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Built 1845 by Daniel Bider, East Jarrow. Wood paddle tug. L71.2'. B15.1'. D8.6'. 67grt. 40nhp Grasshopper steam engine by J P Almond, North Shields. ON4307.
1845 Delivered to Thomas Petley et al t/as United Steam Towing Company, London. 1863 Sold to Thomas and William Jolliffe, Liverpool. 1866 Sold to Henry William et al, Milford. 26-10-1881 Sank off Marloes Sands, Pembrokeshire. Crew rescured.
Built 1855 at North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L75’. B16.1’. D8.1’. 54grt. 12nrt. 26nhp 1cyl steam engine. ON10181.
1855 Delivered to unknown owner. 1858 Owners  Matthew Brownfield et al, Gravesend. 1-1861 Owner Robert Bromley et al, Goole. 22-8-1864  Registration cancelled as employed in inland navigation. 1866 Owner  Wilkinson Shearsmith, Hull. 1870 Owner Charles Henry Wilson, Hull. 1881 [by] Owner Henry Burton, Hull. 1887 Scrapped.
Photog unknown
Built 1866 by T Hepple and Son, Low Walker. iron paddle tug. L97.3 '. B18.4'. D 9.3'. 102grt 33nrt . 60nhp grasshopper 2cyl 27"x46" steam engine by Hepple. ON 54610.
1866 Delivered to James Letten et al, London.  1872 Sold to Wm Sandford,  Gravesend. 2-1-1873 Isabelita off Goodwin Sands and into Ramsgate. 1875 Sold to Thomas Elliott & others, Gravesend. 1878 Sold to Chales Bishop, Cowes . 1883 Owner R White, London. 1883 Owner T P White, London. 1884 Owners Robert & Thomas White, London renamed Clarence. 1891 Owners John Batey & others, Newcastle.  3-1894 Lost whilst on passage to Aberdeen. Grounded in force 11 gale at foot of Huntcliff, Saltburn. Posn 54-35.4N 00-55.8W. Two crew lost.
LION 1837
Built 1837 by S Wood, Gateshead. Wood paddle tug. 89GRT. L84.6'. B15.8'. D9.2'. 50nhp.
1837 Delivered to unknown owner on Thames. 16-4-1844 Sold to Thames Steam Towing Company, London. 1860 Scrapped. 

LION 1844

 Built 1844 by Richard Bulmer, S. Shields. Wood paddle tug. L69.5'. B14.9'. D8.2'. 57grt. 12nrt. 35nhp Steam engine. ON9166.
 1844 Delivered to William & Thomas Jolliffe and James Johnson, N. Shields. 1846 Sold to Admiralty.  1854 Sold to John, Alexander & Wiliam Mace, London.   1859 Sold to Joseph Jones and company, Poplar, London. 2-1870 Scrapped
LION 1859

 Built 1859 at S. Shields. Iron Paddle tug.  L106.2. B18.9. D10.0' 121grt 60nhp. 2cyl Lever steam engine by  Thomas D Marshall, S Shields ON 27643

1859 Delivered to William & Thomas Jolliffe, Liverpool. 4-1863 Capt James Reed died aboard from heart disease off Gravesend. 1863 Sold to William Coppin, Londonderry. 1864 Sold to Hugh Andrews, Belfast. 1866 Sold to  David Stone & John Vanner, London. 1872 Sold to Hugh Andrews, Belfast. 1873 Sold to Belfast Harbour Commissioners. 1893 Re-engined 90nhp 2cyl side lever by J.D. Marshall at S-Shields. 1897 Sold to Hugh McIntyre, Glasgow. 1898 Sold to William Garscadden (Clyde Salvage Association), Glasgow.  1898 Owner George Garscadden, Leith. 1898 Owner Archibald McKinnon & William Slimon, Leith. 1909 Transferred to  Archiblad McKinnon & Robert Nicholson, Leith. 1911 Transferred to James Nicholson & Rutherford Fortune, Leith. 1912 Scrapped
LION 1902
Built 1902 by George Brown and Co Ltd., Greenock. YN11. Steel screw tug. L75.4’. B19.2’. D9.4’. 87grt. 5nrt. 550ihp. 3cylTE steam engine by Muir and Houston Ltd. ON115945.

