For outstanding service in H.M. Rescue Tugs Resolve, Stormking, Superman, Griper, Growler, Freedom, Samsonia, Buccaneer, Bandit, Lariat, Saucy, Seaman, Flaunt, Cheerly and Destiny in towing Mulberry harbour sections to France and in rescue work during the invasion:

The Distinguished Service Cross.

Temporary Lieutenant Percy William Thomas Kent, R.N.R. (Portsmouth).[RESOLVE]

Temporary Lieutenant William John Matchett, R.N.R. (Liverpool).[STORMKING]

Temporary Lieutenant Edwin Turner, R.N.R. (Greenock).[SUPERMAN]

Temporary Lieutenant Charles  Wilson Stanford, R.N.R. (South Shields).[GRIPER]

Mention in Despatches.

Lieutenant-Commander Stephen Ernest Veal, M.B.E., Royal Navy (Retired).[BUCCANEER]

Temporary Lieutenant-Commander William Mitchell Dobbie, R.N.R. (Ponteland,Northumberland).[GROWLER

Temporary Lieutenant-Commander Ernest Bond, R.N.R. (Hornsea).[FREEDOM]

Temporary Lieutenant-Commander Archibald McNeilage Leckie, R.N.R. (Campbeltown). [SAMSONIA]

Temporary Lieutenant Alexander Campbell, R.N.R. (Southsea).[LARIAT]

Temporary Lieutenant John William Evenden, M.B.E., R.N.R. (Hull).[SAUCY]

Temporary Lieutenant Reginald Ernest Goodman, R.N.R. (Barry).[SEAMAN]

Temporary Lieutenant George Hunter, R.N.R. (Glasgow).[FLAUNT]

Temporary Lieutenant Henry Mawer, R.N.R. (Hornsea).[CHEERLY]

Temporary Lieutenant Emlyn Samuel Phillips, R.N.R.[BANDIT]

Temporary Lieutenant William Arnold Phillips, R.N.R. (Maghull, Lancashire).[DESTINY]

Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (E) John Leonard Brierly, R.N.R.[FLAUNT]

Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (E) Harold George Spendley, R.N.R.[GRIPER]

Temporary Acting Sub-Lieutenant (E) Edward Stephen Burgess, R.N.V.R.[RESOLVE]

Temporary Acting Sub-Lieutenant (E) Arthur Leslie Frank, R.N.V.R.[STORMKING]

Temporary Acting Sub-Lieutenant (E) Brian Joseph Murphy, R.N.V.R.[SUPERMAN]

Temporary Acting Sub-Lieutenant (E) Samuel Dennis Roffey, R.N.V.R.[DESTINY]

Temporary Acting Sub-Lieutenant (E) George Richard Wheeler Warren, R.N.V.R.[STORMKING]

For outstanding service in towing Mulberry harbour sections to France and in rescue work during the invasion of Normandy:

Bar to the Distinguished Service Cross.

Captain James Edwin Fryer, D.S.C., Master, Merchant Navy (Gravesend). [Empire Winnie]

The Distinguished Service Cross.

Captain Matthew Davidson, Master, Merchant Navy (Edinburgh).[Dundas]

Captain Henry Griffiths, Master, Merchant Navy (Morden, Surrey).  [Empire John]

Captain Arthur Hall, Master, Merchant Nav .        [Empire Folk]

Captain George Edward Havercroft, Master, Merchant Navy (Hull).    [Empire Seraph]

Mention in Despatches.

Captain James Robert Harrison, Master, Merchant Navy (Hull).[Empire Vincent]

Captain Harry Johnson, Master, Merchant  Navy (Hull).     [Krooman]

Captain Edward Henry Tall, Master, Merchant Navy (Gravesend).    [Stoke]

Captain Vyvyan Raymond Nesbitt Porter, Master, Merchant Navy (Brighton).[Empire Ivy]

Captain Robert Augustus Pyle, Master, Merchant Navy (London).[Empire Silas]

Captain James Richardson, Master, Merchant Navy (Hull).      [Bat]

Captain John Robert Robson, Master, Merchant Navy (Hull).    [Empire Sara]

Captain Benjamin George Webb, Master, Merchant Navy (Gravesend).[Empire Roger]

Captain James Fitzgerald Woolnaugh, Master, Merchant Navy.    [Empire Betsy]

For good services whilst serving in Tugs

Goole X, Kings Cross, Cherbourgeoise,

 Abeille IV, Empire Race, Empire Silas and

Empire Henchman during towage operations

in support of the invasion of Normandy.

Mention in Despatches.

Captain Joseph Harold KING, Master, Merchant Navy.[Goole X]

Captain Albert Stanley WRIGHT, Master, Merchant Navy.   [Kings Cross]

Captain Arnold MARTELL, Master, Merchant  Navy. [Cherbourgoise]

Captain William Gordon COOK, Master, Merchant Navy.[Abeille IV]

Captain John Edward FISHER, Master, Merchant Navy.    [Empire Race]

Mr. David MAIN, Chief Engineer, Merchant Navy. ,[Empire Silas]

Mr. Preston NEWTON, Radio Operator, Merchant Navy.[Kings Cross]

Mr. George Exley JEWITT, Chief Engineer, Merchant Navy.[Empire Henchman]
Mr Robert FULLER, Seaman, Merchant Navy. [Empire Pixie]