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This section contains details of some of the earlier, larger tugs of the River Thames, that are not listed in the larger company sections of the site.


Built 1843 by Daniel Bider, East Jarrow. Wood paddle tug. L73.3'. B16'. D8.7'. 76grt. 44nhp steam engine. ON54683.
1843 Delivered to unknown owner. 1848 owners Anthony and Robert Strong and Charles and Michael Dodds, North Shields. 1866 Sold to David Stone and John Varmer, London. 1870 Sold to Hugh Andrews Jnr, Belfast. 1872 Sold to J J Carroll, Dublin. 1887[by] Scrapped.
Built 1870 by T Hepple and Son, Low Walker. Iron paddle tug. L97.2'. B18'. D9.3'. 100grt. 10nrt. 50nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine by builder. ON63555.
1-1870 Delivered to Daniel Mitchell, Gravesend. 1872 Owner Daniel Stewart Mitchell. 11-2-1872 Under captain James Thomas Holland sank off Nore light following collision with SS Rajah whilst towing SS William  Davie.
photog unknown
 Built 1872 by Readhead, Softley & Co, S. Shields. YN75. Iron Paddle Tug.  L106.3'. B18.4'. D10.0'. 129grt.     55nhp  2cyl 28"x48" side lever steam engine by builder. Official No 65673.  PoR 1872 London. 1875 Memel. 1885 London.

  1872 Delivered to  T. A. Banks et al, Gravesend. 12-1874 £201-9-3d awarded for assisting collision damaged brig Agnes. 1875 Owned at Memel. 1885 Sold to James Watkins, London. (Broker) 1885 Sold to Alexander Petrie, Stockton.  1891 Owner G.  Petrie, Middlesbro. 18-10-1895 Towing lighter laden with wheat Hull to Stockholm. 25-9-1900 Collision with SS Clydesdale in Middlesbrough Dock. 1904 Owner Hepple & Co., S. Shields. 1904 Owner  Anthony Irwing, Sunderland. 1907 Owner Susannah Irwing. 12-1910  Transferred to James Irwing. 8-1926 Transferred to Irwing Steam Tug Co., Sunderland. 1928 Scrapped.
Built 1861 by Marshall Bros, South Shields. Iron paddle tug. 142grt, 52nrt, 93.5 x 19.7 x 11.5ft; (1876: 161grt, 78nrt, 103.7 x 19.4 x 11.2ft)    70nhp 2 x SL1cyl 33 x 48ins, steam engines by builder. ON44932

         1862 Delivered to William Griffiths et al, Swansea named Talbot, regd Swansea.  1863 Owner William Griffiths et al, Liverpool. 1867[by] owner    Edward Griffiths; registered at Liverpool. 1871     Owner Edward Griffiths, Liverpool; renamed Agincourt. 1875     Owner William Daines, Gravesend; registered at London. 1876 Lengthened to 103.7ft . 1880     Owner William Roe Chisholm, Liverpool; registered at Liverpool.  1896     Owner Joseph Stuart, Seacombe.  1898     Owner William Taylor, Grangemouth; registered at Grangemouth . 1899[by] Owner     Archibald McKinnon, Leith. 1899 Register closed.
AID 1855
Built 1855 by Money Wigram & Sons, Blackwall.  Wood paddle tug. L89.2'. B18'. D8.9'. 112grt. 50nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by  John Stewart, Blackwall. ON24691.
1855 Delivered to The Royal Harbour of Ramsgate Trust, London. 1865 Owners The Board of Trade, London. 1890 Sold to John W Spicer & others, Wapping, London. 1891 Sold to James T Morgan & others, London. 1899 Owners The Shipowners' Tug Co Ltd, London. 1900 Sold to Dutch owners.
AID 1877
1877 Built by Millwall Docks & Engineering Works,  Millwall. Iron screw tug. L60.6’. B12.3’. D6.7’. 32grt. 250ihp 1cyl steam engine by builder. ON77018
1877 Delivered to Union Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 1892 Owner  Francis & Richard Lambert, London. 1896 Owner William Cory & Son Ltd., London. 1898 Owner Richard Waters, London. 1900 Owner Robert Forster,  Scotswood-on-Tyne. 1920 Owner Northumberland Shipbuilding Co Ltd.,  Howden.  1927 Owner  Robert Sword, Newcastle. 1932 Scrapped
AJAX 1855
Built 1855  Garmouth, Scotland [Garmh??] Wood paddle tug, oak, fir, locust. Iron bolted. L94.8’. B21.1’. D11.5’. 175grt. 80HP Side lever steam engine. Tubular boiler. ON12788 Callsign LDHN
1855 - 1865 Registered to  Shipowners Towing Co, London. Master J Brander. 18-8-1858 For sale by auction at Captains Room, Royal Exchange, London. Vessel lying East India Import Dock. 1865[by] Owner J. Musgrave, clerk to the trustees of the Port, Harbour and Town of Whitehaven. [Regd Whitehaven. 1876[by] Owner J Collins, Clerk to Trustees of Port, Harbour and Town of Whitehaven. [No further trace].
ALARM 1859  
Photog unknown
Built 1859 at  North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L83.3'. B18'. D9.5'. 81grt. 11nrt. 50nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine. ON28062.
1859 Delivered to Henry Hindmarsh, London. 25-11-1864 Assisted refloating SV Choice, aground in St Margarets bay and susequently towed to Ramsgate Harbour. 1866 Owner J D Hindmarsh, London. 1870 Owner Charles Wade, London. 1873 Owner William Allen, London. 1875[by] Owner Paul Bonta, Gravesend. 12-10-1880 Arrived Gravesend with crew of brig Alswold which had been abandoned after grounding on Barrow Sands. 1882 Owner Paul Bonta, Gravesend. 1886 Scrapped.
Photog unknown/ A Hughes colln
Built 1876 by Softley Bros., North Shields. Iron paddle tug. L97.9'. B18.4'. D9.2'. 112grt. 40nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine by Hepple and Co, South Shields. ON73655.
1876 Owners William Hepple, South Shields. 1876 Sold to unknown owner at London. 1879 Sold to Thomas Hick, London. 1879 Sold to Scarborough Harbour Commissioners. 1907 Sold to William MacDonarld, Arbroath. 31-12-1907 Lost off Arbroath following collision with Village Belle.

