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Including George Etheredge and C D & A D Etheredge and Etheredge Transport and Shipping Agency.



Built 1895 by Willoughby Brothers Ltd, Plymouth. screw tug.  L71.0'.  B15.2'.  D8.6'.  56grt 16nrt. 35nhp. 2-cyl. 13” & 26" x 18"s compound steam engine by builder. ON104889.

1895 Delivered to  George Etheredge, London. 7-1909 Purchased by William J. Guy, Cardiff. 8.1911 Sold to Greek owners.


Built 1887 by Harvey & Co Ltd., Hayle, Cornwall. Iron Screw Tug. L80.0'. B17.1'. D9.6'. 76grt. 90nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. Acquired 1896. Disposed 1929. Scrapped 1951. ON94289.

1887 Delivered to Andrew James Walker,  Wapping, London. 1895 owner  Andrew John Walker,  Wapping. 1896 Sold to Gravesend United Steam Tug Co. Ltd.,  Gravesend.29-8-1909  Sunk following collision in Long Reach with LondonCounty Council sludge steamer Bazalgette. Five crew lost. Salved and returned to service.  1929 Sold to C. & A. Etheredge Ltd., Limehouse. 1936 Owners Etheredge's Transport & Shipping Agency Ltd., London. 1941 Owners  Greenhithe Lighterage Co Ltd., Greenhithe,Kent.  1951 Scrapped.


Built  1899 by  Willoughby Bros Ltd,, Plymouth. L86.4’. B18.1’. D10.5’. 111grt. 6nrt. 360ihp 2cyl 17"x34"x21"s compound steam engine by builder. ON110155.

1899 Delivered to George Etheredge, 17 Broad St., Ratcliff, London.  1901  Owner Joseph Constant, London. 1904 Owner G. Etheredge, 84 Narrow St,London. 3-1910 Sold to Portugese owners.


Built 1903 by Willoughby Bros Ltd.,  Plymouth YN69. Steel screw tug. L86.4'. B18'. D10.5'. 109grt. 3nrt. 90nhp. 2 cyl compound Steam engine by builder. ON118328.

1903 Delivered to  George Etheredge, London. 1910[by] Sold to W.H.Tucker & Co, Cardiff. 1911 Transferred to W. H. Tucker & Co. Ltd, (Arthur R. Tucker, manager). 1920 To Bristol Channel Towage, Salvage & Lighterage Co Ltd, (Arthur R. Tucker, manager) Cardiff. 1938 Owning company dissolved. 1939 Scrapped.


Built  1868 Robert J Blyth, Southtown, Great Yarmouth. Iron screw tug. L60.2’. B12.0’. D6.8’. 31grt.  40nhp Steam engine by builder. ON58587.

1868 Owner Robert John Blyth, Yarmouth. 1872 Owner Richard Cory, Lambeth. 1884 Owner  Francis Cory-Wright, London. 1887 Owner George Etheredge, Stepney, London.  1891 Owners Arthur, Thomas & Sarah Sales, Woolwich 1903 Scrapped.



Built 1910. Iron. L60.2'. B12.8'. D6.2'. 29grt. 20nhp steam engine. ON129097.

1910 Delivered to Charles D Etheredge, 84 Narrow St., Limehouse. 1920 Sold to Samuel H Jones, Bathurst,Gambia.


 Built 1892 by John Cran & Co Ltd, Leith. YN 30. Iron Screw tug.  L64’. B13.4’. D7.5’. 45grt. 4nrt. 165ihp steam engine. ON99126. Callsign JMRL.

1892 Delivered to James Waterson, Belfast. 1907 Owner John Cooper, Belfast.11-10-1910 Collided with ferry near SpencerBasin.  1912 Owners Charles & Arthur Etheredge, London. 1922 Owners C. & A. Etheredge Ltd., London. 1-7-1926 Lighter Thames III, under tow, struck and damaged HammersmithBridge.20-2-1928 Girted and sank after towing collier Parkhill from RegentsCanal Dock. Three out of four crew drowned. Later salved. 17-9-1935 Aground in Barking Creek just below A13 bridge whilst towing lighter. Refloated next tide. 1936 Owners Etheredge's Transport & Shipping Agency Ltd., London. 1937 Owner Herbert W. Clarke & Son (Erith) Ltd., Erith, renamed Herbert Clarke. 1948 Scrapped.



