Built 1869 at Hull. Iron. L56.8'. B12.1'. D6.9'. 29grt. 30nhp steam engine. ON60926.

1870 Owner Joseph Davis, 252 High St., Wapping. 1875[by] Owner Gilbert Alder, Blackfriars, London. 1892 Gilber Alder. 1904[by] Mrs Mary Brammer, Hull. 1906 Register closed.



Built 1867 at East Greenwich. Iron. L61'. B12.2'. D6.6'. 30grt. 30nhp steam engine. ON56829.

1867 Delivered to Joshua Field, Lambeth. 1882 [by] Owner G Alder, Blackfriars. 25-9-1888 Damaged in collision with tug Eclipse off Globe Pier. Stoker John Henry Mason drowned after being knocked overboard in collision. 1892 Owner William Bennett, New Cross. 1916 Owner Ernest Brown, Bristol. 1917 Scrapped.




Funnel: Black with "A" in white ring on red.


Photo Foden Ltd

Launch tug. Foden engine

Owners Alpha Towage Ltd., London. 196? Owners Docklands Towing Ltd [R & A Barber] London.



Launch tug



Built 1925 James Pollock Ltd., Faversham. YN1199. L62'. B16.1'. D6.4'. 39grt. 120bhp Bolinder diesel engine. ON148698.

1925 Launched for General Steam Navigation Company Ltd., London Named Robin Redbreast. 1940 Req by RN based Plymouth. 12-6-1946 Owner W D Tamlyn and Co. 1948 Sold to Alpha Towage Co., London renamed Sangay. 1952 Reengined with 280bhp Lister diesel. 29-10-1952 Renamed Alcydon. 1984[by] Owners Greenwich Marine Ltd., London. 1992 Register closed.



Built 1946 in Hamburg, Germany. L41.6'. B10.5'. D4.6'. 16grt. 140bhp MAN Diesel engine. ON186035.

1946 Delivered to unknown German owners named Krischan. 1954 Sold to  Alpha Towage Co Ltd., London, renamed Alder. 196? Believed sold. 1992 Register closed.



Built Germany. L45.2'. B10.2'. 13grt. 112bhp Deutz diesel engine. ON186264.

Delivered to unknown German owners named Elmshorn. 1955 Owners Alpha Towage Co Ltd., London, renamed Algonda. 1959 Owner Alfred E White, Erith. 1970 Owner W E White and Sons Ltd, London. 1972 Sold to Thomas Dilks, Oxshott. 1973 Owner Alfred E White, Erith. 1984 Scrapped at MiltonCreek.



See under Union Lighterage Co Ltd.



See under William Cory Ltd.



Photo  C.C. Beazley (Kevin Blair/Andrew Wiltshire collection)

Built 1938 by T. van Duijvendijk, Lekkerkerk. YN 25. L45'. B12.5'. D5'.  

1938 Delivered to A.J. Ardley & Sons Ltd., London. 18-7-1942 Req by MoWT, managers Ross & Marshall Ltd., Glasgow. 194? Transferred to War Office service. 1943 Based at Garlieston Harbour, Scotland, where it was involved in the development of the various prototypes of the MulberryHarbour.31-12-1945 Returned to owners. 1963 Re-engined 120bhp 6LX Gardner diesel No 134777. 1971 Sold to Ajay (Marine) Ltd., Felixtowe. Company acquired by Allantone Supplies Ltd., Felixstowe.




Funnel: Black with white band bordered by blue and yellow bands with "blue" on upper and "circle" on lower.


Photo John Mason colln

Photo A Hughes colln.

 Built 1927 by Lytham Shipbuilding and Eng. Co. YN725. Designed by James Pollock and Co Ltd., London. Ship No 1279. L77.7'. B21.6'. D10.6'. 111grt. 66nhp 3cyl TE 14"x22"x36"x24"s by builder. Boiler 13'6"x10'. 180psi.  ON149924

1927 Delivered to APCM Ltd London.13-6-1936 Committee boat in Thames barge match. 24-7-1964 Arrived at T W Ward Ltd, Grays, for scrapping. Yielded 164 tons of iron and steel scrap.



Launch tug.

Photo A Hughes colln

No details known 



Photog. unknown.

Built 1948 by Henry Scarr Ltd.,  Hessle. YN561. L77.2'. B21.6'. D9.1'. 116grt. 720bhp 5cyl British Polar diesel engine. ON181907.

4-1948 Delivered to APCM, London. 1982 Sold to Greenhithe Lighterage Co Ltd, Greenhithe. 1983 Sold to Marine and Industrial Transmissions Ltd. 1991 Scrapped.



Photo John Mason Colln

In Lane ownership. Photo G Lane colln.

Built 1891 by Edwards and Symes, Millwall. L65.5'. B14'. D7.2'. 37grt. 200ihp 3cylTE by Pratt, Huddersfield. ON98891.

 1891 Delivered to Francis and Co, London. 1900 Owners APCM Ltd, London.1935 Owner Henry Lane, Rotherhithe. 1944 Owner Lane Towing Ltd, Rotherhithe. 1949 Scrapped.


Photog unknown
Built 1935 by Henry Scarr Ltd., Hessle. L70.8'. B19.1'. D8.3'. 82grt. 400bhp 4cyl Newbury diesel engine. ON163585.

7-2-1935 Launched. 25-3-1935 Running trials.1935 Delivered to APCM Ltd., London. 1962 Sold to Milford Haven Tug Services Ltd. [OTS]. Renamed Capelia. 30-12-1962 Sank in posn 50.13N-5.52W, 37 miles SE of Cork whilst under tow from Southampton to Milford Haven by tug Marinia.



Photo APCM Ltd.

Built 1938 by Henry Scarr Ltd., Hessle. YN397. L76.4'. B20.1'. D8.5'. 96grt. 650bhp 5cyl 2SCSA 13.5"x22.5"s Diesel engine by British Auxiliaries Ltd., Glasgow. ON166533.

1938 Delivered to APCM Ltd., London. 17-3-1941 Collided with and sank Cory's tug Redeem off Rainham, Essex. 1978 Scrapped at SunWharf,Gravesend.



As TEMERITIE. Photo B Hunt colln

Built 1937 by Richard Dunston Ltd, Thorne. L64'. B14.5'. D4.8'. 38grt. 2x 100bhp Crossley Diesel engines. Twin screw. ON164998.

1937 Delivered to Medway Oil & Storage Co Ltd., Rochester. Named Temeritie. 1953 Owners Shell-Mex & BP Ltd., London. 1-1956 Owners dashwood and Partners Ltd., London. 2-1956 Owner A. E. White & Son Ltd., Erith. 3-1956 Sold to Samuel Williams & Sons Ltd., London. Renamed Benbow. 1959 Sold to APCM Ltd., London. Renamed Impermo. 1972 Owner  T.G. Hooper, Wrotham. No further trace.



Built 1881 by R Marshall and Co., Newcastle. L56'. B11.2'. D7.5'. 31grt. 100ihp  2cyl compound steam engine. ON84431.

1881 Delivered to Charles Taylor, Rochester. 1902 Sold to J P Knight [Medway] Ltd. 1904 Sold to APCM Ltd, London. 1924 Still owned. 1939 No trace.



Photo B Hunt colln
1915 built by Lytham Shipbuilding and Eng. Co. Ltd., Lytham St. Annes. YN521. L68'6". B15'2". D6'4". 54grt. 160ihp 2x2cyl 8"x18"x12"s  compound steam engines. Twin Screw. ON145089.

30-6-1915 Launched. 1915 Delivered to War Office named A44. 1915 Serving Dieppe named AS44. 1919 In Admiralty service based UK. 1920 Acquired by PLA., renamed Kilburn. 1929 Sold to APCM Co Ltd., London. 196? Scrapped.


Photog unknown. B Hunt colln
Built 1907 by Edwards, Millwall. L64'. B14.8'. D7.2'. 43grt. 2cyl 12"x24"x18"s compound steam engine by T and J Hosking, London. ON125618.