Built 1847 by Lee & Clark, Sunderland. Wood. 53grt 20nrt.  L66.8'.  B13.6' D 7.5'. ON9168. [not known if paddle or screw tug]

12-6-1847 Completed for Joseph Lee & George Clark, Hylton named Alfred.  14-8-1847 Sold to The Thames Steam Towing Co, London. 12-1848 Regd London. 1860 Scrapped.

Wood Paddle Tug.  170grt.    60nhp.
 Operating Thames 1839
ALICE 1846
Built 1846 by William Cooper, N Shields. Wood paddle tug. 61grt 20nrt. 71.5' x 14.0 'x 8.5ft'. 30nhp 1cyl lever steam engine, ON13630.
11-6-1846 Delivered to Robert Mitchell, N Shields. 1848 Owners  Daniel, John & Robert Mitchell, N Shields. 1857 Sold to George Brownfield, Gravesend. 1860 Sold to Jonathan Elkin et al, London. 1862 Sold to Daniel Barker, Horsleydown, London. 11-8-1869 Boiler exploded off custom house, London. Three lives lost. 1869 Sold to J I & G I Spicer, London. 1870 Owner John Ibbetson Spicer, London. 1878 Scrapped.
Built 1846 at Newcastle. Wood paddle tug. L84.5'. B16.7'. D9.7'. 95grt. 60nhp steam engine.
1846 Delivered to W B Caulfield, London. 1851 Sold to W P Miles, London. 1852 Sold to LLoyds Steam Towing Company, London. 1854 Sold to W B Caulfield, London. 1855 Sold to J T Corpe, London. No further trace.

Photog unknown
 Built 1893 by J. Stewart & Son Ltd.,  Blackwall. Steel screw tug. L92.5'. B19.6'. D10.5'. 119grt. 2nrt. 500ihp 3cyl TE  13"x21"x34"x24"s 160psi steam engine by builder. ON101992. Callsign HPCS later GIAA.

15-4-1893 )n trials. 4-1893 Delivered to Matthew Brownfield, Poplar. 22-1-1898 Off Beachy Head. 23-12-1901 Towed collision damaged Danish barque Claudia, only kept afloat by cargo of timber, from off Dover to London. 29-12-1906 Assisted in refloating Belfast steamer Ormley, aground in St. Margarets Bay, after 1000 tons of wheat cargo had been transferred to lighters. 18-10-1907 Tugs boat capsized off Gravesend drowning Philip Lott, [18]  2nd mate. 1908 Owner Miss E. Brownfield, London. 5-1-1909 For sale by James Watkins £3,500 lying W. India Dock, London. 10-6-1909 Sold to The Robinson Tug Co Ltd.,  Middlesbrough.  191? Req for  Admiralty service. 191? Returned to owners. 30-7-1920 Owners Tees Towing Co Ltd., Middlesbrough. 17-3-1929 Towed S.S. Troutwood with defective engine into River Tees. 1947 Sold to J.H. Lamey Ltd.,  Liverpool. 1955 Scrapped by Thomas W. Ward Ltd., Preston
See Malta [2]: William Watkins lists.
Photog not known
 Built  1878 by  Hall, Russell Co., Aberdeen. Iron Paddle Tug.  L90'. B18.6'. D10.2'.   114grt.   50nhp  2cyl 25"x48" side lever steam engine by  builder.   ON 79641.  PoR 1878 London. 1883 Aberdeen. 1891 Ayr. 1897 Newcastle.
1878 Delivered to  J. F. Gibb, Ratcliff, London. 6-9-1879 Towed SV St. Vincent, on fire, to Gravesend from off Southend. 2-2-1881 Shared in £700 salvage award to tugs for towing barque Mary Stewart off Shingles Sands. 1882 Sold to J. N. Newton, Aberdeen. 1886 Sold to Robert Lumley Cook, Sunderland. 4-1891 Sold to  Ayr Harbour Trustees (£1700). 5-1897 Sold to Robt. Readhead and Son, Tyneside. 5-1903 Transferred to M. H. Readhead and Susannah White. 1914 Hired by Royal Navy. 9-1915  Returned to Owner. 6-1916 Transferred to Robt Readhead & Son Ltd. 8-1929Transferred to  Readhead &  Dry's Tugs Ltd. 1935 Scrapped.
See Burmah: William Watkins lists.

