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See under Lion Wharf Ltd.

Built 1931 by T. van Duijvendijk, Lekkerkerk (Yard No 14) 23g. 2n.  46.4 x 12.3 x 5.3 feet. 100bhp 2-cyl. Kromhout type oil engine. [Post 1954: 330bhp6-cyl.  motor engine by Parr and Dunwoody] O.N. 162625.
17.08.1931 Delivered to John and Josephine Crisp London. 1932. Sold to William Soanes Ltd, London. 1933. Sold to Orient Lighterage Company Ltd, London. 08-04-1942 - 15-11-1942: On Admiralty service - S. Atlantic port duties. 17-11-1942 Sold to Ministry of War Transport and transferred to West Africa. 28-10-1945 Laid up “for sale”. 20-03-1946 Owners restyled as Ministry of Transport. 1948 Sold to C. Crawley Ltd, London.  09-1951 Sold to Argosies Ltd, London. 1954 Sold to B.E. Copeman Company Ltd, London and re-engined. 1962 Sold to W.J. Woodward, Fisher Ltd London, and renamed DUKE SHORE. 1973 Sold to Erith and Dartford Lighterage Company Ltd, Erith and renamed BETTY. 1984 To Greenhithe Salvage Services (Birthright and Henderson) at Greenhithe and renamed DUKE SHORE. 19?? To Medway Towing Service at Rochester. 200? Sold to Mr Clifford Brown as private vessel. Laid up in Barking Creek. 30-4-2013 Purchased by Euan Maybank and Rachael Smith. Now powered by Caterpillar 240 t/diesel engine.



Built 1880 at Deptford Iron screw tug. 63'x12.5'x6.7'. 32grt., 22nrt 30hp2cyl HP  steam engine by Alex Wilson and Co. ON82774

12-7-1880 Owner Christopher Crouch, Deptford. 1-1884 For sale by auction by Mortgagees. 1884 Owner James Paton E. India Dock rd, London. 1887 Owner William J Arnall, Tidal Basin, London.
1893 Owner Herbert H Kent, London. 1895 Owner John Rainsley, Southampton renamed RED LION. 1897 Register closed.




Funnel: Buff, with red, white and blue houseflag.


See under Rodney II, W T Beaumont Ltd.



No details known.

19?? Owned by Mr B Birthright, Gravesend



Built 1931 at Knottingley. L85'. B7.2'. D7.2'.  88grt. 125bhp Diesel engine. ON162255.

1931 Delivered to John Harker Ltd, Knottingley named Tiger H. 1950 Sold to G Crouch Ltd.13-10-1950 Renamed Evelyn Spearing. 1976 Scrapped?



Photo C.C. Beazley (Kevin Blair/Andrew Wiltshire collection)

 Built 1976 by W.G.S. Crouch Ltd., Greenhithe. Diesel engine.

1976 Completed for W G S Crouch Ltd., Greenhithe named Evelyn Spearing II. 1986 Sold to L. Tester, Greenhithe, chartered to Thamesside Services Ltd. 19?? Owners Charman Towage, renamed Evelyn  Spearing. 2003 Advertised for sale. No further trace.



Built 1939 by W.H. Donovan Ltd.,
Greenwich. 50grt. 396bhp Mirrlees diesel engine.

1946 Completed [after being damaged by air raid during building]for unknown owner, named Caledonian. 19?? Owners W.G. Marriott & Sons Ltd., London, renamed Mick. 196? Sold to General Lighterage Co Ltd., London, renamed General VI. 1963 Acquired by Thames & General Lighterage Ltd., London. 1974 Sold to M.Tugs Ltd.,  London, renamed Handyman. 19?? Re-engined 200bhp Gardner diesel. 1982 Sold to W.G.S. Crouch & Sons Ltd.,Greenhithe.



Photo A Hughes colln

Built 1943 by American Ship Building Co.,
Buffalo,NY. YN 922. L85'. B24'2". D9.8'. 146grt. 700bhp 8cyl GM Detroit EMD 8-567ATS diesel engine. 11 knots.  ON US 244517. ON GB169227. IMO5080225.Callsign GMKV.