1907 Delivered to APCM, London. 1934 Still owned.



Photo B Hunt colln

Built 1902 by George Brown and Co Ltd., Greenock. YN11. Steel screw tug. L75.4’. B19.2’. D9.4’. 87grt. 5nrt. 550ihp. 3cylTE steam engine by Muir and Houston Ltd. ON115945.

1902 Delivered to  Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers (1900) Ltd, London. 1927 Owners restyled  Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd. London.27-11-1939 Req for  RAF balloon barrage service.  6-1-1941 Foundered, with loss of all crew, after hitting mine,  2½ cables from No.5 Medway Buoy, 2 miles from Garrison Point.

Merchant Navy Memorial, Tower Hill, London.



Photog. unknown.

 Built 1952 by James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd., Faversham. YN 1949. L50'. B14'. D6.5'.  150bhp Crossley diesel engine.

2-1953 Delivered to APCM  Ltd., London. 1970 Sold to J.T. Palmer & Sons Ltd.,  Gravesend. 1972 Sold to J Dinwoodie and Sons., Granton. 13-12-1974 Sank in Firth of Forth. Later salved by Mr J Kelman. 1992 Ashore derelict at Inverness. Later scrapped.



Built 1904 by Edwards Ltd., Millwall. L62.4'. B14.6'. D7'. 41grt. 2cyl 12"x24"x18"s compound steam engine by Vauxhall Engine Works, London. ON118374.

1904 Delivered to APCM, London. 1934 Still owned. 1953 Scrapped.



Photog unknown

Launch tug.

Built 1936 by Henry Scarr Ltd., Hessle. YN S376.



Photo A Hughes colln
Built 1920 by J Samuel White and Co.,  East Cowes. L75.6'. B19.2'. D9.3'. 99grt. 400ihp T3cyl 13",22",35"x24" Steam engine by builder. ON145127.
5-1-1921 Delivered to APCM, London. 1938 Owners APCM Ltd., London. 1961 Scrapped.



 Photo D Castle colln

 Built 1950 by James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd., Faversham. YN 1924. L83.6'. B21.4'. D7.8'. 92grt. 605bhp 4cyl British Polar diesel engine. ON183297.

7-1950 Delivered to Silvertown Services Lighterage Ltd., London. Named Silverdial. 1970 Sold to APCM Ltd., London. Renamed Sandtex. 1976 Owners Blue Circle Shipping Co Ltd., London. 1983 Sold to AAP Tugs, Rainham Kent. 1987 Sold to Blackstone Offshore Ltd, Basildon. 1988 For conversion to diving vessel at Hartlepool. 2007 Berthed in Hartlepool marina.



Photo B Hunt colln.

Built 1947 by Henry Scarr Ltd., Hessle. YN510. L70.8'. B19.1'. D8.3'. 77grt. 465bhp Diesel engine. ON181810.

1947 Delivered to APCM Ltd., London. 1962 Sold to Vokins Ltd., London renamed Vortex. 1975 Sold to Thames & General Lighterage Ltd., London renamed General III. 1980 Taken over by Cory Lighterage Ltd., London. 198? Owners General Marine Services Ltd., London. 1992 Register closed. 200? Converted to houseboat moored at Hoo,Kent.


Also owners of the Thames Spritsail sailing barges:-

Alpha; Argosy; Clenwood; Clyde; Dunstable; Eddystone; Eva; First Attempt; Forth; Friday; Garfield; Garland; Genesta; George Smeed; Hambrook; Helvellyn; Irex; Ironsides; Lady Day; Lizard; Lizzie;  March; Marjorie; Mary Fox; Medina; Midsummer; Minicoy; Nan; Needles; Oxygen; Plimsoll; Saturday; Severn; Sunday; Thursday; Tinzenhorn; Vavasour; Victoria; W.H.F; Youngarth.  




See under T B Heathorn, South Metropolitan Gas Board.



In Atlas colours. Photo R Stanford colln.
Photo J Tiley Colln 

Built 1949 by Smith & Donovan Ltd.,  Poplar. L54.84'. B12.6'. D6.19'. 54grt. 365bhp 5cyl 10.5"x13.5" Crossley two stroke diesel engine. Bunkers 2500gals.

1949 Delivered to W.G. Marriott & Sons Ltd.,Erith named William George. 1975 Sold to Atlas Transport & Shipping Co Ltd., London, renamed Richard Hart. 1981 Re-engined 365bhp Cummins KT-1150M diesel. 198? Sold to Salvesen Diving (UK) Ltd., Liverpool. 1989 Sold to MedwayPort Services, Rochester (GBR) 1991 Owners General Port Services Ltd., Rochester. 1993 Owners GPS Plant Ltd., Rochester. 200? Owners GPS Marine Contractors Ltd, Chatham. 2009 Still in service.




Built 1905 by     Philip & Son, Dartmouth  YN272 Steel screw tug. 14 grt. 48.5ftx10.0 ftx5.25 ft. 10hp. C2cyl 7x14 x 8.5in steam engine by builder. ON120220.

1905 Delivered to Ernest A. Wilderspin, London [Regd Falmouth]. 10-1912 Owner George Austin, Gravesend (remained reg. at Falmouth). . 04-1913 Owner George Austin & Arthur King, Gravesend.. 02-1931 Owner Successors of Thomas Wood (Gravesend) Ltd. 1939 Scrapped.


Built 1858 at Rye. Wood paddle tug. 99'x18'x8.7'. 88grt. 22nrt. 40ihp steam engine. Call sign NGWF.  ON21589
1858 Delivered to Daniel Barker, Gainsford St, Horselydown, Southwark. 1-4-1863 Caught fire, burnt to waterline and sank off Gravesend canal basin. Later salved and repaired. 1869 Owner J I Spicer, Old Ford, London. 1882 Owner George J Spicer, West Hill, Gravesend. 1887 Owner John W Spicer, Deal. 1890 Owner William L Smith, Burdett Rd, Bow. 1907 Register closed "no account of the vessel since 1888, and owner cannot be traced".
More details and photo under EARLY OWNERS L-P


Built 1838 at Gateshead. Wood paddle tug. 30grt. 10nrt. 51.3'x12'x3.75'. 10nhp 1cyl grasshopper steam engine by Young. ON9069.

1838 Delivered to unknown owner at London.1-7-1845 Acquired by Daniel Barker and John Spicer, London. 17-6-1849 Sank off Billingsgate Market, London, following boiler explosion. later salved, repaired and returned to service. 5-1-1859 Sank in Halfway Reach following collision with SS Panther. Raised, towed to Bow Creek, repaired and returned to service. 1863 Owner Daniel Barker, London. 1870 Sold to Walter Phillips, London. 1880 Walter Phillips, London. No further trace.




Funnel: Black with silver band and silver "B".

Flag: Red with white letters "W T B & S" in white ring.


Photo courtesy Paul Lamplough

Photo B Hunt colln.

Built 1934 by A Brown, Wivenhoe. L65'. B16'. D7.6'. 53grt. 200bhp Deutz diesel engine.

1934 Delivered to  W T Beaumont Ltd., London, named Rodney II.. 1960 Reengined 350bhp Lister-Blackstone diesel. 1969 Sold to W E White & Sons Ltd., London, renamed  Boys  White. 19?? Owner A E White Ltd, Erith. 1983 [by] Owners Thames Marine & Civil Engineering Ltd. 19?? Owner W G S Crouch Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Boys Spearing. No further trace.


BESS [1]

Photo A Hughes colln


Built 1920 by Bushell Bros., Tring, Hertfordshire. L75'. B14.5'. 400ihp steam engine.

1920 Delivered to London Haulage Co., London.  192? Sold to C.W. Beckett & Co Ltd., Hampton-on-Thames. 1926 Re-engined 200bhp  Kromhout diesel engine. 21-7-1931 Collided with and slightly damaged RichmondBridge. 1942 Req by Admiralty for skid-towing M/S duties. 1943 Returned to owner.


BESS [2]

Built 1944 by Central Bridge Company, Trenton,Ontario. L50.44'. B13.75'. D5.03'. 67grt. 240bhp 6cyl Vivian diesel engine. ON169920.