1902 Delivered to  Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers (1900) Ltd, London. 1927 Owners restyled  Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd. London. 27-11-1939 Req for  RAF balloon barrage service.  6-1-1941 Foundered, with loss of all crew, after hitting mine,  2½ cables from No.5 Medway Buoy, 2 miles from Garrison Point.
Built 1836 by Stephen Wood, Soiuth Shore,  Gateshead. Wood paddle tug. L84.5'. B15.5'. D9'. 60hp 1cyl Grasshopper type steam engine by W.  Hawks, Gateshead. ON9169 Callsign KGFH
26-10-1836 Delivered to Thames Steam Towing Company, London. [William Hobbs, Nehemiah Griffiths, and Robert Hastie]. 3-1838 Henry Buckle, Nehemiah Griffiths  and Robert Hastie.  4-1844 Owners Thames Steam Towing Co., London. 1860 Scrapped.


 Built 1878 by Joseph T. Eltringham & Co., South Shields (YN 69) Iron paddle tug/tender. L122.2’. B19.7’. D10.3’. 154grt. 30nrt. 95nhp. 2cyl 30.5”x 54” side lever steam engine by Hepple and Co., S. Shields. ON76862. Callsign LBTG.
1878 Delivered to R. Seaton, Cork. 26-3-1886 Owners Clyde Shipping Co Ltd., Glasgow. 24-9-1887 Renamed Flying Falcon.
1889 Owner William  Sandford, Gravesend. 27-3-1891 Owner Thomas C. Coggins, Liverpool. 10-8-1891 Transferred to Flying Falcon Tug Co Ltd., [manager Thomas C. Coggins] Liverpool. 5-1902 Sold to French buyers and reduced to a barge. No further trace.
Built 1844 at Jarrow. Wood paddle tug. L71.6'. B14.4'. D8.3'. 67grt. 22nrt. 40nhp 2cyl lever engine by Urvin and Nicholson, Shields. 
1844 Delivered to unknown owner at London. 9-1846 Offered for sale by auction, lying at East India Dock, London. 22-2-1847 Acquired by Thomas Petley et al, London. No further trace.
The Times, Friday, 11/09/1846

Photog unknown

 Built 1868 by Readhead, Softley and Co., South Shields. YN36. iron paddle tug. L100.4’. B18.3’. D10.1’. 116grt. 23nrt. 55nhp 2cyl 28”x48” steam engine by builder. ON60856.
1868 Delivered to Joseph Martin & other Gravesend pilots. 1874 Sold to W J Homewood, London. 1878 Owner William H Ives & other Gravesend pilots. 1879 Sold to T A F Banks et al, Gravesend. 21-4-1879 Mate Charles Kemp crushed to death between tug and jetty at Plymouth. 1886 Sold to  Frederick Pattison & other Gravesend pilots. 2-1895 Owner Joseph T Eltringham, S Shields . 1895 Owner John Anderson & Robert Chater, N Shields. 1896 Owner John Anderson, N Shields. 5-1903 Transferred to The Anchor Steam Tug Co Ltd., Sunderland. 16-9-1920 Transferred to France Fenwick Tyne & Wear Co Ltd, Newcastle. 1920 Sold to Charles W Robinson, Middlesbrough. 1920 Sold to Charles Duncan & Sons Ltd, Middlesbrough. 16-1-1924 Scrapped.
LUCY 1858
Built 1858 by Charles Lungley, Deptford. Iron paddle tug.  L71.3'. B16.3'. D8'. 68grt. 30nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine by John Stewart, Blackwall. ON21583.
1858 Delivered to Henry Lee Sr & Jr., Lambeth, London. 1859 Sold to George Collins, Billiter Square, London. 1890 Still owned. 1898 Register closed presumed scrapped.
MABEL 1890