photog unknown
Built 1855 at Rotherhithe. Wood paddle tug. L75.9'. B17'. D8.7'. 82grt. 22nrt. 40nhp. 2cylSL disconnecting  steam engine. ON23363
1855 Delivered to J. Drysdale, C M Lughrue and E Lawson, London named Robert Burns. 1861 Trading as Caledonian Steam Towing Company, London.  11-1872 Owner J F Gibb, Ratcliffe Dry Dock, London.  12-1-1876 renamed Ben More. 17-2-1886 Offered for sale by Auction, London. 6-5-1886 Register closed as 'broken up'.
See Iona: William Watkins lists.
Built 1853 by T & W Smith, North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L69'. B14'. D8.6'. (1876: 63grt, 17nrt, 70.8 x 15.6 x 8.5ft)  65grt. 30nhp steam engine. ON20326.
1853 Delivered to Corporation of Trinity House, London. 1870 Sold to G Bateman, London. 1871 Sold to D Cantellon, London. 1873 Owner D Cantellon, Cork. 1886 Register closed, probably scrapped.
Built 1848  by Thomas & William Smith, N. Shields. Wood paddle tug. L90'. B16.9'. D10'. 108grt. 57nrt. 36nhp  grasshopper type steam engine by H S Waite, North Shields. ON27204
 27-12-1848 Registered at London for Thames Steam Towing Company, London.  8-1-1850 Assitance to schooner aground on Goodwin Sands. 1859 Sold to Thomas Elliott, Cardiff.  22-2-1859 Suffered boiler explosion at Cardiff. 1861 Reengined 2cyl 80nhp. 186? Sold to Mary Gibbs Elliott. 1871 Sold to Thomas Elliott.  1882[by] Owner Thomas A Jolliffe, Liverpool. 1887 Scrapped.
Built 1860 by Hepple and Landells, North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L85.7'. B17.4'. D9'. 76grt. 40nhp Lever steam engine by builders. ON28571.
1860 Delivered to James Monat, North Shields. 1866 Sold to William Best et al, South Shields. 1873 Sold to William Hockley, Frederick White and James Gill, Poplar, London. 1882 Sold to James Dodds, North Shields. 1883 Sold to Andrew Patterson, Burntisland. 1887 Condemned and scrapped.
Built 1852 by Hepple and Landells, North Shields. Wood paddle tug, L74.7'. B15.1'. D8.8'. 71grt. 33nhp steam engine. ON14432.
1852 Delivered to Edward Pearson, North Shields. 1862 Owner Richard Young, Wisbech. 1870 Owner James Hunter, Gravesend. 1872 Owner George H Ross,Cubitt Town,  London. No further trace after 1876.
Built 1857 by R  Stobbs, Coble Dene,  North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L75.3'. B15.4'. D8.6'. 54grt. 28nhp. 1cyl lever steam engine by J P Almond, North Shields. .  ON 19872

1857 Delivered to Joseph Hall, Tynemouth.  1858 Owners Henry Hindmarsh, Charles Wade, William Jordan & John Sinclair, London. 1859 Owners Henry Hindmarsh, Charles Wade, William Jordan & James Sinclair. 21-4-1863 Owners appeared in court along with skipper Thomas Bishop accused of transporting passengers from North Woolwich to attend an illegal prize fight at Erith, without a passenger licence. The case was proved. Owners fined £5, skipper £1. 1865 Owner Charles Wade et al, London. 1870 Owner James Joines, London. 1871 scrapped.
 Built 1884 by London Dry Dock Co Ltd., Deptford.  Iron screw tug.  L77.0'. B16.5'. D9.3'.  72 GRT, 3 NRT  40nhp 2cyl 15”x29”x20”s compound steam engine by Windus & Dunsmore, Millwall  ON 89630
6-1884 Delivered to London Steam Tug Co Ltd, London. 29-11-1890 Towed SS Berwick with broken shaft into Gravesend. 1900 Owner Arthur W. Smith, Limehouse. 1900 owner John G. Hammond, London. 1901 Owners Boston Steam Tug Co., Boston 5-1912 J. Batey & Son Ltd., Newcastle 6-1920  Transferred to Lawson-Batey Tugs Ltd., Newcastle 9-1925 Sold to Allen Brown Ltd., Newcastle £825  7-1934 Owners Risdon Beazley Marine Trading Co Ltd., Southampton 4-12-1934  Broken up at Southampton.

Built 1891 by A. Smit, Rotterdam. Screw tug. L61.8'. B14.5'. D7.3'. 46grt. 150ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder.
1891 Delivered to Dutch owners. 1907 Owner Joseph J Beckett, London, named Bulldog. 1908 Fitted with new boilers. 1909 Sold to Carribbean Marine Salvage Co., Havana Cuba. 10-1909 Departed London for Havana. 1-1910 Sank in Atlantic. 
Built  1838 by Stephen Wood, Gateshead. Wood Paddle tug.  L84.2’. B18.8’. D9.2’. 96grt 40nhp Grasshopper type steam engine by W Hawks, Gateshead. ON23249.
1838 Delivered to J Drysdale, T Petley, A Harrower, E Lawson & others, London. 1840 Sold.  11-1840 Towing bark from London to Havre. The tow was lost in the Channel and it was feared Caledonia had also foundered but eventually arrived at Havre.1844 Owner Caledonian Steam Towing Co, London. 1853 Owner  Daniel Barker, Horsleydown, London.   7-1861 Engineer Thomas Crisp died after being crushed in engine off Harty Ferry. 1867 scrapped


 Built  1854 by R & H Green,  Blackwall. YN307. Wood Paddle Tug.  L102'. B16.4'.  124grt. 70nhp. ON6170