11-1943 Delivered to  US Defense Plant Corp., Washington DC., named DPC-99. 1944 Transferred to US Army, redesignated ST-767. 1945 Transferred to  Greek Government. 1945 Transferred to  UK Admiralty. 4-1951 Sold to France, Fenwick Tyne & Wear Co Ltd, Newcastle, renamed Cornhill. Modified for Tyne use by R. B. Harrison Ltd., Bill Quay. Deck house shortened.  5-1977 Transferred to Lawson- Batey Tugs Ltd., Newcastle for £18.000. 4-1978 Chartered to Wear Tugs Ltd, Sunderland.  7-1980 Sold to W.G.S. Crouch & Sons Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Hannah Spearing. 11-1985  Sold to Marine & General Engineering, Sunbury on Thames. 2-1988 Sold to  John Gaskill, Skipton, for preservation and restoration at Fleetwood, later moved to Preston. 8-1995  Auctioned at Preston Dock and sailed to Fleetwood. 1996 Scrapped after catching fire.


See under Margaret Locket, Charrington, Gardner  Locket Ltd.



Photo  C.C. Beazley (Kevin Blair/Andrew Wiltshire collection)

Built 1936 by T. van Duijvendijk's Scheepswerf, Lekkerkerk. YN 21. 38grt. 375bhp Atlas diesel engine.

1936 Delivered to Flower & Everett Ltd., London named Vange. 1942 Requisitioned by Admiralty for service in West Africa. 1943 Ownership transferred to MoWT. 194?  Returned to owners. 1971 Sold to W.G.S. Crouch & Sons Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Lads  Spearing. 1984 [By] Believed scrapped.



Built 1942. 250bhp diesel engine.

1942 Delivered to unknown owner. 19?? Owners W.G.S. Crouch & Sons Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Mabel Spearing. 19?? Sold to Flower & Everett Ltd., London, renamed Garrick. No further trace.



Built 1953 by D Budworth Ltd.,  Harwich. L42'. B12'. D3'6". 80bhp Gleniffer DC4 Diesel engine.

5-1953 Delivered to W G Crouch Ltd., Greenhithe. 1973 Sold to M Tugs Ltd., London, renamed Queenie. 19?? Sold to Newcastle owners.



Built 1934 by Rowhedge Iron Works Ltd., Rowhedge. YN488. L41'. B11'. D4.9'. 70bhp Gleniffer DC4 diesel engine.

1934 Delivered to W G S Crouch, Greenhithe.



Built 1937 by Rowhedge Ironworks Co Ltd., Rowhedge. YN 554. L41'. B11'. D4.9'. 70bhp Gleniffer DC4 diesel engine.

12-1937 Delivered to W.G.S. Crouch & Sons Ltd.,Greenhithe. 1942 Requisitioned by Admiralty. 1946 Returned to owners. 19?? Owners M Tugs, renamed Searcher. No further trace.



See under Miriam. Charrington Gardner Locket Ltd.

Launch tug
Built 1938 by  T van Duijvendijk, Lekkerkerk (Yd 27) 11.28 x 2.90m  60bhp Atlantic diesel engine.
1938 W G S Crouch & Sons Ltd, Greenhithe as Mary. 1981 renamed Susie Spearing. No further trace.


Built 1929 by J. Thornycroft & Co Ltd., Woolston. YN 1086. L77.5'. B19.6'. D8'. 96grt. 276bhp Worthington diesel engine. ON161318

1929 Delivered to Thames Steam Tug & Lighterage Co Ltd., London named Wortha.16-7-1941 Req by  MoWT. 18-2-1946 Returned to owners. 1948 Re-engined 340bhp  Ingersoll Rand diesel. 1962 Re-engined 405bhp Diesel. 1963 Acquired by Thames & General Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 1973 Sold to John Ramsey, Ipswich. 1974 Sold to Maritime Towage & Salvage Ltd.,London. 1975 Sold to W.G.S. Crouch & Sons Ltd., Greenhithe. 1978 Renamed Wortha Spearing. 1984 Engine removed & hull sold in 1985. Presumed scrapped.





