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Built 1861 at South Shields. Iron paddle tug. L81.1'. B17'. D8.6'. 72grt.  30nhp steam engine. ON43942.
1861 Delivered to Barrington Daines, London. 1864 Owners B Daines et al, London. 1868 Sold to Henry Williams, Milton, Gravesend. 1871 Sold to Charles Brownfield, London. 1880[by] Owner Chas. Stratford, Richmond Terrace, Gravesend. 1882[by] Owner Robert Easthope, Cardiff. No further trace.
Photog unknown
Built 1867 by T Hepple and Son, Newcastle. Iron paddle tug. L105.6'. B18.5'. D9.8'. 122grt. 60nhp steam engine. ON56865.
1867 Delivered to John Mitchell et al, London. 1871 Owner John Mitchell, London. 1872 Owner Thomas Coomber, Liverpool. 

Built 1901 by Hepple & Co, S Shields. YN530. Iron screw tug. L90.5’.  B19.6’.  D10.9’.  133grt.  475ihp.  2cyl 18"x38"x25"s compound steam engine by builder. ON114827.
1-1902 Delivered to  Mason, Liley & Hunt [Empire Towing] Gravesend. 1904 Sold to Nicolas Mihanovich and Co., Buenos Aires.1909 Owners Argentine Navigation Company, Buenos Aires 1932 Owners Cia Argentina de Navigacion Mihanovich, Buenos Aires. 19?? Owners Cia Argentina de Navegacion Dodero SA, Buenos Aires. 1949 Owners Flota Argentina de Navigacion de Ultramar. 1959 Owners Flota Argentina de Navigacion Fluvial. 1961 Scrapped.
Built 1898 by Carmichael Maclean, Greenock. Steel screw tug. YN15. L94.2'. B21.1'. D11.6'. 138grt. 530ihp 2cyl 19"x42"x24"s compound steam engine by J G Kincaid, Greenock. ON109958.
7-6-1898 Launched. 8-1898 Delivered to J. Constant, London. 1903 Owners Sir John Jackson Ltd, London. [Civil engineering contactors and believed used in extension to Devonport Dockyard]. 1907 Owners Florence Tugboat and Salvage Co., Middlesbrough. 6-1909 Owners Tees Tug Co Ltd., Middlesborough. 8-7-1913 Sold to Anglo Persian Oil Co.,  renamed Sirdar-I-Naphte. Based Persian Gulf. 1914 Req by UK Admiralty. 1915 Returned to owners. 19-3-1915 Foundered off Bushire whilst on passage Abadan to Bombay.

Photog unknown/ K Haydon colln
Built 1864 by Hepple and Co., Newcastle. Paddle tug. L105.4'. B18.4'. D9.8'. 115grt. 27nrt. 65hp 2cyl SL 28"x46" steam engine by builder. ON49642.
1864 Delivered to  J. Mitchell, Gravesend. 7-1-1866 Under Capt Couves rescued crew of overturned lifeboat Friend Of All Nations off Ramsgate. 1873 Owners John and Joseph Mitchell, London. 1874 £500 salvage award for service to brig Harmone aground on Goodwin Sands. 27-9-1875 Struck by GSN company vessel off Terrace Pier, Gravesend. Later sank alongside Butchards Yard. 2-12-1881 Run down and sunk whilst at anchor in the Downs by barque Cricket.
Built 1857 at North Shields. Wood paddle tug. 115grt. L95.7'. B19.4'. D10.5'. 30nhp steam engine. ON15352
1867[by] Owner Charles J Pinching, Gravesend. 4-3-1871 Caught fire off Canal Lock, Gravesend. Towed and beached by tug Paul Jones. Badly damaged. 1876[by] Owner Charles Beavis, Lombard St., London.
 Iron Paddle Tug.  92    grt.  40nhp .
 1839 Operating Thames 1859 at Dover. 3-1862 Rescued crew from rigging of schooner Joseph Jackson aground on Black Tail Spit.  2-1879 Towed schooner Ocean Queen off Gull Sand and into Ramsgate.
See under WONDER.
Built 1859 By C. Lungley & Co., Deptford Green.  Iron Paddle Tug. 147 grt 55 nrt.  L114.8 ft B19.2 ft D9.9 ft 70nhp C2cyl (23 & 46 x 30ins) by J. Stewart, Blackwall.  ON27216.

