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Built 1880 by A D Lewis and Co, Blackwall. L61.6’. B14.2’. D7’. 26grt. 25nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by A Wilson, Vauxhall. ON95433.

1880 Delivered to Mr Seth Taylor, London named Sunbeam. 1888 Sold to Gaselee for £1050. Renamed Hornet. 2-3-1898 Barges being towed collided with anchored SS Charlaw off RegentsCanal Dock. 1937 Scrapped by T W Ward Ltd., Grays.


Steam Launch Tug
Built 1892 by Howaldtswerke AG, Dietrichsdorf (Yd 255) 5grt 3nrt, 15.18 x 4.79 x 2.01m (1896: 49.8 x 15.7 x 6.6ft) 16nhp 65ihp  C2cyl 10¼",18"x12" by builder ON105819

1892 Delivered to Kintzel & Lauser, Kiel named  Greif. 16-4-1896 Owner London & Tilbury Lighterage, Contracting & Dredging Co Ltd, London, renamed Lee.
1898 Sold to Charles Gaselee London, Used for carrying 50 eel boxes on deck  and towing Dutch eel boats from Thameshaven to Billingsgate. 2-1900 For sale through J Constant, London. 26-5-1900 Owner John Holt & Co (Liverpool) Ltd, Liverpool and shipped to Nigeria.  3-1911 British registry closed as "broken up on the River Niger".



Built 1867 at Bow. Iron screw tug. L62.4’. B13.1’. D7.3’.  42grt 24nhp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON56820

1867 Delivered to William Vokins,
London. 1882[by] Owner George Spicer, Gravesend. 1889 Owner John W. Spicer. 1891 Owner Joseph Constant, London. 1892 Owner Charles E. Gaselee, London . 1897 Owner Phillip Margetts, CanningTown,London. 1898 Owner George Margetts, CanningTown, renamed Klondyke. 1900 Owner George & Phillip Margetts, CanningTown. 1903 Owner Phillip Margetts, CanningTown. 1906 Owner William & Sarah Margetts, CanningTown. 1913 Owner Ernest Lawrence Brown, Bristol. 1921 Owner William H. Slocombe, Cardiff. 1923 Owner John Smith & William Union, Cardiff. 1924[by] Owner William Union, Cardiff. 1936 Scrapped at Cardiff.



Built 1899 by J Scarr, Beverley. L69.8’. B16.7’. D8.9’. 61grt. 350ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Morley,
Southampton. ON112644.

1899 Delivered to Charles Gaselee, London. Cost £3750.  1934 Sold to  John B Bradley, Forest Gate, London. 1938 Sold to Charles E Wilson, Forest Gate, London.


Photo Rays colln
Photo W Armstrong

Built 1935 by Cochrane & Sons Ltd., Selby. L75'. B17'. D8.5'. 67grt. 390bhp 6cyl British Polar Atlas diesel engine by Plenty and Son, Newbury.  ON164545

17-8-1935 Launched. 1935 Delivered to Gaselee & Son Ltd., London. Cost £7023.  1966 Transferred to Gaselee & Knight Ltd., London. 19?? Sold to Alan C. Bennett & Sons Ltd., Rochester. 25-7-1974 Arrived at  Thomas W. Ward Ltd., Grays, for scrapping.


Launch tug.

No details known.


Photo J Grainger colln

Built 1893 by Summers & Scott Ltd., Gloucester. L67.6'. B16.2'. D8'. 54grt. 50nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON101978.

1893 Delivered to Charles E. Gaselee, London. Cost £2900. 1919 Owner Herbert S. Gaselee, London. 1935 Transferred to Gaselee & Son Ltd., London. 1939 Scrapped by Thomas W. Ward Ltd., Grays.


Built 1922 by Cochrane & Sons Ltd., Selby. YN 781. L72.5'. B18.6'. D9.1'. 75grt. 380ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Earles Ltd., Hull. ON146648.