            1854 Delivered to  Caledonian Steam Towing Co., London. 1870 Still owned. 1874 Scrapped.
Built 1856 by John Thompson, Rotherhithe. Wooden paddle tug. L84.6'. B16.6'. D8.9'. 78grt. 25nrt. 181ihp 2cyl side lever steam engine by John Stewart, Blackwall. ON11396
8-1856 Delivered to John Deane, Gravesend. 3-3-1860 Assistance to brig Lucia in Princes Channel. 1865 Sold to David Spence, Melbourne. Delivered under sail.  1874 Owner John Dalton, Newcastle NSW. 30-4-1876 Sunk after colliding with New England off Bradley's Head, Sydney.  Salved. 2-1891 Converted to barge. 9-5-1917 Register closed.
Built 1865 by C J Mare at  Northfleet.  Iron Paddle tug.  L99.3'. B18.3'. D9.9'. 119grt. 56nrt. 50nhp  2cyl side lever steam engine. ON52821
3-11-1865 Owner Andrew Redgrave, Belvedere and William Allen, Gravesend. 3-1867 Owner William Allen, Gravesend.  7-1872 Owner  W B Greenfield, London [for use in Egypt;]. 1881 Sold to Egyptian Government. 1889 British registry closed.
photog unknown
Built 1872 by Readhead, Softley & Co., Newcastle. Iron Paddle Tug. L103.2'. B18.3'. D10.1'. 121grt. 55nhp 2cyl 28"x48" side lever steam engine by Builder. ON 65662
1872 Delivered to J. Martin., London. 10-2-1879 Towed SS Alice, with engine defect, from Downs into Ramsgate. 1879 Owner  A. Tolhurst, Gravesend. 5-1880 Owners Tees Conservancy Commissioners. 12-1903 Sold to Florence Tugboat and Salvage Co., Middlesbrough. 1904 Owners Linthorpe Dinsdale Smelting Co., Middlesbrough. 10-1905 Sold to F. Batey, J. Batey & R. Armstrong, Newcastle. 6-1906 Transferred to J. Batey & Son Ltd. 5-1915 Scrapped on Tyneside. 
Built 1862 by H Price, Neath Abbey, Glam. Iron paddle tug. L87.8'. B17.6'. D9.6'. 114grt. 60hp 2x2cyl 28"x48" lever steam engines by W H Price, Swansea. ON29599.
1862 Completed for Henry Price, Neath Abbey, Glam. 1871 Owner Wm. H. Jeffreys, Briton Ferry. 1873 Sold to G. Butchard, Gravesend. 18-1-1877 Went to assistance of brig Nocolo Tommasen dragging her anchor off Deal. 2-3-1880 Went to assistance of barque Unicorn in  the Downs and subsequently towed to Gravesend. 17-1-1881 Damaged in collision with Trinity House vessel Vestal in Bugsbys Reach. 1882 Sold to E. P. Peek, Hull, renamed Defiance. 28-2-1883 Sold to Thos. Wilson Sons and Co., Hull. 10-9-1895 Sold to W & T W Pinkney, Sunderland. 1904 Sold to J, Taylor, Sunderland and scrapped.
CHARM 1855
Built 1855 at Isle of Dogs. Wood paddle tug. L84.9'. B16.6'. D8.8'. 93grt. 50nhp 2cyl side lever steam engine. ON13687.
1855? Delivered to Richard Ross, London. 18-8-1855 Towed collision damaged brig Fenix from Gull stream to Ramsgate. 26-12-1855 Assisted S/V Cyclone, damaged in river, into London Docks. 1868[by] Owner William Roxberry, Gravesend.  8-1871 Sold to Andrew Errington & Henry Booker, Hull (reg Hull). 1876[by] Owner  Henry Booker, Hull & others 1886[c] Owner Francis Durbridge, Hull & others. 1891 Sold to John R Thompson, S Shields 1895 Scrapped.

Built 1862 at South Shields. Wood paddle vessel. 46grt 16nrt, 73.2 x 14.4 x 7.7ft 30nhp 1cyl side lever steam engine. ON43634.

25-2-1862 Delivered to James Stokes, Robert Todd and John Short, South Shields operating passenger service on the Tyne for Rogerson's 'Red Star' boats. 4-1863[by]Converted and operating as a tug on the Tyne 7-1863 Owner George Furness, London.
23-8-1863 Arrived Cowes (Capt Marsh) from London for coals - en route to Odessa towing two barges (Seelis and Northern Outfall) 26-8-1863 Moved to Cowes Anchorage 31-8-1863 Suffered engine damage off Dartmouth and, after slipping barges, put in (one barge ashore in Tor Bay) 2-12-1863 Captained by John Newman, became entangled with sailing barge HOP POLE at Gravesend and the salvage claim pursued in 2/1864 6-5-1864 Put in to Dartmouth (Capt Moody) London for Odessa
8-6-1864 arrived Malta 25-6-1864 arrived Constantinople from London (with barges Northern Outfall, Seelis and Edmund Cooper) and cleared for Odessa 6-1868 British registry closed as "sold to Russia".


Photo K Haydon colln
Built 1863 by James Ash,  Poplar. Iron paddle tug. 143grt. 66nrt. L114.5'. B19.1'. D10.2'. 140hp two cylinder side lever steam engine by J Stewart, Poplar. ON47359. C/s VNHF.
1863 Delivered to Charles C Nelson, Botolph Lane, London. 22-1-1873 Rescued survivors from emigrant sailing ship Northfleet, run down and sunk off Dungeness.
320 Lives were lost and tug Captain Samuel Kingston was later awarded a diamond ring for his part in the rescue. 20-8-1875 Towing sailing vessel westbound past Deal. 1875 Sold to George Blyth, Belgrave St, Commercial Rd., London E. 1879 Rescued survivors from Barque Corinna, run down and sunk off Dungeness. 1880[by] Owner G. Blythe, Woodford, Essex. 1881 Owner Elizabeth Blyth, Woodford. 1882 Sold to Alexander Petrie, Stockton-on-Tees. 1883 Sold to Robert, William, Nicholson and Henry Strong, Water St, Liverpool. 1892 Owners Nicholas, Henry and Margaret Strong and Mary A Prowse, trading as The Strong Steam Tug Co., Water St., Liverpool. 1893 Owner The Strong Steam Tug Co., Ltd., Liverpool. 8-1903 Scrapped by Joseph J King and Sons Ltd. Register closed.