Built 1876 by Thomas A. Young & Son, Blackwall. L63.2’. B12.3’. D7’. 37grt. 30nhp 1cyl steam engine by builder. ON91931.

1876 Delivered to Union Lighterage Co Ltd.,
London. 1886 Sold to Vokins & Co Ltd., London. 1891 Sold to Beadle Brothers Ltd., London. 1896 Acquired by William Cory & Son Ltd., London. 1912 Sold to Ernest Freak, Greenwich. 1914 Sold to Charles & Arthur Etheredge Ltd., Limehouse. 1922 Owners C. & A. Etheredge Ltd., Limehouse. 1923 Sold to Edward T. Crawley, Green St., London E6. 1930 Sold to Henry D. Lane,Cherry Garden Pier, Rotherhithe. 1935 Scrapped.


Built 1892 by G. Rennie and Co., Greenwich. YN436. L65'. B15.2'. D7.7'. 46grt. 8nrt. 200ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Plenty and Sons, Newbury.  ON99070.

1892 Delivered to Robert, Edmund and Wilfred Bevan, London. Operated for Knight Bevan and Sturges, Northfleet Cement Works, Northfleet,Kent. 1897 Owners London and Tilbury Lighterage, Contracting and Dredging Co Ltd. 1905 Owners became TC&D Co Ltd, London. 1926 Sold to C A Etheredge Ltd, London. 1933 Scrapped.



Built 1912 at Hendrik ido Ambacht. Steel tug. 123grt. L92.1'. B19.5'. D8.3'. 57nhp. ON145116.

1920 First reg London. 1921 Owner William Shelcott, London. 1923[by] Owners C & A Etheredge Ltd, London. 1927 Register closed.



Photo B Hunt colln

See under GULL [1], General Steam Navigation Co.



Photog unknown
Built 1897 by Willoughby Bros., Plymouth. Steel screw tug. L91.5'. B18'. D10.5'. 108grt. 2cyl 17"x34"x21"s compound steam engine by builder. ON108307. Callsign QBJD.
30-10-1897 Launched for G Etheredge, London. 1904 Owner G. Etheredge, 84 Narrow St., London. 1907 Register closed, sold to Chilean owners, renamed Lobo.



Photog. unknown

Built 1909 by J Fullerton and Co., Paisley. YN212 Steel screw tug. L75.2’. B18.6’. D8.9’. 112grt. 46nhp 400ihp 2cyl 14”x28”x24”s compound steam engine by Ross and Duncan, Glasgow.  ON126716. Callsign MJZR.

7-10-1909 Launched for Maritime Dredging and Construction Co., St Johns NB, Canada, namedLord Beresford. 1917 Purchased by war office renamed HS71. 1919 Transferred to Admiralty, renamed Lord Beresford. 1920 Sold to W. Shelcott and Sons, London. 1920 Sold to Charles Etheredge, London, renamed Tactful. 1927 Sold to Great Yarmouth Steam Tug Co, Gt. Yarmouth. 11-11-1931 Towed SS Oakwood into Gt, Yarmouth. 1938 Sold to W J Reynolds Ltd., Torpoint, Plymouth. 1964 Scrapped at Sutton Pool, Plymouth.



Built 1894 Willoughby Bros.,  Plymouth. Steel. L70'. B15.2'. D8.4'. 53grt. 8nrt. 35nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder.  ON104868.

1894 delivered to  George Etheredge, London. 1900 Owner George Etheredge, London. 1904 Owner George Etheredge, London . 1910 Owner J Constant, London. 1911 Owner J Constant, London. 1911 Sold to Russian owners. 1912 Register closed.