10-1922 Delivered to Gaselee & Son Ltd., London. Cost £7663. For many years the 'TowerBridge Tug'. 7-1940 Requisitioned by Admiralty as armed minesweeper. 10-1945 Returned to owners. 22-12-1960 Arrived at  T.W. Ward Ltd., Grays for scrapping . [£1850].

NAJA [1]

Photo G Lane colln.

Built 1924 by Alexander Hall & Co Ltd., Aberdeen. YN 593. L72'. B18.1'. D8.5'. 72grt. 300ihp 3cylTE steam engine by builder. ON148526.

1-1925 Delivered to Gaselee & Son Ltd.,  London. Cost £6150.  16-1-1941 Suffered damage following near miss by bomb at Tower Bridge. One crew killed [G Carter, Boy; body never found,] and one died later in hospital [J Reeves, Engineer]. 3-1941 Returned to service following repairs. 12-7-1944 Sank after taking direct hit from V1 rocket [doodlebug] whilst changing crews as Tower Bridge Tug. Six crew killed. 1944 Salved and scrapped.
Lost 12 July 1944 NAJA
Captain George Parks; Mates F A Callahan and A Murray; Engineer W J Carter; Firemen R A Carter and N Hill.
W J Carter was father of the boy killed on Naja in 1941 and R A Carter was brother of W J Carter.


NAJA [2]

D Lane colln.

Built 1936 by T. van Duijvendijk., Lekkerkerk. YN 20. L72.5'. B18'. D7.9'. 56grt. 300bhp 4cyl Bolinder diesel engine. ON183133.

1936 Delivered to Phillips Tug & Lighterage Co Ltd., (Phillips Mills & Co Ltd), London named Servis. 10-10- 1942 Req by Admiralty. 13-9-1944 Returned to owners. 1946 Sold for £7500 to Gaselee & Son Ltd.,  London, renamed Naja. 1952 Re-engined 300bhp 10.5"x13.5" Crossley two stroke diesel. 1967 Transferred t o Gaselee & Knight Ltd., London. 1973 Scrapped by T.W. Ward Ltd., Grays.


Photog unknown. G Robinson colln
Built 1890 by J.S. Watson (Gainsborough) Ltd., Gainsborough. Towing barge. L86.8'. B18.3'. D7.3'. 84grt. 20nhp steam engine. ON95820.

1890 Delivered to T.F. Wood & Co Ltd., York. 12-9-1917 Req for Admiralty service at Oban, renamed  Ouston. 24-10-1919 Returned to owner, renamed Ouse. 1957 Sold to H.W. Webster & Sons Ltd., Gravesend and converted to diesel tug. 1959 Acquired by Gaselee & Son Ltd., London. 1966 Transferred to Gaselee & Knight Ltd., London. 1973 Owners J.P. Knight Ltd., Rochester. No further trace.


Launch tug.

No details known.


Photo Richard Emmett.

Built 1951 by Cochrane and Sons, Selby. Screw Tug. L80'3''. B21'6''. D8'6''. 98grt. 750bhp 5cyl British Polar Diesel engine. Acquired 1965. Disposed 1975. Official No. 184541.
19-7-1951 Launched. 1951 Delivered to  Gaselee and Son Ltd., London. 1-5-1965 Sold to Ship Towage [London] Ltd. 27-1-1969 Transferred to London Tugs Ltd. 1-1-1975 Owners Alexandra Towing Co. [London] Ltd. 3-1975 Transferred to Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd., Swansea. 8-1979 Sold to Humphrey and Grey Lighterage Ltd., London renamed Redriff. 1984 Sold to Bennett Bros., Rochester,  renamed Rana. 1990 Company restyled Medway Lighterage Ltd. 8-2006 Converted to houseboat and moored at Hoo, River Medway?



Built 1872 by Watson Ltd., Blackwall. L59.10. B12.4’. D5.10’. 23grt. 24nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by A Young Ltd, Blackwall. ON110128

???? Owner J G Hammond,London named Daystar. 1899 Purchased by Gaselee for £275 renamed Relief. 1908 Sold to Harrison and Tidswell, London. 1924[by] Owners Harrisons  [London] Lighterage Co., London. 1937 Believed scrapped.