The emigrant ship NORTHFLEET. Photo by Gould/K Haydon colln.
Courtesy K Haydon

Photo Gould colln/TT
Built 1894 by Montrose Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd.,  Montrose. YN 28. iron screw tug. L93.5’. B18.4’. D10.1’. 116grt. 39nrt. 400ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON 104824

11-1894 Delivered to J. Mitchell & Sons,  London. 7-1-1895 Towed collision damaged barque Primera from Folkestone to Holehaven. 31-3-1899 Towed SS Corbright, which had lost prop, from Downs to Gravesend for agreed £55. 1903 Sold to J. Turner, Hull. 1904 Owners SA de Remorquage La Navale,  Dunkerque,  renamed Naval. 1905 Owners Soc. Dunkerquoise de Remorquage et de Sauvetage,  Dunkerque,  renamed Pas De Calais. 1907 Owners Corpo dei Piloti, Naples  renamed A. Witting. 1915 Requisitioned by  Italian Navy 1919 Owners A. Longobardi & Co., Naples. 1920 Owners Corpo Piloti Pratici, Naples. 1926 Owners RN - Societa Rimorchiatori Napoletani, Naples. 1936 Re-engined  to 3cyl TE  steam engine by Crabtree.  1966 Scrapped.  


 Built   1852 by John Duncan, Garmouth, Morayshire, Scotland.  Wood Paddle Tug.  L93.7' B19.1' D7.2’.  136grt. 120nhp 2cyl 38"x43"s side lever steam engine. by Nellson and Co, Glasgow. ON4373. Callsign JCGN.
9-1853 Delivered to  Ship Owners Towing Co. London. 1855 Fitted with new tubular boiler. 1857 Company ceased trading. 18-8-1858 Offered for sale by auction at Captains Room, Royal Exchange, London. Vessel lying East India Import Dock.11-1858 Sold to John Pile & co, Hartlepool for £600. 1859 Sold to John Fleming.  1860 Sold to M.J.Wilson.  1861 Sold to W .W .Bruce  17-11-1864 Lying Birkenhead for sale by auction. 1865 Sold to  William & Thomas Jolliffe,  Liverpool.  1866 Renamed Empress.  1886 Sold to Robert Smith,  Birkenhead and scrapped.
Built 1840 at North Shields. Wood padle tug. L91.2'. B16.9'. D9.8'. 119grt. 60nhp steam engine. ON16899.
1840 Delivered to unknown owner at London. 26-10-1848 Sold to Edward Forster et al, Liverpool. 1858 Owner Edward Forster, Liverpool. No further trace after 1870.
Built 1840 @ Newcastle. Wood paddle tug. L90'. B17.8'.  D10.2'. 111grt. 80hp. ON4375 Callsign JCGQ.
1840 Delivered to unknown London owner. 4-1-1842 Refloated brig Minerver from Reculver sand and towed to London. 1851 Owners Symington Towing Company, London.  1856 Owners Shipowners Towing Co, London. 1858 Company in liquidation. 1871 Owner J. Masson, London. 1882 Still owned. No trace after 1885.
as Pairie Cock. Photog unknown

Built 1884 by S. & H. Morton & Co. Leith. YN 45. Screw tug. L90.7'. B19.1'. D11.2'. 125grt. 450ihp 2cyl 20.5"x40"x24"s compound steam engine by A. Shanks & Son, Arbroath. ON89672. Callsign JTRK.
1884 Delivered to Todd & Son, Northumberland Ave., Fenchurch St, London. 1887 Owner Todd & Co., London.  1890 Sold to Prairie Screw Towing Co. [J.H. Dunn & T.L. Handford], Newport, renamed Prairie King.  1896 Sold to Liverpool Screw Towing and Lighterage Co Ltd.,  Liverpool, renamed Prairie Cock.  1936 Scrapped at New Ferry.
Photog unknown
Photo Gould colln/TT
Built 1880 by Joseph T Eltringham, Souith Shields. Iron paddle tug. L117.6'. B19.6'. D10.3'. 165grt. 10nrt. 62nhp 2cyl sidelever steam engine by J P Rennoldson and Sons, South Shields. ON81606
1880 Delivered to John Mitchell, Gravesend. 1881 Stationed at Lisbon. 1886 Captain Antonio Jose de Souza awarded binoculars by board of Trade for his kindness to crew of SS Cornishman  wrecked on 8th of January 1886. 1892 Sold to SunshineSteam Tug Company, Liverpool. 29-12-1899 Beached at Wallasey following collision. 2-1-1900 Refloated and repaired at Clover's Dry Dock, Birkenhead. 1914 Sold to J J King and Sons, Garston. 1914 Sold to W Cooper, Widnes. 1923 Converted to barge. 1929 Scrapped.


 Built  1863 by  Blackwood & Gordon, Glasgow. YN53. Iron Paddle Tug.  L111.5'. B18.6'. D9.6’. 118grt. 37nrt.  65hp 1cyl 40”x56”s side lever steam engine by builder. ON45954.

