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Built 1864 by T Hepple and Son, Low Walker, Newcastle. Iron paddle tug. L100'. B18'. D9.4'. 104grt. 30nrt. 56nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine by builder. ON49904. Callsign WFTS.
1864 Delivered to David S Mitchell, Gravesend. 8-11-1871 Boiler burst in Sea Reach after leaving Gravesend 'seeking'. Engineer George Donaldson Watton and fireman James Phillips badly scalded and conveyed on tug Telegraph to Gravesend where both later died. 1872 Owner Daniel S Mitchell, Gravesend. 27-10-1876 Towed on and refloated s/v Jessie, aground near Dungeness. 21-10-1879 Passing Deal towing disabled schooner Cordelia. 1883[by] Owner  Mrs Martha Nicholson, Sunderland; registerd at London.  1890[by] Owner  Robert Mitchell, North Shields.   1892  Scrapped. 

Built 1857 at North Shields. Wood paddle tug. 92.3'x18.8'x9.8'. 98grt. 17nrt. 40nhp steam engine. ON19890

1857 Delivered to J & DS Mitchell, London. 1859 Owners JD & R Mitchell, London. 1862 owner John Mitchell, London. 1863 Owner William Bowen, Llanelly. 1884 Owner    William Bowen Jnr, Llanelly. 1890 register closed 'broken up'.

Built 1849 by J R Curry, North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L79'. B15.6'. D9'. 79grt. 42nhp Grasshopper disconnecting steam engine by Marshall. ON9070
1849 Delivered to John Stevens, London. 1852 Sold to Daniel Barker and J Spicer, London. 29-3-1852 Crewman Edward Wilson, 17, killed when head was caught between tug and coal lighter at Gravesend. 1859 Owner Daniel Barker, London.  1864[by] Engine removed, registered at Ryeas  sailing vessel by unknown owner. 1867[by] Owner John Holmes, Rye. Unlisted after 1870. No further trace.

Photo Gould colln/TT
Built 1874 by Beeching, Gt. Yarmouth. Wood paddle tug. L98.5'. B18.7'. D9.4'. 113grt. 60nhp 2cyl 25"x48" steam engine by T A Young. ON70612.
9-1874 Delivered to William Fothergill, Milton, Gravesend. 23-11-1875 Towed S/V Accorda Jovey Augustina into Ramsgate after she had lost anchor and chains. 26-11-1876 Captain Freshwater awarded binoculars and a silver medal for earlier rescue of crew of schooner Jean Baptiste of Courcelles near the Nore. 2-5-1878 Passing Gravesend towing bark Louise for Deptford. 20-8-1888 Advertised for sale by J Constant. 12-1888 Laid up in Royal Victoria Dock, London.   30-12-1888 Foundered. 1889 MNL shows owner as Alfred Tolhurst, New Road, Gravesend. 1889 Register closed.

Built 1863 aby R Stobbs, Coble Dene, North Shields. Wood paddle tug.  88grt, 26nrt, 85.6 x 17.5 x 9.5ft; (1875: 88grt, 15nrt).  L1cyl (33.25 x 48ins), 45nhp byJ P Almond, North Shields. ON45607.
5-1863 Launched. 1863 Delivered to Henry Anderson and Thomas Leithead, North Shields. 1869 Owner John Moore, Belfast. 1871 Owner Northern Steam Towing Company, Belfast. 1882 Owner John Laing, South Shields [regd London]. 1889[by] Owner Robert Laing, North Shields.  1889 Scrapped.


Photog unknown. Tyne Tugs colln

Built 1869 by by T. Hepple & Co., Low Walker. Iron paddle tug. L107.2’. B18.5’. D9.8’. 126grt. 26nrt. 60nhp 2cyl 28.5”x54” side lever steam engine by builder.  ON63510
1869 Delivered to William J. & George Thomas, Gravesend. 1872 Sold to Dr. M. Brownfield, East India Rd., Poplar . 1879 Owner  W. Renney, 50, Canby Rd., Victoria Park, London . 1883 Owner G.R. Lardner,12 Park Place,  Gravesend . 1885 Owner H. Green at Blackwall. 1886 Sold to  John Mitchell, Matthew Brownfield & others, 49, Milton Rd,  Gravesend. 18-4-1887 Towed collision damaged barque Ida into Dover. 2-12-1887 Assisted towing weather damaged barque Salmon from off Dungeness to Gravesend.11-1891 Sold to Thomas F. Ward, Middlesbrough . 10-1892 Sold to The Tees Tug & Lighter Co Ltd., Middlesbrough. 1892 Re-boilered. 10-1897 Sold to William Black, James Westoll & John Adamson, Sunderland. 1903 Sold to The Anchor Steam Tug Co Ltd., Sunderland. 7-1920 Transferred  to France, Fenwick Tyne & Wear Co Ltd., Newcastle . 1932 Owner William Pickersgill & Son Ltd.,  Sunderland.  1932 Scrapped.
Photog unknown. C T Philips colln
 Photo A Duncan
Built 1893 by Anderson Laverick and Co, Newcastle. Steel screw tug. L80.6'. B16.9'. D9.1'. 91grt. C2cyl (14 & 28 x 22ins), 60nhp steam engine by Hedley & Boyd, North Shields. ON102824. Callsign NGRT.
2-9-1893 Launched. 11-1893 Delivered to J Constant, London. 1893 Sold to M Brownfield, East India Rd, Poplar, London. 3-4-1908 Sold to  Michael M Mitchell, 58 Springfield Rd., Northfleet, Kent. 1-9-1911 Owner James Power, London. 4-9-1911 Owner Arthur James Ellis, London. 3-1912 Sold to The Fayal Coal Supply Co Ltd., Fayal, Azores, Portuguese owners.  1912 British regn closed 'sold foreign'.

 Built 1858 at Nelson Dock, Rotherhithe. Wood paddle tug. L102.3’. B18.7’. D10’. 121grt. 38nrt. 6nhp 2cyl steam engine. ON22170.
1858 Delivered to James Deane et al, Gravesend. 20-12-1859 £200 awarded for assisting ship Undaunted off Dungeness and towing to Gravesend.  17-12-1861 Engaged in telegraph cable work off Deal. 1865 Owner James Deane, The Terrace, Gravesend.1866 Owner Resolute Steam Tug Co, Queen St, Melbourne. 1871 Owners S W Graham and H F Norton, Melbourne. 1872 Owner H F Norton, Melbourne.  1874 Owner James Dean Jnr., Melbourne. 1881 Owners Melbourne Harbour Trust Commissioners. Not listed after 1925.
Built 1859 by James Gardiner, North Shields. Wood paddle tug.  52grt, 15nrt, 83.3 x 16.5 x 8.8ft; (1863: 67grt, 15nrt)  35nhp steam engine by J P Almond, North Shields. ON27705
20-12-1859  Delivered to John Gray, Shields. 1862 Sold to Antonio Gabrelli, London. 1864 Sold to Robert Russell Carew et al, 15 Leadenhall Street,  London. 1866 Sold to J A Hallett et al ,London. 1867 Sold to George Webb, 159 Fenchurch St., London. 1869 Sold to Sidney Merton, 68 Russell Square London. 1870 Sold to Frederick Augustus Golla, Palermo Italy. [Regd London].  31-07-1872 Unknown foreign owner. Not listed 1874 No further trace.