Funnel: White with black top and broad red band separated by narrow white band.

My thanks to Mr. Tim Cunis for help with this section.



Photog unknown

Self propelled barge.



as Purbeck John

 Built 1967 by W.R. Cunis Ltd., Woolwich. L45'. B12.6'. D5.5'. 95bhp Thornycroft diesel engine. Dowty hydrostatic transmission. ON

1967 Delivered to W.R. Cunis Ltd., London, named Hycu. 19?? Sold to  W.E. White & Sons Ltd., London renamed Snow  White. 19?? Sold to Arcap-Welland Plant Hire Ltd., London, renamed Purbeck John. 2009 Owners Carillion Marine Ltd., London. 2016 Sold to Charlight Towing.

Tug when built had a wheelhouse capable of being hydraulically raised to afford a view astern over empty barges being towed.



Built 1948 by Richards (Shipbuilders) Ltd., Lowestoft. L72'. B18.1'. D7.4'. 67grt. 415bhp 4x102bhp diesel engines. Hydrostatic  drive. ON182847.

1949 Delivered to Thames Steam Tug & Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 19?? Sold to W.R. Cunis Ltd, London. 1977 Sold to Marine & Industrial Transmissions Ltd., Queenborough, deck crane and workshop added. 9-1983 Went aground at HortonBeach, Gower Peninsular during operation to salvage Prince Ivanhoe. Later broken up in situ.


Photo C.C. Beazley (Kevin Blair/Andrew Wiltshire collection)

Launch Tug

Built 1938 by T. van Duijvendijk, Lekkerkerk. YN 29. L37.7'. B10.3'. D3.6'. 14grt. 115bhp Bolinder diesel engine. ON

1938 Delivered to W.R. Cunis Ltd., London.15-7-1942 Requisitioned by MoWT, Managers Ross & Marshall Ltd., Glasgow. 17-12-1945 Returned to owners. 1967  Sold to Gaselee & Knight Ltd., London. 1980 Sold to owner at  Maldon. 1984 Sold to Knapp Trawlers.,  Leigh-on-Sea Essex , Reengined  90bhp Kelvin diesel. 1985 Sold to Riley Banks Marine Ltd., renamed Beaver II. 1988 Sold to NOD tugs., Maldon. 19?? Sold to Continental Oil Co Ltd., London. 1994 Seen on  River Crouch, Essex. No further trace.



Photo A Hughes colln
Photog unknown. D Asprey colln

 Built 1898 by Dundee Shipbuilding Co.,  Dundee. YN115. L69'. B16.4'. D8.5'. 55grt. 60nhp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON108396.

30-9-1898 Launched. 1898 Delivered to J. Constant, London named John Walpole. 1898 Sold to William R. Cunis.,  London, renamed W.R. Cunis. 1905 Owner W R Cunis Ltd., London. 19?? Collided with Dorunda off Gravesend. 195? Scrapped.



Built 1928 by Alexander Hall & Co., Aberdeen. YN611. L78.1'. B20'7". D9.9'. 102grt. 1nrt. 550ihp 3cylTE 12"x20"x34"x24"s steam engine by builder. Acquired 1949. Disposed 1966. Scrapped 1966. ON160624. Callsign MFFR.
12-1928 Delivered to W.R. Cunis Ltd.,
London.22-11-1939 Req by Admiralty.  13-9-1945 Returned to owners. 1949 Sold to W.H.J. Alexander Ltd., London2-12-1949 Renamed Sunrise. 5-1966 Scrapped by Scrappingco SA., Antwerp.


