered to John Hawkins Ltd., London. No further trace. [Believed later sold to W J Woodward Fisher for use in Surrey Commercial Dock.]



Photog unknown.

Built 1877 by J Watson,  Blackwall. L59.6'. B11.9'. D6.8'. 30grt. 25nhp 1cyl steam engine by Plenty and Son Ltd., Newbury. ON79671.

1877 Delivered to unknown owner. 1879 Owners George Augustus and Albert Fuller, Millwall. 1884 Reengined 2cylinder compound by G A & A Fuller.   25-9-1888 Collided with and damaged tug Traveller off Globe Pier. Stoker John Henry Mason drowned after being knocked overboard from Traveller in collision.1893 Owner Albert Fuller, Millwall. 1895 Sold to George Knowling, Kew. 1896 Owner Rayner and Hayball Ltd., Brentford. 1898 Owner John Hawkins Ltd., London. 24-1-1903 Collided with SS Vane Tempest near Waterloo Bridge, which was also damaged in collision. 22-10-1918 Hired for US Navy use. 19-11-1918 Returned to owner.  1920 Owner Henry Lane, London. [Eclipse Tug Co Ltd]. 1924 Sold to Henry Wilders, Plaistow.  30-10-1931 Refloated and beached after sinking near Woolwich. 1932 Scrapped.



Built 1885 London. L45.9'. B8.3'. D5.5'. 14grt. 18nhp steam engine. ON91880

1890 Owner George  Rayner, Brentford. 1896[by] Owners Rayner and Hayball Ltd., London. 1897 Owner restyled Fox Steam Tug Co Ltd., London. 1898 Sold to John David Hawkins, London.  1911 Transferred to John Hawkins Ltd., London. 1920  Register closed believed scrapped.



Photog unknown
Built 1946 by Rowhedge Ironworks Ltd.,  Rowhedge. YN674. L64'. B16.2'. D5.6'. 50grt. 295bhp 4cyl British Polar  M441 diesel engine. 7.5bhp Ruston Hornsby auxiliary diesel driving compressor and salvage pump. Bunkers 1500gals. ON181555.

1946 Delivered to John Hawkins Ltd., London. 1970 Sold to M Tugs Ltd., London. 1970 Owners Darling Bros Ltd., London, renamed Arthur Darling. 1977 Believed sold to Kuwait owners.



Built 1954 by Talbot Bros Ltd.,  Rotherhithe. L34.7'. B10.5'. D4.1'. 11grt. 50bhp 2cyl Bolinger-Munktell diesel engine. ON186167.

1954 Delivered to  John Hawkins Ltd., London. 197? Sold to John Oliver, Rochester, renamed Hobbit. 199x: Sold to Whitton Marine. 1992 Register closed. 2004 Still in existence.



See under Redriff Towage Company.





Built 1860 by Hepple & Landells, N Shields.  Wood paddle tug. L85.7'. B17.4'. D9'. 76grt. 23nrt. 

40nhp 1cyl side lever steam engine by builder. ON28571.

1860 Delivered to James Monat, North  Shields. 1866 Owners William Best, Thomas Ellis & Thomas Pickering, South Shields. 1873 Owners  William Best, Thomas Petis & George Wraith, South Shields.  1873 Owners William Hockley, Frederick White, James Gill, Poplar,  London. 1882 Owner James Dodds, North Shields. 1883 Owner Andrew E Patterson, Burntisland. 1887 Scrapped.



Built 1863 by William Hockley, Bow. Iron screw tug. L56'. B11.9'. D6.6'. 26grt. 8nrt. 20nhp steam engine. ON52722.

1863 Unregistered. 1865 Owners Richard M Phillipps, George Graves & others, London. 1882 Owner shown as William Hockley, Bow, London. 1890 Scrapped.





Built 1938 by T. van Duijvendijk, Lekkerkerk. YN 26. LL43'. B11.5'. D4.8'. 18grt. 100bhp 4cul Crossley diesel engine. ON167147.