Built 1892 at Plymouth. Iron screw tug L68.2'. B14.1'. D8.2'. 47grt. 9nrt. 2cyl compound steam engine.  ON102778

1892 Delivered to George Etheredge, London.  1893 Registered at London. 1899 Sold to James Stevens, London. 1899 Register closed. 1902 Registered as Moss Rose at Cardiff to William J. Guy. 1917 Sold to W. H. Tucker & Co. Ltd, (Arthur R. Tucker, manager), Cardiff. 1920 Sold to Bristol Channel Towage, Salvage & Lighterage Co Ltd, (Arthur R.Tucker, manager) Cardiff. 1928 Register closed.



Built 1926 by J Vos & Zoon, Groningen. L54.6'. B13.9'. D5.5'. 34grt. 163bhp 4cyl diesel engine by Tuxham, Copenhagen.  ON149780.

1927 Delivered to C & A Etheredge Ltd, Limehouse. 1929 Sold to Edgar R Hatfield, London. 1929 Sold to London Bridge Lines Ltd, London renamed GENERAL II  1941 Sold to Harry & Frank Earnell, Charles Judd & William Stapleton, London. 1966 Owners became W J Earnell Sons & Co Ltd, London. 1992 Register closed.




Built 1884 at
Plymouth. Iron. L64.6'. B13.6'. D6.6'. 32grt. 18nhp steam engine. ON87949

1884 delivered to William B Hill, Liverpool.1904[by] Owner Charles Roberts, Bristol.  1910[by] Owners C D & A D Etheredge, London. 1917 Sold to Admiralty. 1918 register closed.



Built 1916 by Bow, McLachlan & Co.,  Paisley. YN 306. Steel STOIC Class tug. 532 GRT, 106 NRT. 141.8'x29.1'x14.9'. 1200ihp 2x T3cyl by shipbuilder, oil fired. Twin screw. Armament 1x6pdr. 11knots.

28-10-1916  Launched as Juan Soverny for  Chilean Navy. 9-1917 Completed as Cynic for  Admiralty. 1920 Transferred to the UK Shipping Controller, manager C.& A. Etheredge, London. 18-2-1922 Sold to Cie Générale Transatlantique, Le Havre, renamed Ursus. 6-1940 Transferred to St. Nazaire, later to Le Verdon. 30-8-1940 Seized at Le Verdon by German Kriegsmarine , transferred to Gruppe West 2-7-1942 Transferred to Kriegsmarinewerft Wilhelmshaven. 25-4-1945 Sank at moorings during Allied air raid on Brunsbüttel. 29-4-1945 Salved.  1945 Scrapped.

Built 1909  by J.Th.Wilmink, Gideon/Haren Groningen. screw tug. L82.8'.  B18.2'. D9.7'. 12nrt. 100grt. 400hp 2cyl Compound Steam engine by Schipper & Van Dongen. ON143448.
11-1909 Delivered to E. Frater Smid & A.B.Schaap, Groningen, named Athleet. 1-1912 Owner Ludwig Ott, Buenos Aires, renamed Emelia. 1917 Req by War Office, London, renamed HS50. 9-10-1919 1st regn London.  Owner Shipping Controller, London; Managers C.D. and A.D. Etheredge, 84, Narrow St, London E.14., renamed Emelia.  25-10-1919 Sailed from Grangemouth and disappeared without trace.  1920 Register closed.

Also owners of  larger tugs engaged in seeking and the lighters;

Etherbeam 167328; Etherbird 167327; Ethercray 164594; Etherdene 164595; Etherhall 164598; Etherlock 164599; Ethermont 164600; Etherquay 164601; Ethertant 167230; Ethertest 167232; Ethertime 167231; Ethertone 167233;




Funnel: Black with red and white houseflag.



 Built 1968 by James W. Cook (Wivenhoe) Ltd., Wivenhoe YN 1359. L55'. B15'. D8.1'. 38grt. 426bhp V8cyl Rolls-Royce diesel. ON337014.

3-1968 Delivered to  Port of London Authority,London named Platonic. 1973 Sold to F.T. Everard & Sons Lighterage Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Capable. Some refitting undertaken but not completed. 1985 Sold to L. Tester, Faversham. 1986 Sold to Mervin E. Street, Gravesend. 199? Sold to Nicholas E. Murray & Sons Ltd., Queenborough, renamed Julie Marie. 1993 Still in existence.