Photog A Duncan
Built 1869 by Readhead, Softley & Co.,  South Shields. Iron paddle tug. L94.7'. B17.1'. D8.5'. 90grt. 45nhp 2cyl 25½"x46" steam engine by builder. ON63523.
1869 Delivered to William Sandford, Gravesend. 17-12-1872 Collided with sailing barge off Gravesend. 26-3-1879 Towed SS Peninsular back to Gravesend with loose prop. 3-3-1880 Towed paddle tug Ben Nevis into Margate with broken main shaft. 30-4-1881. Towed SS Laura Gilles off Goodwins. 1882 Owner Wm Sandford, Gravesend. 1885 Sold to Tees Conservancy Commissioners. 1906 Scrapped by owner. Register closed

Built 1889 by Steward & Latham, Blackwall (Yd 62) iron tug. 75grt 27nrt, 75.0 x 16.1 x 9.6ft.  C2cyl 14½",28"x24" 38nhp 250ihp 1scr by Ross & Duncan, Glasgow (and boiler). ON96648

15-8-1889 Launched.  5-10-1889 Owner John W Spicer, Wapping and others. 1892 Charles Gaselee bought 12/64, gradually increased his shareholding until wholly owned 5/1897.   1897 Owner NV Sleepdienst Hoek van Holland, Maassluis, renamed Katwijk.   30-10-1901 Owner Internationale Sleepdienst Maatschappij NV, Rotterdam.  1906 Owner ??, Rouen, renamed Caprina.  Final fate unknown.

ROB ROY 1848
Built 1848 at North Shields. Wood Paddle tug. L95.6'. B17.3'. D7'. 122grt. 100nhp Grasshopper steam engine by W Hawks, Gateshead. ON
18-1-1848 Delivered to Caledonian Steam Towing Co., London. 4-11-1858 Assisted SV Judith aground Tongue Sands.  9-11-1861 Owners  Caledonian Steam Towing Co. Two men fell overboard boarding tug at Dover. One badly crushed between tug and quay.


Built 1837 at Gateshead. Wood Paddle Tug. L84.6'. B15.8'. D9.4'. 95grt. 60hp Grasshopper steam engine by W Hawks, Gateshead. ON20772.
1837 Delivered to unknown owner in London. 9-1838 Operating on Thames. 25-7-1844 Sold to  Caledonian Steam Towing Company, London. 29-11-1853 Sold to J Watkins, Liverpool. 1858 Sold to J C Reid, Liverpool. 3-11-1859 Offered for sale by auction at Liverpool. Vessel lying at Tranmere. No further trace.
Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, 01/11/1859
See details under BEN MORE.
Built 1865 by J Brodie,  North Shields. Wood paddle tug.  L86.6'. B18.5'. D9.4'. 86grt. 35nhp steam engine by Brodie. ON49777.
1865 Delivered to Andrew Bain, Shields. 1868 Owner H B Pring, Shields. 1869 owner Henry Burgoyne, Newport, Mon. . 1870 Owner Antonio  O Ralli, 9 Gracechurch St., London.Believed based Constantinople. 8-1872 Ran onto shoal near island of Proti in Sea of Marmara. Refloated but later sank in Beyeukdereh Bay. No trace after 1875.

Built 1863 by Andrew Woodhouse, South Shields. Wood paddle tug. L83.2. B16.7'. D9'. 75grt. 32nhp steam engine by J P Rennoldson, South Shields. . ON43650.
7-1-1863  Launched. 1-1863 Owner C R Heap, London [Regd South Shields]. 1863 Owner  Ernest T Hankey, 26 Old Broad St., London, [Regd London]. 1867 Sold to Antonio Gabrelli, 3 Westminster Chambers. London. 20-5-1868 At Plymouth on passage to Naples.  1869 Owner Fredk., Golla, Naples Italy [reg London]. No further listing after 1869

ROVER 1857
Built 1857 by Blackwood & Gordon Paisley, Port Glasgow, YN24. Iron Paddle tug. L132.3’. B20.6’. 187grt. 80nhp 2cyl steam engine. ON20452.
1857 Delivered to New Steam Tug Co., Liverpool. 1860  Sold to Atlantic R.M.S.N.Company, London.  1864 Sold to W.H.Thompson, London. 1865 Owner Henry Bake, Philpot Lane, London.  1865 Sold to Francis G Harrison, Stepney,  London.  1868 Sold to Thomas Jolliffe, Liverpool. 1882[by] Owner William Jolliffe, Liverpool. 1889 Converted to barge. 1933 Register closed.
ROVER 1861

Built 1861 by Daniel Bider, Low Walker. Wood paddle tug. 91grt 29nrt. L 90.0'. B18.6'. D9.3'. 90nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine by Hepple & Landells. ON20126.

1861 Delivered to Robert, John & Daniel Mitchell, Gravesend. 1864 Sold to Thomas Hepple, Low Walker. 1864 Owner William Brown, N Shields. 1866 Sold to United Steam Towing & Navigation Co, Port Glasgow. 1869 Sold to Alexander M Paterson, Port Glasgow. 1870 Owner Alexander C Paterson, Port Glasgow. 19-03-1874 Wrecked at Garroch Head, isle of Bute..
Built 1838 at Gateshead. Wood paddle tug. 30grt, 10nrt, 51.3 x 12.0 x 3.75(draft)ft; (1857: 36grt, 11nrt, 59.5 x 11.7 x 6.8ft) 10nhp 1cyl Grasshopper type steam engine by Young. ON9069
1838 Delivered to unknown London owner. 1-7-1845 Sold to D Barker and John Spicer, London.  17-6-1849 Sank off Billingsgate Market, London, following boiler explosion. later salved, repaired and returned to service. 5-1-1859 Sank in Halfway Reach following collision with SS Panther. Raised, towed to Bow Creek, repaired and returned to service. 1863 Owner D Barker, London. 1870 Sold to Walter Thomas Phillips, Mill Lane, Tooley St,  London.Not listed after 1885.
Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, Sunday, 17/06/1849