C 18-3-1859 Delivered to Roxberry, Martin, Stobart et al, Gravesend.  5-3-1872 Sold to F Xavier Lapersonne, Le Havre, renamed JEAN BART. 7-3-1872 Departed Gravesend for Le Havre. 19-10-1881 Collided with coastal packet VILLE DE CAEN in Le Havre outer harbour; both vessels sank; later raised. 1891(?) Owner Société Havraise de Remorquage, Le Havre. 4-1894 for sale. 1899 Converted to barge.

 Built 1885 by Hepple & Co Ltd.,  North Shields. Iron paddle tug. L118.4’. B19.7’. D10.2’. 157grt. 480ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON89665 Callsign KNFQ.
1885 Delivered to John Mitchell, Elizabeth Martin et al, London. 1885 Owners Elizabeth Martin, John Mitchell, Thomas Martin & others, Gravesend. 1891 Owners Enterprise Tug Ltd (Thomas C Coggins), Liverpool. 18?? Owners The Liverpool Steam Tug Co Ltd., Liverpool. 1918 Owner David Lewis Griffiths, Liverpool. 1921 Owners The West Coast Towage & Salvage Co Ltd (David L Griffiths), Liverpool. 1924 Scrapped at Tranmere.
Built 1864 at South Shields. Wood Paddle Tug. L77.8'. B16.4'. D8.7'. 66grt. 30nhp steam engine. ON50191
1865 Delivered to William Fothergill et al, London. 1871 Sold to  George Haslip, London. 1881 Still owned.

Built 1835 by James Blakey Jr, S Shields. Wood paddle tug. L55.5'. B13.5'. D7.2'. 34grt. 9nrt. 15nhp 1cyl lever steam engine. ON10162.

8-1835  Delivered to James Sr, James Jr & David Blakey and John Sharp, N Shields.  184? Owner Thomas Legg, N Shields 9-1844 Owners John Driver, Thomas Legg & Harvey Parker, N Shields (reg Newcastle) 10-1844 Owner John Driver, N Shields 3-1847 Owners John Driver & John W Robson, N Shields (reg Newcastle) 5-1849 Owner Anthony Strong, N Shields 1853 Owner J W Robson (reg Shields).  1860 Owners Walter Micklefield, Woolwich & Charles J Mills, Greenwich (reg London)
1861 Owner Charles J Mills, Greenwich 1907 Deleted as "no information on vessel since 1861, owner cannot be found".

Photog unknown

Built 1866 at Blackwall.  Iron paddle tug.  L90.3’. B17.2’. D9’. 105grt 38nrt. 45nhp. 2x 2cyl 26"x42" side lever engine by T A Young, Blackwall. ON 56754 Callsign JRGC.
1866 Delivered to Daniel Barker, John Spicer et al, London. 1876 Owner J. Spicer. Old Ford, London. 1880  Owners Francis Warren, Peter & John Stephenson & George Legg, N Shields. 1905 Foundered in the North Sea.


Built 1856 by Hepple and Landells,  North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L75.2’. B15.3’. D8.2’. 52grt. 25nhp. ON17044.

1857 Delivered to Lawson and Milburn, Shields.  1861 Owner John Robert Lawson, South Shields. 1869 Owner Samuel T Freeman, London.  1882 Same owner. 1887 Not registered.


Photog unknown
Built 1892 by R & H Green Ltd., Blackwall. YN622. Steel screw tug. L86.9’. B18’. D10.4’. 100grt. 20nrt. 450ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by J. Stewart, London. ON99044.

1892 Delivered to  Matthew Brownfield, London. 1908 Owner Matthew Brownfield Jr, Gravesend. 1909 Owner Michael Mitchell, Northfleet. 1912 Owner Albert Richards, Swansea. 1916 Owners Steam Tug Expert Co Ltd (David Lewis Griffiths), Liverpool. 1921 Owners The West Coast Towage & Salvage Co Ltd (D L Griffiths), Liverpool. 1925 Owner Thomas Young, Sunderland. 1929 Scrapped.
Built 1876 by R & J Fulthorp, Bill Quay, Tyneside. Wood paddle tug. L88'. B18.6'. D9.4'. 90grt. 35nhp Side lever steam engine by Baird and Barnsley, North Shields. ON70412.
1876 Delivered to Henry Stobbs et al, Shields. 1884 Owner Robert White, London. 1891 Owner John Forster, South Shields. 1894 owner Edward Forster et al, Newcastle. 1899 Owners Thomas Wraith, James Cunningham and Willaim Reed, Newcastle. 1900 Scrapped.

