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Built 1971 by Atelier et Chantiers Ziegler Freres, Dunkirk. YN179.  L55.35'. B19.8'. D5.9'. 48.5grt. 580bhp 12cyl  Poyand diesel engine. 1x voith unit. BP6t. Acquired 1988. Disposed 1994. ON378063. Call sign 2SFK.

1972 Delivered to Soc de Remorquage  et Sauvetage du Nord, Dunkirk, named Alerte. 1974 Owners Boulonaise de Remorquage, Dunkirk. 1978 Sold to Bulk Cargo Handling Services Ltd. (ATCL), Liverpool, renamed Adept. 1986 Transferred to ATCL, Liverpool. 1988 Transferred to ATCL London. 1993 Owners Howard Smith Towage Ltd., London. 1994 Sold to Medway tugs Ltd., Rochester. 1997 Owners Bilberry Shipping and Stevedoring Co., Waterford. 9-2005 Laid up at Waterford.
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Built 1971 by Ziegler Freres, Dunkirk. YN180. L17.5m. B6m. D2.54m. 51grt. 589bhp 12cyl Poyland diesel engine + 1 x voith unit. BP6t. Acquired 1978. Disposed 1994. ON378062. Callsign 2SFJ.

1971 Delivered to Soc. de Remorquage et de Sauvetage du Nord, Dunkirk. 1974 Owners Boulonnaise de Remorquage, Dunkirk. 1978 Acquired by Bulk Cargo Handling Services Ltd (ATCL), Liverpool. 1986 Owners ATCL Liverpool. 1988 Transferred to ATCL, London. 1993 Owners Howard Smith Towage Ltd., London. 1994 Owners Medway Towage Ltd. 1994 Owners Humber Tugs Ltd. 1997 Owners Bilberry Shipping & Stevedoring Co. Ltd., Waterford. 2005 Still in service.
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Built 1975 by Brodogradiliste Tito Mitrovica, Yugoslavia. YN922.  FiFi tug. L39.88m. B10.11m. D4.61m. 299grt.  4960bhp. 2xV16 B&W 16V23LU diesel engines. 2xCP props in steerable Kort nozzles.  200bhp bowthruster. BP70t. Acquired 1986. Disposed 1994. ON363657. Callsign GURP.

3-1975 Delivered to Bugge Supply Ships, London, named Sea Diamond. 1980 Sold to Compagnie Chambon, Marseille, renamed Chambon Bora. 1984 Acquired by ATCL renamed Indefatigable. 8-1986 Transferred to ATCL, London 2-9-1986 renamed Avenger. 1993 Owners Howard Smith Towing Ltd. 1994 Sold to West Coast Towing Co Ltd, Liverpool, renamed Valiant Nader. (Honduras flag). 2003 Sold to Willbros Marine, Houston Texas, renamed WB Force I. 2006 Still in service.
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Built 1965 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Thorne. YN S807. L26.70m. B7.92m. D2.74m. 122grt. 1600bhp 16cyl 4SCSA 8,75"x11.5" Lister-Blackstone diesel engine + Voith unit forward. BP16t. Acquired 1991. Disposed 2001. ON306353. Callsign GXAR.
6-3-1964 Keel laid. 19-1-1965 Launched. 18-8-1965 Completed for PLA, named Plasma. 1-1-1991 Acquired by ATCL. 2-1991 renamed Burma.  1994 Transferred to Swansea, renamed Langland. 1-1-1996 Owners restyled Howard Smith (London) Ltd. 23-1-1998 Transferred to Howard Smith (Humber) Ltd. 4-1998 Renamed Lady Joan. 2001 Sold to Survey and Supply Ltd. , Grimsby, renamed Joan. 2006C Deregistered and renamed Lady Joan. 11-2016 Still in service.


Built 1965 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Thorne. YN S806. L26.70m. B7.92m. D7.92m. 122grt. 1600bhp 16cyl 4SCSA 8.75"x11.5" Lister-Blackstone diesel engine + 1 voith unit forward. BP16t. Acquired 1991. Disposed 2001. ON306215. Callsign GXAQ.

8-1-1964 Keel laid. 22-10-1964 Launched. 4-2-1965 Completed for  PLA, named Platoon. 1-1-1991 Acquired by ATCL. 2-1991 Renamed Dhulia. 1993 Owners Howard Smith Towage Ltd. 1994 Transferred to Swansea, renamed Caswell. 1-1-1996 Owners restyled as Howard Smith (London) Ltd. 23-1-1998 Transferred to Howard Smith (Humber) Ltd. 4-1998 Renamed Lady Theresa. 2001 Sold to Survey and Supply Ltd., Grimsby, renamed Theresa. 2001 Sold to R. J. Harvey, Cleethorpes (Marine Services Grimsby Ltd, Cleethorpes, managers) and renamed Lady.     2006  De-registered and reverted to Lady Theresa.  1-2018 Still in service,

Built 1965 by W. J. Yarwood & Sons, Northwich. YN947 L93'. B25'6". D12'6". 172grt. 1200bhp. 8cyl 2SCSA 10.5"x13.5" Crossley HGN8 turbocharged diesel engine. BP16.5t. Acquired 1965. Disposed 1990. ON306510. Callsign GRBH.

17-12-1964 Launched. 14-4-1965 Completed for  ATCL, Liverpool. 1973 Transferred to ATCL, Swansea. 12-1976 Transferred to ATCL, Felixstowe. 4-1986 Transferred to ATCL, London. 21-4-1986 Transferred back to ATCL, Felixstowe. 25-7-1990 Sold to Oil Transport Co S/A Santo Domingo, renamed Caribe I.
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Built 1969 by Ziegler Freres, Dunkirk. YN167. L26.79m. B8m. D3.65m. 193grt. 1430bhp 8cyl Crepelle 8SN1 diesel engine + voith unit. BP18t. Speed 12.5 knots. Acquired 1991. Disposed 2002. ON721937. Callsign MPDL7.