SAM[P]SON 1837
Built 1837 by Stephen Wood, South Shore, Gateshead. Wood paddle tug. L84’. B15.9’. D9.1’. 88grt. 60nhp steam engine by W Hawks, Crawshay and Sons, Gateshead. ON9167 Callsign KGFC
7-6-1837 Delivered to Thames Steam Towing Co., Wapping, London.[William Hobbs, Nehemiah Griffiths and Robert Hastie]. 3-1838 Henry Buckle, Nehemiah Griffiths and Robert Hastie].  1-9-1839 Burnt out and sank at Gravesend after ropes drying on boiler caught fire. Salved. 2-9-1839 Under Captain Pickering. 14-9-1857 Sank after collision with Dutch SS Fyenoord off Gravesend. 1865 Owners listed as Thames Steam Towing Co, Wapping, London. 1871 Register closed “Sunk 12 – 15 years ago following collision”.
Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin), Wednesday, 04/09/1839
Built 1843 by Andrew Woodhouse, South Shields. Wood paddle tug. L83.5'. B16.3'. D9'. 90grt. 40nhp 1cyl side lever steam engine by T D Marshall, Newcastle. ON10681.
1843 Delivered to Mark Melvill, North Shields. 1844 Sold to Corporation of Trinity House, Deptford Strond, London. 1849 Sold to Ramsgate Harbour Trustees. 1858 Sold to William Newcomb, London. 1860 Sold to William Haywood et al, London. 1861 Sold to James Waller et al, London. 1861 Sold to James Matthews, 5, Terrace St, Gravesend.  14-1-1867 Caught fire off Thames Haven. Beached but burnt out. Not listed after 1867.
 Built  1863 by R & H Green, Blackwall. YN358 Wooden paddle tug. L131.9' B21'. D8.8'.  199grt.
1863 Delivered to  Caledonian Steam Towing Co, London. 1863 Sold to the Admiralty  for £17,500 for towing duties at Devonport.  12-1863 Undergoing Admiralty acceptance inspection at Sheerness.

 Built  1864 by R & H  Green, Blackwall. YN360  aWood paddle steamer. L131.9'. B21.0' D8.8'. 199grt.  Wheel steering. Two Boilers. Two funnels athwart.  ON50079
1864  Delivered to Caledonian Steam Towing Co., 30, Bisterne Place, Poplar London. [Replacement for 1863 vessel]. 1873 Owner Companhia de Reboques Marítima e Fluvial, Porto. Renamed Veloz. 1???  Owner Companhia Marítima Portuense de Reboques e Salvagem, Lisbon 1??? Owner C. Coverley & Co., Porto. 1909 Wrecked on the River Douro Bar.

Built 1850 by Money Wigram & Son, Blackwall. Wood paddle tug. 130grt 69nrt, 94.5 x 17.0 x 10.4ft 100nhp 2cyl steam engine. ON 15670

5-7-1850 Delivered to Richard Douglas Ross, Gravesend named Secret. 28-8-1851 Bows damaged following collision with SV Arrow off Deal. 13-6-1855 £300 award for towing brig Juanita off Goodwin Sands. 5-2-1857 Awarded £3500 for salvage of barque Spirit Of The Age, in the Downs. 1857 Towed collision damaged brig Catherine from South Foreland to Dover. 2-11-1859 Collided with SV Julia.  1862 Owner Richard Douglas Ross, Gravesend and Thomas Beighton Tobitt, London (107grt 45nrt). 3-1863 Towed collision damaged brig into Ramsgate. 1866 Owner Thomas Jones Stevens and others, Plymouth. 1881[c] Owner John Popplestone and others, Plymouth. 1886 Owner Mortimer J Collier, Plymouth. 1887 Scrapped. 1888 Regn Closed.

SHAH 1874
Photog unknown
Built 1874 by John Readhead & Co, South Shields. YN 99. Iron paddle tug. L84.3'. B17.6'. D9.2'. 86grt. 40nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine by builder. ON68529.
1874 Delivered to Joseph Martin et al, London. 1878 Sold to Goole & Hull Steam Towing Co Ltd., Goole. 1914 Sold to George Alder, Middlesbrough. 1916 Renamed Dales Thorpe. 1928 Scrapped by  G. Broad, Hylton, Sunderland.
Photog unknown. B Hunt colln
Photo Gould colln/TT
Built 1890 by E. Finch & Company, Chepstow. Steel screw tug. L85’. B17.6’. D9.5’. 84grt.  4nrt. 500ihp 2cyl 18"x34"x24"s. compound steam engine by  Penarth Slipway & Engineering Co. ON95193.
8-1890 Delivered to D B McCallum, Cardiff.  1891 To John Mitchell & others at  49, Milton Rd., Gravesend (GBR) 5/1891 reg London. 1893. To Isabella Mitchell & others at Gravesend.  1897 To Jane Mitchell & others at Gravesend . 1898 To Michael M. Mitchell & others at Gravesend. 1900 To Phillip Margetts, 35  Stephenson St., Canning Town, London. 1903 To Thomas C. Spink at Grimsby  regd Grimsby, ON 95193) 1904, regd Hull, ON 95193 1908 To Woodman Hill,  Hampstead, London. 1911 To Mersey Docks & Harbour Board,  Liverpool. 1923 To John Davies,  Cardiff. 1932 To J. Davies Towage & Salvage Co Ltd., Cardiff.  c1947: sunk in West Dock, Cardiff  - later raised and sold for scrap. 1947 Register closed.

Built 1835 by William Forster, Gateshead. Wooden paddle tug. L76’4”. B15’2”. D5’6”. 82grt. 44nrt. 30nhp Grasshopper engine by W Hawks, Gateshead. Tubular boiler. Bunkers 7 tons. Speed 7 knots. ON4377 Callsign JCGS
16-12-1835 Delivered to William Forster, Wapping [regd  London]. 18-5-1836 Owners Symington Patent Paddle Towing Co., London. 1838 Contracted to Yarmouth Mackerel Company towing mackerel cutters from Great Yarmouth to Billingsgate Market, London.  30-12-1845 Sank in Sea Reach following collision with collier The Campbells. Salved, repaired, returned to service. .  09-1846     Company restyled as The Shipowners' Towing Co, London. 1856 Owner J Walker et al, London. 1862 Scrapped. 1866 Register closed.


Built 1852 by Richard & Henry Green, Blackwall. YN297. wood paddle tug. 76grt 53nrt, 103.4 x 16.7 x 10.3ft. 70nhp ON 4372, call sign JCGM.