1944 Completed, chartered to MoWT, managers Ross & Marshall Ltd named Tanac 66 1948 Sold to Fraser & White Ltd., Portsmouth, renamed Industrious. 1964 Sold to Corrall Ltd., Portsmouth. 1965 Sold to C.W. Beckett & Co Ltd., London, renamed Bess. 1973 Sold to Woodfords (London) Ltd., Twickenham. 197? Sold to Marcus Neville Ltd., Newhaven. 1976 Sold to Allpalm Ltd, London and shipped to Lagos. No further trace.



Built 1924 by Edward Hayes, Stony
Stratford. L45'. Diesel engine.

1924 Delivered to C.W. Beckett & Co Ltd., Kingston-on-Thames. 1935 Sold to Thames Conservancy Commissioners, London, renamed Wey. 19?? Owners Thames Water Authority, London. 200? Transferred to Environment Agency, London.23-12-2004 Donated to Milton Keynes Museum as exhibit.


 Built 1927 byScheepswerf Hubertina v/h W H Jacobs Machinefabriek, Haarlem. L54.5'. B13'. D6'. 24grt. M2cyl 60bhp 1scr, Kromhout 2-M-2
[Later  152bhp Crossley diesel engine?] Unregistered.

1927 Delivered to C.W Beckett, Hampton-on-Thames, London. 1971 Sold to May Gurney Ltd., Norwich. 1981 Sold to Peter Powell, Ironwharf Boatyard, Faversham. 2020 Still in service.

No details known
1980 Sold to May Gurney, Norwich.
No details known


See under Fenland, Clements Knowling Ltd.



Built 1927 by NV Scheepswerf Hubertina,
Haarlem. L54.5'. B13'. D6'. 24grt. 60bhp Kromhout 2M2 diesel engine.

1927 Delivered to Charles W. Beckett & Co Ltd.,  Hampton-on-Thames. 1970 Sold.



Built 1888 by Steward and Latham, Blackwall. Iron screw tug. 60grt 41nrt. 67.6'x15.5'x4.7'. 20nhp steam engine. ON94335  

7-2-1888 Delivered to Frank Beresford, St Olaves Wharf,Londo     1905 Owner Walter Nesbitt, St Olaves Wharf, London. 1914-1947 Anglo-Swedish Electric Welding Co. Ltd., Wood Wharf, Greenwich  1954 Register closed.



Photo RGR colln

Built 1936 by Henry Robb Ltd., Leith. YN225. L75.6'. B19.3'. D8.3'. 77grt. 122nhp 4SCSA 8cyl 12.5"x19" Mirrlees Bickerton and Day diesel engine ON164653.

7-5-1936  Launched. 6-1936 Completed. 1936 Delivered to Blackfriars Lighterage & Cartage Co Ltd., London. 1936 Owners Frederick Leyland Ltd., London. 5-1946 Sold to Lamport & Holt Line Ltd., London for service in Brazil. Departed Langstone Dock Liverpool for South America. 7-1946 Owners Cia de Navegacao das Lagaos, Rio Grande do Sul,Brazil. 1948 Renamed Sao Cristovao. 1966 No longer appears LR.
George Salt at Liverpool prior to voyage to Brazil.  Photo courtesy Tony Atkinson.
Local newspaper coverage of the voyage. Photo courtesy Tony Atkinson.
As Sao  Cristovao in Brazil. Photo courtesy Tony Atkinson.
Transfer of Registration papers. Courtesy Tony Atkinson.





Built 1873 at Le Havre. Iron.  L61'. B14.4'. D7'. 49grt. 40nhp steam engine. ON73706.

1880 [by] Owner John Braine, Belgrave St., Stepney. 1892 John Braine, Stepney. 1896[by] Owner Robert William Edwards, Gravesend. 1900[by] Owner James Turner, Grimsby.  1900 Register closed.



Built 1870 by Maudsley, East Greenwich. Iron. L57.3'. B12'. D7.1'. 33grt. Steam engine. ON63674.

1875[by] Owner Daniel William Hope, Stepney. 25-10-1877 Advertised for sale by auction, laying at 65, Bankside. 1880 [by] Owner John Braine, 27 Belgrave St., Stepney. 1900[by] Owner George Gardiner, Garford St, Poplar. 1910[by] Owner Geo. H Gardiner & Thomas Gardiner, Greenwich. 1921 Same owners, 1924[by] Owner Thomas Gardiner, WestcombePark,London. 1930 Register closed.





 Built 1950 by Bay Wharf Construction Co.
Greenwich. 10grt. Ruston and Hornsby 4R/VCBM diesel engine.

1951 Delivered to Braithwaite & Dean Ltd., London. 1971 Sold to Mervyn E. Street, Higham.




Built 1892 by Edwin Morgan, Grand Junction Dock, Uxbridge.Composite built Tug. L51.9’. B13.3’. D4.2’. 21grt. 14nrt. 124ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Alfred H Beatley, Uxbridge. ON115925

1892 [unregistered] 1902 Owner Alfred Buck, Brentford  1920 Owners William & John Buck, Brentford 1929 Owner John Benjamin Vincent, Tomlin Terrace, Limehouse.  9-12-1929 0200hrs sank inside N. Woolwich Pier due to stress of weather. 19-12-1929. Vessel lifted and placed ashore at N. Woolwich with no apparent damage. 1931 Dismantled and used as a houseboat.



See under RICHARD WATERS fleet list.





 Built 1884 at Delftshaven,
Holland. Iron screw tug L82.4'. B17.5'. D9.7'. 95grt. 6nrt. Steam engine. ON89540.

 1884 Delivered to  John Todd Rochester.  Registered at London. 1890 To Joseph Constant, London. 1891 Owner Harry P. Chapman, Gravesend. 1899[By] Owner  Thomas McMurdo Heywood, Cardiff. 1901 Owner  The Cardiff Steam Towing Co Ltd, (Thomas McMurdo Heywood, manager) Cardiff.  1920  Sold to Bristol Channel Towage, Salvage & Lighterage Co Ltd, (Arthur R.Tucker, manager) Cardiff. 1938 Owning company dissolved, no further trace.




Funnel: Yellow with black top and blue band bordered by two narrow white bands.

Flag: Blue pennant with a white disc bearing a blue "C" and joined to each corner by white stripe.



Photo A Hughes colln.
In Oare Creek, Faversham 6-2008. Photo Andrew Humphreys.

 Built 1936 by T. van Duijvendijk., Lekkerkerk. L45.2' B12.3'. D4.2'. 115bhp Bolinder diesel engine.

1936 Delivered to Charrington Gardner & Locket (London) Ltd., London. 20-3-1941 Damaged by a flying bomb off Le Bas Wharf, Millwall. 1965 Transferred to Charrington Lighterage Ltd., London. 1973 Sold to Greenhithe Lighterage Co Ltd., Greenhithe,Kent. 19?? Sold to Braithwaite & Dean Ltd., London. 19?? Sold to Ward Tugs Ltd., London. 19?? Owned by W.T. Beaumont & Sons., London. 2000 Believed owned by Barry Tester, Hollowshore Boatyard, Faversham. 2015? To Charlight Towing, based Queenborough.



Photo Bob Sheridan colln.


Built 1928 by King's Lynn Slipway Co., King's Lynn. L71'. B18.1'. D8.6'. 87grt. 3000ihp 3cyl TE 10.5"x17.5"x29"x18"s steam engine by Crabtree and Co., Great Yarmouth. ON160589.

9-1928 Delivered to Charrington, Gardner, Locket & Co. Ltd., London. 1953 Sold to Walter Pigott, Grimsby, renamed Lady  Theresa. 1954 Owners restyled as J H Piggott and Son Ltd. 1962 Renamed Lady  Biddy. 1963 Scrapped.



 Photo K Watson colln.