Photo Rays colln
Photo W Armstrong




Also owners of the Thames Spritsail sailing barges;-

Active; Ada; Aldershot ; Alfred & Florence; Amelia; Arthur ; Beaconsfield ; C.E.M.G.; Colne ; Countess ; Dan ;  Dawgy; Doddles ; Durbar (lighter); Eclipse ; Edith; Elsie; Endymion ; Enterprise; Era; Fashion; Fortitude ; Freda; G.W. ; George ; Glencoe; Glendevon ; Glenmore (Ketch) ; Guy ; Halstow ; Hercules (lighter); Horace & Willie ; Ida ; Increase ; Industry; Isabel; Jane; Lizzie; Louisa; Marie; Matilda ; Maud Little; New York ; Normanhurst ; Pearl; Ralph; Rosa; Sea Dog ; Shamrock ; Standard ; Sussex ; Tam; Teaser ; Terror ; The Frances; Thomas ; Thomas & Hannah ; Times; Tintara; Toots ; Torment; Wandsworth; William & James; William & Mary ; W.R. Cunis; Wumps.



Funnel: White with green triangle.


Built 1946 by Rowhedge Ironworks Co Ltd., Rowhedge. YN 674. L59.7'. B16.2'. D6.9'. 50grt. 295bhp British Polar M441 diesel engine. ON181555.

1946 Delivered to John Hawkins Ltd., London named John Hawkins. 1970 Sold to M Tugs Ltd., London. 1970 Sold to Darling Bros. Ltd., London, renamed Arthur  Darling. 1977 Sold, possibly to Kuwait, no further trace.


See under SIDNEY G, W J R Whitehair Ltd.



Photographed 4-4-2011 at Eel Pie Island by Alan Chapman.

 Built 1961 by J.W. Cook & Co (Wivenhoe) Ltd., Wivenhoe. YN 1213. L42.5'. B11'. D6.3'. 14grt. 110bhp 6cyl Russell-Newbury EM6 diesel engine.

1961 Delivered to F.G. Towage Ltd., London. 1965 Acquired by Gaselee & Son (Towage) Ltd., London. 1966 Owners Gaselee & Knight Ltd., London. 197? Sold to Darling Brothers Ltd., London. 19?? Sold to Hastings Bros., Brentford, renamed Smudge. 2002 Sold to EelPie Island Slipways, Twickenham renamed Dancha. 2011 Still in sdervice.



See under General V, William Cory and Son Ltd.


 Built 1961 by Henry Scarr Ltd., Hessle. Screw Tug. YN775. L85'9''. B21'6''. D10'9''. 98grt. 1000bhp 8cyl SBV8M545 Deutz diesel engine. Acquired 1965. Disposed 1975. Official No. 302599.

1961 Built for Gaselee and Son Ltd., London, named Fossa. 1-5-1965 Sold to Ship Towage [London] Ltd. 27-1-1969 Transferred to London Tugs Ltd. 1-1-1975 Owners Alexandra Towing Co. [London] Ltd. 7-1977 Sold to Darling Bros. Ltd., London renamed Kilda. 1987 Sold to Bennett Bros., renamed Mamba. 1990 Company restyled Medway Lighterage Co Ltd. 2002 Sold to Simon Bradley, converted to houseboat at Port Werburgh, River Medway. 200? Sold to Aaron Hammond. 2003 For sale. 6-2010 Still at Hoo St Werburgh.



Built 1947 by Smith & Donovan Ltd, Blackwall. 120bhp Kelvin T4 diesel engine.

1947 Delivered to W J R Whitehair Ltd, London named William  J. 196? Sold to Union Lighterage Co Ltd, London. 1971 Owners Darling Bros Ltd, London renamed  William D. No further trace.





 Built 1898 by Willoughby Bros., Plymouth. L66'. B14.1'. D7'. 43grt. 200ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON108356.

1898 Delivered to Charles Robottom, Leytonstone. 1902 Owner Herbert C. Robottom, London. 1909 Sold to Henry Deering, London22-5-1918 1918 Req by War Office for Inland Water Transport service in Egypt.25-8-1919 Sank off Alexandria.