20-12-1852 Delivered to John Drysdale, Edward Lawson and David Halket T/as Caledonian Steam Towing Co, London.  1873 Owner John J Spicer, Bromley-by-Bow Mddx. 1876 Owner John Ibbetson Spicer (Barker & Sons), 3, Samsons Gardens, Wapping, Wapping, renamed Fearless rebuilt 115grt 30nrt, 107.5 x 18.9 x 10.2ft re-engined 2cyl  beam condensing 30"x48" 95nhp, by Thomas A Young, Blackwall 1881 Owner George J Spicer, West Hill, Gravesend 11-5-1886 British registry closed as condemned and broken up.

Built 1841 by Stephen Wood, South Shore, Gateshead. Wood paddle tug. L98.1’. B17.9’. D10’. 128grt. 47nrt. 100hp 2x2cyl steam engines by Hawkes Stanley and Co. Paddle wheels 15’ dia. 24 floats 12 inner and 12 outer. ON6198. Callsign JMTD
1842 Delivered to Caledonian Steam Towing Co., 11 Milk Yard, Shadwell, London. 1865[by] Caledonian S. T. Co., Bisterne Place, Poplar, London. 1868 Scrapped

 Built 1836 by Stephen Wood,  Gateshead.  Wood Paddle Tug.  87grt, 37nrt, 82.7 x 15.8 x 9.4 ft; (1868: 78grt, 23nrt, 85.2 x 17.6 x 9.4ft)  60nhp Grasshopper steam engine by W Hawks, Gateshead. . Official No 6168 Callsign JMRD
12-11-1836 Delivered to Thomas Petley and John Drysdale, Wapping and Alexander Harrower, London. Under Captain Walker.  1841 Under Captain Tucker. 25-7-1844 Sold to Caledonian Steam Towing Co., London. 1861 Valued at £1,500. 1864 Sold to W T Bridges et al, London. 18-12-1865 Offered for sale by  W. Bridges, Belgrave St.,  Commercial Rd, London. 1866 Sold to David Stone & George Williamson, 33, Poultry, London.  187? Converted to barge. 1870 Sold to  Hugh Andrews Jnr,, Belfast. 1878 Owner James J Swallow, Monkwearmouth.  14-10-1879 Capsized and sank in Hartlepool Bay. .

Photo Gould colln/TT

Built 1869  by John Dudgeon, Cubitt Town.  Iron Paddle tug. 175grt 74nrt, L121.0 x B20.1 x D10.5ft.    (1872 175g 48n, 1883 205g 63n, 1888 205g 50n, 1890 205g 57n, 1893 188g 25n)  70nhp 2x SL 32",32"x57" steam engines by J & W Dudgeon. ON63543

29-12-1869 delivered to Mark Martin and 9 other pilots, Gravesend named  SPINDRIFT. 7-1872 sold to Edward Goulding, Liverpool (reg Liverpool). 1872  sold to Liverpool Steam Tug Co Ltd, Liverpool. 5-1893 renamed REAPER
7-1911 Scrapped. 1911 Register closed.

Built 1872 by David J Stewart, North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L96.7'. B18.9'. D9.8'. 111grt. 15nrt. 40nhp SL1cyl (35.5 x 54ins), steam engine by T Hepple and Co. . ON65430.
3-1872 Launched 5-1872 Completed. 24-5-1872 Delivered to William Hepple, North Shields [Regd North Shields]. 24-5-1872 Sold  to Pandia A Ralli, 9, Gracechurch St., London. 1872 Vessel working at Constantinople. 1898 Register closed.

Photog unknown

Built 1863 by T Hepple and Son,  Low Walker, Tyneside. Iron paddle tug. L91’. B17.9’. D9.2’. 94grt.  L2cy 50nhp 2cyl sidelever steam engine by builder. ON48507
1863 Delivered to John Mitchell & Joseph Martin, Gravesend. 1864 Sold to Duncan Dow, Liverpool. 18?? Sold to Bute Docks Company, Cardiff. 1881 [by] Owner Hugh Leach, Tranmere. 1896 scrapped

 Built 1852 by Money Wigram & Sons, Northam. Wood paddle tug. 122grt 36nrt, 111.4 x 16.6 x 9.9ft 80nhp 2cyl half beam steam engine by  J Stewart, Blackwall.
Tubular boiler. Bunkers 40 tons. Speed 10 knots. ON17488.
 17-10-1852 Delivered to Richard Ross, Gravesend and William Caulfield, Blackwall [Lloyds Steam Towing Co.]. 26-8-1852 £150 awarded for towing Spanish brigantine No from Mouse Sand to London. 4-7-1854 £120 award for salvage of collision damaged and sinking vessel Silence in Woolwich reach. 3-1857 Rescued crew of schooner Vixen aground on Maplin Sands. 1858 Owners Richard Ross and William Beare Caulfield, Coldharbour, Blackwall. 5-1862 laid up for sale in West India Dock, London.
23-7-1863 for auction for mortgagees. 10-1864 Owner Thomas Readhead, Liverpool (reg Liverpool, 111grt 32nrt, 115.1 x 18.0 x 9.8ft), reboilered. 21-1-1865 Seriously damaged in collision with steamer Sofia off Woodside Ferry, River Mersey.
1865 Owner Richard Grech, Malta, based at Constantinople. 1886 [by] Sold foreign, still at Constantinople.
Photo A Duncan.
Built 1869 at Blackwall. Iron paddle tug. 183grt 41nrt. 118' x 20.5' x 10.8'. 75ihp steam engine. ON60974
5-8-1869 Ist regn London. 1870 Owner George Haslip, 50, East India Rd.,  Limehouse, London. 1871 Sold foreign [Italy]. 11-2-1871 Sailed ex Gravesend for Trieste. 18-3-1871 Arrived Trieste.
07-07-1871: Unknown owner, Trieste, Austriaby 1882 Converted to passenger vessel, reengined reboilered. 1890 Owner  Eredi di G. Cav. Mauser, Trieste; registered at Trieste renamed  MARQUADO. 1890 Owner  Olivieri Francesco; registered at Segna (now Senj, Croatia) renamed  VITEZ. 1892 OwnerSerafino Topic & Co, Trieste 1904 Owner  Navigazione a Vapore Serafino Topic & Co (mng P.Pizzetti), Trieste; registered at Lissa (now Vis, Croatia) 1907 Owner  Consortio di Navigazione Dalmatia, Lissa 1909: Owner SA Austriaca di Navigazione a Vapore 'Dalmatia', Lissa.  1916 On Austro Hungarian naval service as fuel carrier. 1922 Owner Jadranska Plovidba, Susak. 1922 Laid up. 1924 Scrapped. 