  6-1-1863 Launched for Clyde Shipping Co Ltd., Glasgow. 26-3- 1863 Completed. 23-3-1864 Owner Chas. R. Heap, London. 1864 Owner  Earnest  Hankey, London. 29-4-1867 Sold to  A. Gabrielli, London. 1867 Sold to Frederick Galla, Naples. 

Photog unknown

 Built   1884 by   Hepple, N. Shields. YN386.  Iron Paddle Tug.  L123.5'. B20.1'. D10.1'.   167grt. 8nrt.  140nhp. 2cyl 32",32"x58"  side lever steam engine by builder.  Two funnels. Official No.   89619.
15-9-1884 Delivered to  Wm. Sandford, Gravesend. 6-8-1884 Fire in engine room locker off gravesend. 21-12-1887 Towed barque Salmon, with damaged masts, Dungeness to Gravesend. 6-11-1888 Towed barque Johann Wilhelm from Swin Middle Sand to Gravesend. 10-1-1889 Towed barque Linda fromm off Dungeness to London. 1889 Sold to Soc. Anon. du Remorquage Boulonnais. Renamed Conquerant. 1896 Sold to  Soc. Nouvelle de Remorquage Boulonnais, Boulogne. 1904 Sold to Mrs R Lennard, Middlesbro,  renamed Conqueror. 1905 Sold to B. O. Davies, Middlesbro. 1910 Sold to J Nicholson, Leith. 1913 Sold to Victor Cappon, Newport, Fife, regd Dundee.   3-1917 Owners  R. Redhead and Sons, Newcastle. 8-1929 Transferred to Redhead & Dry's Tugs, Newcastle. 5-1944Transferred to  France Fenwick Tyne  & Wear Co., Newcastle. 5-1956 Scrapped by J. J. King & Co., Gateshead. (£2,150)
Photog unknown

Built 1897 by Eltringham, South Shields. YN188. Iron Paddle Tug/Excursion steamer . L131'. B21.7'. D10'. 224grt. 650ehp. SL2Cyl 31"x58" by Hepple. Official No 108177. Call sign PNSG. Two Funnels. Used as seasonal excursion steamer.
1897 Delivered to Thos. Sandford et al, Gravesend. 21-8-1898 Awarded £40 for towing GSN's SS Swallow, with broken piston rod, from Tongue LV to Ramsgate. 26-10-1898 Assisted refloat barque Unione from South Goodwin Sands and towed to Downs.1-1-1899 Assisted refloat S/V Glevard from sands off Dungeness. 13-1-1899 towed collision damaged SS Elaine from off Dungeness into Dover. 29-12-1899 Towed collision damaged barque Anny, with part cargo of dynamite, from off Deal to Gravesend powder buoys. 5-10-1900 Towed damaged schooner Alice Louisa from Cork Sand into Harwich. 11-1901 Tug fully disinfected at Gravesend after one of Crew contracted smallpox whilst vessel lying in Newhaven. Around same time over 85000 rats were destroyed in London Docks in one month. 1-1902 Owners  John Page & G & W Sandford, Gravesend. 1903 Sold to Elliott Steam Tug Co, London. 1914 Req by Admiralty for short period. 14-12-1915  Assisted refloating SS Southgarth, aground on Trapegeer sand, off La Panne, whilst under attack from German bombers. later awarded £1150 including £250 for damage sustained. 9-11-1916 Req by Admiralty renamed HMS Query serving at Dunkirk. 18-2-1919 Returned to owners, renamed Conqueror. 8-1919 Sold to Jersey Steam Shipping Co, St. Helier. 1921 Operated on Firth of Forth. 6-1922 Sold to Edward McNab, Kirkcaldy. 1922 Owner  Kirk Deas & Co, Leith. 10-1923 Sold to William Taylor, Dunblane. 5-1924 Sold to  Stanley Butler Steamship Co., Korkcaldy. 1925 Owner John Fenton, Edinburgh. 28-4-1925 Owners Tees Towing Co., Middlesbro., renamed  Hurworth. 30-8-1927 Renamed Hutton Cross. 8-1934 Scrapped by Clayton & Davie Ltd, Dunston.
Robert Andrews Born Gravesend c 1859 Died Gravesend c 1945 [First skipper of Conqueror]