Built 1962 by Charrington Gardner Locket (London) Ltd, Dartford. 42grt. 62.1 x 17.3 x 5.7ft  385bhp cyl 9"x12" 10kn 1scr, National Gas & Oil Engine Co Ltd, Ashton-under-Lyne. ON 302979


8-5-1962 Delivered to  Charrington Gardner Locket (London) Ltd, London, named  CHARLOCK. 28-9-1965 Owners Charrington Lighterage Co Ltd, London.  20-7-1970  Sold to Braithwaite & Dean Ltd, London.  1985 Sold to NOD Tugs Ltd, Maldon.  1992 sold to Mr. Furtle, Maldon (reported live-aboard at Heybridge). 2004 Sold to Mick ...., Canvey Island, renamed CHARLOC. 200? Sold to  Thames Towage Ltd (Brian Allen & B Cooper), Benfleet.  5-2007 Sold to ????, at Kyle of Lochalsh.  2007 reengined 575bhp Mirrlees Blackstone diesel.   2009 Sold to Highland Towage and Salvage (Neil Morrison & Keith Gillies), Kyle of Lochalsh, renamed DUICH HIGHLANDER (reg Stornoway). 20?? laid up in Loch Duich, between Ault a Chruinn and Shiel Bridge, Scotland.  2018 still laid up.


Photo Bob Sheridan colln.

Photog. unknown.

Built 1951 by Cochrane & Sons Ltd., Selby. YN 1374. L70.7'. B18.1'. D7.3'. 74grt. 460bhp 6cyl British Polar diesel engine. ON184562.

18-8-1951 Launched named Margaret. 1951 Delivered to  Charrington Gardner Locket Co Ltd., London.  Renamed Margaret Locket. 1965 Transferred to Charrington Lighterage Co Ltd.,  London. 1969 Sold to F.T.Everard & Sons Lighterage Ltd, Greenhithe, renamed P.B. Everard. 1981 Sold to W.G.S. Crouch & Sons Ltd., Greenhithe, renamed Jayne  Spearing. 1984 Sold to Tidal Marine & Dredging Services (Essex) Ltd. 1984 Sold to Riverway Development Co Ltd.,London. 1988 Sold to J.G. Jakubait & Sons., London. 1992 Registration cancelled, believed scrapped.



As OLYMPIAN, 22-9-2010, Chatham Reach, River Medway. Photo Alan Chapman.

Built 1956 by Charrington Gardner Lockett Ltd.,
Dartford. L41.5'. B12.3'. D4'. 16grt. 105bhp Thornycroft diesel engine. ON187450.

1956 Delivered to Charrington Gardner Lockett Ltd.,  London. 1965 Transferred to Charrington Lighterage Co. Ltd., London. 1970 Sold to W.G.S. Crouch Ltd, Greenhithe, renamed Miriam Spearing. 1979 Sold to Mervin Street, Higham,Kent. 199? Sold to Alan C. Bennett & Sons Ltd, Rochester, renamed Aboma II. 2008 Owners W Bennett and M Thomas, Olympic Towage. Rebuilt and reengined 350bhp Scania diesel renamed Olympian. 9-2010 Still in service.



 Built 1906 by Edwards and Co.,Millwall. YN566. L64.9'. B15.6'. D8.3'. 52grt. 249ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON123691.

1910 Owners  Gardner, Locket & Hinton Ltd, London. 1924 Owners Charrington Gardner and Locket Ltd., London.  1957 Owners Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, London. 1958 Scrapped.


Photog unknown. B Hunt colln
Launch tug

 Built by Charrington Gardner  Lockett Ltd., 






Built 1869 at Victoria Dock, London. Iron. L59.6'. B13'. D6.5'. 30grt. Steam engine. ON60106.

1870[by] Owner George Parker Bidder, Dartmouth. 1875[by] Owner Alex Chaplin, Cannon Street, London. 1880[by] Owner Thomas P Hollick, Hackney, London. 1890[by] Owner Joseph Westwood, Napier Yard, Millwall. 1896[by] Owner Edward William Higgs, Greenwich.  1904[by] Owner H. W. Clarke and Son Ltd., Erith. 1919[by] Owner John G Hammond, London.  1920[by] Owner Charles Kent, Hull. 1926 owner Charles Kent, Hull. 1926 Register closed. 



as Harbour Light. Photo B Hunt colln.
Photo B Hunt colln


Built 1892 by John Cran & Co Ltd, Leith. YN 30. Iron Screw tug.  L64’. B13.4’. D7.5’. 45grt. 4nrt. 165ihp steam engine. ON99126. Callsign JMRL.
1892 Delivered to James Waterson,
Belfast named Harbour Light.  1907 Owner John Cooper, Belfast.11-10-1910 Collided with ferry near SpencerBasin.  1912 Owners Charles & Arthur Etheredge, London. 1922 Owners C. & A. Etheredge Ltd., London.20-2-1928 Girted and sank in ten seconds whilst towing collier Parkhill from RegentsCanal Dock. George Laming, Mate, Harry Vinton, Engineer and Harry Watson drowned. Skipper George Wells was rescued from river by a police launch. All from Gravesend. Later salved. 17-9-1935 Aground in Barking Creek just below A13 bridge whilst towing lighter. Refloated next tide. 1936 Owners Etheredge's Transport & Shipping Agency Ltd., London. 1937 Owner Herbert W. Clarke & Son (Erith) Ltd., Erith, renamed Herbert Clarke. 1948 Scrapped.



Including James Clements, George Knowling and Clements, Tough Ltd.

Funnel: Yellow with black top separated by narrow red band with monogram "JC" in red.



In Lane ownership. Photo G Lane colln.


Built 1880 by Thames Iron Works Ltd., Blackwall. Iron. L64.9'. B13.7'. D7'. 33grt.150ihp  30nhp 1cyl steam engine by Ormerod Grierson. ON89633.

1880 Delivered to unknown owner. 1884 Owner Frederick Cole,
Chelsea. 1888 Reengined 2cyl compound steam engine by Plenty, Newbury 1897 Owner George Collier, Brentford. 1916 Owners Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, Brentford. 1929 Owner Henry Lane, Rotherhithe. 1936 Scrapped.


Built 1897 by A W Robertson, CanningTown. 32grt. 120ihp 2cyl compound steam engine.

1897 Delivered to Thames Steam Tug Co Ltd., named Thames?? 1936 Sold to Clement Knowling Ltd, renamed Albion??.



Coaling Hulk

Built 1862 by G W Gill, Chatham. Spritsail barge. 39.78grt. L72.4'. B14.4'. D4.9'. ON44620.

8-10-1862 Completed for Alfred Smith, Rochester and William Lee, Holborough. 8-1-1868 Owner William Lee. 16-2-1882 Sold to Daniel Lee Smith, Halling. 27-11-1896 Sold to Eliza and William Lewis Wall, Canning Town. 8-3-1898 Sold to Hermann Hammond, Barking. 9-3-1899 Sold to Eliza Wall, Canning Town. 2-11-1918 Sold to Samuel West Ltd., London. 19-2-1919 Sold to Albert Hutson, Maidstone. 20-2-1920 Sold to William Ambrose Ellis, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. 16-7-1920 Register closed and sold to Clements Knowling for use as a tug coaling hulk at Brentford.



 Photo D Castle colln

 Built 1955 by P.K. Harris & Sons Ltd.,Appledore. YN 63. L56.9'. B16.4'. D5.9'. 37grt. 324bhp 6cyl 8.75"x11.5" 4SCSA Blackstone ER4M diesel engine. BP 5.5 tons. ON186316.

1955 Delivered to Clements, Knowling & Co Ltd., London. 25-2-1962 Sold to  United Towing Co Ltd., Hull, renamed Bargeman. 1974 Renamed Riverman. 1-4-1978 Transferred to Humber Tugs Ltd., Grimsby. 1995 Sold for scrap at New Holland, but resold to Briggs Marine Contractors Ltd., Burntisland, renamed Ross End. 2004 Sold to W. Barbour, Lowestoft. 2005 Overhauled at Lowestoft, renamed Riverman. 13-7-2008 At St Osyth for sale £27500.