Built 1832 at South Shields. Wood paddle tug. L55.8'. B12.7'. D6'. 41grt. 15nhp steam engine by H S Waite, North Shields. ON6148.
1832 Delivered to unknown London owner. 13-7-1842 Owner W Creed, London. 24-12-1852 Owner W Gregory, London. 1855 Owners East and West India Dock Company,Billiter Sq.,  London. Not listed after 1867
Photog unknown

 Built 1872 by Readhead, Softley & Co., S. Shields. Iron Paddle Tug. L114.9'. B19.6'. D10'. 144grt. 60nhp SL2Cyl 30"x54" by J P Rennoldson, South Shields. ON65715.
7-1872 Launched for George Haslip et al, 50 East  India Dock Rd., London. 13-12-1874 towed sailing vessel Edwin Fox off Deal Bank. 5/9-1-1875 £350 award for assisting salvage of Lord Strathnairn, aground Goodwin sands.1877 Transferred to George & James Haslip, London.  30-4-1879 Collided with barque Mary in Sea Reach.  1882 Transferred to George Haslip, 50 East India Dock Rd.,  London.  1887[by] George Haslip, 1 Carlton Villa, Belmont Rd., Twickenham, London. 5-1887 Sold to Richard H. Holland and others, 16, The Grove, Gravesend.  1888 Sold to Alfred Tolhurst, Gravesend.  14-1-1889 Sold to  Gray & Co., Hull. 1891 Renamed Welshman. 19-11-1892 Sold to  Ardrossan Harbour Co., renamed The Earl. 9-1914 Sold to J Wilson, Boness. 9-1919 Sold to Leith Towage & Salvage Co., Leith. 3-1928 Scrapped.
Built 1909 by J Fullerton and Co., Paisley. YN212 Steel screw tug. L75.2’. B18.6’. D8.9’. 112grt. 46nhp 400ihp 2cyl 14”x28”x24”s compound steam engine by Ross and Duncan, Glasgow.  ON126716. Callsign MJZR.
7-10-1909 Launched for Maritime Dredging and Construction Co., St Johns NB, Canada, named Lord Beresford. 1917 Purchased by war office renamed HS71. 1919 Transferred to Admiralty, renamed Lord Beresford. 1920 Sold to W. Shelcott and Sons, London. 1920 Sold to Charles Etheredge, 81, Narrow St., Wapping,  London, renamed Tactful. 1927 Sold to Great Yarmouth Steam Tug Co, Gt. Yarmouth. 11-11-1931 Towed SS Oakwood into Gt, Yarmouth. 1938 Sold to W J Reynolds, Torpoint, Plymouth. 1964 Scrapped at Sutton Pool, Plymouth.

Built 1834 by Stephen Wood, Gateshead. Wood Paddle tug. L76'. B15.5'. D9'. 94grt 35hp 1cyl Grasshopper type steam engine by W Hawks, Gateshead. ON6167 Callsign JMRC

22-12-1834 Delivered to John Drysdale, Kincardine and Alexander Harrower and Thomas Petley, London. 14-8-1836 Under Captain Reid towed ship from London Dock to Gravesend in 4.5 hours. 5-6-1837 Port paddle destroyed after steamer Eagle collided with tug off West India Dock entrance. 12-10-1838 Sank in West  India Dock whilst under repair, sustaining damage to engine. Later salved. 6-1840 Owners John Drysdale, Alexander Harrower, Edward Lawdon, Thomas Petley et al, London. 26-7-1844  Owners Caledonian Steam Towing Co., London.  1862 Owners Steam Towing Co., London. 1864 Owner J B Jones, Coldharbour, Blackwall, London. 5-1866 Scrapped.

Built 1859 at South Shields. Iron paddle tug. L82'. B17.1'. D8.3'. 74grt. 32nhp steam engine. ON28383.
1859 Delivered to T. Sandford et al, Gravesend. 13-11-1862 Captain John Lukes knocked overboard by towrope and drowned between Barking and Woolwich. 1865[by] Owner Geprge Hallsey, Queen St, Milton, Kent. 1868 Owner James William Hobson, Terrace St., Gravesend.  1870 Sold to Thomas James Williams, Gravesend. . 1881 Owner G. Butchard, Milton-next-Gravesend. Not listed after 1889.

Built 1883 by A. D. Lewis & Co., Greenwich.  Iron screw tug. 79 grt 75.5ftx16.4ftx9.5ft. 35nhp. C2cyl 14x28 x 20in steam engine by Windas and Dunsmore. ON89532.

17-3-1884 Launched for London Steam Tug Company Ltd.34, Gracechurch St., London  - James Bell, 65, West ferry Rd., Millwall, London.   1900 Owner James Turner, Grimsby. 1918 Renamed Terrier II.  11-1919 Owner G. and T. A. Thompson (trading as T. W. Thompson & Company), Hull. 04-1921 transferred to Thompson Towage Company Ltd., Hull 10-1926 Owner United Towing Company Ltd., Hull. 1927 Scrapped. 1927 Register closed.
Built 1834 by Stephen Wood, Gateshead. Wood paddle tug.  32tonsb, 66.3 x 14.1 x 8.5ft; (1837:54grt, 25nrt, 64.6 x 12.8 x 7.6ft) 30nhp Grasshopper steam engine by W Hawks, Gateshead. ON6167
27-4-1834 Delivered to Thames Steam Towing Company, London. 6-1838 Under Captain Burton. 1855 Scrapped.
Built 1866 by J & W Dudgeon, Cubitt Town, Poplar, London. Iron paddle tug. 103grt, 48nrt, 96.0 x 17.6 x 8.8ft; (1895: 116grt, 22nrt). 50nhp
    2 x L1cyl (25.5 x 32.25ins) steam engine , by TA Young, Blackwall, London. ON54651.

04-1866 completed. 3-4-1866 Delivered to Thomas Stocks, William J Cairns, Jacob Sinclair, Charles Wade & Henry T Milton, York St., Commercial Rd, London E., named Thames.  04-1870 Owner  Alexander Brogden MP, Ulverston; registered at Swansea 1876     Owner Frederick G Saunders, London 03-1888  Registered at Milford.  04-1888    Owner The Great Western Railway Co, London (TS Lecky, New Milford, manager) [operating at Porthcawl.] 08-1903 owner Mark H Redhead, Newcastle & Susannah H White, Streatham; registered at Newcastle . 09-1910  Owner Robert Stephenson Allen Jr and George & Thomas Alexander, Newcastle 10-1910 owner     Northern Tug Co Ltd, (Robert Stephenson Allen, manager), Newcastle 12-1912     Owner Thomas H Nelson, South Shields 1922     Owner Société Française d'Entreprises Maritimes, Paris,    Registered at Sfax, Tunisia; renamed Neptun. 1925 British register closed. 1931 Converted to lighter.   No later history known.
Photog unknown
 Built  1891 by Thomas James Reeves, [Executors of T A Walker] Sudbrook, Mon,  iron screw tug     76grt. 6nrt.  80.0' x 17.2' x 9.4'   60nhp .2-cyl. (16” & 32" x 22") compound steam engine  by D. B. McCallum & Sons , Bute Docks, Cardiff. ON98416.
 1891 Regd at Cardiff. 1891 Owner David B McCullum Jnr., Cardiff.   11- 1891:Sold to John Mitchell & others, Gravesend. 1893 Transferred to Isabel Mitchell & others, Gravesend. 11-1896: Purchased by William J. Guy, Cardiff. 1902 Sold Foreign to owner in Pasajes, [Spain].  No further trace.