Robert Andrews was the son of Suffolk sea captain George Andrews who was master of the vessel
Greek Slave.  When the ship called at Gravesend during the 1861 Census young Bob, his older sister
Caroline and his mother were among those on board, so his life on the Thames went back to his
earliest days.
His first experience of tugs seems to have been on the Undaunted, a Barker tug.  He moved on to
tugs run by J F Gibb and later to the Gamecock firm, all of which had connections with the Holland
family. Andrews had recently married when Gamecock tugs started in 1880 and he joined the tug
that gave the firm its name in that year as mate under his friend and skipper Edward Martin. When
Captain Martin transferred to the second Gamecock in 1883 Andrews went with him and was soon
given his own chance as skipper in the Bantam Cock. He moved to the Gamecock and in 1886 he
took over from William Mastin as master of the Woodcock of 1884, a tug partly designed by Richard
Holland, one of the owners and an early subscriber to the Gamecock concern.  It was in the
Woodcock that “Peppermint Bob” cemented his reputation as a tug man and made a good deal of
money for the firm and for himself, joining Richard Holland and other river men as an investor. Much
of the towage and salvage work involved sailing ships, but a nice fee was earned from the Harrison
steamer Dictator. Andrews decided to move on when he obtained his master’s certificate in 1893,
fortune favouring him as he sold his share in the Woodcock shortly before the tug sank carrying no
insurance.  The Woodcock was at Gravesend when the 1891 Census was taken and those on board
were: - Robert Andrews (captain), Edward Gale, (mate), George Giles, (seaman), Frank Black,
(engineer), Walter Tolhurstand John Thompson, (firemen) and William Livett (boy).
Andrews joined tugs owned by the family of the pilot William Sandford that were used as tugs and
excursion vessels (the excursion business being run with Dick & Page) taking over first the Conqueror
of 1890 and then, after a brief stint in the Mitchell tug Cleveland of 1894, the replacement
Conqueror of 1897, this being the last paddle tug ordered by Thames owners.  In her first season the
1897 Conqueror attended the fleet review at Spithead that also celebrated Queen Victoria’s Diamond
Jubilee, carrying 22,000 passengers around Spithead and Southampton Water.  Captain Andrews
continued carrying passengers in the ensuing summers and also contrived to get a lot of salvage work
in the winter months before moving to the “Belle” coastal passenger steamers.  During his time with
them he obtained a licence for pilotage, a similar career path to Captain Charles Haill.  The
Conqueror of 1897, known as the” Dungeness Ghost” because of her light grey paintwork and the
frequency with which she worked the area, proved lucky for a number of other masters before she
was sold away from the Thames.
Captain Andrews worked as a pilot during the First World War and on into the 1920’s before retiring.
His son also became a pilot, this time after an apprentice-ship at sea in full-rigged ships, and I believe
one of his daughters married a pilot, a member of the Holland family.  Captain Andrews and his wife
lived for many years at “The Reculvers” in Kent Road where they celebrated their Diamond Wedding
anniversary shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War.    

Many thanks to Kevin Haydon for this bio.


Photo Gould colln/TT
Built  1899 by  Willoughby Bros Ltd,, Plymouth. L86.4’. B18.1’. D10.5’. 111grt. 6nrt. 360ihp 2cyl 17"x34"x21"s compound steam engine by builder. ON110155.

1899 Delivered to George Etheredge, 17 Broad St., Ratcliff, London.  1901  Owner Joseph Constant, London. 1904 Owner G. Etheredge, 84 Narrow St, London. 3-1910 Sold to Portuguese owners.

Built  1851 by Andrew Woodhouse, S Shields. Wood paddle tug. 74grt 29nrt L74.0'. B15.1'. D 8.7'. 1Cyl side lever steam engine.
1851 Delivered to John & Francis Taylor, Burton Brown, John Elliott, John Wilkinson & Michael Renwick, Sunderland. 1854 Sold to William Thomas, Frederick White, James Gill, William Hockley & George Williams, London. 1864 Scrapped.

Built 1836 at Blackwall. Wooden Paddle tug. L102’. B21'. D10'. 141grt. 90hp Disconnecting beam engine by Stewart, London. Tubular boiler. Bunkers 25 tons. Speed 10 knots. ON9078. Callsign KFTD.
  1837 Owners The Symington Patent Paddle Towing Co, London.  1839 Owners  restyled to The Shipowners' Towing Co Ltd., London.   29-11-1839 £100 award for towing S/v Trusty off Blythe Sand. 24-4-1842 Refloated troopship Beulah, aground in East Bay, Dungeness. £500 salvage award.  1842 Owners Steam Tug Navigation Company. 1857 Company ceased trading. 1876 Owner R. Connon, Shields. No trace after 1887.


 Built 1904 by  J Kievits & Reede, Papendrecht  Steel screw tug. 90.0 x 20.0 x 7.6ft 126grt 54nrt  40nhp  2cyl 11"x22"x12"s Compound steam engine by builder. ON 118405
1904 Delivered to J Constant, London.  1908 Owner W Horton, London. 1909 Sold to J Constant, London. 1910 Sold to Glynn Bros, Kilrush. 1920 0wners Shannon Steamship Co. Ltd., Kilrush. 1941 Still in existence, same owners. 1943 Not appearing in register.

 Built 1874 by John Softley & Co., South-Shields.  Iron  Paddle Tug. L96.3'. B18.2'. D9.2'. 98 GRT, 10 NRT,  46nhp-300ihp, 2cyl side lever steam engine by Hepple & Co, Official No.  68532.
1874 Delivered to Daniel Stuart Mitchell & others at Gravesend. 1881 census in Dover harbour. 1887 Sold to  Joseph Lawson et al.  Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 1895 Lawson Steam Tug-boat Co Ltd.,  Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 1917 Admiralty service on the River Tyne. 1919 Returned to owner. 1920 Owner Lawson-Batey Tugs Ltd., Newcastle. 1945 Chartered to Blyth Tug Co Ltd. Blyth. 11-1948 Scrapped [£275] by J. J. King, Gateshead.
Photo courtesy Catherine Allcott from a painting in her family's possession
Photo Gould colln/TT

 Built   1876 by J. Readhead & Co., S. Shields YN123.   Iron Paddle Tug. L106.9'. B16.9'. D8.9'. 135grt.   70nhp.  2cyl compound steam engine 28"x51" by Builder.   Official No. 73715.   
 1876 Delivered to W. Sandford, Gravesend. 29-1-1878 Towed SS Joseph Dodd off Long Sand. 14-2-1878 Whilst at anchor off Dover run down by  cross channel packet SS Parlement Belge in Dover Bay, sustaining £3500 of damage. Fireman Thomas Wingfield badly scalded. Towed into Dover by tug Warrior. 15-12-1880 Rescued crew of barque Frigate Bird, aground on Goodwin Sands and landed them at Dover. 2-2-1886 Towed disabled SV Island Maid into Ramsgate. 1887 Sold to Robt. Redhead and Son, Tyneside. 5-1903 Transferred to  M. H. Redhead & Susannah White. 6-1916 Transferred to  Robt. Redhead &  Son Ltd. 19-12-1916 Foundered off St. Mary's Island, Northumberland. Crew saved.