 1938 Launched named Hauler. 1938 Delivered to W.H. Howlett & Co Ltd., London, renamed Haulier. 11-6-1942 Requisitioned by Admiralty for service in East Indies, renamed Nat 113. 2-1944 Purchased by MoWT renamed Haulier. 1947 Sold to W.H. Howlett & Co Ltd, London. 19?? Sold to Gravesend Towing Services., Gravesend. 198? Sold to Alan C. Bennett & Sons Ltd., Rochester. 198? Sold to Corveda Marine Ltd., Rochester. 199? Sold to MedwayPort Services., Rochester. 1991 Owners General Port Services Ltd., Rochester. 1993 Owners GPS Plant Ltd., Rochester. 1993 Rebuilt, re-engined 220bhp  2cyl Cummins diesel. 2007 Still in service.



Built 1854 by John Payne, Bristol. Iron.10grt 4nrt, 32.7 x 8.4 x 4.6ft. 12nhp 1cyl steam engine by builder. ON12980

24-1-1854 Delivered to William Hughes, Limehouse. 1-1856 Owner James Thomas, Poplar, London 1886 Registry closed.


Funnel; Black with broad red band bordered by two narrow white bands.



Photog unknown
Built  1901 by R & H Green, Blackwall YN737.  L70.0’.  B17.3’. D 8.1’. 67grt. 350ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Crabtree. ON115820.

1902 Owner Arthur J Humphery, Southwark. 1915 Owners Arthur J Humphery & Henry Grey Jr Ltd, London. 1920 Sold to SwanseaHarbour Trust, Swansea. 1920 Owners Tug Boats Ltd, Swansea. 1923 Owners The Great Western Railway Co, London. 1932 Sold to James Dredging, Towage & Transport Co Ltd, London. 1935 Owners Nash Dredging & Reclamation Co Ltd, London. 1941 Owners General Transport Ltd, Port of Spain, Trinidad . 1945 Registry closed, reported sunk at Port of Spain, Trinidad.



Built 1907 by John Cran & Co Ltd., Leith, YN 59. Designed by James Pollock Ltd., London, ship number 156. L82’. B22.2’. D10.9’. 119grt. 500ihp 3cylTE 14”x21.5”x35”x24”s  steam engine by builder. Boiler 13'6"dia x 10'. 175psi. ON125582

1907 Delivered to Arthur J. Humphery, Southwark. 1915 Owners Arthur J. Humphery & Henry Grey Jr Ltd., Southwark. 1927 Owners Humphery & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd.,  London. 1927 Sold to Herbert S. Gaselee, London for £3500. 26-8-1928 Damaged when SS Orleans collided with tug and mooring barge off Millwall. 9-1-1931 Attending collision damaged SS Zelos off Rainham Essex. 1935 Owners Gaselee & Son Ltd., London. 1940 Worked at Ramsgate throughout Dunkirk evacuation period under Skipper G Finch. 1946 Scrapped by Heyglien Freres, Ghent. [£590].



Photog unknown. B Hunt colln.
 Built 1880 at Limehouse. L65'. B13'. D8.4'. 46grt. 40nhp steam engine. ON82862.

1881 Delivered to Arthur James Humphery, London.1-3-1889 Skipper J Bullivant fined forty shillings for towing nine barges at one time. [Three above max allowed]. 15-11-1892 Beached oat laden barque Chingford after vessel had collided with SS Yarrawonga off Lime Kiln Creek. 1915 Transferred to Arthur J. Humphery & Henry Grey Jr Ltd., London.4-10-1917 £50 award for salving sailing barge Maria from possible accident near London bridge. 1924 Sold to Henry Daniel Lane., Rotherhithe. 1925 Sold to William Claxton Dines, Grays. 1929 Scrapped.



Photog unknown

Built 1919 by James Pollock Ltd., Faversham. YN 939. L70'. B16.4'. D8.3'. 58grt. 320bhp Bolinder diesel engine. ONB145242.

7-1921 Delivered to Humphery and Grey Ltd., London. 1968 Sold to  Stour Salvage Ltd., Harwich, renamed Rebel. 



Built 1928 by James Pollock Ltd., Faversham.YN 1311.  L29.3'. B9.2'. D5.2'. 9grt. 50bhp Bolinder diesel engine. . ON162479

7-1928 Launched. 9-1928 Delivered to Humphery and Grey Ltd., London. 1939  Owners Humphery and Grey Ltd., London  28-5-1942 Req for naval service. 25-1-1944 Relenquished or lost. Believed served overseas and did not return to UK.



Photo C.C. Beazley (Kevin Blair/Andrew Wiltshire collection)

Built 1951 by Bay Wharf Construction Ltd, London. L29.3'. B9.2'. D5.2'. 9grt. Diesel engine. 