1969 Delivered to Soc. de Remorquage et de Sauvetage du Nord, Dunkirk, named Subtil. 1990 Owners Union des Remorquage de l'ocean, Bordeaux. 1991 Acquired by ATCL, Liverpool, renamed Egerton. 21-5-1992 Stationed at Gravesend. 1993 Owners Howard Smith Towage Ltd, London. 2001 owners Adsteam UK Ltd, Southampton. 2002 Sold to T. P. Towage, Gibraltar. 2007 Still in service.
Photo C Gardner colln

Built 1979 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Hessle. YN917. L35.7m. B10.27m. D4.2m. 406grt. 2x 3500bhp V8cyl Ruston Paxman 8RK3CM diesel engines, 2xCP props + steerable Kort nozzles. Bowthruster. BP 58t. Speed 13 knots. Acquired 1979. Disposed 2001. ON378077. Call sign GYAK.

1-2-1979 Launched. 17-5-1979 Delivered to ATCL Liverpool. 1993 Owners Howard Smith Towage Ltd., Liverpool. 1999 Owners Adsteam Humber. 1-2-2001 Owners Svendborg Bugser A/S, Svendborg Denmark, renamed Eurosund. 12.2019: Lying at Bremerhaven 3.2020: Sold to RHR Heinrich Ronner, Germany and renamed BVT FORMIDABLE,  under German flag.  


Photo A Hughes colln
Built 1977 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Hessle. YN907. L29m. B9.68m. D4.9m. 226grt. 3180bhp 6cyl Mirrlees Blackstone KMR-6 diesel engine + steerable Kort nozzle. BP46t. Speed 13knots. Fuel 100 tons. Fresh Water 20 tons. Ballast 70 tons. Accomodation for 10 crew.  Winch wire 400 fathoms x 5" circ. Acquired 1978. Disposed 1996. ON363073. Callsign GWOT.
5-1977 Completed for Tyne Tugs Ltd., Newcastle, but not accepted from builders. Laid up in Hull Docks for sale. 5-5-1978 Acquired by ATCL and stationed at Swansea. 1984 Transferred to ATCL, Southampton. 30-6-1985 Transferred to ATCL Ltd, Gravesend. 1993 Owners Howard Smith Towage Ltd., London. 1996 Sold to Stavros Karapiperis, Piraeus, renamed Karapiperis 12.  2007 Still in service.

crew boat

Built 1981 by Medway Drydock and Engineering Co Ltd, Sheerness.[ Hull constructed by M Street, Northfleet]  Crew launch. 27grt. 15nrt. L36.4'. B13.4'. D6.7'. 122bhp 6cyl Gardner diesel engine. ON391140.
8/1981 Delivered to Alexandra Towing Company (London) Ltd, London. 
1996 Transferred to Howard Smith (London) Ltd, London  
2001 Transferred to Adsteam Towage Ltd, London. 
2007 Laid up at Leigh-on-Sea for sale.  
2008 Unknown buyers for conversion to tug/workboat.  
2008-2010 Under conversion at Leigh-on-Sea. 2013 Advertised for sale £45,000.  
2014 Converted to tug and owned at Maldon.

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Built 1975 by Brodogradiliste Tito, Mitrovica, Yugoslavia. YN926. L39.62m. B9.9m. D5.31m. 300 grt. 4960bhp 2xV16 B&W Alpha diesel engines. 2xCP props + Kort nozzles. 200bhp bow thruster. BP70t. Speed 13.5 knots. Acquired 1983. Lost 1984. ON363673. Call sign GURQ.

4-1975 Delivered to Brugge A/B, Tonsberg, Norway, named Sea Setter. 1980 Sold to Cie Chambon Soc. Gen. de Remorquage, Marseille, renamed Chambon Sirocco. 1983 Sold to Alexandra Marine Transportation Ltd, London, renamed Implacable.1984 Chartered by RN.  24-12-1984 Capsized and sank 50.08N-01.18w, 27 miles south of Isle of Wight, whilst on passage to Falkland Islands. 1 crew lost.
Photo PRB

Built 1985 by McTay Marine Ltd., Bromborough. YN59. L31m. B9.50m. D3.80m. 339grt. 3492bhp 2x6cyl Ruston 6RK270m diesel engines powering 2xVoith units. BP38T. Speed 12 knots. Acquired 1985. ON709715. Callsign GFQN.

22-4-1985 Keel laid. 11-1985 Launched. 23-11-1985 Delivered to ATCL, London. 1993 Owners Howard Smith Towage Ltd, London. 2001 Owners Adsteam UK Ltd. 3-2006 Renamed Adsteam Anglia. 5-2007 Owners Svitzer Marine Ltd., 4-2008 renamed Svitzer Anglia.  5-2010  With a volunteer crew represented the Thames tugs, crossing with the little ships from Ramsgate to Dunkirk for the 70th Dunkirk evacuation celebrations. 9-1-2012 Collided with vehicle carrier MORNING CRYSTAL whilst assisting her off the Tilbury riverside roro berth. Mast and starboard exhaust damaged. Reported no injuries. 10-2012 Lying on River Tees, offered for sale. 18-7-2013 Loaded  aboard HHL Venice on River Tees. Transferreed to Svitzer Americas for onward lease to Zulia Towing and Barge Co., Venezuela.