Built 1884 by Watson and Co., Blackwall, London. Steel screw tug. L56'. B13'. D7.2'. 30hp 2cyl 12"x22"x18"s steam engine by De Ritter, London. ON89659.
1888 Owners Wiliam Ross and Richard Deering, London. 1900[by] Owners J W Cook Ltd., London.  1916? Sold to Mrs Ada Grainger, Hutt St., Hull. [Regd Hull]. 1927 Register closed.
Photog unknown

Built 1903 by Willoughby Bros, Plymouth. L86.4’ B18.0’. D10.5’. 109grt 3nrt. 90nhp 300ihp 2cyl 17"x34"x21"s 120psi compound steam engine by builder. ON 118328.

1903 Delivered to George Etheredge, London. 1909 Owner William H Tucker, Cardiff. 1911 Owner W H Tucker & Co Ltd, Cardiff. 1920 Owner The Bristol Channel Towage, Salvage & Lighterage Co Ld, Cardiff. 1938 Owner Bristol Channel Towage Co Ltd, Cardiff. 1939 Scrapped.


Built 1898 by Willoughby Bros, Plymouth. L66.0’. B14.1’. D7.0’. 43grt 30nhp 200ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON108356.
1898 Delivered to Charles Robottom, Leytonstone, London. 1902 Owner Herbert C Robottom, London. 1909 Owner Henry Deering, London. 22-5-1918 Req by War Office for Inland Water Transport service in Egypt. 25-8-1919 Foundered off Alexandria.

Built 1837 at South Shields. Wood paddle tug. L68.3'. B14.5'. D8.2'. 61grt. 30nhp steam engine by H S Waite, North Shields. ON21572.
1837 Delivered to unknown owner at Exeter. 1840  Reboilerd by Harvey and Co., Hayle, 11-11-1842 Offered for sale by auction at Globe Inn, Exeter. 1-2-1848 Owner James Colling, London. 14-1-1850 Owner W B Caulfield, t/as Lloyds Steam Towing Company, London. 1860 Owner R D Ross, London.  15/16/17-6-1861 Salvaging schooner Doris aground on Southend Sands. 1866  Owner W T Bridges et al, London. 1867 Owner George H Ross et al, London. 1872 Scrapped.

Built 1903 by J P Rennoldson, S. Shields. YN 222. Screw tug.  L100'. B22.2'. D11.0'. 152grt.  550ihp. 3cylTE 14.5"x23"x38"x27"s steam engine by builder. ON115987.  

11-2-1903 Launched. 1903 Delivered to Mason, Liley & Hunt [Empire Towing] Gravesend. 1908 Sold to  Cia. Argentina de Nav/Gardella Ltd., Buenos Aires. 1949 Owners Flota Argentine de Navigacion de Ultramar.  1959 Owners Flota Argentina de Navigacion, Fluvial.
Built 1847 by Richard & Henry Green, Blackwall. YN276. Paddle tug. 76grt. 37nrt. L76.3'. B14.1'. D9.4'. 60nhp steam engine by  J Stewart.. ON6169.
24-2-1848. Delivered to The Caledonian Steam Towing Co, Shadwell 1870 Scrapped.
DOURO 1850
Built 1850 @ N. Shields. Wood paddle tug. L95'. B18.7'. D9.8'. 102grt. 40nrt. 56hp. steam engine. ON16720. Callsign MCQP.
 22-4-1850 Delivered to Dover Harbour Trustees. 16-11-1853 Involved in grappling for severed London - Paris telegraph cable off Sandette. 1858 Owners Warden and Assistants of Dover Harbour. 9-11-1861 Towed schooner Little Nell into Dover from Goodwins. 1863 Owners Dover Harbour Board. 1864 Sold to Daniel Barker et al, London. 1869 Sold to  J. Spicer et al, Old Ford, London. 1881 Owner G. J. Spicer, West Hill, Gravesend. 29-11-1881 Rescued crew of fishing smack Champion aground on Red Sand and landed them at Margate. 9-12-1884 Towed barque Deodar, damaged in collision off N. Foreland into Sheerness. 18-10-1887 Sank following collision with fish carrier African off Rotherhithe. 1888 Broken up.
Built 1837 by Ritchie, Rotherhithe. Wood paddle tug. 116 grt / 39 nrt /     L88.7 ft    B 7.0 ft    D9.5 ft   70nhp steam engine. ON10693
24-5-1837 Launched. 1837 Delivered to Symington Patent Paddle Towing Co, London. 1839 May have been transferred to Shipowners Towing Co., London. 1845 Regd at Cardiff as sailing vessel. 9-1846 William  Bird, Cardiff. by1860 J Grierson, Cardiff. No further trace.
Built 1867 by T. A. Young Ltd., Blackwall. Iron Paddle tug. L113'. B19.3'. D10.29'. 145grt. 120ihp 2cyl 30"x54" sidelever  steam engine by builder. Acquired 1909. Disposed 1910. Scrapped 1910. ON56858.
3-10-1867 Delivered to Daniel Barker, John Spicer et al, London. 1871 Owner John R. Spicer, London. 26-11-1881 Towed damaged and abandoned sailing vessel Cordelia from New Deeps to Gravesend. 1884 [by] Owner G Spicer, Gravesend. 1891 Owner London and India Docks Committee, London. 1902 owner renamed London and India Docks Co., London. 1909 Transferred to PLA. 1910 Scrapped in Holland.