Photog unknown
Built 1890 by Westwood Baillie & Co, Poplar. Iron screw tug. L73.5’. B15.1’. D8’.  55grt. 9nrt. 50nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by Vulcan ironworks Ltd., Hull. ON98064
1890 Delivered to  James Watkins, London. 1891 Owner William Coombs, Llanely. 1891 Owner The Mabel screw tug company, Llanely. 2-10-1895 Rescued crew of collision damaged and sinking Barry pilot boat Maria. 1910 Owner William James Guy, Cardiff. 1913 Owner Thomas Spink, Hull. 1921 Owner United Towing Co Ltd., Hull. 1950 Scrapped.
Built 1864 by Bainbridge and Wilson, Newcastle. Iron paddle tug. L103.7'. B19.9'. D10.1'. 134grt. 74nhp 2cylx30" steam engine by J P Almond, North Shields. ON49640.
1864 Delivered to Caledonian Steam Towing Company, London. 8-8-1872 Passed Dover towing Anglesey. 1873 Sold to J Martin et al, London. 20-6-1875 Passed Dover towing s/v Waimea.  9-3-1877 Freed s/v Resource aground E. bay, Dungeness.  28-8-1877 Anchored off Dungeness. 26-11-1877 Departed Harwich towing SS Ajax to Antwerp. 2-12-1877 Passed Deal towing dismasted s/v River Ganges. 1-3-1878 Lying at 29 shed Victoria dock for sale.  1878 Sold to Joseph Corkhill, Liverpool. 1878 Owners United Steam Tug Company, Liverpool. 1881 New boiler. 21-6-1881 Crushed at Liverpool by SS Britannia sustaining damage to paddles, hull and funnels. 4-7-1881 offered for sale as damaged at Liverpool. 1882 Sold to Compania de Remolcadores Bilbainos, Bilbao. 1882 Renamed Sanson. No further trace.
Built 1863 at St. Peters, Northumberland.  Iron Paddle tug.  78grt, 21nrt, 80.8 x 16.6 x 9.0ft. 32nhp steam engine. ON48674.

 12-1863 Completed. 02-02-1864     Owners W Sandford et al, London; registered at London. 26?-71864 Fireman Thomas James Dan [20] lost overboard and drowned below Gravesend. 1865[by]  Owner   Charles T Ferguson, Poplar. 1870    Owner John Wyatt, Gravesend.  1871  Owner    Millwall Dock Co, London.  1887[by] Owner     George Raymond Birt, Railway Place, Fenchurch St.,  London.   No later history known. Not listed MNL after 1891.
MARIE 1875
Built 1875 by G. Butchard, Milton Ironworks, Gravesend. Iron paddle tug. L82'. B16.6'. D8.9'. 77grt. 10nrt. 30nhp 2cyl 22"x45" side lever steam engine. ON73650.
1875 Owned by G. Butchard, Gravesend. 1880 Sold to Kings Lynn Steam Tug Co. 15-2-1917 Sold to Tees Tug Co., Middlesbrough, renamed Monsdale. 30-7-1920 Owners Tees Towing Co. Ltd., Middlesbrough. 1923 Sold to Pounder, West Hartlepool for scrap for £100,