Built 1868 by R & H Green Ltd., Blackwall. YN366. iron paddle tug. L109.4’. B20’. D10.1’. 149grt. 80nhp side lever 2cyl engine. ON60829.
21-2-1868 Launched. 18-6-1868 Delivered to Caledonian Steam Towing Co., London.  7-5-1873 Sold to Henry Collings, London. 10-01-1874 Sold to  J.I. Spicer et al, London 1874 Re-engined 2x 70nhp 2cyl 30”x54” 36psi side lever steam engines by J. Stewart, London. 21-5-1875 Sold to Queenstown Screw Tug and Water Tank Co Ltd. 23-7-1879 Owners renamed Queenstown New Tug Co. Ltd. 26-3-1886 Sold to Clyde Shipping Co Ltd., renamed Flying Squadron. 22-2-1892 Sold to John Thompson, Blyth. 4-4-1892 Sold to Blyth Steam Tug Co., 5-5-1893 Renamed Bothal. 7-1923 owners restyled Blyth Tug Co Ltd. 11-1932 Sold for £75 to Clayton and Davie Ltd., Dunston for scrap.

Built 1867 by R & H Green, Blackwall.  YN365.   Paddle tug. L107'. B20'. D10'.  144grt. 64nhp. 2cyl steam engine. ON56840

1867 Delivered to Caledonian Steam Towing Co., London. 28-9-1870 A boy reported seeing the body of a woman trapped in one of the paddle boxes. This proved to be the body of a woman who had committed suicide by jumping into the river  after being frequently beaten by her husband. 1873 Sold to James and George Haslip, 50 East India Dock Rd Limehouse renamed Suffolk. 17-10-1881 Towed barque Penco off sands at New Romney. 1882 Owner G. Haslip, London.

Built 1865 by Richard Vaux Meynell & Company, Northfleet. Iron paddle tug. L72.5'. B15'. D7.2'. 50grt. 15nrt. 32nhp 2cyl 20"x42" side lever steam engine. ON50176.
 1865 Delivered to Richard. O. Davis & John Denton, Gravesend.  1867 Sold to George Smeed, Sittingbourne (PoR Rochester). 1874 Sold to Stephen Oates & Others, Grimsby. 1892 Sold to George J. Cole, Edward Bailey, Samuel Mason & Albert Seaton, (The Humber Steam Towing Company), Hull.  1894 Transferred to The Humber Steam Towing Company Ltd (G. C. Cole, manager), Hull.  1902 Sold to George F. Hiles, Hull.  1902 Sold to George Ford Precious, Hull.  1904 Sold for demolition.

Built 1867 by Readhead, Softley and Co., South Shields. YN23. Iron paddle tug. L100.4’. B18.3’. D9.9’. 115grt. 2cyl 27.5”x48” side lever steam engine by builder. ON56905.
12-1867 Launched. 1868 Delivered to John E Cole, Gravesnd. 1869 Owners W J Homewood, J. Martin et al, Gravesend. 1872 Sold to Joseph  Martin, Gravesend. 1879 Sold to T A F Banks, Gravesend. 1881 Owner Capt. Newman. 1882 Owner Thomas A F Banks, Gravesend. 5-1882 Rescued six crew from brig aground on Brake Sand. 1885 Owner F. Pattison, Gravesend. 7-1885 Sold to W Cowan jnr, Llanelli. 8-1894 Sold for £2400 to Blyth Steam Tug Co. 22-5-1907 Sold to W Slater and J Robson, Middlesbrough. 18-1-1916 Sold to The Robinson Tug Co, Middlesbrough. 30-7-1920 Sold to Tees Towing Co Ltd., Middlesbrough. 10-1920 Broken up on Tyneside. 

 Built 1846 by Stephen Wood, South Shore, Gateshead.  Wood paddle tug. L103'. B17.3'. D10'. 119grt. 100hp Grasshopper steam engine by W Hawks, Gateshead. ON4374  Callsign JCGP
9-12-1846 Delivered to  Shipowners Towing Co., London. 1850 Believed to have assisted laying the first telegraph cable between England and France. 29-9-1856 Sold to Alexander, John & William Mace and George Brook, Poplar. 12-1856 Mortgagee T Challis, Holloway, London. 2-1859 Caught fire and beached, extensively damaged at West Bay, Dungeness.  
Built 1860 by Hepple and Landells, Newcastle. Wood paddle tug. L78.2'. B16.5'. D8.8'. 69grt. 36nhp steam engine. ON28864.
1860 Delivered to T J Walter, London. 1862 Sold to H Hindmarsh et al, London. 1863 Sold to G Sully et al, Cardiff. 1864 Sold to Jonas Haines et al, Cardiff. 1855 Sold to Neath and Briton Ferry Steam Towing Company, Swansea. 1871 Sold to Thomas Hosgood, Swansea. No further trace.
Built 1842 at Gateshead. Wood paddle tug. L72.4'. B15.6'. D9'. 71grt. 36nhp Disconnected beam engine by H S Waite, N. Shields.  ON4256 Callsign JBRQ