Photo Rays colln

Built 1943 by Richard Dunston Ltd, Thorne. YN T403. TID class tug. L65'. B17'. D7.4'. 54grt. 220ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by John Dickinson and Sons Ltd., Sunderland. ON169275.

1-4-1943  Launched. 5-1943 Completed for MoWT, named TID 5.13-4-1944 Transferred to  War Office. 10-11-1944 Serving at Milford Haven.  7-3-1945 Transferred to Dept of Sea Transport. 6-5-1947 Dept of Armament Supply, RNAD Milford Haven. 18-2-1948 Surplus to requirements at Milford Haven, transferred to DoST for disposal. 9-1948  Sold to F.T. Everard & Sons Ltd., London.5-4-1950 Renamed E.A. Everard. 1950 Re-engined 400bhp 6cyl 2SA Newbury G type diesel. 1962 Re-engined 400bhp 4cyl 2SA Newbury G type diesel. 1965 Laid up and engine removed. 6- 1971 Scrapped by L. Todd,  Greenhithe.


Built 1919 by Henry Scarr Ltd., Hessle YN 72. Admiralty Poultry class tug. L75.5'. B15'8". D7.5'. 65grt. 185ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by T & J Hosking Ltd., Bermondsey. ON144564.

1919 Completed for Admiralty, Named Bantam. Later renamed Faverolle.21-2-1921 Sold to F T Everard and Sons Ltd., Greenhithe. 1-1938 Scrapped at Greenhithe by owners.



Built 1916 by H Paans, Roodvaart. L63.1'. B16.2'. D7.3'. 56grt. 13nrt. 3cylTE steam engine byH Bolnes BV, Krimpen aan de Lek. ON145218.

1916 Completed for The Shipping Controller, London. 5-1921 Sold to F T Everard and Sons Ltd., London renamed Fred Everard. 9-1926 Renamed F T Everard. 8-1928 Scrapped at Greenhithe by owners.


Photog unknown


 Built 1928 by Fellows & Co Ltd., Great Yarmouth. YN 321. L83'. B21.6'. D11'. 124grt. 550ihp 3cylTE 13.5"x22"x36"x27"s.  steam engine by Plenty and Son Ltd., Newbury. ON160596.

10-1928 Delivered to F.T. Everard & Sons Lighterage Ltd., Greenhithe. 16-4-1940 Req for Admiralty service. 4-6-1946 Returned to owners. 1951 Sold to Fowey Tug Co Ltd.,  Fowey. 13-11-1951  RenamedTolbenny. 1961 Transferred to FoweyHarbour Commissioners, Fowey. 1965 Sold to W.J. Reynolds Ltd.,  Plymouth, renamed Tactful. 1973 Sold for scrapping to Davis & Cann Ltd, Plymouth. 1979 Registration closed. [Vessel no longer navigable] 1984 Vessel finally scrapped.



Built 1947 by Fellows & Co Ltd., Great Yarmouth. YN 358. L40.8'. B11'. D3.6'. 12grt. 4cyl 4SA Newbury diesel engine.

1947 Delivered to F.T. Everard & Sons Ltd., London. 1949 Renamed Joker. 1977 Re-engined 6cyl 4SA Dorman diesel. 1983 Leased to South Thames Shiprepairers Ltd., Greenhithe. 1985 Reverted to F.T. Everard & Sons Ltd. 1990 Sold to HCH Services Ltd.,Greenhithe.1990 Sold to Seawork [Marine International Transmissions], Queenborough. 199? Sold to N.E.Murray of Queenborough. 2002 rebuild commenced. 2006 Reengined. 2006 Returned to service renamed Jester. 2010 Still in service. 



Built 1944 by Fellows & Co Ltd.,Great Yarmouth. YN 346. L40.8'. B10.9'. D3.3'. 12grt. 4cyl Newbury C Diesel engine.

1944 Delivered to F.T. Everard & Sons Lighterage Ltd., Greenhithe named Joker. 1949 Renamed Jester. 1963 Scrapped at Greenhithe  by owner, engine re-used in  Jester [3].