Photog unknown tyne tugs colln
Built 1857 by Thomas & William Smith, North Shields. Iron paddle tug. L120.9’. B20.3’. D10.3’. 178grt. 80nhp 2cyl side lever engine by builder. ON28072
1857 Delivered to unknown owner. 1860 Owner Thomas E. Smith, London. 1863 Sold to Admiralty. 1884 Owner Strong & Son, Birkenhead.  1884 Owner Robert, William, Nicholas & Henry Strong, Liverpool. 1893 Owners Strong Steam Tug Co Ltd, Liverpool. 1905 Scrapped.
Built 1854 by T & W Smith, North  Shields. Wood paddle tug. L110'. B18.6'. D10.3'. 166grt. Steam engine by Armstrong. ON
1854 Delivered to Charles Bastard, London. 28-3-1855 Purchased by Admiralty for service in Crimea, renamed Hearty. 1876 Scrapped at Malta.
Built 1849 by Caird and Co, Greenock. YN19. Iron paddle Tug. L105.9’. B17.6’. D8.6’. 168grt. 30nrt. 60ihp 2cylSL steam engine by builder. ON32597.
2-1849 delivered to Clyde Shipping Co Ltd., Glasgow.  10-4-1854 Owner Nicol A. Mein, London. 21-6-1854 Owner Nicol A. Mein and Thomas Fisher, London. 11-6-1856 Sold to W. Buyers and A. Learmouth, Sydney NSW. 24-10-1856 Sold to William Fanning, Sydney. 18-8-1868 Sold to Chinese owners.
Built 1865 at Blackwall. Iron paddle tug. L105.4'. B18.6'. D9.8'. 136grt. 50nhp L2cyl steam engine. ON54613.
3-2-1866 Delivered to George, James & Samuel Haslip (Poplar) and Charles Brownfield, William Fothegrill & Frank Baxter (Gravesend). 16-7-1871 Rescued passengers from mail packet Leopold aground on South Foreland.  7-1871 Came across Bucton Castle on fire in Channel. Returned to Dover to collect South Eastern Railway, London Chatham and Dover railway and Dover fire pumps and took them out to vessel which then towed ashore at Lydden Spout. 25-2-1874 21/64th shares offered for sale by Charles Brownfield, Gravesend.1887  scrapped.
South Eastern Gazette 25-7-1871

 MILTON 1866
Photog unknown
 Built  1865 by George Butchard, Milton, Kent. Iron Paddle tug. L89.8'. B17.2'. D8.7'. 84grt. 40nhp steam engine by builder. 2cyl (25 x 48in),  1888 re-engined C2cyl, 1 screw by W. Allsup & Sons, Preston  ON54631.
6-11-1865 launched for Wm Miller et al T/as Telegraph S T Co, Gravesend. 1866  Owner A. R. Fisher, Milton-next- Gravesend.   1871 Owner Geo Haslip, Limehouse, London. 6-12-1879 Whilst laying at buoy off S. E. India Dock entrance the eight man crew became aware the tug would be run down by the Italian SS Europa. They took to the tugs small boat, but this was capsized in the collision, resulting in loss of tugs mate, Henry Edward Cheeseman. 1888 Sold to Corporation of Preston for £1365. 1899 Sold to Archibald Mackinnon, Leith for £575. 1909 Owner Archibald Mackinnon & Robert Nicholson, Leith. 1911 Owner James Nicholson & Rutherford Fortune, Leith . 1912 Scrapped.
Built 1854 by William Thorburn & John Grant, N Shields. Wood paddle tug. 84grt.  L85.4'. B17.0'. D8.7'. 47nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine. ON9186.

14-7-1854 Delivered to Daniel Mitchell, N Shields. 23-3-1855 Sold to James Gill (London, waterman), Daniel Hathoway (Poplar, waterman), Frederick Francis White (Poplar, waterman), William Hockley (Limehouse, mariner), John Thomas (Gravesend, innkeeper), Edwin Williams (Gravesend, pilot) and William Williams (Gravesend, pilot) 1861 Owners James Gill (London, waterman), Frederick Francis White (Poplar, waterman), William Hockley (Limehouse, mariner), Edwin Williams (Gravesend, pilot), William Williams (Gravesend, pilot),  William Smith (Greenwich, lighterman) & William John Thomas (Gravesend, shipowner) 1879 Owners James W Hockley, Millwall and others 1885 Scrapped.