Photo B Hunt colln

Built 1926 by A Hall & Co Ltd., Aberdeen. YN599. L54.8'. B14.1'. D6.3'. 35grt. 160bhp 4cyl Kromhout diesel engine. ON148776.

1926 Delivered to Henry Deering, London named Thamesman. 1931 Sold to Walter E Palmer, Poplar renamed  Primate. 1934[post] Owners G J Palmer & Sons Ltd, London. 8-6-1942 Req for Admiralty service. 18-10-1945 Returned to owners.  1992 Registry closed 'No trace'.



See under R Waters.
 See under J & C Harrison.


Funnel:- Red with black top separated  by white band.



See under North Thames Gas Board.






Built 1926 by J. Vos, Groningen. L54.6'. B13.9'. D5.5'. 34grt 164bhp ON149780

1926 Delivered to unknown owner named Wega. 1929 Sold  to General Lighterage Co Ltd., London, renamed General II.  1934[by] Owners London Bridge Lines Ltd., London. 1941 Sold to W.J. Earnell & Sons Ltd., at London. 1957 Owners Earnell and Judd Ltd., London. No further trace.


Photo A Hughes colln.
Photog unknown. B Hunt colln

Built 1935 by James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd., Faversham. YN 1306. L50.1'. B13'. D5.2'. 20grt. 120bhp 4cyl W H Allan diesel engine. ON164522.
8-1935 Delivered to William, Henry & Frank Earnell and William Pocock,
London. 194? Req by Admiralty for service as M/S skid towing tug, based Gravesend. 194? Returned to owners. 1957 Owners Earnell and Judd Ltd., London.
1966 Owner W.J. Earnell Sons & Co Ltd.,
London. 1976 Sold to unknown owner. 1992 Deleted from register.


Photo B Hunt colln.

No details known.




See under Realm in William Cory lists.



Built 1879 by H M McIntyre, Paisley. YN47. Iron screw tug. L59.6'. B13'. D6.7'. 36grt. 25nhp steam engine. ON89563.

1884 First regn London. 1892[by] Owner John W Crooks, 241 Victoria Dock Rd., London. 1896[by] Owners Elmore and Scott Ltd, 241 Victoria Dock Rd., London. 1904[by] OwnerRichard Bridge, Battersea, London.  1911[by] OwnerArthur Bridge, Battersea. 1921[by] Owners W Bridge and Sons, Battersea.




Photo  C.C. Beazley (Kevin Blair/Andrew Wiltshire collection)

Built 1931 by T. van Duijvendijk, Lekkerkerk. YN 14. L46.4'. B12.3'. D5.3'. 23grt. 100bhp 2cyl Kromhout diesel engine. ON162625.

1931 Delivered to John & Josephine Crisp, London named Plodder. 1932 Sold to William Soanes Ltd., London. 1933 Sold to Orient Lighterage Co Ltd.,  London.8-4-1942 Req by Admiralty for port duties in South Atlantic. 17-11-1942 Purchased by MoWT and transferred to West Africa.28-10-1945 Laid up. 1948 Sold to C. Crawley Ltd., London. 1951 Owners Argosies Ltd., London. 1954 Sold to B.E. Copeman Ltd., London, Re-engined 330bhp  6cyl Parr & Dunwoody diesel engine. 1962 Sold to W.J. Woodward, Fisher Ltd., London, Renamed Duke Shore. 1973 Sold to Erith & Dartford Lighterage Co Ltd., Erith, renamed Betty. 198? Owners McCann Towing Co., London, renamed Freedom. 198? Sold to Greenhithe Salvage Services, Greenhithe, Renamed Duke Shore. 198? Owners Medway Towing Services, Rochester. No further trace.



Photo Rays colln.