Built 1846 by R Banks,  North Shields. Wood Paddle tug. L89.2'. B17.8'. D10'. 98grt.   80hp Grasshopper steam engine by H S Waite, North Shields. ON4254 Callsign JBRN
1846 Delivered to unknown owners. 19-6-1847 Sold to Thomas Petley, t/as  United Steam Towing Company, London.  9-5-1853 Towed Steamer Batavier with broken mainshaft from off North Foreland to Holland for £175. 28-5-1858 Passed deal towing SV George Rogers for London. 18-10-1860 Reported for emitting excessive smoke on Thames. 18-11-1862 Arrived Gravesend ex Nieuport. 1865[by] Owner E B Dumlin, Limehouse, London.1867 Sold to James Martin, Dublin 1871 Sold to Richard Deveraux, Wexford. 1874 Owner John Thomas Deveraux, Wexford.   1881 [by] Owner John Goodfellow, Dublin. 1888 Now converted to a trawler sank in Ringsend Basin Dublin, cause unknown. 1890 Scrapped.
Built 1864 by T Hepple and Son, Newcastle. Iron paddle tug. L99.5'. B18'. D7.8'. 82grt. 92nhp steam engine by R and W Hawthorne, Newcastle. ON50024.
1864 Delivered to Isle of Wight Ferry Company, London. 1865 Sold to Charles Lambert, Upper Thames St.,   London. 1880[by] Owner George Hepple, South Shields. 1890[by] Owner George Platt, Uttoxeter. 1900[by] David McGregor, Leith. Register closed 1908.
Built  1844 by James Dowey, North Shields.  Wood paddle tug. L85.2'. B16.7'. D10.4'. 102grt. 50nhp Grasshopper type  steam engine by H S Waite, North Shields. ON4257.
27-6-1844 Delivered to Thomas Petley & others, London. 5-6-1846 Caught fire and sank off Cuckolds Point, Rotherhithe, River Thames.  salved and returned to service. 10-8-1846 Re-registered at London to Thomas Petley et al t/as United Steam Towing Company. 1865[by] Owner C C Nelson, Botolph lane, London. 7-1870 Abandoned to the St Katharine's Dock Co, then sold to be broken up.
Built 1856 at Rotherhithe. Wood paddle tug. L89.8’. B16.9'. D9'. .  81grt. 80nhp. ON8293 Callsign KBNT
1856 Completed for William Caulfield and Louis Miles, London. 1862 Sold to R. D. Ross and another, London. 1864 Sold to William & Thomas Jolliffe, Liverpool. 1881 [by] Owner John Jolliffe, Liverpool. 1885 Scrapped
Built 1875 by G. Butchard, Milton Ironworks, Gravesend. iron paddle tug. L82'. B16.6'. D8.9'. 76grt. 45nhp 2cyl 22.5"x45" side lever steam engine by builder. ON70726.
1875 Delivered to J. Williams, Whitehall Place, Gravesend. 1882 Owner Thomas J Williams, Whitehall Place, Gravesend. 1889 Owned at Plymouth. 1900 Owner G. Petrie, Middlesborough. 1-1911 Owners Watkins, Petrie, Middlesborough. 1-1913 owners Tees Tug Co., Middlesborough. 30-7-1920 Owners Tees Towing Co., Middlesborough. 21-6-1923 Sold to S E Simpson Ltd., Newcastle for £325. 31-3-1926 Scrapped.1926 Register closed.

 Built  1852  by Henry Fletcher, Son and Fearnell,  Union Dock, Poplar.  Wood Paddle Tug.  L80.7'. B17.1'. D9.3'.   80grt.  120nhp. 2cyl side lever steam engine. ON4282 Callsign JRTL
1852  Delivered to  Thomas Petley and 29 others, London. 1859 Owner United Steam Towing Co., London.  19-8-1859 Towed brig Henrietta off Nore Sand and into Sheerness. 24-7-1860 Summonsed at Greenwich for creating excessive smoke. 1867 Sold to William Sandford, Gravesend. 1873 Sold to John Sommers James, Plymouth. 1876 Sold to  Thomas and John Gray, George Ford and William Tulley,  Hull. 1882 Catherine Precious became part-owner. 1883 Thomas Gray died and owners became William Tulley and Thomas Newton. 1888 Sold to T Gray and Company, Hull. [Mrs E Tulley]. 1896 Scrapped.

Built 1874 by John Readhead and co., South Shields. YN103.  Iron paddle tug. L100.6'. B18'. D9.4'. 118grt. 450ihp 2cyl 26.5"x48" side lever engine by builder. Official No. 70605. Scrapped 1937
1874 Completed for T.A.F. Banks, Charles Brownfield  et al, Gravesend. 15-12-1875 Salvage award for towing brig Monte Carmela off Brake Sand and into Ramsgate. 1879 Sold to C. Brownfield et al, Gravesend. 14-12-1884 Landed six survivors of the schooner Hjelmen at Margate. 1885 Purchased by Joseph Lawson, Newcastle. 3-1895 Owners Lawson Steam Tugboat Co. Ltd. 5-1917 Hired by Royal Navy. 7-1917 Returned to owners. 6-1920 Transferred to Lawson-Batey Tugs Ltd. 6-1937 Sold £445 to Clayton and Davie, Dunston for scrapping
Built 1876 by Thomas A  Young and Son, Orchard Place,  Blackwall. Iron paddle tug. L123.3'. B20.8'. D11.1'. 57nrt. 197grt. 2cyl 34"x60" 150nhp steam engine. ON73643.
25-4-1876 Regd at London. 18-12-1876 Towed dismasted and collision damaged S/V Delftshaven into Dover for agreed sum £165. 1877 Owner J Spicer, Forest Hill, Kent. 21-7-1879 Towed disabled schooner ex Princes Channel to London.  10-1881Sold to Secretary of State for India. 11-11-1881 In drydock in London. 19-1-1882 Arrived Gibraltar from Plymouth. 24-3-1882 Sailed ex Aden for Madras.  1889 Re-regd at Calcutta 124nrt 197grt. ON73643 owner Kally Nauth Mitter, Calcutta, renamed Madras. 1928 Owner Kally Nauth Mitter, Calcutta. 1929 Register closed. Vessel scrapped.