1951 Delivered to Humphery & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London.



Photo Rays colln

Built 1964 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Thorne. YN1143. L81'. B20.8'. D10.5'. 99grt. 560bhp 4cyl British Polar diesel engine. ON306031.

4-6-1964 Completed. 10-1964 Delivered to Humphrey & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London.26-9-1985 Acquired by London & Rochester Trading Co Ltd., Rochester. 21-3-1986 Owners restyled as Crescent Shipping Ltd., Rochester.9-5-1988 Sold to Medway Port Services Ltd., Chatham. 1991 Sold to General Port Services Ltd., Chatham. 30-9-1992 Sold to GPS Plant Ltd., Chatham. 1996 Reengined with Caterpillar diesel. 200? Owner restyled GPS Marine Contractors Ltd., Chatham. 2007 Still in service



Built 1974 byLondon & Rochester Trading Co Ltd., Strood. YN 111. L79'. B27.7'. D9'. 157grt. 740bhp 2x 6cyl Caterpilar D343TA diesel engines. 2x Schottel drive units. ON363529.

1974 Delivered to Humphery & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London. 1983 Acquired by London & Rochester Trading Co Ltd.,  Rochester, renamed Shovette. 198? Transferred to Crescent Wharves Ltd., Rochester. 1998 Owners Deutsche Binnenreederei (UK) Ltd. 2001 Sold to Deans Tugs & Workboats Ltd., Hull. 2007 Re-engined 2x 550bhp Volvo TAMD165A diesels. 2010 Still in service.



Built 1919 by James Pollock Ltd., Faversham. YN840. L54.9'. B14.1'. D7.6'. 36grt. 175bhp 2cyl Bolinder diesel engine. ON143226.

1919 Delivered to Arthur J Humphery & Henry Grey Jr Ltd, London. 1926 Transferred to Humphery & Grey Ltd, London.29-8-1941 Req by Admiralty for balloon barrage service. 28-9-1942 Returned to owners. 10-1942 Acquired by MoWT for War Office service in West Africa. 5-1945 sold to Mr Pauthe. 19?? Renamed Johal. 19?? Owners  Port Autonome de Dakar, renamed  Bihen. 1960 Reengined. No further trace.



Photo A Hughes colln.

Built 1932 by Humphrey & Grey Ltd., East Greenwich. L76'. B20.5. D8'. 83grt. 625ihp Steam engine. ON162761.

1932 Delivered to Humphrey & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London.23-12-1940  Req for Admiralty service. 29-6-1945 Returned to owner. 1953 Reengined 500bhp 4cyl Atlas Polar diesel engine. 1962 Sold to Milford Haven Tug Services Ltd., Milford Haven,, renamed Islandia. 1965 Scrapped by Haulbowline Industries Ltd., Passage West.



Built 1912 by Hepple & Co Ltd., S.Shields. YN 628. Designed by James Pollock Ltd., London, ship number 499. L76'. B20.7'. D9.7'. 97grt. 400ihp 2cyl 16"x34"x24"s compound steam engine by builder. Boiler 13'dia x 10'. 140psi. ON135206.

1912 Launched for unknown British owner, named Anne. 4-1913 Completed and delivered to Arthur J. Humphrey & Henry Grey Jr Ltd., London renamed Lady Sybil. 15-8-1914 Hired by War Office. 19-9-1914 Returned to owners. 4-10-1914 Rehired on War Office service at Cherbourg & Boulogne.30-4-1919 Returned to owners. 1936 Sold to Tilbury Contracting & Dredging Co Ltd.,  London. 22-11-1939 Req by  Admiralty, for Naval Control service. 1944 Returned to owners. 1954 Sold to J.H. Piggott & Sons Ltd.,  Grimsby. 6-6-1964 Scrapped, arrived in tow of tug Workman at T W. Ward Ltd., Inverkeithing.



Photo Rays colln

Built 1898 by Dundee Shipbuilding Co., Dundee. YN118. L69'. B16.4'. D8.5'. 55grt. 60nhp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON108389.

3-6-1898 Launched for J Constant, London. 1898 Delivered to Arthur J. Humphery and Henry Grey Junior Ltd., London. 1934 Sold to R.G. Odell Ltd., London.26-9-1939 Req by Admiralty for balloon barrage service. 25-9-1941 Returned to owner. 1961 Scrapped  by Thomas W. Ward Ltd., Grays.