Built 1937 by Henry Scarr Ltd., Hessle. YN 388. 50grt. 340bhp diesel engine. [Rebuilt from 3cylTE] ON184441.
1937 Delivered to Lion Wharf Ltd.,
London, named Isleworth Lion.27-4-1941 Req by Admiralty for use as M/S skid towing tug based Gravesend.. 1944 Returned to owner. 1960 Sold to General Lighterage Co Ltd., London, renamed General  V.  1962 Sold to Erith & Dartford Lighterage Co Ltd.,Erith renamed Caroline. 1975 Renamed Caroline  Bodkin. 198? Sold to Albert Coffey, Gravesend. 1989 Sold to Medway Towing Services, re-renamed Caroline.  2004 In Hoo Marina. 2006 Still in existence.


Built 1905 by Philip and Son Ltd., Dartmouth. L66.9'. B15.6'. D7.9'. 51grt. 33hp C2cyl (14x28 x 20in) steam engine by builder. ON120494.

1905 Delivered to Erith and Dartford Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 1938 Scrapped by T W Ward  Ltd., Grays.



Built 1921 by Philip and Son Ltd., Dartmouth. YN605. L68.7'. B17.6'. D8.3'. 66grt. 273ihp 2cyl 13,5"x28"x20"s compound steam engine by builder. ON146529.

1921 Delivered to  Erith and Dartford Lighterage Co Ltd., London15-6-1928 Went to assistance of J P Knight's tug Augusta which had been damaged and was in danger of sinking following  a collision with SS Woodcote off Glengall Wharf, Millwall. Took Augusta in tow and safely beached her. 1938 Sold to Leith Salvage & Towing Co Ltd., Leith.3-11-1939 Req by  Admiralty for duties at Rosyth. 17-5-1945 Returned to owners.  1948 Sold to Walter Pigott, Grimsby. 1954 Transferred to J.H. Piggott & Son Ltd., Grimsby. 1957 Scrapped.



See under REGARD, William Cory and Son Ltd.



Built 1936 by Smith's Dock Co Ltd, South Bank-on-
Tees. YN996. Diesel-electric tug. L70.1'. B17.6'. D7.2'. 61grt. 440bhp 8cyl 9.5" x 12" Paxman MX diesel engine coupled to 290kw GEC tandem generator. . ON164611.

10-2-1936 Launched. 1936 Delivered to Erith & Dartford Lighterage Co Ltd, Erith named Sir Montagu.23-4-1941 Req by MoWT.  17-12-1945 Returned to owners now G J Palmer & Sons, Poplar.


Also owners of the registered barges;-

Antelope; Bagha; Bear; Begum; Boar; Cawnpore; Chowtarwa; Colleen; Eileen; Harina Tar; Husseini; Hyaena; Jackal; Kathleen; Lauriya; Leopard; Mavourneen; Nawab; Rajah; Rajput; Ranee; Rhino; Sirkeya; Sultan; Tiger; Wolf.



For tugs owned before 1948 see under HERBERT CLARKE LTD.

Funnel; Red with black top separated by narrow white band  and carrying white letters "ETC"



Later owned by Peter Woodger, Otterham Creek Rainham.



Built 1947 by J S Watson Ltd.,  Gainsborough, Lincs. L59.3'. B15.5'. D7.6'. 45grt. 250bhp diesel engine. ON182845.

1948 Delivered to Herbert Clarke Ltd., Erith. 1957[by] Owners Erith Towing Co Ltd. 197? Scrapped by Shipbreaking [Queenborough] Ltd., Queenborough Kent.



Later owned by Peter Woodger, Otterham Creek, Rainham.




Funnel; Black with "Esso" in red in blue ring on broad white band.



Photog believed C Daniels, courtesy K Haydon colln.
Photog unknown

Built 1911 by C.H. Walker & Co Ltd., Sudbrook. YN 182. L88.9'. B17.8'. D7.9'. 103grt. 470ihp 3cylTE 13"x22"x34"x22.5"s steam engine by Plenty and Son Ltd., Newbury. ON145016.


1-1912 Delivered to C.H. Walker & Co Ltd., London named  BAHW No 25 for service with Buenos Aires Harbour Works, Argentina. PoR Buenos Aires.  1916 Returned to UK  maybe req for War Office service. 30-8-1920 Sold to Paragon Shipping & Trading Co Ltd., Liverpool. 1920 Sold to Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd., London, renamed Crown Diamond. PoR London. 19?? Owners  restyled Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London. 31-3-1950 Arrived at Thomas W. Ward Ltd., Grays for scrapping.