Built 1852 by Money Wigram & Sons, Northam. Wood paddle tug. 106grt 43nrt, 96.1 x 16.6 x 9.4ft. 80nhp 2cyl half beam steam engine by J Stewart, Blackwall. ON 27244

15-10-1852 Delivered to Richard Ross, Gravesend and David Oates, Blackwall. 12-1853 £140 awarded for towing Norden off Mouse Sand and to London.  4-6-1860 Towed disabled S/V R M Mills from off Beachy Head to Victoria Dock.
1866 Owner William Fletcher, Gravesend 1867 re-engined 2cyl grasshopper 25"x48" 60nhp, by George Butchard, Milton Iron Works, Gravesend 16-12-1867 Owner James Deane Jr, Melbourne (reg Melbourne). 186? passenger accommodation added - ferry/tug. 12-1869 105grt 25nrt, 99.0 x 18.8 x 10.4ft. 4-1874 Owner Thomas Heselton, Sydney NSW (reg Sydney). 1875 Owner John R Carey, Sydney NSW. 1876 Owner The Port Jackson Steamboat Co Ltd, Sydney NSW 1893 Owner Thomas W Rowntree, Balmain NSW. 8-1899 "dismantled, engine taken out and converted to a barge" (possibly in 1893).

1841 Owned by Shipowners Towing Co, London.


 NELSON 1858

Photo © courtesy Steve Baxter.
Built 1858 by Hessell and Holmes, Rye. Wooden paddle tug. L99'   B18'. D8.7'  88grt  22nrt. 40nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine. ON21589

31-5-1858 Delivered to Daniel Barker, 21 Gainsford St., Horselydown Southwark . 1-4-1863 Caught fire, burnt to waterline and sank off Gravesend canal basin. Later salved and repaired. 1869 Sold to John Ibbetson Spicer, Arylle Villa, Park Rd., Old Ford, Mddx. 1880 Sold to George J Spicer, West Hill, Gravesend . 1887 Owner John William Spicer, Ibbetson House, Deal. 1887 Sold to William Laidlaw Smith, 176 Burdett Rd Bow. 1907 Register closed as "no account of the vessel since 1888, and owner cannot be traced".
South Eastern Gazette 7-4- 1863


Built 1838  by George Readhead,  Blyth. Wood clench built  paddle tug. L60.5'. B13.8'. D7.3'. 45grt. 20nhp 1cyl side lever steam engine. ON2450.
1838 Delivered to unknown owner. 19-8-1839 Owners Robinson Burn and William Shepherd, Blyth. 1-1841 Owner Robinson Burn, Blyth. 2-1842 Owner Margaret Burn, Blyth. 7-1854 Owner George Redhead, Blyth. .  1857 Owner A Wardropper, Shields. 1866 Owner William Purdy et al, Shields. 10-1867 Owner T J Walter, Milton Gravesend. Reg transferred from London to Rochester 24-11-1868. 16-5-1869 Regd at Rochester to William Brown Spencerlaugh and Charles Perry Archer of Chatham, joint owners [Engineers.] 12-7-1869 [from newspaper] Advertised for sale by auction this date at Gravesend. Advertised as in first class condition following repairs to value of £200. 3-2-1870 Regd at Rochester to Thos J Walter, Milton Gravesend [Bill of sale 28-1-1870] Attached to reg papers letter from Spencerlaugh dated 1888 stating vessel broken up in 1870 as was not fit to use when he bought it!!and has no knowledge of whereabouts of parchment certificate. Reg papers marked closed 16-11-1888 'Broken up 1870; certificate lost.'