Photo Barry Taylor
Photo W Armstrong
Photo W Armstrong
Built 1946 by Cochrane & Sons Ltd., Selby. YN 1316. L75.5’. B17.1’. D7.2’. 66grt. 450bhp 6cyl British Polar diesel engine. ON180906.

7-1946 Delivered to Gaselee & Son Ltd., London, named Fossa. 1960 Sold to Humphery & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London, renamed Owen  Smith. 1977 Re-engined with Caterpillar diesel.  1983 Sold to Wm. Mayhew, renamed Fossa. 1991 Registration  cancelled. 2006 Still in existence at Chelsea as houseboat.



See under RANA, Gaselee and Son Ltd section



Photo A Hughes colln.

Built 1919 by James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd., Faversham. YN 940. L70'. B16.4'. D8.3'. 58grt. 350bhp Bolinder diesel engine. ON146086.

9-1921 Delivered to Humphery & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London. 1965 Sold to Stour Salvage Co., Mistley. 7-1977 Scrapped.



Photo Rays colln

Built 1956 by P.K. Harris & Sons Ltd., Appledore. YN 66. L55.45'. B16'. 360bhp diesel engine. BP4.5t. 

1956 Delivered to B. Jacob & Sons Ltd., London. 196? Sold to Humphrey & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London. 1980 Sold to McCann Tugs Ltd., London, renamed G.P. McCann. 1986 Chartered to Fleetwood Tugs Ltd., Fleetwood, re-renamed St. Olaf. 199? Owners Hampson Marine Towing., Fleetwood. 1999 Sold to R. Jones, Reading. 19?? Sold to General Marine, London. 2010 Still in existence in Barking Creek.



Photo Rays colln

Built 1930 by James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd.,  Faversham. YN 1270 [designed 1927]. L65.8'. B16.2'. D6.6'. 50grt. 270bhp Bolinder diesel engine. ON163318.

6-1930 Launched, named Lobola and laid up incomplete to await buyer. 1932 Modifications made to design. 1-1933 Completed and delivered to McDougall & Bonthron Ltd., London named Scottie. 1942 Req by Admiralty for service at Gibraltar. 1946 Returned to owners. 196? Sold to Humphrey & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London. 1965 Scrapped by Stour Salvage Ltd.,  Mistley, Essex.



Photo Rays colln

Built 1960 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Thorne. YN 1045. L72.3'. B16.8'. D9.3'. 59grt. 457bhp 6cyl 4SA Lister Blackstone ERS6MGR3 diesel engine. ON302527.

5-11-1960 Completed. 1961 Delivered to Humphrey & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London. 1977 Re-engined 650bhp 6cyl 4SA Lister-Blackstone diesel. 1984 Acquired by London & Rochester Trading Co Ltd., Rochester.2-8-1984 Sold to Crouch, Berry, Moore Ltd., Gravesend. 27-12-1984  Sold to Thames Marine & Civil Engineering Ltd.,  London, renamed Margaret Berry. 30-4-1988 Sold to Carolcraft Ltd., London, re-renamed Sir Aubrey. 2005 Sold to General Marine Services, London. 2007 Still in service.



Photo Rays colln

 Built 1935 by Humphery & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., East Greenwich. L76.2'. B20.5'. D8.1'. 83grt. 500bhp British Polar M34M  diesel engine. ON164511.

1935 Delivered to Humphery & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London. 195? Re-engined  500bhp diesel. 1971 Scrapped by Aston Prefabricators Ltd., Millwall.



Built 1886 by Harvey Ltd., Hayle. Iron. L62'. B13.4'. D6.9'. 32grt. 19nhp steam engine. ON91899.

1890[by] Owner Robert Grey, London. 1911 Owner Henry Grey, London. 1918[by] Owners Humphrey and Grey ltd., London. 1921[by] Owner Trafalgar Towing Co Ltd., Brixton. [R Odell]. 1930 Register closed. 



Built 1899 by Joseph Scarr, Beverley. L68.9'. B16.6'. D8.7'. 61grt.  350ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by  J G Fay & Co, Southampton. ON112683.