 Built 1873 by James Jackson, South Shields. Wooden paddle tug. L88'9". B18'3". D9'4". 87grt 10nrt. 38nhp 1cyl side lever steam engine by Wear Engine Works, Sunderland. ON68899

10-1873 Delivered to John Morgan & others at Sunderland. 5-1874 Sold to Richard McSheen, Grimsby. 1877 Sold to Richard Watmough, Grimsby. 1886 Sold to W. Cooper , Grimsby. 1892 Sold to G.E.J. Moody, Cleethorpes. 1894 Sold to  Hewett & Co Ltd, Fish Market, Shadwell, London. 1897 Rebuilt. 1904 Sold to  Charles T Pannell, London. 1905 Sold to  Robert Wheeldon & Thomas Commander (City Towing Co), Hull. 3-1911 Sold to Sunderland Towage Co Ltd.,  for £250. 5-1918  Sold to France, Fenwick Tyne & Wear Co Ltd., Newcastle. 1919  Sold to Michael McKeown at Newcastle. 1927 Scrapped, Register closed.
UNITY 1844

Built 1844 by  West & Smith, Horselydown, London. Wood paddle tug. L71.6'. B15.8'. D8.2'. 56grt. 2cyl 40nhp steam engine  12nrt. ON24598
7-5-1844 Delivered to Daniel Barker & John Ibbetson Spicer, Rotherhithe, London. 1-1849 Towed collision damaged schooner Lady Rebew Dover to London. 1855 Owners Daniel Barker and John & Geoge Spicer.  9-8-1857 Caught fire seaward of the Nore. Severely damaged with Stern burnt to the waterline. Towed into Sheerness by another tug. 22-8-1857 for auction at Ramsgate, "damaged by fire" .  13-10-1857 registry closed as "burnt".

Photog unknown. B Hunt colln
Built 1875 by J T Eltringham,  South Shields. Iron paddle tug. L115.8'. B19.5'. D9.9'. 143grt. 85nhp Steam engine by Hepple and Co. ON73575
 1875 Delivered to  Mark Martin, John Mitchell et al, Gravesend. 1888 Sold to Tees Conservancy Commission, Stockton. 1913 owner Leonard Brown, South Shields. 1914 Owners Joseph Stuart and Adolph Gottschalk, Liverpool. 1917 Owner John Fletcher, Montrose. 1918 Owner James Dredging and Transport Company, 3, Little George St., Westminster, London. 5-3-1918 Req by Admiralty. 13-5-1919 returned to owner. 1919 Owners Neptune Marine Salvage Company, Glasgow. 4-1921 Sank on passage Larne to South Shields.. 1921 Register closed.
Built 1856 by Hepple and Landells, North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L90.3'. B17'. D9'. 82grt. SL1cyl 45nhp steam engine by Hepple and Landells, North Shields. . ON15987.
7-1856 Delivered to W Reay, Portsmouth. 1864 Owner T J W Fleming, 10, lancaster Gate, London. 1866 Owner Thomas Charlton, North Shields. 4-5-1868 Sold foreign.Not listed after 1868.

Built 1841 by Thomas Ellis, North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L74'. B15.5'. D8.9'. 79grt. 34nhp lever steam engine. ON9123.
1841 Delivered to William Thompson and John Mitchell, Monkwearmouth. 1842 Owner William Turnbull, Stockton. 1843 Owners William Turnbull and Edward Richardson, Stockton. 1846 Owners William Richardson et al, Boston. 1852 Owner George Haley, Wisbech. 1854 Owner Richard Young, Walsoken. 28-11-1854 Sold to John, William and Alexander Mace and Thomas Jones, Poplar, London. 7-1858 Sank off Denton following collision with SS Ross Mangles. 1859 Owners Mace and Brooks, London. 1863 Scrapped.
Built 1856 by Marshall, South Shields. Iron paddle tug. L103.5'. B18.8'. D10.4'. 119grt. 61nrt. 70hp. ON 14741  Callsign LPJR
1856 Delivered to Sir  Samuel Morton Peto, London. 1857 Owner William Smith, Rood Lane, London.  1866 Owners St. Katherine's Dock Co., London. 1867 Owner Thomas Chandler, Leadenhall St., London. 1880 Owner London and St Katherines Dock Co., 109, Leadenhall St, London. Not listed after 1882..
Built 1840 at South Shields. Wood paddle tug. L82.2'. B16.1'. D9'. 86grt. 75nhp steam engine by J Stewart, London. ON6199.
1840 Delivered to unknown owner at London. 23-7-1844 Sold to unknown owner at London. 184? Sold to Caledonian Steam Towing Company, London. 6-10-1858 Sank off Gravesend after being cut in two by SS Seine. Vessel was presumably salved and returned to service as court case recorded in 1860 with master summoned for producing excessive smoke. 1865 Owner Caledonian S. T. Co., Bisterne Place, Poplar. 1869 Regn cancelled 'broken up'.
Photog unknown
Photog unknown. Gould colln/TT
Photog unknown. Gould colln/TT
 Built  1874 by John Readhead & co., S. Shields.  Iron Paddle Tug.  L100.3'. B18.1'. D9.4'.  115grt.   70nhp.  2cyl 26.5"x48" by builder. Official No.   70588.  PR 1874 London 1894 S. Shields.
1874  Delivered to Dr. M Brownfield,17, East India Rd., Poplar.  24-3-1878 Rescued two men from a yacht which had sunk off Barking Creek. 25-8-1879 Towed barque West from Dungeness to Gravesend. 4-1-1880 Towed collision damaged SV Sarah Jane into Ramsgate. 2-1894 Owners G. Brown et Al., S. Shields. 7-1923 Owners Brown Tug Co Ltd., S. Shields. 1930 Scrapped on Tyneside. 1930 Register closed.
VIVID 1863
Built 1863 by T Hepple and Son  Low Walker. Iron  Paddle Tug. L89'. B17.8' D9.2'. 89grt. 50nhp 1cyl steam engine.  Official No 48649. PoR 1864 London. 1880 Lynn. 1883 Irvine.
1863 Delivered to J. Walter et al, Gravesend. 15-10-1864 £450 awarded for towing collision damaged barque Gustaf from off South Foreland to London.17-10-1867 Towed barque Wanderer off Goodwin Samds. 1872 Sold to  John Gillet, Gravesend. 30-1-1877 Towed sloop Little Jane, laden with petroleum, into Ramsgate after sloop had lost both anchors and chains.1880 Owner Vivid Tug Co., Kings Lynn. 1882 Owner Joseph Lawson, S. Shields. 1883 Owner Irvine Harbour Trust. 1890 Owner James Douglas, Belfast. 21-3-1892 Sank off Isle of Man.
Photog unknown