 Built 1844 at North Shields. Wood Paddle tug. L83.3'. B16.7'. D5.9'. 57grt 40nhp Grasshopper type steam engine by J P Almond, North Shields. ON4253 Callsign JBRM
1-11-1844 Delivered to unknown owner at London. 1848 Sold to Thomas Petley t/as   United Steam Towing Co., London. 1859 Lengthened to 95'. 15-8-1862 Whilst turning iron ship Ganges opposite Shadwell basin the ship fell onto her beam ends and sank, supposedly due to insufficient ballast. 1863 Owner C C Nelson et al, London. 1867[by] Owner J Rouse, Boston. 1867 Engine removed converted to sail rigged as schooner. 1874[by] Alfred H Read, Boston. 1879 Not listed.



Built 1824 @ North Shore, Newcastle. Wood paddle tug. L86'. B14.6'. D9.8'. 93grt. 45hp. 1cyl Grasshopper type steam engine by W Hawks, Gateshead. Flue boiler. Burnt 7 tons daily. Speed 7knts. Bunkers 18 tons. ON4376.

1824 Delivered to unknown owner probably in Sunderland. . 1-1834 Sold to John Coull Carr, Bishopswearmouth. 12-1836 Sold to William Forster, Wapping. 8-1837 Sold to Symington Patent Paddle Towing Company, London. [William Copeland, Walter Urquhart, Edward Oswin and RThomas Drape.] 6-1837 Captain and crew appeared in court after stealing a rice pudding from the Three Daws public house, Gravesend. 3-3-1847 Owners Shipowners Towing Company, London. [William Gunston, Walter Urquhart, Edward Oswin and Thomas Drape]. 14-5-1847 Towed barque Baboo from Shadwell basin, having secured her line before the booked tug Lion of Thames Steam Towing Co. Whilst towing the pilot instructed Newcastle's master to cast off as he would not get paid.This eventually was done resulting in the barque going aground near Duke Shore, Limehouse and sustaining damage, the whole matter ending up in the Admiralty Court. 22-5-1858 Sold to Thomas Iremonger, Stephen Oliver and Thomas Marshall, Littlehampton .  1866 Register closed, 'stated to have been broken up'. 

OSCAR 1876

Built 1876 by G. Butchard, Milton, Gravesend. Iron paddle tug. L82'. B16.6. D8.9. 72grt. 45nhp 2cyl 22”x45” side lever steam engine by builder. twin funnels. ON73635
1876 Delivered to Joseph Martin, 17, Harmer St., Gravesend.. 21-2-1879 Collided with barque Mystle Tie in Downs. 1879 Sold to G H Jewell, Kings Lynn. 1881 Sold to Dundalk Harbour Commissioners. 11-1907 Sold to Joseph Ridley, Tyneside. Converted to single funnel. 4-1920 Transferred to Ridley Steam Tug Co Ltd. 3-1932 Sold for £75 to Grahamsley Ltd for scrap.
Built 1866 by George Butchard,  Milton, Gravesend. Iron paddle tug. L90'. B17.0'. D9.4'. 95grt. 40nhp 2cyl 25"x48" steam engine by builder. ON56740.
11-8-1866 Launched by Mrs Thomas Raines. 1-11-1866 Trial trip for owners Telegraph S T Co., Gravesend. 29/11/1866 Owners William Miller (mng) and 18 others (mostly Gravesend pilots, t/a Telegraph Towing Co), Gravesend . 1868[by] Owner William Miller, Peacock St., Gravesend. 2-1-1868 £70 salvage award for earlier service to disable schooner Isabella Leith towed into Ramsgate. 1876 Sold to J Martin, Harmer St., Gravesend. 1880[by] Owner George Butchard, Milton, Gravesend. 2-3-1880 Awarded £200 for towing barque Unicorn from the Downs to Gravesend. 15-10-1881 Towed derelict schooner Juliesche into Dover. 1881 Owner John W Taylor, Sunderland. 1882 Owner James Main, Aberdeen - reg Aberdeen. 1887 British registry closed [reason not noted]