1899 Delivered to Robert Grey, London. 1901 Owners Henry Grey and Thomas & George Woodward, London. 1915 Owners Arthur J Humphery & Henry Grey Jr Ltd, London. 1926 Transferred to Humphery & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd, London. 1937 Owners Herbert & Reginald Philp, London. 1942 Sold to Flower & Everett Ltd, London. 1949 Scrapped.





Built 1882 atLondon. L65.2'. B15.2'. D7.2'. 44grt. 45nhp steam engine. ON108310.

1900[by] Owner Jesse Jacob, London. 1911[by] Owner B Jacobs and Sons, Deptford. 1935 Still owned. No further trace.



Photo B Hunt colln.

Built 1912 atGreenwich. L70'. B16.6'. D8.1'. 65grt. 70hp Steam engine. ON135170.

1912 Delivered to B Jacob and Sons, London, named Jacob. 3-5-1924 Barges Europe and Cecil laden with grain and in tow, sunk by collision with SS City of London off Charlton. 28-6-1944 Damaged by flying bomb off Rotherhithe. 1957 Owners B Jacob and Sons Ltd., New Cross, London. 1958 Converted to motor tug by Greenwich Marine Engineering Company. Sold to Flower and Everett Ltd and renamed Grosvenor. 1974 Scrapped by T W Ward lrtd., Grays.



 Built 1956 by P.K. Harris & Sons Ltd., Appledore. YN 66. L55.45'. B16'. 360bhp diesel engine. 

1956 Delivered to B. Jacob & Sons Ltd., London. 196? Sold to Humphrey & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd., London. 1980 Sold to McCann Tugs Ltd., London, renamed G.P. McCann. 1986 Chartered to Fleetwood Tugs Ltd., Fleetwood, re-renamed St. Olaf. 199? Owners Hampson Marine Towing., Fleetwood. 1999 Sold to R. Jones, Reading. 19?? Sold to General Marine, London. 2010 Still in existence in Barking Creek.



Photo B Hunt colln

Built  1892 by Edwards & Symes, Millwall. YN 268. Iron L56'. B13.1'. D5.7'. 26grt. 130ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by E A & H Sandford, Gravesend. ON97708.

1892 Delivered to Corporation of the Borough of Sandwich,Kent, named Sandwich. 1915 Hired by War Office for dredging service at Richborough renamed DT 5. 1917  Sold to Emanuel Smith, Brentford. 1917 Sold to B Jacob & Son Ltd, London. 1918 Returned to owners renamed Sandwich. 21-9-1918 Hired by Admiralty for service with US Forces. 10-12-1918 Returned to owners. 1936 Scrapped.







Including Harry Keep


 Built 1888 by James T. Gibbs, Ratcliffe. Iron screw tug. L70.3'. B16.2'. D7.8'. 49grt. 1nrt. 350ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by J Stewart Ltd, Blackwall. ON95483.

 1888 Delivered to  A., H. & H. Keep, London.  1910 Sold to James Stubbs, Liverpool. 1912 Sold to Abel Towing Company Ltd., Liverpool. 20-6-1913 Sold to the Troy Steam Towing Company Ltd., Hull and renamed Tyre. 6-1915  Hired by the Admiralty and renamed Sidonian.  5-1919 Returned to owners, renamed Tyre.2-3-1921 Purchased by the United Towing Company Ltd., Hull. 12-4-1926 Sold to Cochrane & Sons Ltd., Selby, for demolition.



See under Tough and Henderson Ltd.







Photog unknown
Built 1894 by Montrose SB&E co.  Montrose. L69'. B16.4'. D8.2'. 62grt. 55nhp steam engine by Gourlay, Dundee. ON104820.

1894 Delivered to J.P. Knight (London).1928 Sunk after collision off Timothy's Wharf, Millwall. Raised and extensively overhauled by Poplar Dry Dock and returned to service. 1946  Laid up. 1947  Dismantled at Rochester and hulked.



 Built 1894 by Montrose Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Montrose. 69.2'x16.4'x8.2'. 62grt. 150ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Gourlay, Dundee.  ON10820318

1894 Laid up at Montrose. 1897 Acquired by J P Knight, London.  1-11-1905  Sold  to The Steamship Owners Coaling Association Ltd. 19-3-1914 Sold to Wm.Cory & Sons Ltd., London.  6-4-1916  Transferred to Cory Lighterage, London.29-12-1928 Sold to Henry Moore (barge owner) Belvedere. 1933 Scrapped.  