Built 1963 by F.T. Everard & Sons Ltd., Greenhithe. L40.7'. B11'. D3.6'. 12grt. 4cyl Newbury diesel engine [ex Jester [2]].

1963 Delivered to F.T. Everard & Sons Lighterage Ltd., London. 1974 Re-engined  6cyl  4SA Dorman diesel. 1985 Scrapped by M. Imms, Shepperton.


Built 1932 by T van Dulvendijks NV, Lekkerkerk. L45'. B10.5'. D3.7'. 4cyl 4SA Petrol/paraffin Kelvin engine by Bergius Co Ltd., Glasgow.

1932 Delivered to Greenhithe Lighterage Co Ltd., Greenhithe, named Tattoo. 1935 Reengined 4cyl 2SA diesel by Atlantic Engine Co Ltd., Wishaw. 1939 Sold to F T Everard and Sons Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Joker. 5-1942 Req by Admiralty. 16-7-1942 Lost in heavy weather south of Bolt Head whilst in tow of tug Caroline Moller.




Photo Rays colln


Built 1943 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Thorne. YN T473. TID class tug. L65'. B17'. D7.4'. 54grt. 220ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by North Eastern Maritime Engineering Co Ltd., Sunderland. ON169364.

25-1-1944 Launched. 21-2-1944 Completed for MoWT, named TID 64. 4-1946 Owners Ministry of Transport, London. 5-1946 Sold to French Government, renamed Claude. 8-1955 Sold to F.T. Everard & Sons Lighterage Ltd.,London, renamed P.B. Everard. 7-1964 Laid up with surveys overdue. 1969 Sold for scrap to Stour Salvage Ltd.,Harwich.


See Margaret Locket, Charrington Gardner Locket Ltd.


Photo Rays colln

Built 1943 by Richard Dunston Ltd.,Thorne. YN 377. L71.2'. B20.5'. D10.6'. 88grt. 400ihp 3cylTE steam engine by Plenty and Son Ltd., Newbury. ON168410.

1943 Delivered to River Lighterage Co Ltd., London named Pinklake. 1960 Sold to W E White & Sons (Towage) Ltd., London. 1961 Sold to F.T. Everard & Sons Lighterage Ltd., London, renamed R.A. Everard. 1962 Re-engined 771bhp 7cyl 2SA L Newbury Diesel. 1975 Re-engined 8cyl 4SA Lister Blackstone diesel. 3-1990 Sold to H.C.H. Services Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Carole H. 4-2010 Sold to Graham Jewis, Oare Creek, Faversham. Believed sold for use as houseboat at Faversham.


Photo Rays colln

Built 1939 by Fellows & Co Ltd., Great Yarmouth.YN342. L84'. B21.6'. D10'. 124grt. 812bhp 8cyl 2SCSA 12.5"x16.75" Newbury diesel engine. ON167348.

11-1939 Delivered to F.T.E. Lighterage Ltd., London. 1976 Re-engined 800bhp 8cyl 4SA Lister Blackstone diesel.  1990 Sold to HCH Services Ltd.,Greenhithe, renamed Hazel E. 2006 Laid up at Greenhithe for over two years. 11-2006 Sold to General Port Services Ltd., Chatham, with proposal to rename as Nubia. 2009 Engine removed and hull scrapped by owners at Chatham.

Also owners of a large fleet of Steam and Motor coasters and the Thames Spritsail sailing barges:-

A.K.; Agnes Mary; Alert; Alf Everard; Anglo-American; Anne; Ash; Britisher; Briton; Cambria; Despatch; Dreadnought; Fred; Elizabeth; Energy; Ethel Everard; Evelyn; Fair Wind; Fortis; Fred; Fred Everard; Gerty; Greenhithe; Harriet Howard; Her Majesty; Heron; Hibernia; Hilda; I. Brouncker; Industry; Jane; John Bayly; Joseph Augustus; Lady Marjorie; Lady Mary; Lady Maud; Landwick; Lina; Lively; Lord Kitchener; Lucy; Mabel; Martha; Marguerite; Martinet (Ketch); Mary Graham; Minnie; Mira; Mona; Monica; Myrtle; Nellie Mary; Nile; Pride of the Colne; Princess; Prompt; Queen Bee; Royalty; Sara; Scot; Scotia; Sophia; Spencer; Spring; Sunbeam; Veronica; Will Everard.