Built 1849 by John R Curry, North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L79.8'. B15.6'. D9.3'. 67grt. 60nhp steam engine by Young. ON9068.
1849 Delivered to John Strevens, James Hambleton & others, London. 1852 Owner Daniel Barker, London. 1853 Owners Daniel Barker, John & George Spicer & others, London. 1869 Owner G J Spicer et al, London. 1870 Owner J Ibbetson Spicer, Old Ford, London. 1887 Owner John  William Spicer, Deal.  1890 Scrapped.
Built 1902 by Hawthorn and Co Ltd., Leith. YN93. L80'. B17'6". D8'6". 78grt 24nrt. 250ihp 2cyl 11"x24"x20"s compound steam engine.
1902 Delivered to War Office [RASC] and used for target and general towing based Weymouth. Named Stewart. 1946 Sold to Lenthall Bros., Teddington.  1949 Sold to Corporation of Preston for £2850 renamed Penfold. 1958 Sold to Mrs Ann Fielding, Dublin for £875. 195? Scrapped.

 Built    1849 at South Shields.  Wood paddle tug.  L97'. B17.7'. D10.8'. 146grt 80nhp Grasshopper steam engine by J P Almond, North Shields. ON4255 Callsign JBRP
1-8-1849  Delivered to  Thomas Petley [t/as United Steam Towing Company] , London. 1865 Sold to W H Carey, London. 1870 Sold to Henry  Collings, London. 1871 Sold to  St. Katherines Dock Co., London. 1885 Same owners. 1887 No trace in LR.

PILOT 1830

Built 1830 by Robert Dixon, South Shore, Gateshead. Wooden  paddle tug. 8nrt. L57.8'. B12.6'. D7.7'. 30hp 2cyl steam engine. ON2806

27-9-1830 Delivered to  William Forster, Felling Shore. 21-3-1836 Owner Samuel Baker, London.[ Believed connected with Thames Steam Towing Company].
7-1841 Converted to sailing vessel by T Chinley, Bristol. 16-8-1844 Owner C B Palmer, Newport. 20-11-1846 Owner T. Sutton, J Morgan and J Thomas, Swansea. 1864 scrapped.

PILOT 1837

 Built 1837. Wood paddle tug.
1837 Owners Symington Patent Paddle Towing Co, London.  1839 Owners Shipowners Towing Co, London. 1849 Owners Pilot Steam Tug and Steam Rescue Company, [Capt. Shepherd], London?? 12-9-1866 Sold to Russian owners at Odessa and renamed Salomen. Collided with Madona off Gravesend on delivery voyage to new owners.

Built 1858 by Hepple and Landells, North Shields. Iron paddle tug. L84.3'. B18'. D8.9'. 78grt. 40nhp  SL1cyl steam engine by builder. ON19200.
1858 Delivered to W Reay, Portsmouth. 1864 Owner W Reay, London. 1866 Owner R Morgan et al, Cardiff. 1886 Owner William Brazier, Shoreham. 1888 Owner Thomas Marlborough Scott, Sunderland.  18?? Owner Hepple and Co, Shields.  1891 Owners Tees Conservancy Commission, Stockton. 1901 Reduced to a lighter. 1902 Register closed.

Built 1842 by Daniel Bider, East Jarrow. Wood paddle tug. L102.5'. B19.1'. D10.5'. 144grt. 37nrt. 2cyl lever steam engine. ON10582.
1842 Unregistered.  1842 Acquired by The Ship Owner's Towing Co, London. 4-1844 Sold to William Forster, Samuel Howes Sr & Samuel Howes Jr, Liverpool. 1848 Owners Edward Forster, Samuel Howes Sr & Samuel Howes Jr, Liverpool. 1849 Owners Edward Forster, Henry Abbinott & Joseph Newton, Liverpool. 5-8-1858 Offered for sale by auction at Liverpool. 1859 Owner James Haddock, Liverpool. 1868 Scrapped.