Built 1865 by Hepple and Sons, Low Walker,  Tyneside. Iron paddle tug. L98'. B18'. D9.2'. 101grt.   50hp. 2cyl lever steam engine. ON54593
1865 Delivered to unknown Leith owners. 1866 Sold to D S Mitchell, Gravesend. 1867 Sold to George Thomas, Gravesend. 1874 Owner  G. Butchard, Gravesend. 1879 Sold to Wolfgang Mannheimer, Mark Lane, London.  1888 Sold to Corporation of Preston for £1641. 1891 Sold to Mr James Gourlay Bridges, Leith for £775. 1898 Sold to T Gray and Company, Hull. 1902 Sold to United Towing Company Ltd., Hull. 1907 Scrapped.  Register closed.
Built 1868 by D J Stewart, North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L95.3'. B18.3'. D9.9'. 98grt.  2 x L1cyl (25.75 x 46ins), 52nhp steam engines by J P Almond, Shields.  ON60479.
14-10-1867 Launched. 3-1868 Delivered to W W Jacobs et al, North Shields. 1871 Sold to W B Greenfield, London. 1882 Owner John G Griffiths, Lothbury, London. 1884 Owner unknown, Constantinople. 1884 Regn closed 'sold foreign'.

Photog unknown. Tyne Tugs colln
 Built  1870 by  Readhead Softley & Co., S. Shields. YN 58.   Iron Paddle Tug.  L104.9'. B18.4'. D10.1'.  122grt.  50nhp. 2cyl 27"x46" by builder. Official No. 63655.   PR 1870 London. 1879 Sunderland 1883 N. Shields.
1870  Delivered to  W. G. Ives et Al, Gravesend. 1874 Sold to Joseph Martin, Harmer St., Gravesend. 1879 Transferred to Miss S. C. Martin, London. 1879 Sold to  Mrs Martha Nicholson, Sunderland. 12-1883 Sold to T. A.  Dry. 7-1889 Transferred to John Dry.  5-1908 Transferred to John Dry Steam Tugs Ltd. 8-1929 Transferred to Readhead & Dry's Tugs Ltd. 5-1944  Sold to France Fenwick Tyne & Wear Co.  4-1952 Scrapped J. J. King Ltd., Gateshead. 1952 Regn Closed.
WEAR 1825
 Built   1825 at Sunderland. William Clark, Bishopswearmouth.  Wood Paddle tug.  L67.7'. B16'. D5.6'. 33nrt.  34nhp.
1832 Owners Thames Steam Towing Co.
Built 1857 by Hessell and Holmes, Rye. Wood paddle tug. L106'. B20'. 130grt  24nrt. 90nhp 2cyl lever steam engine. ON20586

21-7-1857 Launched at Rye by Mrs Spicer for Owners Messrs Barker and Spicer, London.1865 Owner Catherine Williams, Corban Place, Hounslow, London.  30-8-1866 Aground, abandoned on Goodwin Sands. Covered by sand in two tides.
Built 1876  by Ms Butchard, Canal Iron Shipbuiding Works, Gravesend. Iron paddle tug. L116.4'. B19.6'. D10.3'. 151grt. 90nhp 2x30"cylx5's. 2 boilers.  steam engine by builder. ON77057.
29-1-1872 Launched by Miss Ives for the Black Ball Syndicate. 19-12-1877 1st regn London. 19-12-1877.  2-4-1878 For sale by Martin and Constant, Gravesend and London.  1879]by]  Owner George Butchard, Gravesend. 18-3-1884 Sold to  Sylvester Mattison, Liverpool. 1887 Regd Jersey, Owner Francis Le Suer, St., Helier. 27-6-1889 Sold to Alfred Tolhurst, Gravesend. 17-8-1889 Advertised for sale by J Constant, London as Tug or Passenger Steamer. 25-9-1889  Sold to Compañia de Remolcadores del Cantabrico, Bilbao renamed Nervion (reg. Bilbao)  12-1889 reported sunk in a collision.
Built 1903 at Dordrecht. Steel screw tug. L75'  B18' D10. 80grt. 7nrt. 80hp. ON118270
1903 Delivered to G W Looker, Burdett Road, Limehouse. 6-6-1908 Owner in court at Lowestoft settling a dispute over towage of Norwegian brig Fremad into that port 23-10-1907.   6-11-1909 Whilst  shaping to enter Great Yarmouth whilst  towing tug Conqueror from London for new boiler to be fitted, tow line parted. The Conqueror drifted onto Little Beach at Gorleston, the one man aboard being rescued by breeches buoy. 10-11-1909 The Conqueror was refloated by Wild Rose and tug George Jewson and towed to Fellowes Yard. 1914 Sold to W H Tucker, Cardiff, renamed Tenacious. 1921 Owners Bristol Channel Towage, Salvage and Lighterage Co Ltd., Cardiff.  1939 Registration Closed.


 Built 1837 at Gateshead. Wooden paddle tug. L90’. B17’. D9.2'. 100grt. 45nhp. Grasshopper engine by W. Hawks, Gateshead. ON9199
1837 Delivered to Symington Patent Paddle Towing Co., London. 1839 Owners Shipowners Towing Company, London. 1856 Owner Spicer, London. 18?? Owner J JSpicer, London. 1859 Regn closed, broken up'
1837 Owners Symington Patent paddle Towing Co., London. 1839 Owners Shipowners Towing Co., London. 1858 Company in liquidation, no further trace.

Photo Gould colln/TT
Built  1856 by John Thompson, Rotherhithe. Wood Paddle tug. L87.5'. B17.1'. D8.7'. 82grt. 23nrt. 36nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine by T A Young, Shadwell.. ON10160.
1856 Delivered to William J Thomas & others, London.  1868 Owner W J Thomas, Gravesend. 1875[by] Owner George Thomas, Gravesend. 1875 Sold to Paul Bonta, 6 Milton Place, Milton-next-Gravesend.. 1877 Renamed Enterprise. 1882 Sold to George Petrie, Middlesbrough. 1910 Owners Watkins Petrie Ltd, London. 1912 Scrapped. 1913 Register closed.