Built 1889 by Stewart & Latham Ltd, Blackwall. Iron. L75'. B 16.1'. D8.8'. 75grt. 250ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Ross and Duncan Ltd., Glasgow. ON96648.

1889 Delivered to John W Spicer et al,
London. 1892 Owners J W Spicer & Charles Gaselee, London. 1897 Sold to NV Sleepdienst Hoek van Holland, Maasluis renamed Katwijk. 1901 Sold to Internationale Sleepdienst Maats. NV, Rotterdam. 1906 Sold to French interests.


Built 1895 by Hawthorn & Co Ltd., Leith. YN52. L93.2'. B18.4'. D10.2'. 117grt. 300ihp 2cyl 15"x32"x24"s compound steam engine by builder. ON104878.

5-1895 Delivered  to George Elgood Gush, London. [Partner to Charles Gaselee]. 1898 Sold to George W. Looker., Limehouse. 1901 Renamed Red Rose. 1904 Sold to D. Vitali & Co, Naples, renamed Marino. 1915 Requisitioned by  Italian Navy at Taranto. 1919 Returned to owners. 1940 Requisitioned by Italian Navy at Taranto. 19?? Returned to owners. 1954 Owners Soc. Ing. Rama., Syracuse. 1956 Owners Cia Costruzioni Generali Sarl., Syracuse. 1956 Deleted from Italian register. 1962 Not listed LR.


Built 1937 by Cochrane and Sons Ltd., Selby. L75’. B17’. D8.6’. 66grt. 450bhp 6cyl British Polar diesel engine. ON165613.

22-9-1937 Launched. 1937 Delivered to Gaselee and Son Ltd., London. Cost £8654. 1963 Sold to George Wimpey & Co Ltd., renamed GW66. 1969 Scrapped.


Photo A Hughes colln.
Photo courtesy Rick Vince.

Built 1968 by Richard Dunston (Hessle) Ltd., Hessle. YN S856). L101.1’. B25.8’. D12.6’. 165grt. 1360bhp 6cyl Ruston diesel engine. ON335875. IMO 6817730.

8-1968 Delivered to Gaselee & Son (Felixtowe) Ltd.,
London. 1975 Acquired by  Alexandra Towing Co (Felixtowe) Ltd., London.30-7-1984 Damaged by collision with MV Julio Antonio Mella whilst assisting vessel off Felixstowe. 1987 Sold to Odisseas III Shipping Co, Thessaloniki, renamed Triton. 1988 Sold to Stavros Karapiperis, Piraeus, renamed Karapiperis VI. 25-4-1991 Sank following terrorist attack and explosion at Perama Anchorage. 3-5-1991 Vessel salved and later scrapped.


Built 1886 by Newall Ltd., Bristol. Designed by James Pollock Ltd., London ship number 24. L66.6’. B13.7’. D6.10’. 40grt. 40nhp 2cyl 12"x26"x18"compound steam engine. Boiler 8'8"dia x 9'6". 100psi. ON91943.

1886 Delivered to ??. 7-1887 Acquired by Charles Gaselee, London. Cost £2300. 1925 Scrapped by T W Ward Ltd., Grays.


Built 1908 by Rowhedge Ironworks Ltd., Rowhedge. L61.7. B13.7’. D7.5’. 46grt. 150ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON129171.

1908 Delivered to Wilson and Co Ltd., London, named Prince of Wales. 1911 First regn London. 1914[by] owner Stephen Penney, Grravesend. 1918[by] Owner Gordon K Evans, Gravesend. 1924 Sold to  H Rue & Co Ltd., London. 1929[by] Owner John Bradley, London. 1931 Acquired by Gaselee and Son Ltd., London for £250. Renamed Snaca. Employed on contract for the widening of PutneyBridge. 1934 Sold to Kellock Ltd., on completion of Putney contract, probably for scrap.


Built 1894 by Montrose Shipbuilding and Engineering Company. L72.5’. B16.4’. D9.7’. 64grt. 150ihp 2cyl 14"x28"x28"s compound steam engine by Gourlay Bros.  ON104781.