 Built 1930 at Stadscanaal. L63.1'. B15.6'. D5.8'. 54grt. 400bhp diesel engine. ON186013

1930 Delivered to unknown owner at Terneuzen, named Cornelia. 19?? Possibly sold, renamed Bolnes XVI. 1953 Sold to Clements, Knowling & Co Ltd., London. Renamed Ceekay. 29-10-1970 Arrived T Ward Ltd., Grays for scrapping.


 Built 1872 by Thomas B. Seath & Co., Rutherglen. YN 122. L54.5'. B10.5'. 22grt. 20nhp 1cyl steam engine by A Campbell and Son, Glasgow. ON68438.

1872 Delivered to Ward Brothers, London. 1882 Owners Ward & Co, Beer Lane, London. 17-9-1889 Bows damaged following collision with SS Wakefield at Charlton Buoys. 1891 Owners G W Ward and Sons Ltd., London. 1896 Sold to Robert Grey, London. 1898 Sold to Stephen Wheeler, Richmond, Surrey. 1902 Sold to James Clements & George Knowling, London. 1911 Scrapped.


Built 1919 by Lobnitz Ltd.,  Renfrew. L45.1'. B10'. D4.8'. 13grt. ON142274.

1920 Owner Andrew Inglis, Greenock. 1921[by] Owners United Alkali Co Ltd., Liverpool. 1933[by] Owners Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., Liverpool. 1938 Same owner, 1957[by] Owned by Clements Knowling Ltd., Brentford.
[May originally have been a dredger but designated tug in 1957 MNL.]



Built 1883 by Thames Iron Works, Blackwall. Iron. L67'. B13.3'. D8'. 45grt  40nhp 1cyl steam engine by T A Young, London. ON91930.

1883 Delivered to unknown owner. 1886 Owners Vokins & Co Ltd, London. 1893 Reengined 195ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Plenty. 1916 Owners Clements Knowling & Co Ltd. 16-4-1923 Skipper Richard Lewis fined £10 for navigating at a speed likely to endanger the public. He had overturned a rowing eight near Richmond. 1949 Scrapped



Built 1890 by Westwood Baillie & Co, Poplar. Iron. L70.5'. B15.1'. D7.7'. 53grt. 247ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Vulcan Iron Works. ON96694.

1890 Deliverd to Vokins & Co Ltd, London. 1898 Owners G Knowling & J Clements, London. 1930 Scrapped



Built  1892 by Knowling & Co, Kew Bridge. Wood. L56'9'. B12.4'. D6.8'. 30grt. 95ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Mumford. ON105849.

1892 Deliver to unknown owner. 1896 Owners George Knowling & James Clements, Brentford. 1916 Owners Clements Knowling & Co Ltd. 1920 Scrapped.



Built 1899 by J P  Rennoldson Ltd , S Shields. L70.4'. B16.2'. D9.3'. 70grt. 275ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON110773

1899 Delivered to Ouse Navigation Trust, York. 1915 Owner William G Bingham, Hull 1916 Owner Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, Brentford. 1917 Reengined 300ihp 3cylTE steam engine by Earle and Co, Hull. [Second hand built 1893]. 1938 Scrapped


Photo D Asprey colln.

Built 1891 by Knowling and Co., Kew Bridge. Wood. 59.5'x12.5'x6.4'. 28grt. 5nrt. 30nhp 95ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Mumford, Colchester. ON105826.

1891 Launched [Unregistered]. 15-5-1896 Owners George Knowling, Kew Bridge and James Clements, Brentford. 1915 Scrapped.



Photo Rays colln


Built 1929 by Werf Concordia (S. Seymonsbergen), Amsterdam. L54.6'. B14.5'. D6.2'. 38grt. 200bhp Kromhout 4M4 diesel engine. ON161328.

1929  Delivered to C.W. Beckett & Co Ltd., Hampton-on-Thames. Named Seaby. 26-4-1941 Req by UK Admiralty. 5-7-1945 Returned to owner. 1947 Sold to Borough of Wisbech. 1948 Renamed Fenland. 1956 Sold to Clements, Knowling & Co., London. 1957 Re-engined  Paxman RPH12 (TP4), 400bhp. 1966 Owners Clements-Tough Ltd.,Brentford. 1978 Sold to Thames & General Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 1980 Owners Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 1980 Sold to N. Cardy Ltd., Maldon. 1990 Sold to Allan C. Littlewort, Maldon. 1991 Sold to  Alfred C. Littlewort, Isle of Wight. 1998 Sold to Julian Sciville, Rochester. 2000 Sold to Fraser Yates, Ipswich. 2005 Still in existence.



Photo D Castle colln

  Built 1898 by Dundee Shipbuilding Co.,  Dundee. YN116. L67.5'. B17.6'. D8.4'. 58grt. 275ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON108387.

3-6-1898 Launched. 1898 Delivered to J Constant, London. 1898 Sold to William H Shepherd, London.  1924 Sold to Flower and Everett Ltd., London. 10-3-1925 Lighter Clematis, under tow, sank following collision with SS Steersman in Lower Pool. 1937 Sold to  Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, Brentford. 195? Scrapped.



Photo J Grainger colln.
Built 1879 by W Walker & Co, Deptford. Iron. L62.9'. B12.5'. D6.7'. 32grt. 30nhp 2cyl steam engine by Alexander Wilson. ON81602.

1879 Delivered to Henry Covington, Pimlico. 17-1-1881 Skipper William Horlock fined forty shillings for 'navigating at a speed as to cause damage to river bank' at Putney the previous March. 1895 Owner James Clements, Brentford. 1898 Owners J Clements & George Knowling. 1916 Owners Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, Brentford. 1939 Scrapped.



Built 1894 by Rennie, Greenwich. L69'. B10'. D8.1'. 55grt. 35nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by Stewart, London. ON104800

1894 Delivered to Harrisons [London] Ltd. 1896 Acquired by William Cory and Sons Ltd., London. 1924 Owners Cory Lighterage Ltd., London.1929 Sold to Clements Knowling and Co Ltd., London. 1939 Scrapped.



Photo RGR colln 
Photog unknown

Jaycee at Holyhead in August 2012. Photo courtesy  Ronnie Roberts of 

 Built 1954 by  P K Harris & Sons Ltd, Appledore YN 55. L56.9'. B16.4', D5.9'. 37grt. 325bhp 6cyl 4SCSA 8.75"x11.5" Lister Blackstone ER4M diesel engine. BP5.5t ON186095.

1954 Delivered to Clements, Knowling & Co Ltd, London. 28-2-1962 Sold to United Towing Co Ltd, Hull, renamed Lighterman. 1974 Transferred to  Humber Tugs Ltd. 20-9-1977 Sold to  Felixarc Ltd, Felixstowe, renamedGary Gray.  1988 Sold to Heysham Boatmen, Heysham  Lancs. 1995 Sank at moorings at Heysham. 1995 Salved and rebuilt. 1995 Sold to  Hampson Marine Towing, Fleetwood. 199? Sold to Scottish owners, renamed Garry Gray 2006 Seen on Holy Loch. 8-2012 Sank in fish dock at Holyhead. Later salved but sank again. 10-2012 Plans to raise again and then break up locally.  6-6-2013 Raised and placed aboard crane barge Lara 1 and towed to Liverpool for scrapping



 Built 1866 at Blackwall. Iron. L60'. B12'. D6.6'. 27grt. 20nhp 2cyl steam engine. ON54676.

1866 Delivered to  G Lockett & E S Judkins, London. 1870[by] Owner George Lockett, Upper Thames St., London. 1882[by] Owner Henry Barry, Plaistow, London. 22-10-1886 Ashore in Erith Reach in thick fog. 1887 Owner Joseph Westwood, Millwall. 1891 Owner William Allen, London. 1893 Owner Arthur Burgin, New Cross, London. 1900[by] Owner Harry Keep, London. 1893 Owners A, H & H Keep, London. 1900 Owners G Knowling & J Clements, Brentford. 1921 Scrapped.


Built  1918 by W & G Stephens, Banff. Wood. L56'. B14'. D7.2'. 35grt. 150ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Plenty and Son. ON160636.