Built 1857 by Westwood Baillie & Co., Poplar. Wood Paddle Tug. 88'x17.5'x8.8'. 88grt. 23nrt. 40nhp 2cyl lever steam engine. ON21166
1857 Delivered to William J Thomas and others, Gravesend, t/as Commercial Towing Co., London. 1881 [by] Owner George Lander, Gravesend. 1888 Sold to Thomas Bradley, Hessle. 19-11-1889 Sold to Humber Steam Towing Co., Hull. 1902 Sold to Frank Graves & Joseph Harrison, Hull. 20-2-1905 Sold to William Doughty, Hull. 21-4-1910 Sold to Samuel Harrison, Hull. 21-4-1917 Transferred to Harrison and Doughty Ltd., Hull. 27-7-1920 Sold to Roland Harrison, Hull. 3-2-1921 Sold to United Towing Co., Hull. 1924 Scrapped.

Photog unknown

Built 1894 by A W Robertson and Co., Canning Town. Steel screw tug. L79’. B17.6’. D9.7’. 83grt. 400hp 2cyl 15.5”x32”x20”s compound steam engine by builder. ON102869.

1-1894 Delivered to Parkinson and Edwards, Gravesend. 25-4-1897 £160 award for assistance to SS W D Cruddas whose prop had fouled the chain of her mooring buoy in Greenwich Reach. 1-9-1907 Escorting Channel swimmer from Dover. 1-1917 £200 award for towing SS Fredriksberg clear of the military pontoon bridge at Gravesend, which the steamship had fouled in a gale. 1917 Owners Aldersyde Steam Fishing Co Ltd., Grimsby. 1918 Sold to Grimsby Steam Tug & Launch Co., Grimsby.  6-1918 Hired by RN. 1-1919 Returned to owners. 1920 Sold to Ridley Steam Tug Co Ltd., Tyneside. 4-1928 Sold for £1150 to Peter McLeod, Alloa. 1930 Scrapped at Alloa. 


Photos Gould colln

 Built   1859 at Rye.  Wooden Paddle Tug.  L90.3'. B18.5'. D9.0'.  89grt.  52nhp.  2cyl 27.5"x42" side lever steam engine  by J. A. Young, Blackwall. Official No.  28352.  PoR 1860 London. 1874 London. 1895 S. Shields.
1859  Delivered to  F. Spicer, Bermondsey, London.   c1868 Transferred to J. I. Spicer, Old Ford, London. 1874 Sold to D. S. H. Oates et Al, London. 1881 Sold to Ebenezer Edwards, Morant St,  Poplar. 12-1895 Sold to John  Dry, S. Shields. 5-1908 Transferred to  John Dry Steam Tugs Ltd. 1912 Scrapped at Hylton, River Wear.
No details known as yet.


Built 1848 at Peters Quay, Northumberland. Wood Paddle Tug. L75'. B15.8'. D8.3'.  58grt. 130nhp. steam engine. ON45045
1848 Completed for John Ridley, Newcastle, named Wonder. 18?? Owner John Foster, Newcastle. 1862 Sold to Henry Robinson, London, renamed Prince of Hesse. 1864 Sold to William Hockley et al, London.  1865 Sold to James Gill, 11 Ebenezer Terrace, Millwall. London. 1873 Sold to James Matthews, Hope Cottages, Gravesend,  1886 Still owned. 1887 Not in register.

Photo A Duncan
Built 1898 by Willoughby Bros., Plymouth. Steel screw tug. L85.2'. B18'. D10.5'. 128grt. 2cyl 17"x34"x21"s compound steam engine by builder. ON108307. Callsign QBJD.
30-10-1897 Launched for C Etheredge, London. 1904 Owner G, Etheredge, 84 Narrow St., London. 1907 Sold to Chilean owners and renamed Lobo. No further trace.