Details of tugs of this company are very sketchy and hard to come by. Many were very small diesel Launch tugs. Any further information, however small, gratefully received.



Painting by Trevor Wayman


Built 1929 by T van Dijvendijk, Lekkerkerk.

 1973 Sold. No further details.


 L49.9'. B12.8'. xD4.8'. 39grt.

29-5-1942 Req by Admiralty for use in East Indies as special service boat.
11-11-1943 Sunk by enemy action. [Circumstances and position unknown].


Photo J Woodman/B Hunt colln


Steel launch tug. 42'x12'x5.9'. Single screw. 75HP 3cyl Bolinder W7M33 diesel engine.

Bare hull fitted out by W J Woodward Fisher. 197? Advertised for sale in Exchange and Mart for £2500. 2002 Houseboat at Brentford.


Photo Trevor Wayman colln
Photo Trevor Wayman colln.

Built 1931 by T. van Duijvendijk, Lekkerkerk. YN 14. L46.4'. B12.3'. D5.3'. 23grt. 100bhp 2cyl Kromhout diesel engine. ON162625.
1931 Delivered to John & Josephine Crisp,
London named Plodder. 1932 Sold to William Soanes Ltd., London. 1933 Sold to Orient Lighterage Co Ltd.,  London.8-4-1942 Req by Admiralty for port duties in South Atlantic.17-11-1942 Purchased by MoWT and transferred to West Africa.28-10-1945 Laid up. 1948 Sold to C. Crawley Ltd., London. 1951 Owners Argosies Ltd., London. 1954 Sold to B.E. Copeman Ltd., London, Re-engined 330bhp  6cyl Parr & Dunwoody diesel engine. 1962 Sold to W.J. Woodward, Fisher Ltd., London, Renamed Duke Shore. 1973 Sold to Erith & Dartford Lighterage Co Ltd., Erith, renamed Betty. 198? Owners McCann Towing Co.,London, renamed Freedom. 198? Sold to Greenhithe Salvage Services, Greenhithe, Renamed Duke Shore. 198? Owners Medway Towing Services, Rochester. 200? Sold to Mr Clifford Brown as private vessel. Laid up in Barking Creek. 30-4-2013 Purchased by Euan Maybank and Rachael Smith. Now powered by Caterpillar 240 t/diesel engine.

More photos under PLODDER - B E COPEMAN LTD.



Built 1934. L32'. D8.8' x D3'. 11grt.

1941 Sold to Grand Union Canal Co.



 Painting by Trevor Wayman

Scrapped Poplar 1967.


Frederick George Smith at helm. Photo © J Smith colln.

Built 1920 Faversham. L29.9'. B8.7'. D4.4'. 7grt. 20bhp diesel engine. ON161476.

1934[by] Owner William J W Fisher, Loampit Hill, Lewisham. 27-2-1936 Small fire in engine room caused by welding sparks whilst under repair at Fishers Wharf, Greenwich.



Scrapped Poplar 1967.


Built 1931 by T van Duijvendijk, Lekkerkerk.YN S11, L11.28M. B2.87M. D1.35M. 25bhp Bergsundmotor diesel engine.

1931 Delivered to W J Woodward Fisher, London.  1973 Sold.

OPON [1]

 L29.6'.  B 8.2'. D2.9'. 8grt.

Built 1933? 1942 Sold.

OPON [2]

Drawing by Trevor Wayman

L50' x B12'. Ruston & Hornsby diesel  engine.

1973 For sale.


Painting by Trevor Wayman


Built 1936 by T van Dijvendijk Lekkerkerk.