Photo RGR colln.

Built 1953 by W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd., Northwich. YN 879. L75'. B19'8". D8'4". 77grt. 550bhp 5cyl Crossley HGN5/50 two-stroke diesel engine. ON185851

11-1952 Launched. 2-1953 Delivered to Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London. 1966 Sold to Silvertown Services Lighterage Ltd., London, renamed Silvergilt. 1971 Sold to J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd., Rochester, renamed Kitava. 1978 Sold to Metal Recoveries Ltd., Newhaven, renamed Metrec. 19?? Owners Pounds Shipowners Ltd., Portsmouth. 1980 Sold to Peter Bouzegregos Shipping and Towage Ltd., Piraeus. Reengined with 720bhp 6VGBXM Ruston diesel engine. 1986 Sold to Pagasitikos Shipping Company, Piraeus, renamed Lacon. 2005 Still registered.


Built 1953 by W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd., t Northwich. YN 886. L75'. B19'8". D8'4". 77grt. 550bhp 5cyl Crossley diesel engine. ON186011.

20-11-1953 Launched. 1-1954 Delivered to Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London. 1966 Sold to Silvertown Services Lighterage Ltd., London, renamed Silverclad. 1971 Sold to J.P. Knight Ltd., London, renamed Kokoda. 1974 Sold to H.G. Pounds Ltd., Portsmouth. 1974 Sold to South Ocean Services Ltd., Portsmouth. 1977 Sold to Christiani & Nielsen Ltd., , renamed Chrianie IV. 1982 Believed in service in Far East. No further trace.


Photo B Hunt colln.
Photo by and with permission of Patrick Hill.

Built 1957 by Thames Launch Works Ltd., Twickenham. L40.4'. B11.5'. D4.9'. 15grt. 114bhpGardner 6L3 diesel engine. BP29cwt. Bunkers 240 gallons.

1957 Delivered to Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London. 1967 Sold to J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd., Rochester, renamed Kieve. 8-8-1991 Sold to Lower Thames Passenger Co., London,  Renamed Tilbury. 9-2012 Seen on River Ouse near York where it was believed to be involved in dredging operations. Later believed to be used as a houseboat near York. 1-2021 Offered for sale near York for £3,500.



Photo RGR colln.
Photog unknown. D. Asprey colln

 Built 1902 by John Stewart & Sons Ltd., Blackwall. L74.7'. B17.2'. D8.5'. 83grt. 350ihp 2cyl 16"x32"x18"s compound steam engine by builder. ON114830.

2-1902 Launched. 1902 Delivered to Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd., London named Tea Rose. 1906 Renamed Royal Daylight. 19?? Acquired by Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London. 1955 Scrapped.



Built 1927. L31'. B9'. 13grt. Diesel engine.

1927 Delivered to Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd., London.  19?? Transferred to Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London.  1957 Sold to Cook & Tester, possibly renamed Stone. 1964 Sold to J.P. Knight Ltd.,  London. 1966 Scrapped at Queenborough.



Photog uknown.
Built 1893 by DavidJ Dunlop, Port Glasgow YN216. L63.4'. B15.2'. 49grt. 7nrt 300ihp 2cyl 15"x30"x18"s. compound steam engine by builder. ON102840.

[Possible sub-contract build from A W Dudgeon, London] 1893 Delivered to Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd, London.  1951 Company acquired by Esso Petroleum Co Ltd, London. 1954 Scrapped.



Built 1928 by GooleShip Building and Repairing Co Ltd., Goole. Self propelled barge used occasionally for towing. L75', 50grt. 96bhp diesel engine.

10-12-1928 Launched. 1929 Delivered to Anglo American Petroleum Co Ltd., London. 10-7-1935 Engine room fire whilst under repair at Millers Wharf, Wapping.