20-1-1894 Launched to order of Constants Ltd, London. Hull later towed to Dundee for engine to be fitted by Gourlay Bros. 1894 Delivered to Charles Gaselee, London.28-10-1912 Collided with tug Mystic [James W Cook] in Upper Pool. 1927 Scrapped by Kellock Ltd.


Built 1888 by Newall & Co Ltd., Bristol. L69.2’. B14.3’. D7.6’. 49grt. 45nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON95432.

1888 Delivered to Herbert G. Radford, London. 1895 Sold to Phillip Margetts, CanningTown. 1897 Sold to George E. Gush, London. [£1450]. 1906 Sold to Herbert D. Gaselee , London. 1911 Sold to John Mitchell & George Pattison, Gravesend. 1913 Sold to George Murrell,  London. 1924[by] Owner Frank F Fowler, Blackfriars, London. 1925 Owners Murrell's Wharf Ltd., London. 1925 Sold to Trafalgar Towing Co (1920) Ltd., [Richard G. Odell] London. 1934 Owner  R.G. Odell, Margate. 1948 Scrapped.


Photo R Finch colln.

Built 1926 by A. Hall and Co Ltd., Aberdeen. YN 600. L85.9’. B21.7’. D11’. 106grt. 1nrt. 500ihp 3cylTE 13"x21.5"x35"x24"s steam engine by builder.  ON149704.

8-1926 Delivered to Gaselee & Son Ltd., London. Cost £8080. 12-9-1939 Req by  Admiralty. Based at Naval Control, Southend and later in Scotland25-9-1944 Returned to owner. 1946 Re-engined 5cyl 700bhp British Polar diesel by Richards of Lowestoft. . 1-1947 Wheelhouse damaged and and skipper Albert Taylors ribs broken following collision with MV Port Alma in Erith Rands. 1968 Scrapped by Scrappingco, Willebroek.  [£1,000]


Launch tug.

Built 1933 at Sittingbourne. L37.6’. B10’. D4.1’. 11grt. 44hp. ON163391.

1933 Delivered to H W Webster and Sons Ltd., Gravesend. 194? Req by Admiralty. 12-2-1945 Towed from Portsmouth to Gravesend by trawler. 1959 Acquired by Gaselee and Son Ltd., London. 20-6-1966 Arrived T W Ward Ltd., Grays for scrapping.


Built 1901 by Hawthorn and Co Ltd., Leith. L69.9’. B17.1’. D10.3’. 79grt. 300ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON114695.

17-6-1901 Launched. 1901 Delivered to Fawcus Coal Transport Co Ltd., London. 1905 Owners Transport and Lighterage Co., London. 1914 Sold to Southern Lighterage Company, London. 1925 Sold to Gaselee and Son Ltd., London for £700. 1930 Sold to Wilson Ltd., London for £245. 1934 Owners John B Bradley & Charles E Wilson, Forest Gate, London. 1934 Scrapped.


Photographed in Liverpool in 1945, towing a surrendered U-boat. Photog unknown.


Built 1921 by Cochrane & Sons Ltd., Selby. YN 707. L75’. B21.2’. D9.5’. 92grt. 400nhp 3cylTE steam engine by Earles Ltd., Hull. ON146131.

20-8-1921 Launched. 1921 Delivered to Gaselee & Son Ltd., London. Cost £7562. 7-1940 Req by  Admiralty, served at Liverpool. 10-1945 Returned to owners. 1946 Sold for £7000 to Harrisons (London) Ltd., London, renamed Markrock.


Photo Rays colln
VESPA Photog unknown/Tony Atkinson colln.