1918 Delivered to War Office, Inland Water Transport Directorate as either AS 314 or AS 315. 1929 Owners Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, Brentford, named Little Briton. 1946 Scrapped.






Photo A Hughes colln.

Built 1900 by G Rennie & Co, Greenwich. L70'. B17.2'. D8.9'. 63grt. 300ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by T A Young, Blackwall. ON112750

1900 Delivered to Thames Steam Tug & Lighterage Co Ltd, London. 1929 Sold to Clements Knowling Co Ltd, Brentford 1954 Scrapped.


 Built 1887 By D. J. Dunlop, Port Glasgow. YN184. L70.2'. B16.1'. 71grt. 50nhp 3cylTE steam engine by builder. ON94323.
1887 Delivered to London & Tilbury Lighterage Co., London. 1905 Owners London & Tilbury Dredging Co., London. 1915 Owners R.E.V. James Ltd., Southampton. 1917 Owners James Dredging, Towage & Transport Co., Southampton. 1918 Owners Tilbury Contracting and Dredging Co., London. 1924 Owners Clements Knowling & Co., Brentford. 1934 Scrapped.


Photog unknown. B Hunt colln
 Built 1914 by  Scheepswerf De Groot & van Vliet, Slikkerveer. YN48 L59.8'. B14.1'. D6.5'. 45grt. 30nhp 3cyl TE steam engine. ON146621.

1914 Launched for Richard d'Hont, Ghent named Edouard [some sources Edouward].  1916 Owners War Office, Inland Water Transport Directorate, renamed  AS 82. 1922 Owners Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, London, renamed Pamela Alice.  1956 Scrapped by T W Ward Ltd., Grays.



Photog unknown. B Hunt colln
 Built 1906 by Edwards and Co.,  Millwall. YN566. L64.9'. B15.6'. D8.3'. 52grt. 249ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON123691.

1911 Owners  Gardner, Locket & Hinton Ltd, London. 1924 Owners Charrington Gardner and Locket Ltd., London.  1934[by] Owners Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, London. 1958 Scrapped.


Built 1889 by Samuda Bros, Blackwall. L69'. B14'. D7.6'. 40grt. 225ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Young and Sons, London. ON96685.

1889 Owner Henry James, Lambeth. 1891 Owner C F Cory-Wright, London. 1896 Owners William Cory & Son Ltd., London. 1913 Sold to Clements Knowling & Co Ltd., London. 1934 Scrapped.


 Built 1877 at Stockton. L53'. B10'. D7.5'. 23grt. 30nhp steam engine. ON85072.

1882[by] Owners London and St. Katherines Dock Company, London. 1892[by] Owner James Clements, Brentford. 1920 Register closed. 



Photo Rays colln

Built 1878 by  Harvey & Co, Hayle. Iron. L62'. B13.4'. D6.8'. 30grt.  24nhp steam engine. ON108158.

1896 First registration London. 1900[by] Owners Hope Lighterage, Brentford. 1911[by] Owner James Clements, Brentford. 1924 Owners Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, London. 1957 Same owners, 1958 Believed scrapped.


Built 1958 by P K Harris Ltd., Appledore. YN74. L56.9'. B16.4'. D5.9'. 37grt. 325bhp 6-cyl. 8.75"x11.5" 4SCSA Blackstone ER4M type engine made by Lister, Blackstone Ltd., Dursley. BP5.5tons. ON187084

1958 Delivered to Clements Knowling Ltd., London. 2-1962 Sold to United Towing Co Ltd., Hull renamed Keelman.  4-4-1978 Transferred to Humber Tugs Ltd., Hull.  1995 Sold for scrapping but resold  to Briggs Marine Contractors, Burntisland,  renamed Ross Lyn. 2004 Sold to Barbour, Lowestoft.


 Built 1925 by John Chambers, Oulton Broad. L64'. B14.9'. D7.6'. 52grt. 43nhp steam engine. ON148571.

1925 Delivered to Tough & Henderson Ltd., Teddington. 1958 Reengined 300bhp diesel. 1966 Transferred to Clements Tough Ltd., Brentford. 1978 Sold to Thames & General Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 198? On Penryn River, Cornwall, believed used as houseboat. 2015 On River Medway.


See under Woods Lighterage.



Photo B Hunt colln.

Built 1880 by Richard S Smith, Preston. Iron. L60.5'. B13.5'. D5.5'. 32grt. 35nhp 2x2cyl 12.5"x12.5"x18"s compound steam engines by builder. Twin screw. ON115812.

1880 Delivered to unknown owner. 1902 Owners G Knowling & J Clements, Brentford. 1916 Transferred to Clements Knowling Ltd., Brentford. 1923 Scrapped


Photo B Hunt colln.

Built 1889 by J & G Rennie Ltd., Blackfriars. L54.9'. B11.9'. D6.4'. 29grt. 24nhp 1cyl steam engine by Machier. ON96688
1889 Delivered to Surrey Commercial Docks Co., London, named Greenland. 1903 Re-engined 2cyl compound by Baird. 1909 Transferred to PLA. 1923 Sold to Clements, Knowling Ltd, Brentford, renamed Sunbury. 1946 Scrapped.


No details known.



Built 1936 by James Pollock and Sons Ltd., Faversham. YN1528.  L41'. B10.6'. D5.3'. 60bhp Widdop engine.

 4-1936 Launched. 5-1936 Completed. No other info.


Built 1949 by Brooke Marine Ltd, Oulton Broad. L26.6'. B8.6'. D4.1'. 6grt. 42bhp diesel engine. ON183192.

1949 Delivered to Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, Brentford. 1966 Transferred to Clements Tough Ltd, Brentford.



Photo B Hunt colln.

Built 1898 at Greenwich. L70'. B16.2'. D7.6'. 60grt. 55nhp steam engine. ON108384.

1898 Delivered to Vokins and Co Ltd., London. 1924 Sold to Clements Knowling Ltd., London.


On River Crouch 3-3-2010. Photo P Vannuffel.

Built 1949 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Thorne. L41.3'. B12.1'. D5.0'. 20grt. 120bhp Diesel engine.  ON183058.
1949 Delivered to Clements Knowling Ltd., London. 1950 Acquired by PLA.  19?? Sold to  London River Services, Charlton. 19?? Owners  London Docklands Museum. 19?? Owner Alan Jubb. 199? Owner  Alan Pratt, Rainham Kent. 2007 Sold to Crouch River Services, Burnham on Crouch. Reengined 8cyl Gardner diesel. 2010 Still in service.

Photo P Vannuffel.



Photog unknown


Built 1899 at Greenwich. L70.1'. B16.7'. D8.9'. 63grt 80nhp steam engine. ON112651.

1899 Delivered to Vokins Ltd., London. 1947 Sold to Clements Knowling Ltd., London. 195? Scrapped.


Photo K Watson colln 

Built 1910 by  G Rennie & Co, Greenwich. L70'. B17.3'. D8.8'. 68grt. 375ihp 2cyl compound steam engine. ON129194.

1910 Delivered to Vokins & Co Ltd, London. 1924 Owner Vokins Ltd. 21-12-1937 Collided with and sank motor barge Dee off Butlers Wharf. 1934 Still owned Vokins. 1938[post] Sold to  Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, Brentford 12-1940 Req by Admiralty for patrol service. 23-8-1945 Returned to owners. 1957 Scrapped by T W Ward Ltd., Grays.



Built  1872 by John Dudgeon, Cubitt Town, Poplar. Iron. L55.6'. B12.9'. D6.7'. 33grt. 24nhp 2cyl oscillating steam engine by Brassey and Betts Ltd., Liverpool.  Engine built 1857. ON65678.