 1973 Sold.


 Built 1958 by Thames & General Works Ltd., Limehouse, London. L41.2'. B10'. D5'. 13grt. 3cyl Gleniffer diesel engine. ON366529

1958 Delivered to W.J. Woodward, Fisher Ltd., London. 1972 Sold to Cory Ship Towage Ltd., London, renamed Tregarth and transported by road to Devon. 1977 Reengined 120bhp Gardner GLX diesel. 1985 Owner restyled to Cory Towage Ltd., London. 1-1990 Sold to H. & H. Towing Services, Torpoint, renamed Torbrook?. 199? Sold to Seastructures Ltd. 2004 Sold to Offshore Wokboats Ltd., Renfrew. 2006 Still in existence.


Built 1958 by Thames & General Works Ltd Limehouse, London. L40'. B10'. D5'. 13grt. 3cyl Gleniffer diesel engine. ON364145.

1958 Delivered to W.J. Woodward, Fisher Ltd., London. 1972 Sold to Cory Ship Towage Ltd., London, renamed Torgarth. Transported by road to Devon. 1985 Owner restyled to Cory Towage Ltd., London. 1-1990 Sold to H. & H. Towing Services,Torpoint  to be renamed Tormill?? 2000 Still in service


 See in Flower and Everett list below.




Funnel; Yellow with broad red band.



Photog unknown

Built 1944 in Germany. 390bhp.

1944 Delivered to German owners named Bornhoved. 1947 Owners Flower & Everett Ltd, London, renamed Bankside. 1967 Sold. 19?? Owners Shipbreaking (Queenborough) Ltd, Queenborough Kent.


Built 1925 by Alexander Hall Ltd., Aberdeen. YN596. L77.5'. B19.6'. D9.4'. 90grt. 37nrt. 76nhp 3cylTE steam engine by builder. Acquired 1925. Disposed 1966. Scrapped 197? Official No 148664.
8-1925 Delivered to T. C. & D. Co Ltd.,
London, named Mincing Lane. 1938 Transferred to Silvertown Services Lighterage Ltd., London, renamed Silverlane.31-12-1939 On RN service with Thames Balloon Barrage. 12-11-1940 To RN examination service. 7-2-1946 to 23-5-1946 laid up. 1953 Rebuilt and re-engined with 480bhp Crossley diesel engine. 1966 Sold to Flower and Everett Ltd, renamed Pursuer. 1967 Renamed Bankside. 1969 Transferred to Land Reclamation Services Ltd., London. 197? Sold to A. B. King, Gravesend, renamed Pursuers. 197? Scrapped by Mayer, Newman, Erith.


As MEADS. Photo B Hunt colln.
Photo W Armstrong.

Built 1940 at Thorne. L68.6'. B19.6'. D8.9'. 67grt. 41hp ON167424.

1940 Delivered to River Lighterage Co Ltd, London, named Meads. 195? Owners  Flower & Everett Ltd, London, renamed Chelsea. 197? Owner Ken Woods, Newhaven.


Built 1896 at Falmouth. L65.3'. B11.2'. D6.4'. 28grt. 18nhp steam engine. ON108013.

1900[by] Owner William J Thomas,
Falmouth. 1910[by] Owner  John W Flower, London. 1918[by] Owner Emanuel Smith, Brentford. 1926[by] Owner Henry D Lane, Rotherhithe. 1935 Still owned. No further trace.


Built 1942 250bhp

1942 Delivered to unknown owner. 19?? Owners W.G.S. Crouch & Sons Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Mabel Spearing. 19?? Sold to Flower & Everett Ltd., London, renamed Garrick. No further trace.


Built 1902 by George Brown & Co Ltd.,  Greenock. YN 9. L71.4’. B17.4’. D8.9’. 70grt. 350ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Colin, Houston and Co Ltd., Glasgow. ON115882.
19-6-1902 Launched. 8-1902 Running trials. 1902 Delivered to Farnham Grimes & John Flower,  London, named Grace. 1913 Owners Flower & Everett Ltd., London. 1914 Sold to The Tilbury Coaling Co Ltd., London. 1938 Acquired by Cory Lighterage Ltd., London. 1947 Renamed Request. 1949 Sold to Alpha Towage Co Ltd.,  Greenwich. 1950 believed scrapped in Belgium.


Built 1912 atGreenwich. L70'. B16.6'. D8.1'. 65grt. 70hp Steam engine. ON135170.