Built 1934 by Alexander Hall and Co Ltd.,
Aberdeen. YN652. Screw Tug. L75'6''. B18'1''. D9'6''. 72grt. 6nrt.  480bhp 8cyl 4SCSA 12.5"x19"s Mirrlees-Bickerton Day diesel engine. Official No. 163552.
1934 Built for Frederick Leyland and Co. Ltd, as Brodstone. 1939 Transferred to Blackfriars Lighterage Ltd., renamed Evelyn Brodstone.  1946 Sold to Gaselee and Son Ltd.
London.24-8-1946  Renamed Vespa. 1953 Sunk in collision in Gallions Reach, River Thames with MV Malmo. Four crew rescued from river by Tayra.  Salved. 1953 Re-engined with 525bhp British Polar Diesel engine. 1-5-1965 Sold to Ship Towage [London] Ltd. 27-1-1969 Transferred to London Tugs Ltd. 7-1970 Sold to Harry Rose [Towage] Ltd, Poole, renamed Wendy Ann. 1972 Re-engined at Husbands Shipyard, Marchwood, Southampton with Mirrlees-Blackstone ESSL6 600bhp diesel engine with Lister auxiliary, Blackstone gearbox 3 : 1 reduction, screw 6'6'' diameter. 1981 Company ceased trading and taken over by PooleHarbour Commissioners. 1996 Sold to Laxey Towing Co. Ltd., Douglas I.o.M. 2009 Still in service


Photog unknown. B Hunt colln
Photog unknown.
Built 1907 by Jonker and Stans, Dordrecht. L69.2’. B16.5’. D8.3’. 54grt. 250ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON123772.

1906 Delivered to???  1907 Acquired by Gaselee and Son Ltd., London. 1951 Scrapped.

WASP [1]

 Built 1879 by Hanna, Donald & Wilson,Paisley. Screw tug. L51’. B10.9’. D6’. 16grt. 27nhp 1cyl HP steam engine by builder. Boiler 6'dia x L8'.  ON94274.

1879 Delivered to Pile and Co.,
London, namedMallard. 1880 Owner Mr Chantler, London. 22-1-1880 For sale by auction at 85, Bankside, London. 1880 Sold to Charles Edward Gaselee, London renamed Wasp. 1881 Sold to Mr Hemmings,London. 25-6-1883 Offered for sale by auction at Custom House Stairs, London. 1883 Owner Charles Edward Gaselee,  London. 1887 Owners Charles Edward Gaselee & Howard Vyse Welch, London. 1888 Sold to Joseph Westwood, Millwall. 1895 Sold to John Kent, Cardiff.  1896 Sold to Henry William Dove Stepney, London. 1912 Sold to William George Marriott, Rotherhithe, London. 1923 Scrapped.

WASP [2]

Built 1888 by Edward Wales.,
Hull. Designed by James Pollock Ltd., London, ship number 36. L59.7’. B14.1’. D7.4’. 39grt. 30nhp 2cyl 11"x22"x18" compound steam engine by builder. Boiler 8'dia x 8'6". 100psi. ON94368.

1888 Delivered to Joseph Constant, London. 1888 Owner Charles Gaselee, London. 1890 Sold to Robert and James Jones and Henry Beynon, Swansea. 20-4-1894 Sank following collision 1 mile W by S of Mixon Buoy, Bristol Channel. Salved. 1896 Owners Robert Jones and Ann Beynon, Swansea. 1917 Scrapped.

WASP [3]

 Built 1890 by Stewart & Latham Ltd , Blackwall. L67.5’. B15.1’. D7.8’. 45nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by Vulcan Ironworks Ltd.,
Hull. ON98109.

 1890 Delivered to Charles Edward Gaselee, London. Cost £2850. 1919 Owner Herbert Stephen Gaselee, Claygate. 1935 Owners Gaselee & Sons Ltd, London. 1939 Scrapped by G Cohen Ltd., Silvertown.

WASP [4]

Photo K Watson colln.

Built 1939 by Cochrane & Sons Ltd., Selby. YN 1200. L70.5’. B17’. D7.2’. 67grt. 450bhp 2SCSA 6cyl 9.752X16.5" British Polar diesel engine by British Auxiliaris Ltd., Glasgow. ON167263.

1937 Delivered to Gaselee & Sons Ltd.,
London. Cost £9807. 14-1-1963 Sold for £11250 to Wimpey (Marine) Ltd., London, renamed GW 67. 1969 Scrapped  in South Wales.