1872 Delivered to Thames Steam Tug & Lighterage Co Ltd, London. 1-1876 Owners and skipper appeared in court charged with navigating in a manner to harm public, i.e. towing 11 barges in single line near Albert Bridge. Case dismissed as no bye-laws in place at this time limiting number to six. 1889 Reengined  40nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by Young & Sons, Blackwall 1897 Owners Fielder Hickman & Co Ltd, London. 1910 Owners  Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd, London. 1913 Owners Sir William Arrol & Co Ltd, Glasgow. 1919 Owner Emanuel Smith, Ham Wharf, Brentford. 1927 Sold to Clements Knowling & Co Ltd, Brentford. 23-2-1937 Fouled and extensively damaged moorings off Putney whilst towing 6 barges. 1947 Scrapped.



Built  1916 by George & Thomas Smith, Rye. Wood. L52.6'. B12.8'. D5.8'. 24grt. 80ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by Plenty and Son Ltd. ON139188.

1917 Delivered to Clements Knowling & Co Ltd., London. 1924 Still owned. 1937 Deleted from register.



James W Cook originally began trading about 1874 as wharf owners. On May 22nd 1897 Messrs  J W Cook and Co Ltd was formed, to operate as going concerns the businesses of James W  Cook and lighterage company Ross and Deering. Among the new companies assets at this time  were Millwall Wharf and Plough Wharf, both situated at Cubitt Town on the Isle of Dogs  and Orchard Wharf at Blackwall. They also owned a warehouse in Creechurch Lane, two steam  tugs and 73 lighters.
The Bulk Oil Steamship Company, operating a fleet of coastal tankers with names beginning  Pass of ------ was also owned and operated by Cook's from offices at 130-138, Minories,  London. In 1947 They purchased part of an old shipyard at Wivenhoe on the River Colne in  Essex. Many tugs and lighters were built here, but one of the largest vessels built was  the sail training ship Lord Nelson. As the London lighterage industry went into decline J  W Cook were taken over by William Cory and Sons Ltd in April 1958. They became part of  The Mercantile Lighterage Company, under a Cory rationalization scheme,  in 1961. Cory  continued to operate the shipyard at Wivenhoe until very recently.



Photo RGR colln

Built 1916 by Crabtree and Co., Gt. Yarmouth. YN160. L70.8'. B18.2'. D8.9'. 70grt. 40nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON139128.
1916 Delivered to James W. Cook & Co Ltd., London. 195? Re-engined 440bhp Crossley diesel. 1958 Sold to William Cory & Son Ltd., London. 1961 Transferred to Mercantile Lighterage Ltd., London, renamed Redoubt. 1965 Transferred to William Cory & Son Ltd., London. 1972 Scrapped by T.W. Ward Ltd., Grays.



Photog unknown

Built 1914 by Rennie Forestt Ltd., Wivenhoe. YN1232. L70.9'. B18.9'. D8.7'. 40nhp 3cyl TE steam engine by Crabtree Ltd., Gt. Yarmouth.  ON136723.

1914 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd., London. 195? Owner Wiles Lighterage Ltd., London. 195? Reengined 390bhp British Polar diesel. 1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London.  1962 Transferred to Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 1968 Laid up. 5-2-1971 Scrapped by T W Ward Ltd., Grays.



Photo C.C. Beazley (Kevin Blair/Andrew Wiltshire collection)

Built 1948 by J W Cook Ltd.,  Wivenhoe. YN1001. L34.3'. B10'. D3.4'. 11grt 100bhp Ruston Horrnsby diesel engine.  ON184264.

1948 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd., London. 1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1961 Transferred to Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd., London.  1983 Sold to CBM London. 19?? Owner Mr Wilson, Cherry Garden, Rotherhithe. 2010 Still in existence at Canvey island. 6-2020 Scrapped at Canvey Island.



Photo B Hunt colln.

Built 1893 by Thames Ironworks & Shipbuilding Co Ltd Blackwall. L61.8'. B14'. D6.6'. 36grt. 30nhp steam engine. ON102790.

1893 Delivered to M. Cohen, London. 1911[by] Sold to James W. Cook & Co Ltd., London. 16-4-1914 Swamped and sank off Greenhithe with the loss of five men including Richard John Harrison, Griffiths, King, Barrett and Littles. Skipper Ross  and boy Swaith saved by another tug. . 1934[by] Owner Thomas Gardiner, East Greenwich. 1939 [by] Owner Lane Towing Ltd., (Henry D. Lane), London. 1949 Sold to Alfred E. White, London. 195? Scrapped.



Built 1884 by Joseph S. Watson, Blackwall. L56'. B13.1'. D7.2'. 37grt. 30nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by G S de Ritter, Limehouse. ON89659.

1884 Delivered to William Ross & Richard Deering, London. 1897 Sold to James W. Cook & Co Ltd., London. 1916 Sold to Richard Grainger, Hull. 1919 Owner  Ada Augusta Grainger, Hull. 1927 Scrapped.


Photog unknown
Photog unknown. Cox colln.

Built 1913 by Montrose S.B. Ltd.,  Montrose. YN56. L71'. B18.1'. D8.1'. 62grt.  43nhp. 2cyl compound steam engine. 1941 Reengined 385bhp diesel.  ON135236

6-1913 Delivered to James W. Cook & Co Ltd.,  London. 15-11-1917  Req by War Office for service at Dunkirk, managers C. Rowbotham & Sons Ltd., London.  14-6-1919 Returned to owner. 1-1-1920 Captain Thomas George Nichols awarded OBE for services rendered during WW1. 13-8-1932 Fred Ennes fell overboard off Orchard Wharf and was drowned. 23-4-1940 Case heard in Admiralty Court regarding collision with coaster Daniel M in Greenwich Reach. 1941 Re-engined 385bhp diesel. 1951 Rebuilt. 1958 Sold to William Cory & Son Ltd.,  London. 1962 Transferred to Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 10-1967 Arrived at  T.W. Ward Ltd.,  Grays, for scrapping. [£225].



Built 1949 by J W Cook Ltd., Wivenhoe. YN1008. . L35.6'. B10'. D3.4'. 11grt. 105bhp Ruston Hornsby diesel engine. ON184265.

1949 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd., London. 1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1961 Transferred to Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 1983 Sold. 1984 Owners Barnard Piling and Dredging Ltd., Kingston-on-Thames. 19?? Owner RJ Turk, Kingston. 19?? Owner J Please, Kingston. 200? Owner  Colin Bullock. 2009 Advertised for sale at £5499. Later at Hoo Marina, River Medway. 2011 Reported to have left Hoo by road transport for River Humber.



Photo Rays colln

Built 1938 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Hessle. YN396. L78.1'. B20.1'. D8.4'. 90grt. 660bhp 2SCSA 4cyl 14.25"x23.5" diesel engine by Sulzer Bros Ltd., Winterthur.  ON166578.

1938 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd., London. 29-11-1939 Req by Admiralty as boarding vessel. 1944 Transferred to Stores Dept., Sheerness. 1946 Returned to owners.  1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1969 Reengined Lister Blackstone diesel engine 1983 Sold to Braithwaite and Dean Ltd., London. After 1995 Sold to Thames and Medway Towage., London.  2004 Derelict at Charlton and later Deptford Creek.



Photo RGR Colln

Built 1951 by J W Cook Ltd., Wivenhoe. YN1034. L35.6'. B10'. D3.4'. 11grt. 100bhp Ruston Hornsby diesel engine. ON184457.

1952 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd., London. 1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1961 Transferred to Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd., London.  1983 Sold to Thames Conservancy Commissioners, London, renamed Cannonbrook. 1995 Owners Environment Agency, London. 1-2010 Acquired by Broads Authority, Thorpe, Norfolk. Transferred to Lake Lothing by lowloader and now has Gardner engine.



Photo B Hunt colln.

Built 1899 by Lytham S B Co Ltd., Lytham. YN264. L71.5'. B17'. D9.9'. 75grt. 50nhp 2cyl 16"x34"x22"s compound steam engine by builder. ON110067.

1899 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd., London. 1914 Owners Archibald McAusland and Frederick Turner, Hull. 1914 Sold to the Troy Steam Towing Company Ltd., (John Robson, manager), Hull. 25-6-1915 Req by Admiralty.  13-9-1915 Returned to owners. 6-7-1916 Req by Admiralty for Humber Boom service. 20-9-1916 Returned to owners. 1916 Sold to War Office, renamed HT12. 1918 Transferred to Admiralty serving  Ostend and Southampton. Renamed Mystic. 1932 Sold to Victor and Charles Roberts, Bristol renamed Avoncock. 1933 Scrapped by J Cashmore Ltd., Newport Mon.