10-10-1842 Delivered to unknown owner at London. 1849 Sold to Joshua Collings et al, London. 1852 Sold to United Steam Towing Company, London. 1856 Sold to Thomas Petley et al, London. 1863 Sold to G Inglis et al, London. 1867 Sold to James Habgood Jnr., London. No further trace.
HALLS 1853
Built 1853 by Thorburn and Grant, North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L72.2'. B13.6'. D7.7'. 52grt. 26nhp steam engine. ON18220.
1853 Delivered to John and Jonathan Hall, Newcastle. 30-12-1853 Sold to H W Schneider, London. 1866 Sold to Edward Griffiths, Liverpool, renamed Liver. No further trace.
Built 1898 by  Lobnitz and Co, Renfrew. YN473. Screw tug. L100'. B20'. D12'. 144grt. 99nhp 400ihp 3cylTE by Lobnitz.
1898 Delivered to S Pearson and Sons, London. 1901 Owner John Hammond, London. 1905 Owner Charles J Wills London. 1916 Owner Royal Indian Marine.  1916 Req for service in Mesopotamia. 21-5-1917 Left Aden towing barge RB1 and disappeared, probably foundered in cyclone.
Built 1877 by Allsup, Preston. Iron paddle tug. L129.3'. B20.1'. D9.9'. 173grt. 99hp 2cyl 32"x60" steam engine by builder. ON76929 Callsign QMLK. 
1880[by] Owner James T Posgate, Gravesend. 1881  Owner Charles F Ellis, London.

 Built 1836 at Gateshead. Wood paddle tug. L87'. B16.8'. D10.3'. 116grt. 70nhp Beam disconnecting steam engine by W Hawks, Gateshead. ON
1836 Delivered to unknown owner. 1837 Owners Symington Patent Paddle Towing Co., London. 1839  Owners Shipowners Towing Co., London. 1858 Company in liquidation, no further trace.

HERO 1821

 Built 1821 at Frindsbury, Kent. Wood Paddle Tug. L130.5'. B20.1'. D11.8'. 247grt.
1836 Owner P. Wright, London. 1839 owners Liverpool Steam Tug Co., Liverpool. 1850 Owned at Belfast?.
HERO 1861

 Built 1861 at Barking. Iron and wood paddle tug. L96.8'. B17.5'. D10.7'. 104grt. 60nhp steam engine. ON29799.
 1861 Completed for Samuel, Robert, George, Charles & Samuel (Jr) Hewett, London.  1863 Sold to William & Thomas Jolliffe, Liverpool.1889 Dismantled and converted to a coal barge (reregistered)  
HERO 1868

Photog unknown
Built 1868 by T Hepple and Son, Newcastle. Iron paddle tug. L96.4'. B18'. D9.3'. 97grt. 60nhp steam engine. ON60806.
1868 Delivered to Daniel S Mitchell, London. 1873 Sold to James B and Howard Elkington, Llanelly.
 Built  1846 at North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L66.2'. B13'. D8'. 49grt. 21nhp Grasshopper steam engine by T D Marshall, North Shields. . ON9072 Callsign KFSR
  1846 Delivered to unknown owner. 3-7-1847 Sold to Daniel Barker, London. 1851 Owners Daniel Barker and John Spicer, London. 2-3-1852 Collided with tug London off New Crane Wharf. Paddle box damaged. Still in existence 1871.

Built 1833 at Gateshead. Wood paddle tug. L63.3'. B14'. D5.75. 25nrt. 30nhp steam engine. ON6226.
1833 Delivered to  Thames Steam Towing Co, London. 12-5-1848 Sold to Joshua Parkin, Hartlepool. 1849 Rebuilt. 5-7-1854 Sold to Frederick Leach, Stockton. 1857 Reengined. 1858 Owner John Millington, Stockton. 1859 Rebuilt and reengined. 25-2-1861 Advertised for sale by auction at Hull. 1861 Owner Wilkinson Shearsmith, Hull.