Built 1878 by Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Co Ltd., Blackwall. Iron screw tug. L60'. B6.13'. D6.6'. 32grt. 20nhp 2cyl steam engine by J Stewart, Blackwall. ON79610

1878 Delivered to William G Allen, Greenwich, named Hawk. 1894 Reengined 160ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Plenty and Son, Newbury. 16-10-1897 Sold to Herbert Kent, London.30-4-1901 Acquired by J P Knight Ltd., London.  1902 Transferred to J P Knight [Medway Lighterage Ltd] Rochester. 1927 Rebuilt and renamed Kenley. 1954 Scrapped.



Built 1892  by  A.W. Robertson & Co., CanningTown 65.9'x15'x8.2'. 50grt. 220ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON99065

1892 Delivered to Kaiser Steam Tug Co (James Percy Knight) London.29-9-1910 Sold to Robert E.V. James, Southampton. 12-10-1910  Lost while in tow of the tug AJAX, abandoned through stress of weather 10 miles E. of the Owers  



Photog unknown

Built 1937 by James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd. Faversham. 65'.2"x16'.0"x6'.7". 56 GRT, 2 NRT. 300bhp 3cyl Allen diesel engine. ON164507

1937 Completed named Landay.  1937 Sold to J.P. Knight LtdLondon, renamed Kara. 1944 Re-engined diesel Polar-Atlas, 450bhp 1946 Refitted by Pollocks. 1973 Scrapped  by T.W. Ward Ltd., Grays.



Built 1892 by A W Robertson, Canning Town.Canning Town.  L75.1'. B14.4'. D6'. 38grt. 25nhp 2cyl compound steam engine steam engine. ON99095.

1892 Delivered to J.P. Knight (London).23-11-1903 -Sunk after collision in Limehouse Reach, off Deptford whilst in tow of Kestrel. 1904 Hull completely rebuilt by Edwards & Co. Ltd. Millwall. Returned to service for J.P. Knight. 1914 On Admiralty service at Upnor Armanent Depot 1934 Scrapped.


Built  1936 by J.S. White & Co., East Cowes . 60.3'x 15.4'x8.3 '. 47.41GRT.  260bph Two stroke SA 4cyl 250mm x 420mmS Atlas Diesel Co., Stockholm diesel. ON163251.

15-7-1936 Registered at Rochester to J.P. Knight Ltd., London. 1939 Requisitioned by UK Admiralty, based at Chatham. 28-03-1947 Returned to owners. 4-4-1962 Registry transferred to London.



Photog unknown

Built 1936 by J. Samuel White & Co Ltd., East Cowes, Isle of Wight. (YN 1815)  66'0"x17'6"x8'2". 528bhp 7cyl Polar-Atlas diesel engine. ON 164715

1936 Delivered to J.P. Knight Ltd., London.24-5-1941 Req for Admiralty service at Glasgow.16-11-1943 Returned to owners. 1982 Scrapped.



Photog unknown
Photo W Armstrong

Built 1934 by J Pollock, Faversham. 74grt 65x17.5x8 455bhp 7cyl Polar diesel ON163531

1934 Delivered to J P Knight Ltd, London.  1973 Scrapped by T W Ward Ltd., Grays. 



Built 1934 by  J Samuel White and co Cowes. 48grt. 60.6x14.7x6.1 300bhp 3cyl W H Allen diesel. ON163247 

1940-41 Req for Admiralty boom defence service. 1934 Delivered to J.P. Knight (London) Ltd. 1941 Refitted  by Pollocks 1942-45 Req for Admiralty service at Poole1946 Reengined 350bhp Atlas Polar diesel by White, Cowes. 1971 Sold for scrap to Shipbreaking Queenboro Ltd. Scrapped near Wouldham.



Built 1890 by Willoughby Bros.,  Plymouth. L62.4'. B14.1'. D7.6'. 42grt. 35nhp steam engine. ON98183.

1890 -Delivered to  Joseph Constant, London named  Success. 9-6-1892 Sold to Co-operative Lighterage Association Ltd., London.21-11-1896  Sold to Henry Lafone, ButlersWharf, London. 5-12-1896 Sold to Henry Reekie, London waterman. 1898  Acquired by J.P. Knight, London 1906  Renamed Kennett. 1929  Rebuilt at Slipway Yard, Rochester. 1940 - 1941 Req for  Admiralty service (boom tender) renamed HMS Crevice. 1941 returned to owner renamed Kennett. 1954 Scrapped. 