 Built 1891 by A.W. Robertson & Co, Lea Shipbuilding Works, Canning Town. L65.6'. B15'. D8.1'. 51grt. 220ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON99022.

1891 Delivered to William Ross & Richard Deering, London. 1897 Sold to James W Cook & Co Ltd.,  London. 1915 Sold to R.E.V. James Ltd., Southampton. 1915 Sold to Resolute Co Ltd., Manchester. 1915 Chartered to Edmund Nutall & Co Ltd., Liverpool, for construction work at Cammell Laird Ltd. 1920 Sold to James H. Lamey and John & Edward Marwood., Liverpool. 1928 Lost off Hoylake.



Photo C.C. Beazley (Kevin Blair/Andrew Wiltshire collection)

Built 1952 by J W Cook Ltd., Wivenhoe. L35.6'. B10'. D3.4'. 11grt. 90bhp Ruston Hornsby diesel engine. ON184640.

1952 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd., London.  1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1961 Transferred to Mercantile Lighterage Co Ltd., London. 1983 Sold to J Read. 1987 Sold to Hastings Bros Ltd. 199? Sold to Max Couper, Battersea renamed Pablo. 2005 Still in existence.



Launch of SQUALLY. Photo Roy Treble colln.

Built 1946 by J W Cook Ltd., Orchard Wharf, Blackwall. L34.3'. B10'. D3.4'. 11grt. 90bhp Ruston Hornsby diesel engine.  ON184454.

1946 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd., London. 1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London. 1994 Scrapped.



Built 1916 by Crabtree Ltd.,  Gt. Yarmouth. YN159. L71.2'. B18.2'. D8.9'. 72grt. 40nhp. 300ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by builder. ON139115.

1916 Delivered to J W Cook Ltd., London. 1958 Sold to Wm Cory and Son Ltd., London. 16-10-1961 Arrived at T W Ward Ltd., Grays, for scrapping.


Also owners of the registered barges;

Bittern C; Corncrake C; Drake C; Gannet C; Seagull C; Sheldrake C. 




Photo D Asprey colln

Built 1931 by T. van Duijvendijk, Lekkerkerk. YN 14. L46.4'. B12.3'. D5.3'. 23grt. 100bhp 2cyl Kromhout diesel engine. ON162625.

1931 Delivered to John & Josephine Crisp, London named Plodder. 1932 Sold to William Soanes Ltd., London. 1933 Sold to Orient Lighterage Co Ltd.,  London. 8-4-1942 Req by Admiralty for port duties in South Atlantic. 17-11-1942 Purchased by MoWT and transferred to West Africa. 28-10-1945 Laid up. 1948 Sold to C. Crawley Ltd., London. 1951 Owners Argosies Ltd., London. 1954 Sold to B.E. Copeman Ltd., London, Re-engined 330bhp  6cyl Parr & Dunwoody diesel engine. 1962 Sold to W.J. Woodward, Fisher Ltd., London, Renamed Duke Shore. 1973 Sold to Erith & Dartford Lighterage Co Ltd., Erith, renamed Betty. 198? Owners McCann Towing Co., London, renamed Freedom. 198? Sold to Greenhithe Salvage Services, Greenhithe, Renamed Duke Shore. 198? Owners Medway Towing Services, Rochester. 200? Sold to Mr Clifford Brown as private vessel. Laid up in Barking Creek. 30-4-2013 Purchased by Euan Maybank and Rachael Smith. Now powered by Caterpillar 240 t/diesel engine.

Photo B Hunt colln

Photographed 5-2013 by Euan Maybank. Thanks to Euan for the latest history.





Built 1835 at North Shields. Wood paddle tug. L54.3'. B13'. D6.7'. 36grt. 15nhp steam engine by Bettering. ON9053.

1835 Delivered to unknown owner. 17-12-1846 Owner became William Corsan, London. 1854 Owner became Rachael Corsan, London. No further trace.






Built 1909 by Hepple & Co Ltd., S. Shields. YN598.  Designed by J Pollock, London. Ship No 264. L56.2', B14.4'. D7.1'. 54grt. 40nhp 2cyl 13"x26"x18"s compound steam engine by builder. ON132701

 3-10-1909 Launched for J Pollock Ltd., London, Named Radiant. 1910 Completed for  Thomas R. Westray, London, renamed Adur II.  1914  Sold to R. E. V. James Ltd., Southampton.  5-8-1914 Req for Admiralty service at Portsmouth.15-3-1919 Returned to owner. 1919 Sold to London, Brighton & South Coast Railway Company and London & South Western Railway Company.  1922 Sold to the Southern Railway Company, London.  1928  Sold to ShorehamHarbour Trustees.  1938 Sold to Peter Foster & Company, Hull19-7-1938 100% (5-year) mortgaged to the National Provincial Bank, London.  19.10.1942 Mortgage redeemed in full.  11.1942 Sold to H. Covington & Sons Ltd, London6-5-1946 Sold to the Standard Lighterage Company Ltd, Liverpool for £1050.  10- 8-1946 Capsized and sank 1 mile North of  Hartland Point, Bristol Channel during her delivery voyage. Chief Engineer found dead, clinging to a raft by Clovelly lifeboat which recovered rest of crew from water. The subsequent enquiry heard from surviving crew members, some of whom had contacted their families telling them to engage solicitors if they did not return, that the vessel was a floating death trap, leaking badly [it had sunk in Newhaven Harbour enroute on the 15th of June!], carried no lifeboat for the sea voyage, the raft had no oars, tanks, or distress flares, lifejackets had no tapes and the pumps had not worked for at least three hours before the accident.

To view the official enquiry report click HERE



Built 1895 by William Hamilton & Co Ltd., Port Glasgow. YN120 L70'. B16.4'. D9'. 70grt. 52nhp steam engine. ON105710.

1895 Delivered to H Covington & Sons Ltd, Battersea. 1915 Req for Admiralty service at Harwich. 1919 Returned to owners. 1-7-1926 In Fountain Dry Dock, Rotherhithe. 1940 Sold to  R G Odell Ltd., London. 1968 Scrapped.


Built 1940 by J Pollock Sons & Co Ltd, Faversham (Yd 1783)  23grt 4nrt, 50.1 x 13.1 x 4.5ft.   2SA 8½"x12" 150bhp diesel engine  by H Widdop & Co Ltd, Keighley. ON 168020

8-1940 launched. 30-9-1940 to  H Covington & Son Ltd, London.  28-5-1942 requisitioned by Admiralty as NAT 118. 2-1944 purchased by MOWT and sent to East Indies Command as Engadine.  26-5-1944 British registry closed. No further trace.



Photo B Hunt colln.

Built 1892 by Schlesinger Davis & Co.,  Wallsend. YN 164. L60.5'. B15.7'. D7.5'. 45grt. 150ihp 2cyl compound steam engine by  Hedley and Boyd, North Shields. ON101962.

1892 Delivered to Henry Covington, Battersea. 1905 Owners Harry, Herbert & Frederick Covington, Battersea. 1910 Owners H. Covington & Sons Ltd., Battersea. 1940 Scrapped.


Also owners of the Thames Spritsail sailing barges;-

Arthur ; Britannic ; Chieftain ; Clara Ann ; Cutty Sark ; Daring ; Edwin; Fleur De Lis ; Frank ; Freddy ; George ; Harriet ; H.C. ; Henley ; Industry ; James & Ann ; James Covington ; Kingfisher ; M.A.C. ; Maggie (ketch); Maria ; Marian; Martha; Mary ; Mayor; M.M.C.; Monarch ; Noclaf ; North Kent ; Old England ; Pebble ; Pickwick ; Polly ; Sam Weller ; Start; Tam O'Shanter ; Thistle; Violet.