Photog unknown

 Built 1856 at N. Shields. Wood Paddle Tug. L76.2'. B15.5'. D8.6'. 58grt. 30nhp 1cyl. Steam engine.  Official No 16161.
1856 Delivered to C & R Murray, Tyneside and London. 1858  Owner G. Smith, Pimlico  London. 1864  Owner T. Turnbull, Portsmouth. 1865 Owner John Crampton, Portsmouth. 1882 Owner Michael Cook, Sunderland, 1884 Owner Thomas Cook, Sunderland. 1890 Scrapped.
ISTER 1884
Built 1884 by J T Eltringham, S Shields. Iron screw tug. 58grt. ON89608.
1884 Delivered to T Wright, London. No further trace.
JANE 1826

 Built 1826 at North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L52.1'. B11.4'. 12nrt. 15nhp steam engine.
1826 Delivered to unknown owner at London. 1837 Owners Symington Patent Paddle Towing Co., London. 1839 Owners Shipowners Towing Co., London. 1858 Company in liquidation, no further trace.

Built 1831 at South Shields. Wood paddle tug. L58.5'. B13.6'. D5'. 21nrt. 20nhp Steam engine.
1831 Delivered to unknown owner at Newcastle. 1837 Unknown London owner. No further trace.
Built 1896 by  R Craggs & Sons, Middlesbrough. L74.5’. B17.8’. D9.0’. 77grt. 3nrt. 320ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Stewart and Sons. ON108185

1896 Delivered to Joseph Constant, London. 1898 Owner Alfred Tolhurst, Northfleet. 1899 Owner Percy Jones, London. 1899 Owner John G Hammond, London. 1900 Owner George H Gordon, London. 1900 Owner Francis S Holland, London. 1900 Sold to The Admiralty for harbour service at Portland, renamed Carbon [C150]. 7-9-1946Sold to  Pounds Shipbreakers, Portsmouth.
Built 1868 by Readhead, Softley and Co, South Shields. Wood paddle tug. L94.4'. B17.9'. D9.7'. 93grt. 21nrt. 40nhp steam engine by builder. ON60480.
01-1868 Launched. 1868 Delivered to John Marshall Smart, South Shields. 1872 Sold to J Martin, Gravesend. No further trace.

 Built 1846 by John Thompson, Rotherhithe (wood paddle tug.] 99grt 40nrt, 89.6 x 15.7 x 9.2ft ON6157 Callsign JMQK

28-5-1846 Launched 5-8-1846 Owners The Thames Steam Towing Co (Robert Hastie, Nehemiah Griffiths and Henry Buckle), London. 1851 Assisting hulk Blazer laying telegraph cables. 8-1858 for sale 11-1860 broken up

Built 1887 by Stewart and Latham,  Blackwall. Steel screw tug. L66.6'. B14.1'. D8.6'. 47grt. 6nrt. 33nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by Ross and Duncan, Glasgow. . ON94278.
5-1887 Delivered to  John W Spicer, Deal. 1889 Owners J W Spicer, Charles W Fox & Esther Hunt, London. 1891 Owners Joseph Constant, Charles W Fox & Esther Hunt, London 1892 Owner Joseph Constant, London 1893 Sold to French owners.
JUMNA 1884

 Built 1884 by Hepple & Co, N Shields. Paddle tug. L81.5.’ B14.2’. D7.2’. . 51grt

1884 Delivered to David Bevan, Swansea. 1887  Owner William Brazier, Shoreham. 1890 Owners Port of Arundel & Littlehampton Commission. 1915 Owners C H Campbell Ltd, London. 1918-1919 requisitioned by Admiralty for Civil Engineer-in-Chief .1925 Owners Jonathan Potts Ltd, Grimsby. 1925 scrapped
KENT 1861
Built 1861 at South Shields. Wood paddle tug. 72grt. 18nrt. L78.4'. B17.5'. D9.1'. 35nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine by W. Scott, North Shields. ON43926.
29-8-1861 Departed Tyne for L:ondon. 1861 Delivered to Charles Brownfield, Gravesend. 1865 Owners Fothergill and Brownfield, Gravesend. 1868[by] Owner George Haslip, Pekin Street, Limehouse. 1871 Sold to William Cooper, Grimsby. 1873 Sold to Antony Bannister, Hull. 9-8-1876  Engineer prosecuted for allowing boiler water level to drop too low.1881 Sunk.