KENT [1]

Built 1903 by Edwards and Co Millwall. Millwall. L59'. B14.4'. D5.9'.  35grt. 22nhp steam engine by Vauxhall Ironworks, London. ON118296

1903 Owner J P Knight Ltd., London

1942 Scrapped at Rochester



Built 1904 by Edwards & Co Ltd., Millwall. L49.4’. B13.1’. D4.6’. 22grt. 75ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Hoskins, Bermondsey. ON118467.

1904 Delivered to J P Knight Ltd., London. 1916 Sold to William Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1934 Owners Cory Lighterage Ltd., London. 1935 Scrapped. 



Built 1897 by Lytham Shipbuilding and Engineering Co Ltd.,  Lytham.YN234. single screw steel steam tug.  L71'. B17'. D9'. 70grt 50nhp 325ihp 3cyl 11"x17.25"x29"x22"stroke triple expansion steam engine by builder. ON108252.

1897 Delivered to Kaiser Steam Tug Co.,  Blackwall for £4500. 1934[by] Owners J P Knight Ltd., London.  

1938 Scrapped.



Photog unknown

Built 1930 by Medway Slipway & Co (J.P. Knight), Rochester. 60'0"x16'0"x6'8". 50 GRT, 0 NRT. 500bhp 6cyl Atlas-Diesel, Stockholm. ON 160702.

4-1928 Keel laid.  7-1930  Launched. 1-1931 Delivered to J.P. Knight Ltd., London. 1943 Engine rebuilt at Rochester. 1959 Re-engined diesel 5cyl (1936) Polar-Atlas type M6, 375 bhp (second hand from a Port Clyde Pilot vessel), fitted byGreenwich Marine at Rochester. 1964 Re-engined diesel Lister, 495bhp-369kW, fitted by R.H. Green & Silley Weir Ltd., Blackwall. 1982 Broken up at Grays, Essex.



Photog unknown

Built 1907 by H.J. Koopman, Dordrecht. 71.0'x18.1'x9.3'. 67 GRT, 0 NRT. 375ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON 125581

1907 Delivered to Thames Steam Tug & Lighterage Co Ltd., London  named Agnes.  1936 Sold to J.P. Knight, London, renamed Kieve. 1947 Sold to John Deheer Ltd., Hull, renamed Ian. 1958 Sank in Victoria Dock, Hull, raised & declared a CTL, sold for breaking up.


KITE [1]

Photog unknown. B Hunt colln
Built 1902 by Lytham Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd., Lytham St.Annes. 72.9'x17.6'x8.6'. 69 GRT 250ihp 3cylTE steam engine by builder. ON115949.

1902 Delivered to J.P. Knight Ltd., London. 1914 Req for  Admiralty service (Thames / Medway boom defence) 1918 Returned to owners 1938 Transferred from London to Medway for ship towage. 1939 Req for  Admiralty service (Medway Examination service) 1940 Returned to owners 1943 Broken up at Rochester.



Photog unknown

Built  1939 by Richards, Lowestoft. 69grt 66.4x17.5x8.2 650bhp 7cyl Polar diesel. ON167332

1939 Delivered to J P Knight.




Built 1892 by Edwards & Symes, Millwall. 65.6'x15'.x7.4'. 38grt. 175ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by J Cran, Leith. ON99036

 1892 Delivered to James Watkins, London.11-10-1892 Acquired by J.P. Knight, London.22-3-1900 Sold to Francis Holland, London. 3-1900 Sold to the Admiralty at Sheerness and renamed C.112.22-7-1920 Sold to  Mr. M. A. Hilton. 1921 Sold to Wm. Frederick Tester, Greenhithe and renamed Marmi. 18-9-1923 Transferred to Tester Brothers Ltd. Greenhithe. 1930 Scrapped at FrogIsland, Rainham, Essex.



Built 1898 by A W Robertson ltd, Canning Town.London. 32grt. 58x13.1x6.3'. C2cyl 150ihp by builder. ON108504

1907 Sold to J Constant, London1898 Owned by G & H Stoor, Maidstone for use on Medway. 30-7-1907 Sold to J P Knight Ltd., London1914 Req by Admiralty and lost  off Peterhead E coast of Scotland16-2-1918 whilst under tow to Inverness.