1912 Delivered to B Jacob and Sons, London, named Jacob. 3-5-1924 Barges Europe and Cecil laden with grain and in tow, sunk by collision with SS City of London off Charlton. 28-6-1944 Damaged by flying bomb off Rotherhithe. 1957 Owners B Jacob and Sons Ltd., New Cross, London. 1958 Converted to motor tug 480bhp by Greenwich Marine Engineering Company. Sold to Flower and Everett Ltd and renamed Grosvenor. 1974 Scrapped by T W Ward Ltd., Grays.




Photo B Hunt colln.

No details known.


Photo Rays colln
Photo J Painter colln
Photo W Armstrong

Built 1936 by T van Duijvendijk, Lekkerkerk. YN 22. 580bhp 4cyl Atlas diesel engine.

1936 Delivered to Flower & Everett Ltd, London. 1972 Owners Electro-Marine Engineering Co Ltd, Gravesend. 19?? Owner J Wilkes, Strood. 1981 Owners  Gravesend Towing Services, Gravesend. 1981 Sold for scrapping at Queenborough 2001 Reported still at Queenborough. Believed eventually scrapped at Group Six Wharf, MiltonCreek, Sittingbourne.


Photog unknown

Built 1936 by T. van Duijvendijk's Scheepswerf, Lekkerkerk. YN 21. 38grt. 375bhp Atlas diesel engine.
1936 Delivered to Flower & Everett Ltd.,
London named Vange. 1942 Requisitioned by Admiralty for service in West Africa. 1943 Ownership transferred to MoWT. 194?  Returned to owners. 1971 Sold to W.G.S. Crouch & Sons Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Lads  Spearing. 1984 [By] Believed scrapped.


Photo Rays colln

Built 1899 by Joseph Scarr, Beverley. L68.9'. B16.6'. D8.7'. 61grt. 350ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by J G Fay and Company, Southampton. ON112683.

1899 Delivered to Robert Grey, London. 1901 Owners Henry Grey and Thomas & George Woodward, London. 1915 Owners Arthur J Humphery & Henry Grey Jr Ltd, London. 1926 Owners Humphery & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd, London. 1937 Owners Herbert & Reginald Philp, London. 1942 Owners Flower & Everett Ltd, London. 1949 Scrapped.


Photo B Hunt colln

 Built 1890 by David J Dunlop & Co, Port Glasgow. YN200. L65.3'. B14'. D7.8'. 45grt. 175ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON98160.

1890 Delivered to John W Flower & John Everett, London. 1896 Owners John W Flower & Farnham Flower Grimes, London. 1913 Owners Flower & Everett Ltd, London. 1936 Owners Sims & Ovenell Ltd, London. 1939 Owner Samuel H Hallett, Greenwich. 1941 Owner William J Woodward Fisher, Lewisham, London. 1951 [by] Scrapped.




See under George P White.





Built 1877 by J Watson,  Blackwall. L59.6'. B11.9'. D6.8'. 30grt. 25nhp 1cyl steam engine by Plenty and Son Ltd., Newbury. ON79671.

1877 Delivered to unknown owner. 1879 Owners George Augustus and Albert Fuller, Millwall. 1884 Reengined 2cylinder compound by G A & A Fuller.  1882[by] Owner George Fuller, Millwall.  25-9-1888 Collided with and damaged tug Traveller off Globe Pier. Stoker John Henry Mason drowned after being knocked overboard from Traveller in collision.1893 Owner Albert Fuller, Millwall. 1895 Sold to George Knowling, Kew. 1896 Owner Rayner and Hayball Ltd., Brentford. 1898 Owner John Hawkins Ltd., London. 24-1-1903 Collided with SS Vane Tempest near Waterloo Bridge, which was also damaged in collision. 22-10-1918 Hired for US Navy use. 19-11-1918 Returned to owner.  1920 Owner Henry Lane,London. [Eclipse Tug Co Ltd]. 1924 Sold to Henry Wilders, Plaistow.  30-10-1931 Refloated and beached after sinking near Woolwich. 1932 Scrapped.